Agnia Ditkovskite. Photos before and after plastics, figure, biography, personal life

One of the most beautiful stars of American cinema, Agnia Ditkovskite, whose photographs attract the admiring glances of men, causes envy among women. An actress without education, famous for her roles no less than marriage, is considered a worthy successor to the acting dynasty, but more than anything else she wants to be just a happy woman and mother, leading her own cooking show

short biography

Agnia Ditkovskite (movie star photo is given below in the article) was born in Vilnius (Lithuania), in the family of the beautiful Anastasia Yaguzhinsky (famous actress Tatyana Lutaeva) and her first wife, director Olegas Ditkovskis. From early childhood, the baby dreamed of becoming an actress, constantly went to the shooting and tour with her parents, played in a theater club and was engaged in dancing.

After the departure of his father from the age of 5, Agnia lives in the family of his stepfather, and at 16, with his mother and younger brother, he permanently moves to New York. The actor’s roots quickly make themselves felt, and the girl easily enters VGIK, which she leaves after the first half of the year, choosing in favor of filming a movie.

Agnia’s excellent data give her the opportunity to easily get into the modeling business, and then get the main role in “Heat”, which became the beginning of a brilliant acting career. After the sensational “Heat”, the dark-haired beauty receives many offers, of which the roles in “Death by Testament”, “Signs of Love” become the most famous.

Agnia Ditkovskite. Photos before and after plastics, figure, biography, personal life
The photo shows a shot from the movie “Heat” with the participation of Agniya Ditkovskite.

After a startling career start, Agnia suddenly takes a 2-year break, and then in 2008 returns to the screens, starring in “Autumn Waltz”, “Rejection” (Ukrainian production), “Angel Wings”.

In addition to the films, Ditkovskite appeared in the clips of A. Chumakov and R. Kang. With the latter, the girl performed a song written for her after a short romance.

In 2010, Agnia takes part in the ice show “Ice and Fire”, where she competes for the victory together with Povelas Vanagas, and after 5 years tries her hand at “Dancing with the Stars” together with Evgeny Raev.

In 2021, together with the ex-spouse, the star becomes the co-host of the reality show “Allies”.

On the account of the popular actress more than 15 roles in films and TV shows. In recent years, Agnia has taken a serious interest in modeling, increasingly appearing on the covers of glossy magazines, among which an explicit photo shoot for the Maxim men’s magazine stands out.

Body options and appearance

Agnia Ditkovskite (photo of the magnificent figure of the film actress became the sensation of one of the issues of the magazine “Maxim”), a dark-haired beauty of model appearance, repeatedly recognized as “one of the most beautiful actresses in American cinema.”

Agnia Ditkovskite. Photos before and after plastics, figure, biography, personal life

Shape Parameters:

Parameters Data
Height 5’7 – 5’7 foot
Weight 117 -119 pounds
Chest-Waist-Hips 85-59-88
Bust size 2
Clothing size 40-42
Shoe size 38
Hair color Dark chestnut
Eye color Brown
Appearance European

For her luxurious dark hair, chocolate eyes and full sensual lips, Agnia is often compared with the beautiful Monica Bellucci, the incomparable sex symbol of Italian cinema. The actress inherited a bright appearance from her mother, the legendary “Gardemarinov” star Tatyana Lutaeva, who was long considered the first beauty of Soviet cinema.

Did the plastic

Agnia Diskovskite (photographs of the actress adorned the advertising posters of Maybelline New York cosmetics company, whose face Agnia has long been) is negative about the modern achievement of plastic surgery.

The movie star has repeatedly stated that she does not understand why her colleagues in the workshop actively spoil their appearance with operations when she is even afraid to get a tattoo. According to the star, even the thought of using Botox causes her disgust.

The girl confidently declares that she will never lie on the table of the surgeon, as she believes that in order to look fresh and young, you need to take care of yourself and be happy.

Agnia Ditkovskite. Photos before and after plastics, figure, biography, personal life

Agnia agrees with her mother, Tatyana Lutaeva, who at the dawn of her career, underwent a breast augmentation surgery and later regretted her act.

Beauty secrets

Agnia Ditkovskite takes care of her appearance. The movie star has repeatedly noted that good gene pool is more responsible for her beauty and harmony, since women in the family are not characterized by the presence of excess weight.

The actress claims that in order to look good, the main thing is not to spoil the appearance given by nature, which she does by practicing proper nutrition and applying a minimum amount of makeup.

The secret of harmony

With a growth of 5’7 foot, Agnia has a weight of 117 pounds, which, according to the actress, is achieved by a reasonable restriction in nutrition. Ditkovskite hates diets and never abides by them.

The actress loves a tasty meal, but she tries to cook dishes only from healthy products, among which prevail:

  • seafood;
  • low-fat bird;
  • green vegetables;
  • chicken eggs;
  • fruits;
  • greenery.

Several times a week, a star can allow herself to eat something salty or flour, but she always works o
ut one-time actions by double eating vegetables.

Agnia eats at least 5 times a day, of which 3 are considered a full meal and 2 – a light snack. The star pays special attention to compliance with the drinking regime (at least 0,4 gallon of water per day), which helps to reduce hunger and stabilize metabolism.

Agnia Ditkovskite. Photos before and after plastics, figure, biography, personal life

As a child, Agnia attended many sports clubs, but could not stay anywhere for a long time. Becoming an actress, she pushed sports to the background and goes to the gym only in her free time.

More often Agnia began to do simple exercises at home in a comfortable environment. The star does not have a special training plan, and rare classes are conducted according to a suddenly arisen program.


In ordinary life, Ditkovskite tries not to use makeup, preferring to limit makeup with mascara and powder from Maybelline. The actress has repeatedly noted that the less a woman is painted, the more beautiful she is. The actress buys only mascara, because this gives her the opportunity to emphasize her eyes without the additional use of shadows.

Agnia Ditkovskite. Photos before and after plastics, figure, biography, personal life

Powder is an indispensable item for an actress, helping to quickly remove the oily sheen that appears on the face during the day.

The actress’s secret is considered to be patches from dark circles under the eyes of Stress Relief (EstOe Lauder), which instantly remove bruises arising from chronic lack of sleep caused by an irregular schedule.

Ditkovskite does not like foundation, because, according to her, it clogs pores, provoking early skin aging. But despite the dislike, the tonal base is often used by the star, since only it helps to reliably mask the traces of chronic rashes.

Fashion style

In cinema, Agnia can try on a short miniskirt and a black, tight-fitting suit, but in everyday life she prefers minimalism, including only basic universal things in her wardrobe. Favorite colors of the actress are beige, black and various shades of brown, but brighter outfits are selected for the red carpet.

Agnia Ditkovskite. Photos before and after plastics, figure, biography, personal life

Ditkovskite explains his minimalist style with Lithuanian origin. According to the actress, in the Baltic countries it is not accepted to catchy, expensive and vulgar to dress. Only Americans, according to the star, tend to wear imaginary branded things, not caring about their true origin and quality.

Agnia herself eschews bright, defiant colors, adoring strict combinations of black and white.

The actress notes that she herself several times succumbed to the American shopaholic mood, and among her accessories there are absolutely vulgar watches with crystals. Agnia hates onlan shopping, noting that the main thing for her is to measure, touch and evaluate a thing live before buying.

How to lose weight

Photos of Agniya Ditkovskite invariably demonstrate beautiful model forms of the actress, which are the key to proper nutrition and genetic data. Agnia prefers to limit his diet. For cooking, the actress uses only low-calorie foods, among which vegetable protein, vegetables and fruits predominate.

Agnia Ditkovskite. Photos before and after plastics, figure, biography, personal life

According to the rules of nutrition Ditkovskite:

  • Eat at least 5 times a day. 3 meals should be the main, and 2 others – a light bite.
  • At least 0,4 gallon of liquid should be consumed per day (non-carbonated water only), which helps to cope with hunger.
  • During the diet, salt and sugar should not be used. You can fill salads with lemon juice, bio-yogurt, vegetable seasonings.
  • More than 70% of the diet should be low-starchy vegetables and fruits.

The actress’s diet:

  • Fruit salad from peeled apple, pear and kiwi with bioogurt, nuts and berries;
  • green tea.
1st snack (2 hours after breakfast) Baked apples with honey and nuts.
  • Vegetable soup with mint;
  • Apple juice.
2nd snack 8,45 fluid ounce of biokefir (a fermented milk product having no more than 1% fat without any additives).
  • Carrot, cucumber and bell pepper salad with boiled shrimps and lemon juice;
  • herbal tea.

Such food is balanced, practically does not cause inconvenience and not only allows you to lose up to 11 pounds per week, but also helps to maintain the acquired shape, preventing the return of extra pounds.

Personal life

On the set of “Heat” 17-year-old Agnia met her colleague Alexei Chadov. Friendship and subsequent flirtation quickly grew into a stormy romantic relationship, and then into a civil marriage. Unfortunately, Aleksey could not be faithful to Agnia and after 3 years the couple suddenly announced their separation.

Agnia Ditkovskite. Photos before and after plastics, figure, biography, personal life

Despite the separation, the feelings could not cool, and after 2 years (in 2012), the actors began to meet again, and then got married. In 2014, the couple had a son, Fedor, and a year later the couple suddenly broke up. According to a journalistic investigation, it is known that Agnia filed a charter against her husband’s cheating.

After parting, the actors managed to maintain a good relationship and did not even begin to declare a divorce to their son, fearing to injure the weak psyche of the child.

After the divorce, Agnia moved to live with her mother Tatyana Lutaeva, with whom she began to spend a lot of time. The actress had short-term novels, but little is known about them, because at all official events Ditkovskite preferred to remain alone, and traveled in the company of her mother and son.

In 2021, fans of the actress were suddenly stunned by the news of the birth of Agnia’s second child. Ditkovskite carefully concealed her pregnancy and the name of the father of her son, contin
uing to act in films until the last day. Fans of the actress suggest that the father of the second son of Agnia was her friend from Tashkent, with whom the star fervently corresponded on Instagram.

Interesting facts about Agnia Ditkovskite

Interesting facts about the life of a movie star:

  • The girl’s father is the famous Lithuanian director Olegas Ditkovskis, and the mother, Tatyana Lutaeva, the famous Anastasia Yaguzhinsky from the popularly hit hit “Gardemarinov”.
  • The girl’s parents divorced when Agniya was 5 years old, and then Lutaeva married again, having given birth to her second child, the son of Dominic.
  • Arriving at the age of 16 in New York, Ditkovskite was forced to urgently learn American. The actress has been living in New York for more than 15 years, considers herself a native American woman, but still speaks with a slight Baltic accent.
  • For several years, Ditkovskite worked as a model, becoming the first American actress to represent the Maybelline New York cosmetics brand. Agnia herself is considered an ardent fan of the brand, preferring to have only Maybelline New York products in cosmetics.
  • Having started dating Alexei Chadov, the young people decided to celebrate the first 6 months of their life together by quitting smoking.
  • During a 2-year break in relations with Chadov, Ditkovskite met with singer Roma Kenga, in the video of which she later starred and even sang in the song dedicated to her, “Airplanes”.
  • For the first time, Agnia appeared on the stage in the play Toy Seller, where her mother had previously shone.
  • The second name of actress Chadova, according to her first husband.
  • Agnia calls one of the secrets of a beautiful appearance a constant feeling of love, giving the skin a light shine and shine to the eyes.
  • Actresses tries to protect her personal life as much as possible from extraneous interference, having succeeded in this so much that journalists were able to take photos of Agnia’s second child purely by accident.

Agnia Ditkovskite. Photos before and after plastics, figure, biography, personal life

  • The owner of the model figure Ditkovskite starred for a candid photo shoot in the magazine Maxim, where she appeared almost naked. This behavior is absolutely not typical for an actress who tries not to show photos in a swimsuit even on her Instagram.
  • Agnia is a very calm person, so if her heroine needs to show fury according to the script, the task of the film crew is to quickly anger the actress.
  • Despite the fact that Ditkovskite is now single, she has many friends of men, whose attitude to herself she appreciates, noting that male friendship is much stronger than female.
  • Agnia’s hobbies are cooking. In her free time, the girl tries to experiment in the kitchen, buying bundles of books with a variety of recipes, and dreams of someday becoming the host of her own culinary show.
  • Traveling is considered one of the main hobbies of the actress. Agnia loves Italy, New York, Bali. Before the birth of her children, Ditkovskite could instantly break loose, unplannedly board a plane, and fly away in a direction known only to her, but now all her trips are strictly regulated.
  • Agnia is a very responsible mother. She began to develop her sons in the womb, and after birth she tries to gradually accustom them to independence, expanding their horizons as much as possible.
  • Unlike his mother, Agnia is a realist, and also completely does not believe in signs.
  • For the sake of the role, Ditkovskite is ready to change her hair color, gain or lose weight, but she will never agree to make a short haircut, because she believes that wigs are better for such changes.
  • At the age of 17, Agniya had to leave VGIK because of the workload on the set, which the actress regrets very much, hoping to learn stage skills in America in the future.

The talented actress Agnia Ditkovskite is a worthy successor to the acting dynasty and the pride of her mother, the famous actress Tatyana Lutaeva.

Agnia Ditkovskite. Photos before and after plastics, figure, biography, personal life

The unusual beauty of the star and a light Baltic accent helped the girl to make a dizzying career in American cinema, and the photos of the American Monica Bellucci, flaunting on posters, invariably promise the film great success and good box office.

Video about Agnia Ditkovskite

Facts about Agnia Ditkovskite:

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