How to get rid of wen on the face at home. Causes of occurrence

The fatty acids on the forehead, nose, eyelids and cheeks can be both evidence of the existence of internal pathologies, and improper or insufficient hygiene. If a wen appears on the face, it is necessary to consult a specialist who will advise how to get rid of the problem at home.

What is a wen

A fatty tissue or, as it is also called, a lipoma is an accumulation of adipose tissue under the skin. This is a benign, painless neoplasm that a person may not notice immediately, but only when it has already reached impressive size. How to get rid of wen on the face at home. Causes of occurrence

It affects both women and men, with the only difference being that in women, adipose appear most often on the body, and in men on the face. In most cases, lipomas appear under the skin, but can also be in the skin and inside the organs. How to get rid of wen on the face at home. Causes of occurrence

Subcutaneous lipoma is characterized by slow growth, due to which it can not be noticed immediately, and a long period of painlessness, i.e. a person may not notice a neoplasm on the body until it reaches 13/32 inch and begins to cause discomfort, exerting a negative effect on organs and tissues located nearby.

Causes of occurrence

The main reason why this disease occurs is a violation of the sebaceous glands, as well as heredity. Experts note the connection between the occurrence of this problem and the use of cosmetics that are not suitable for the type of skin, i.e. not selected according to individual characteristics, but bought at random. How to get rid of wen on the face at home. Causes of occurrence

The use of certain oils, such as linseed or coconut, for skin care, can lead to clogging of pores, which increases the risk of small wen on the face. If the reason is not in cosmetics and not in the wrong care, then you need to look for it inside.

The appearance of wen is facilitated by such diseases as:

  • diabetes;
  • weak immunity;
  • lack of protein and vitamins;
  • bad habits such as smoking;
  • age after 40 years;
  • ionizing radiation.

Types of Wen

Species are classified, depending on their content:

  1. An education consisting only of adipose tissue is called lipofibroma.
  2. Adipose and connective tissue form fibrolipoma.
  3. Angiolipoma incorporates many blood vessels.
  4. If there is a lot of muscle tissue in the lump, then this is a myolipoma.
  5. Myelolipoma – includes all types of tissue through which blood vessels pass.

Is it possible to squeeze a wen

Doctors do not recommend self-squeezing wen on the face. But they can tell you how to get rid of them at home. How to get rid of wen on the face at home. Causes of occurrence

With self-extrusion, there is a high risk of infection and relapse.

When you try to get rid of the problem at home, the skin is injured, due to which a scar or / and infection can penetrate, then the formation will already be filled with purulent contents, and the affected area will be inflamed. In addition, it is hardly possible to completely get rid of this problem yourself, since it is not easy to remove the capsule in which the contents accumulate.

Can a wen dissolve

Cases of self-absorption of lipomas are quite rare. In medical practice, there have been such cases, but only in those patients in whom the size of the neoplasm was small, or if the person had no pathological diseases that could provoke the growth of fat cells.

As for large formations, then they can be eliminated only surgically.

And for those that reach an average size (up to 2 inch in diameter), they observe and periodically examine them.

How to remove a wen at home

If it was decided to act independently, then you need to adhere to the rules in order to avoid undesirable consequences:

How to get rid of wen on the face at home. Causes of occurrence

  1. Before you begin, you need to properly handle your hands, tools and skin around.
  2. The hole is best done with a special surgical needle – this is less likely to seriously injure the skin.
  3. If when touching the neoplasm there are unpleasant sensations, then the operated site should be treated with lidocaine.
  4. To remove the capsule, you need to make a small incision.
  5. Next, the wound is treated with alcohol and, if necessary, sealed.

Which wen can you remove yourself

You can independently remove small wen on the face, how to get rid of large wen at home, do not think. If the formation in diameter is already more than 2 inch, then it is removed in a clinical setting.

How to remove a large wen

Large adipose on the face (and on other parts of the body), since it is impossible to get rid of them at home, are removed by surgery. During the operation, the capsule with the contents is removed. The risk of relapse in this case is very low. How to get rid of wen on the face at home. Causes of occurrence
How to get rid of wen on the face at home. Causes of occurrence
How to get rid of wen on the face at home. Causes of occurrence

You can get rid of them in other ways:

  1. Laser. During the operation, a small thin incision is made and the capsule is affected by a laser. The surrounding tissue is not affected. After the surface of the lipoma has been laser-treated, the doctor makes an incision, husks the contents and thermocoagulates the vessels, after which he puts two sutures and a bandage.
  2. Liposuction (used for small cones). The procedure consists in sucking the contents through a puncture, using a needle and an electric suction pump. How to get rid of wen on the face at home. Causes of occurrence
  3. Radiomagnetic radiation
    (used to remove surface liposomes). The method is less traumatic for the skin, leaves no residue.
  4. Radio wave radiation (“Surgiton”). A crust remains on the skin after the procedure, which quickly disappears. How to get rid of wen on the face at home. Causes of occurrence
  5. Electrocoagulation is the removal of a wen by exposure to electric shock. After the procedure, a crust forms, which disappears after a few days, leaving a pink spot after itself, which also, over time, passes, leaving no trace.

Healing ointments

In the early stages, when the wen on the face is still small, you can get rid of it at home by using means such as decoctions, masks and compresses. It is possible to use alcohol tinctures, for example salicylic alcohol, as well as iodine (apply pointwise). But you need to remember that if the problem concerns the eyelid or eye, then these funds are prohibited.

It is also impossible to squeeze out lipomas in these places, since you can lose your sight. You can get rid of tumors in the face with the help of various ointments.

Vishnevsky ointment

It includes castor oil (base), tar and xeroform. A small amount of ointment is squeezed onto a piece of medium-sized gauze and applied to the affected area for 12 hours. How to get rid of wen on the face at home. Causes of occurrence3 days spend the procedure, 2 days rest. Result – the content is pulled out. Moreover, this tool helps not only in the initial stages, but also when the disease is already running.


The composition of this tool includes: How to get rid of wen on the face at home. Causes of occurrence

  • thyme;
  • chamomile;
  • mint;
  • fennel;
  • celandine;
  • sagebrush.

Such a tandem of medicinal herbs is a great alternative to Vishnevsky ointment. The tool has no contraindications. Effectively stretches contents without leaving scars or marks on the skin.

Ointment Ichthyol and Levomekol

Also have the property of stretching the contents of the capsule to the surface.


It can be used both as an independent tool, and as part of various ointments and balms. It has a healing, anti-inflammatory effect. Due to its healing properties it is used as a prophylaxis of a large number of diseases, as well as after surgical operations. This product is made from animal components. How to get rid of wen on the face at home. Causes of occurrence

It has a warming effect. When used in the head area, one should be extremely careful, since one of the side effects is hyperthermia. In addition, experts advise using drugs such as Happyderm, Levosin and Actovegin for the treatment of wen.

How to make a cream based on pharmacy ointments

At home, you can make a cream based on ointments sold in a pharmacy. To do this, you need to take Vishnevsky ointment and Ichthyolova in equal quantities. Stir well and add a few drops of aloe juice. Smear should be several times a day, until the lipoma comes out.

Compresses and masks

Such masks and compresses have proven themselves well:

  • Dairy. 1 teaspoons red clay should be mixed with 1 teaspoons. sour milk and spread on the seal. After 2-3 hours, the mass is washed off with cool water;
  • From honey, with the addition of sour cream and salt. The ingredients must be taken in equal proportions, combined and applied to the skin, washed off with warm water after 40 minutes;
  • From onions and soap. The onion must be prepared in the oven and grind with a fork, grate the soap. The ingredients are mixed, spread on cheesecloth and applied to a sore spot. A film is applied on top and wrapped with a bandage. Such a procedure should be done either just before bedtime, or changed 2 times a day; How to get rid of wen on the face at home. Causes of occurrence
  • Vinegar and iodine. Iodine and vinegar are mixed in equal amounts and several times a day wipe the affected area;
  • With hydrogen peroxide. For a compress, a 3% solution is suitable. A cotton swab is applied to the neoplasm within 10 days. After a month, the bump should pass;
  • Oil and garlic. 2 cloves of garlic chopped on a grater, add 1 teaspoons. oils are thoroughly mixed and applied to the lipoma. After 20 minutes, wash off with soap and water;
  • From lard and garlic. 1 teaspoons garlic juice and 1 tablespoon melted lard mixed. The resulting mixture is smeared with lipoma several times a day;
    How to get rid of wen on the face at home. Causes of occurrence
    You can try to get rid of a wen on the face with conservative means if it has not reached medium or large size. At home, for example, an ointment from melted pork lard and garlic can help.
  • Beetroot compress. Raw beets need to be grated. The resulting slurry is applied to the affected area, covered with a film and fixed with adhesive tape. This procedure should be done within 3-5 days, leaving the compress overnight. Soon the lipoma should go outside;
  • From aloe. The plant must be cut lengthwise and applied to the wen for several hours, and preferably at night. With a regular procedure, after about a week, the lump will become smaller, and then it can be removed by piercing with a sterile surgical needle; How to get rid of wen on the face at home. Causes of occurrence
  • With black pepper. It is recommended to use only freshly ground product. A pinch of pepper should be poured on cotton and applied to a bump for 20 minutes. The lipoma will disappear in about 3 weeks;
  • From egg films. Films from eggs need to be attached to a sore spot, put a piece of oilcloth on top, then a cloth and fix everything with a band-aid. You need to change the bandage 3-4 times a day. You can talk about the healing process when there is an increase in the lump and redness of the skin around it;
  • Cinnamon. Every day you need to eat 1 tablespoon. cinnamon. This must be done until the problem disappears; How to get rid of wen on the face at home. Causes of occurrence
  • Infusion of burdock root. Burdock root should be chopped and taken 300 g, pour 0,1 gallon of 70% alcohol, put in a dark place for a month. During this time, the infusion should be shaken periodica
    lly. Next, the liquid is filtered and taken 20-30 minutes before eating, 2 times a day. Reception stops only when the problem completely disappears. But, as a rule, in two weeks the result will already be visible;
  • Oil and vodka lotion. To prepare the lotion you will need olive oil (2 tablespoons) and vodka (2 tablespoons). You need to smear 2 times a day;
  • Decoction of birch broom. According to reviews of people who have tried this method, it has a very high efficiency. If the seal was found on the part of the head that the hair covers, then you can wash your hair with a birch decoction, giving it a little infusion beforehand. After the first wash, the seal becomes smaller, and after the third wash completely disappears. If the bump is on the face, then you need to wash yourself with this decoction or make lotions; How to get rid of wen on the face at home. Causes of occurrence
  • Compress with a golden mustache. The leaf of the plant should be washed, dried and kneaded a little, then attach to the sore spot. It needs to be changed 2 times a day. The bump should completely dissolve after 2 weeks.

What wen can be treated with folk remedies

Only those neoplasms that are small in size can be treated with folk ointments, compresses, creams and scrubs. Large bumps are only removed with surgical intervention.

What to do with inflammation of the wen

If the bump began to increase sharply in size and hurt, the skin turned red, the body temperature increased, and an ulcer appeared at the site of compaction – there is an inflammatory process.

In this case, you need to urgently consult a doctor, since complications can be deplorable, and sometimes this neoplasm from benign becomes malignant.

If the adipose on the face has become inflamed before the patient began to use folk remedies to get rid of it at home, an ulcer has formed on the surface and it burst, then the affected area must be treated with an antiseptic, covered with a gauze bandage, and, in order to avoid infection seek medical attention as soon as possible.

As a preventative measure, simple hygiene rules should be followed:

  1. Wash your face several times every day.
  2. Use only cosmetics whose quality is beyond doubt and which is suitable for the type of skin.
  3. Follow the diet and be able to choose it correctly so that the nutrition is balanced.
  4. Do not miss scheduled examinations by specialists of various specialties.

How to treat a wen in a child

Small adipose can appear in children under the age of one year on the nose or eyelids. The reason for their appearance is the lack of formation of the hormonal system of the child. Such wen go themselves over time. Do not require treatment and internal acne that appeared on the gums. They will pass on their own, as soon as the baby’s teeth begin to be cut.

If the tumor was found in the ear, then you can not postpone a visit to the doctor.

If the child is still small, the formations have appeared recently and are small, then the doctor will prescribe conservative treatment. It consists in following a diet based on products containing fiber and vitamins, as well as the use of ointments, the function of which is to treat the excretory ducts of the sebaceous glands. Alternative methods can be used, for example, onions with soap or aloe.

If in the case of wen on the face there are recipes on how to get rid of them at home, then in case of a neoplasm on the back of the head, neck, chest, it is dangerous to waste time. It is eliminated only by surgery to avoid the consequences associated with the detrimental effect of lipoma on blood vessels.

Lipoma at first glance seems to be a harmless disease, but complications can occur with an increase in education or inflammation. Then you need to act immediately.

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