Contour plastic nasolacrimal fissure. Photos before and after, complications, reviews

The nasolacrimal groove is a skin fold that describes the arc from the inner edge of the eye to the outer, under the lower eyelid. Its appearance is noted mainly after 30 years, along with the first facial wrinkles.

A variety of methods are used to eliminate this defect and restore youthfulness of the skin (cosmetic anti-aging creams, surgical interventions or injection of fillers). Due to its high effectiveness and less likelihood of side effects, skin rejuvenation by injection (contour plastic) is more popular.

What is a nasolacrimal groove, why does it appear

A nasolacrimal groove is a skin bend under the lower eyelid, which, as a result of physiological changes (especially age-related), forms a kind of external border of “bags” under the eyes. The appearance of a fold is due to a loss of elasticity and tone of the epidermis, as well as a downward shift of subcutaneous fat.

These changes may be caused by:

  • aging of body tissues;
  • hereditary predisposition;
  • low location of the lower eyelid;
  • the presence of chronic diseases that disrupt metabolic processes in the tissues of the body;
  • smoking or frequent use of alcohol-containing drinks;
  • lack of sleep and rest, as well as frequent stress;
  • improper skin care or lack thereof;
  • frequent use of aggressive cosmetics;
  • impaired renal and cardiovascular system;
  • facial injuries;
  • frequent infectious diseases;
  • improper diet (frequent diets, eating junk food, lack of nutrients in the diet);
  • sharp elimination or a set of extra pounds.

Contour plastic nasolacrimal fissure. Photos before and after, complications, reviews

Nasolacrimal groove is the first sign of facial aging, therefore, to restore the “youth” of the skin, various methods of smoothing the epidermis in this area are often used. Contouring is most popular (wrinkle reduction is achieved by injecting various formulations under the skin).

Indications for contour plastic

Contour plastic surgery of the nasolacrimal groove is prescribed by cosmetologists in the following cases:

  • the presence of pronounced dark circles or “bags” under the eyes;
  • the appearance of a vascular “mesh” under the eyes;
  • pronounced depression in the lower eyelid;
  • increased sagging skin in the area of the nasolacrimal groove;
  • early appearance of facial wrinkles.

The procedure is allowed for patients over 18 years of age.

Contraindications to intervention

Contour plastic is not a completely safe procedure, therefore, there are limitations and contraindications to its implementation:

  • the presence of fatty hernias in the lower eyelid. Pathology is characterized by the accumulation of fat cells in the subcutaneous layer. When performing contour plasty, there is a high probability of the composition flowing into the hernia, as a result, the severity of the nasolacrimal groove will increase;
  • excessive stretching of the skin in the area of the nasolacrimal groove;
  • the presence of chronic pathologies, especially in the acute stage;
  • violation of the withdrawal of excess fluid from the body (may develop due to kidney disease or due to deviations in the functioning of the lymphatic system);
  • dystrophy or complete deterioration of elastin or collagen fibers;
  • the presence of silicone in the area under the eyes;
  • violation of the integrity of the skin or the development of inflammatory processes at the injection site;
  • increased pressure
  • intolerance or allergic reaction to substances included in the injection solution;
  • the presence of infectious dermatological diseases in the injection zone;
  • violation of the process of blood coagulation or the use of drugs to thin the blood;
  • predisposition to scarring even from injection punctures;
  • fever or colds;
  • the presence of malignant and benign tumors;
  • epilepsy or other diseases accompanied by seizures;
  • recent surgery on the eyes or eyelids.

During the period of gestation and breastfeeding, the procedure is not recommended. Since the effect of injection on the fetus has not been studied. And also the procedure itself (due to nervous experiences) can cause an increase in the tone of the uterus in a pregnant woman and provoke a miscarriage / premature birth.

Types of plastic preparations

Contour plastic surgery of the nasolacrimal groove is performed by fillers (injections used as a filler to eliminate skin imperfections), which have a different composition and duration of action. The choice of funds is not recommended to be done independently. Consultation is necessary not only for a cosmetologist, but also for a therapist.

Contour plastic nasolacrimal fissure. Photos before and after, complications, reviews

Types of preparations for contour plastics:

View filler Description of composition and action Popular remedies
Synthetic The product usually contains paraffin and silicone. They provide a long-lasting effect (since they are not excreted from the body on their own) and do not interact with skin cells. But over time, the composition can gradually fall below the nasolacrimal groove and form additional folds on the skin. And also the synthetic composition is often the cause of the development of inflammation and an allergic reaction. Belofil, Sculptra, Silicone.
Biosynthetic The basis of the composition is usually the components:
  • calcium hydroxyapatite;
  • polycaprolactone;
  • polylactic acid (synthetic).

The effect after contouring can last up to 5 years. Drugs rarely cause the development of an allergic reaction, since the substances in the composition of the drug are combined with human cells as much as possible. But biosynthetic fillers can clog vessels with the subsequent development of side effects (swelling, tissue necrosis, metabolic disturbances) and gradually shift below the nasolacrimal groove.

Cosmoderm, Sculptra, Elance.
Biodegradable Most often, the basis of the composition is hyaluronic acid or collagen, which are contained in pure form in the body. Therefore, they are not perceived by tissues as foreign substances. Biodegradable fillers contribute to the natural production of collagen and elastin. As a result, the tone and elasticity of the skin increases, wrinkles are smoothed. Gradually, the components of the drug are eliminated from the body. The effect after the procedure persists for up to a year. Side effects are extremely rare. Restylane, Yuviderm, Princesses.

When choosing a filler group, it is important to consider not only the duration of action, but also contraindications and the likelihood of side effects.

Correction of the nasolacrimal sulcus with fillers

Contour plastic allows you to achieve a quick result with minimal tissue damage, both to eliminate facial or deep wrinkles, and nasolacrimal grooves.

Benefits of the procedure

Beauticians more often recommend eliminating the nasolacrimal groove with fillers, which have the following advantages (when compa
red with surgery or laser procedures):

  • eliminate cyanosis under the eyes;
  • in the injection zone, the tone of the skin is normalized;
  • effectively eliminate nasolacrimal groove;
  • the tone and elasticity of the epidermis is restored;
  • wrinkles (facial and deep) are smoothed out;
  • skin tightening near the lower eyelid;
  • minimal damage to the epidermis. Only punctures from the needle;
  • the activity and nutrition of the facial muscle tissue is not disturbed;
  • pain during the procedure is minimal;
  • the risk of large swelling and hematomas is minimal;
  • the likelihood of vascular damage is also minimal;
  • can be combined with most wrinkle reduction procedures;
  • side effects develop in rare cases;
  • the list of contraindications is less than with surgical intervention.

Contour plastic nasolacrimal fissure. Photos before and after, complications, reviews

Additionally, there is a minimum rehabilitation period and virtually no preparation for the procedure.

Preparatory stage

Before contouring, it is necessary to visit a therapist to exclude the presence of contraindications to the procedure, as well as a cosmetologist. It will determine the severity of the nasolacrimal groove, the need for additional elimination of facial wrinkles.

After that, the required dosage of the selected composition for injection will be calculated and the cost of the session will be announced.

Also required:

  • withstand 14 days after visiting the dentist;
  • for 2 weeks aggressive facial cleansing is prohibited;
  • avoid prolonged exposure to the sun and do not visit the solarium a week before the session;
  • cancel the use of blood thinners a week before the procedure;
  • with a tendency to hematomas, it is recommended to drink ascorutin within 14 days, the dosage can be discussed with the therapist;
  • exercise and alcohol are prohibited the day before contouring;
  • do not use cosmetics on the day of injection.

Sometimes a cosmetologist may discuss additional nuances of preparation and features of skin care in the recovery period.


Injection markings are required for more accurate and uniform administration of the composition under the skin. It also allows you to avoid getting the needle into dangerous areas (places of passage of blood vessels and nerve endings). For its implementation, the master uses a special marker and puts small dots on the skin, future puncture sites.

Phased filler of the nasolacrimal sulcus

Contour plastic nasolacrimal groove is made in the following order:

  1. The client is seated in a special chair in a half-sitting position.
  2. They cleanse the face from contamination with a special composition.
  3. Disinfect the treatment area
  4. Make markup.
  5. The injection sites are treated with anesthetic cream or gel. After this, you need to wait 15-20 minutes, for the onset of anesthetic effect. Anesthesia is performed at the request of the client. Anesthesia can also be excluded if the filler contains lidocaine, which after the first injection anesthetizes the entire treated area.
  6. Using special thin and short needles, an injection composition is injected under the skin. In one nasolacrimal groove is allowed to enter no more than 0,02 fluid ounce of the drug. Cannulas can also be used. For the introduction of the composition with their use, 2 exposure points are sufficient.
  7. After completion of the drug, a gentle massage is required. It allows the composition to be distributed evenly, without the formation of tubercles. Sharp and deep pressure is prohibited. They can cause the development of swelling, the formation of hematomas and uneven distribution of the product under the skin.
  8. The injection zone is treated with a disinfectant. At the request of the patient, a cooling compress may be applied.

Contour plastic nasolacrimal fissure. Photos before and after, complications, reviews

At the end, a restorative and soothing cream is applied. If the beautician accidentally injected a large portion of the product or an allergic reaction developed, then hyaluronidase should be immediately administered subcutaneously. It helps to quickly neutralize the filler and remove it from the body.

Duration of the procedure, patient’s feelings

The duration of the introduction of the filler under the skin is 15-20 minutes. When using an anesthetic, the same amount of time is required to wait until the drug begins to act. Additionally, with preparatory work, marking and final procedures, the duration of contour plastic surgery can take 60 minutes.

During application of the anesthetic gel / cream, the patient feels a slight coolness on the skin. Further, the process takes place completely painlessly. If anesthesia is not performed, then the client may feel a little soreness at the time of piercing the needle with a needle.

Recovery period

The rehabilitation period begins immediately after the session and consists of the following rules:

  • a person needs to be wiped several times a day with a disinfectant (prescribed by a cosmetologist), in addition, cooling compresses can be used. It is enough to carry out these manipulations for 3 days. This will quickly eliminate puffiness and prevent infection from entering the needle / cannula;
  • facial massage, tanning beds and baths are allowed after complete restoration of the skin. Not earlier than 2 weeks after the procedure;
  • within 5-7 days you can’t sleep face down and exercise;
  • Do not touch the face unnecessarily and do not comb the healing places of the punctures;
  • to prevent an increase in puffiness for 7 days, it is not recommended to use moisturizers;
  • Do not use makeup for 5 days;
  • to eliminate bruises, use specialized therapeutic ointments;
  • with increased swelling, diuretics are allowed;
  • exclude the use of alcoholic beverages within 5 days after the procedure, as well as air travel;
  • To prevent the development of allergies, take antihistamines for 10 days.

Contour plastic nasolacrimal fissure. Photos before and after, complications, reviews

Before walking, you must use sunscreen (up to 30 days), otherwise there is a likelihood of developing skin pigmentation. The duration of the recovery period varies from 10 to 20 days (depending on the personality of the organism).

Possible complications and methods of their treatment

Contour plastic surgery of the nasolacrimal groove in rare cases may be accompanied by the development of side effects.

The cause of which can be the following factors:

  • use of expired or low-quality filler;
  • low qualification of a specialist;
  • violation of the rules during the recovery period;
  • ignoring contraindications.

A negative reaction of the body can be expressed by the foll
owing manifestations:

  • swelling. The appearance of a small edema at the injection site for 2-3 days is the physiological reaction of the body to the intervention. It occurs due to violation of the integrity of the skin, damage to capillaries and a slight deformation of muscle tissue. But if an infection was introduced during the process of performing contour plasty or a large dose of filler was administered, this can cause a violation of blood flow in the vessels and the development of an inflammatory reaction. This error is expressed by puffiness, which lasts more than 10 days. To eliminate it requires a visit to the salon;
  • soreness. In the first 5 days, this phenomenon is also considered the norm, since the integrity of the skin was impaired. Especially severe pain manifests itself in people with a low pain threshold and sensitive skin. Soreness can be observed for a long time if, during the manipulation, the specialist touched or damaged the nerve endings or due to the uneven distribution of the composition, soft tissue displacement occurred;
  • inflammation. It is noted extremely rarely and can be caused by the reaction of the immune system to the filler, since it is a foreign body and the body must determine what substance has got into it. But if an infection was introduced at the time of administration of the drug, then the inflammatory process will not go away on its own. Drug treatment will be required;
  • tissue necrosis (necrosis). The process can be triggered by the filler if it enters the blood vessel and clogs it, or the soft tissues, as a result of exposure, squeezed several capillaries. Necrosis is manifested by the development of swelling, inflammation, redness of the skin, as well as the appearance of bruises, which increase in size. Immediate appeal to a specialist is required;
  • gel contouring. It may occur due to the low qualification of a specialist (a large amount of the drug was administered or contraindications were not taken into account). It is manifested by a shift in the composition under the skin and the formation of new folds. It is recommended to perform a light massage to evenly distribute the composition or introduce hyaluronidase, which will destroy the filler and accelerate its removal from the body;
  • hematomas. Slight bruising can last for 4 days. Their appearance is due to damage to the capillaries by the needle at the time of the puncture of the epidermis. An increase in bruise in size means damage to the vessel, an examination by a specialist is necessary.

In rare cases, filler may be rejected by body tissues. The phenomenon is accompanied by fever, the development of swelling and inflammation. An urgent appeal to a specialist is required to extract the drug (hyaluronidase or surgery).

Is it possible to do massage

Massage after a session is prohibited for 1.5 months. After that, if it is necessary to carry out the procedure, it is important to exclude the effect on the areas of filler introduction. But if the composition under the skin is unevenly distributed or there are small tubercles, then a light massage for 5 days is recommended, but with a specialist.

Contour plastic nasolacrimal fissure. Photos before and after, complications, reviews
The photo shows the result after performing contour plasty of the nasolacrimal groove.

The procedure can be performed in the same salon where the injections were given.

The duration of the effect of the correction of the nasolacrimal groove

The duration of the effect on the procedure depends on the choice of the type of filler (synthetic – up to 10 years or more, biosynthetic – up to 5 years or biodegradable – up to a year). As well as the age of the patient, the individual characteristics of the body and compliance with the rules of the rehabilitation period.

Contour plastic prices

The price for the procedure depends on:

  • cost of ampoule with filler;
  • interior class;
  • specialist qualifications.

Also included in the price is the price for additionally used materials (painkillers and anesthetics). The average price per session in USA is $ 190.

A nasolacrimal groove can appear after 30 years and greatly age the appearance. To prevent its occurrence (especially with a genetic predisposition) it is recommended to use anti-aging creams (course application, negotiated with a cosmetologist).

When the skin fold condition is running, laser plastics, fillers or surgery can be selected. Due to the smaller list of contraindications and the low likelihood of side effects, contour plastic surgery remains an advantage.

Author: Kotlyachkova Svetlana

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