Haircuts for women on medium hair without bangs. Photo, front and back view

Hairstyles without bangs on medium hair are very popular today. This length of curls is convenient, practical, preserves the femininity of the image. It makes it possible to wear stylish hairstyles and implement any dyeing techniques on them.

What is a good haircut technique without bangs for medium hair length

Such hairstyles have many advantages over other varieties of haircuts for girls:

Haircuts for women on medium hair without bangs. Photo, front and back view
Haircut for medium hair without bangs. Photo styling options
  • they can be selected to any face shape: oval, circle, square, other configurations;
  • haircuts look good on hair of various structures;
  • the average length of curls is practical, convenient, it does not need careful care;
  • hair of a similar style is worn in a loose form, they collect various hairstyles from them: shells, tails, bunches;
  • the absence of a fringe solves the problem with washing and styling;
  • haircut makes the face open, emphasizes its merits;
  • the hairstyle allows you to create various images: elegant, romantic, daring;
  • hair styling does not require much time, just a few minutes.

To whom do haircuts go without bangs

A haircut on medium hair without bangs goes well with any face shape. It creates an additional volume of curls, corrects appearance defects.

The hairstyle is especially suitable for a rectangular type of face, women with a low forehead, owners of curly strands. Asymmetrical or multi-level version of the hairstyle for medium hair goes to brave, bold girls. The bright appearance is complemented by various accessories: headbands, ribbons, dressings, and other decorative elements.

Medium length haircut tips

Before creating a unique image, you should determine your type of face, hair, in order to avoid mistakes with the choice of haircuts, emphasize all the advantages of appearance. It is necessary to stand in front of the mirror, remove hair from the face, it should be carefully considered. You can measure the length, width of the oval, so that the result is more accurate.

Face type

Haircuts are selected for a certain appearance:

Haircuts for women on medium hair without bangs. Photo, front and back view

Oval face The forehead, chin differ in symmetrical proportions, have the same width. The face has smooth contours, prominent cheekbones. Any haircut is suitable at will.
Rectangular face The shape of the oval is elongated, the forehead, chin, cheekbones visually the same length. You should choose hairstyles with strands shortened by the face.
Square face The lower jaw is wider than the forehead. The oval has the same height, width. It is best to opt for a graduated “square”.
Round face Forehead, chin about the same width. Their length is the same. Asymmetric, not lush haircut options look good.
Triangular face Wide cheekbones pronounced, narrow chin, pointed. Angular lines soften cascading haircut, “ladder”.
Rhomboid face The shape of the “diamond” is characterized by a narrow chin, forehead. It is distinguished by wide cheekbones. Best suited strands trimmed with a “ladder” next to the face.
Pear-shaped face Appearance is distinguished by large cheekbones, a massive lower jaw, a low forehead. It is preferable to choose asymmetric hairstyles, “cascades.”

Hair structure

Curls have different qualities:

Direct Any haircuts suitable for the shape of the face are created on them, adding volume to the hairstyles.
Thick They will suit various haircuts that you like. But it is necessary to avoid excessively voluminous hairstyles that visually increase the oval.
Thin Cascading, asymmetrical haircuts should be preferred. They will make hairstyles more magnificent.


Choose any options you like. Here are just a “cascade” and “ladder” you need daily hair styling.

Fashionable haircuts without bangs in 2021

For medium hair, you can do various hairstyles without bangs. Such haircuts are very diverse, they look modern.


A haircut fits well on the hair of any structure. It creates an additional volume at the hairstyle, makes curls obedient, and facilitates their styling.

Haircuts for women on medium hair without bangs. Photo, front and back view

Cascading style is suitable for oval, elongated, triangular faces. It is distinguished by simplicity, elegance, it has several options for execution.

A square with a clear geometric shape

Such a haircut looks best on dark-haired women, owners of thick hair. The hairstyle has clearly defined cut lines, looks strictly. She is preferred by persons who love order and order.

Careless Bob haircut

This haircut style is for blondes, brown-haired women, red-haired girls. The hairstyle does not have strict forms, clear lines. She looks deliberately careless. Her slightly disheveled look will appeal to cheerful extraordinary girls.

Women with straight hair of medium length can not even think about choosing a hairstyle. For such curls, it is very simple to make a haircut with straight ends. Even without a bang, the image will be stylish, feminine.

Straight haircut

Putting such a hairstyle is not difficult even at home. But naughty, uneven ringlets will require daily straightening, which will negatively affect
their health.

Haircuts for women on medium hair without bangs. Photo, front and back view

But the straight haircut looks very neat and stylish, especially on high-quality dyed plain hair.

Kare for curly hair

A multi-layered haircut looks great on curly curls. A similar style is preferred by women who do not like smooth hair. She is painted in a light hut, which gives a special charm. The hairstyle is suitable for everyday, formal, solemn images.

Haircuts for women on medium hair without bangs. Photo, front and back view

A curly haircut “square” will never go out of fashion, it looks romantic, bold, feminine.


A classic haircut is performed by cutting stepwise strands on the face. At the back they remain the same length. This technique gives it a voluminous, luxurious look. Styling is pretty easy. The curls must be tucked inside with a round comb, then distributed over the shoulders.

Ragged haircut

The hairstyle is equally suitable for thin, naughty curls, thick, stiff hair. The first it gives volume, the second become more obedient. You can choose your own composition for all ages and face types. Coloring or highlighting will make the haircut even more effective.

Owners of lush, curly curls should not choose a ragged haircut. The result of such an experiment may not be a stylish, slightly careless hairstyle, but simply chaos on the head. Also, for women who have a tonic by nature, rare strands are better to refuse a similar style.

The hairstyle suits bold, fashionable women, it refreshes the image. The main advantage of a haircut is an expressive, effective appearance. It disguises imperfections, emphasizes the dignity of the face.


A careless hairstyle is the profiled ends of curls of different lengths. In Western countries, it is used as styling over the main volume of hair. In USA, this is an independent haircut.

Haircuts for women on medium hair without bangs. Photo, front and back view

The hairstyle is performed like a “ladder”. However, it differs from it by uneven lines, transitions, and filing. Because the image is so playful. The main advantage of the hairstyle is the simplicity of styling. A modeling agent is applied to clean hair and dried with a hairdryer.

A haircut on medium hair without a bang has no age restrictions. It goes to mature women, young girls who have any form of oval. Hairdress eliminates small flaws in appearance. For example, makes a round face more elongated.


Haircuts for women on medium hair without bangs. Photo, front and back viewThe original haircut is a short strand, laid casually in all directions on the top of the head.

Long curls reaching to the shoulders are concentrated on the back of the head. Code is exclusively male hairstyle is now very popular with girls. She does not need a long installation, special means of fixation.

Gavrosh haircut is suitable for all types of hair, goes to any face shape. Although this hairstyle looks good on women of any age, but it is not too suitable for a serious business woman.

But creative nouns leading an active lifestyle, such a stylish hairstyle will definitely add a twist to the image.


Such a direction is not considered a haircut. This is, in fact, styling, designed in a creative mess on the head. It is multi-layered, has uneven sections, sharp lines. She has no smooth transitions. It is performed on strands of all types. It is combined with various elements: weaving, tails, bunches.

Hair styling in grunge style is carried out for any haircut. Thus, the hairstyle takes on a sloppy look, volume, textured curls.

The style is suitable for women of all ages and face types. The styling corrects the imperfections of the appearance: masks large cheekbones, thick cheeks, a pronounced chin. She rejuvenates the image, adds dynamics to it. Styling is contraindicated to the owners of too thick, curly, long hair. The appearance will look untidy.


The Aurora haircut has no age restrictions, it has a rejuvenating, refreshing effect. A hairstyle is combined with almost any face shape, but for each of them there are their own nuances. She does not need complicated everyday styling, frequent visits to the master. It retains shape for a long time.

Haircut has a simple simulation, reminiscent of something like a “cascade”. It is characterized by sharper transitions, milling strands in a chaotic manner. So the image acquires elegance, slight negligence. Hair cutting begins from the occipital. Curls, concentrated next to the face, are cut with “steps”.

From short strands at the top to elongated lower curls. As a result, the hairstyle becomes voluminous, dense. Haircuts are performed on any type of hair. But there are limitations. Aurora’s hairstyle is not recommended for owners of excessively curly, fluffy, naughty curls.

Long Page

For a haircut, even strands of the same length are characteristic. Its ends are slightly twisted inward and form a rounded “cap”. The hairstyle is suitable for women whose strands do not have the required volume. A hairstyle without a bang has long curls above the forehead. They will be divided into two halves, which create a smooth line connected to the sides of the hairstyle.

Cutting into thin strands can only be done by an experienced master. But in the future it will have to be carefully laid on its own, which can cause difficulties.

Parting is done on one or both sides. Also, the hair is combed back, or fixed with hairpins, a rim in the desired position. The hairstyle suits most women with different types of faces. She looks best on thick, straight hair. Wavy curls will need straightening, but the shape may not remain in rainy weather.

Shaved nape and whiskey

Hairstyle for medium hair without bangs with shaving is the latest trend of the season. This length of curls is considered universal for creating creative hairstyles. This style is suitable for women of all ages, any type of face, hair. The hairstyle goes well with various fashion trends in clothes, makeup: casual, grunge, everyday.

Haircuts for women on medium hair without bangs. Photo, front and back view

Shaved areas are made out with all kinds of patterns: graphic, floristic, animalistic, and other drawings. They are tinted in different colors: from natural nude shades to bright blue, violet, and
other extreme tones. Often complemented by a tattoo. Shaving is carried out with a machine ( 4/32 – 10/32 inch).

Skrilllex (another name for hairstyles) is performed on different types of haircuts, for example:

  • “bean”;
  • “Square”;
  • “page”;
  • “Pixy”;
  • asymmetry.

Elongated bob

A trendy haircut remains a favorite every season. This year, hair has a length of up to the clavicle. The nape is made out with contrasting curls: short, high. A similar style emphasizes the graceful neck. The type of haircut is chosen depending on preferences, features of the figure, manner of dressing.

Haircuts for women on medium hair without bangs. Photo, front and back view

The average “bean” is suitable for owners of prominent cheekbones. Its asymmetric version disguises a heavy chin. The main advantage of an elongated haircut is that every woman can always lay her curls a little differently: comb her hair, stab it with invisibility, make it smooth or curly. And every time the image will be new, fresh.

Graduated bean

A similar style is very popular in hairdressing. Its name comes from the word “degree”. This technique is used to create a haircut based on transitions from long curls to shorter strands. They can be soft or quite harsh. Graduation looks great on hair of different lengths.

This kind of “bean” is suitable for owners of straight, curly, thick curls. A haircut will add extra volume to thin strands. Women of all ages can wear hairstyles. A haircut is most suitable for an oval face. It will mask sharp corners and lines if its shape is square or triangular.

“Graduated bean” will give elasticity, additional volume to the hair. They will get a healthy look without split ends.

Multi-layer haircut

A haircut is created in steps. Cut the length in layers to get the desired volumetric effect. Also, this technique is used for thinning thick strands, which will facilitate regular hair styling. A multi-layer hairstyle is done on straight, curly hair. A similar haircut goes to girls and mature women.

A variety of models makes it possible to choose the right option for any type of face, curls:

  • “Cascade” is a classic look from a series of similar haircuts. It has its advantages, disadvantages that all layered hairstyles have. Haircut perfect for thin, sparse hair;
    Haircuts for women on medium hair without bangs. Photo, front and back view
  • another version of the multilayer haircut – “asymmetric bean” is characterized by graduated strands of the upper layers of the hairstyle. The style is suitable for women with straight, slightly wavy curls. Hair style like a “square”;
  • “Ladder” is performed in a step technique on the outside. A diagonal cut is done both on the front curls and the lower third of the strands. Volume is created over the entire mass of hair. However, the hairstyle is different from the “cascade”. At the top of the head, it is quite smooth. “Short flight of stairs” suits straight, slightly wavy curls, it does not need to be regularly cut, it gives additional volume. The hairstyle goes to chubby women;
  • “Graduated square . Hair styling with fingers. They pre-melt the wax. A haircut gives medium hair volume, It goes to all types of faces.

Volumetric haircut

Such a hairstyle looks great on girls with different looks and makes the images light, dynamic, fresh, suitable for hair of various structures:

  • normal
  • thin;
  • dense;
  • thick;
  • direct;
  • curly.

If you want to have hair that goes down to the shoulders, then it is better to choose from the existing collection of hairstyles:

  • various multilayer hairstyles based on cascade technique;
  • a haircut on medium hair without a bangs like a “hat” is a shortened locks at the top, long curls at the bottom. Their edges are cut off by “steps” to get a more pronounced effect;
  • asymmetric species, characterized by short strands on one side, and on the opposite side, their length reaches the chest or rises slightly higher.

Options for anti-aging haircuts for women after 40 – 50 years

As a rule, there is an opinion that only short haircuts are suitable for older women. This is explained simply – over the years, hair loses its natural beauty, shine, and ceases to hold its shape. Therefore, on shortened strands, their shortcomings are invisible.

Haircuts for women on medium hair without bangs. Photo, front and back view

However, a good alternative to short hairstyles will be haircuts for medium hair. They will especially like fans of romantic images. Their main advantage is they add volume to the hair and emphasize the femininity of the fair sex.

Well-chosen hairstyles visually make your face younger, mask age-related skin changes. When choosing a haircut, you should take into account your type of appearance, the presence of problem areas, the shape of the oval.

  • “Bean” with strands of different levels looks impressive. Its basis is a rounded contour with a clear border at the level of the neck in the occipital. The most popular is the classic, multi-layer, asymmetric. Suitable for owners of different types of hair, face shapes;
  • all kinds of curled curls . They are created with the help of curlers, a round nozzle of a hairdryer. They even use perms;
  • classic forms of “cascade”, “ladder” . Curls gently frame the face on the sides, mask the neck, visually stretch the oval, making it slimmer. Suitable for any type of appearance;
  • “Caret” in all its variations takes a leading place in the list of anti-aging haircuts. The hairstyle can be clear, geometric or vice versa performed in a free interpretation, be somewhat blurred. The only condition is that women in age need to avoid too saturated, extreme tones when dyeing hair;
  • Page haircut was originally a retro haircut . But in modern design, the length of curls has increased, the hairstyle has acquired a slightly different configuration. Its ends, twisted inward, correct the contours of the oval, distract attention from skin defects.

Haircuts for medium hair without bangs look impressive, stylish, fashionable. A wide selection of hairstyles allows each woman to choose a suitable option.

Video about fashionable haircuts for medium hair

What is the trend in 2021-2020:

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