How to dye your hair with paint yourself and without, henna, basma, tonic, ombre at home

A well-chosen image is the best way to show personality. And for it to be charming, it must be created. It is best to start with what is considered one of the most attractive in female beauty – this is hair. How to dye your hair with paint yourself and without, henna, basma, tonic, ombre at home

To do this, it is not necessary to visit expensive salons, it is enough to know how to correctly paint them at home.

How to dye your hair – general rules

The first thing you need to pay attention to is the choice of color and shade. Modern hair dyes have a wide variety of tones. In this case, the choice of shade depends on the color type. The right tone is a guarantee that the new image will emphasize the merits, make it brighter, more harmonious.

Step-by-step instructions for home dyeing:

  1. For hair coloring at home, it is recommended to purchase a special kit. It consists of plastic utensils for diluting the mixture (it is strictly forbidden to use metal objects!), A brush for applying one wide and the other narrower (for high-quality coloring in the temples and hair contour).
  2. Using paint of a new brand, a sensitivity test should be done, this will help avoid an allergic reaction to the components. To do this, according to the instructions, mix the ingredients in a small amount and apply the mixture for a specified time on a small area of the scalp behind the ear or occipital part. Then rinse and after 24 hours examine this area, if there is no redness or discomfort in the form of itching, swelling or peeling, then you can proceed to the main procedure. If there is an adverse reaction of the body, then you should abandon staining and purchase a paint of a different brand.
  3. Before starting the procedure, any greasy cream should be applied to the skin along the contour of the hair, this will prevent the coloring pigments from staining open areas.
  4. Always stain the curls should start from the back of the head, evenly apply a coloring emulsion to the roots. Next, using a brush, spread the mixture along its entire length.
  5. Thus, repeat all the manipulations, moving along the entire head, moving along the chain, the back of the head – the crown – the temporal parts and the forehead.
  6. The final touch is tinting with the remnants of the hair contour. These places must again be passed with a brush. Excess emulsion on the face or neck should be removed with a cotton swab.
  7. Do not store paint residues or reuse them.
  8. It is strictly forbidden to dye your hair if the scalp is damaged or has wounds.
  9. After at least 2 weeks after perming or previous dyeing, after the expiration of the term you can use hair dye again.
  10. After the procedure, it is recommended to use funds for colored hair and restorative balms.
  11. An important tip for those who want to try a new color. Before dyeing the whole head, experts recommend a test for “perception of shade hair”. The fact is that regardless of the calculated table of the source color and the expected result, you can still get discrepancies in the gamma. It depends on the individual structure of the hair, so you should choose the most suitable time of contact with the paint just for yourself.

Test: Take a small strand behind the ear, its lower part, which will be covered with the top layer of hair. Then, strictly according to the instructions, dilute a little emulsion and apply on a curl.

Then you need to determine the holding time of the paint. When choosing darker tones (for example, chestnut, brown shades), the standard exposure time can darken the color, so it should be reduced by 5-10 minutes.

If the test strand is poorly stained and the desired color does not work, then you can increase the time from 5 to 10 minutes.

  1. You should put on household items during the procedure, cover your shoulders with an unnecessary towel. If the paint is dark tones, then things are better to choose dark, this will prevent dyeing of light fabric. It is also always necessary to use gloves to protect hands.

How to dye your hair medium length

For medium-length hair, regardless of its structure, a standard package of paint is usually sufficient. Before the procedure, according to the instructions, mix all the necessary ingredients until a homogeneous emulsion is formed.

How to dye your hair with paint yourself and without, henna, basma, tonic, ombre at home

How to dye your hair with paint yourself and without, henna, basma, tonic, ombre at home

Hair is thoroughly combed and divided into 4 zones, the occipital, two temporal and the forehead. The coloring mixture is applied to dry curls, starting from the back of the head. For convenience, all other strands are fixed with any hair clips.

From the dishes, using a wide brush, take a small amount of paint and spread evenly over the roots. By soft, smooth movements distributing it from the base of the hair moving in one direction over the entire length (this is how the hair is colored in a new color).

After the procedure, thoroughly wash off the paint, then use a protective balm to preserve color and shine.

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How to dye short hair

The process of dyeing short hair is quite simple. All strands are painted at the same time: both length and roots. It is not necessary to divide curls into zones, but staining is carried out all the same from the occipital part.

How to dye your hair with paint yourself and without, henna, basma, tonic, ombre at home

How to dye short hair at home:

  • Dilute paint according to instructions.
  • Wear gloves.
  • For application, you can use only your hands – take a little mixture and usd it with your fingers in light circular movements into the hair, gradually moving from the back of the head, then to the temporal parts and to the forehead.
  • To color the contour of the hair and bangs (if any), you need to use only a narrow special hair brush – otherwise you will get a blurry smooth contour, which will ruin the whole impression of a haircut.
  • After necessary exposure, rinse and apply balm.

Features of dyeing long hair

In order not to miss a single curl and thoroughly dye all the hair, they begin from the occipital part, passing to two temporal and forehead areas. Experts recommend using 2 packs of paint. How to dye your hair with paint yourself and without, henna, basma, tonic, ombre at home

In order to do all the manipulations yourself, it is best to use two mirrors: one is located directly in front of you, and the second is behind, opposite the first. Strands and how the paint is applied will be clearly visible in it.

To obtain a new color, long hair is dyed simultaneously along the entire length, and to tint the roots and preserve the tone, the paint is first kept on the roots, and then a minimal amount of time is left on the main curls.

How to tint only the roots

In order to tint hair roots at home without changing the original color, it is necessary to apply
the coloring emulsion first only to the root part, while the rest of the hair is not affected, and to withstand 2/3 of the time specified in the instructions.

Then, using a skeletal non-metallic comb and a paint brush, distribute the paint along the entire length and maintain its remaining time. How to dye your hair with paint yourself and without, henna, basma, tonic, ombre at home

Example, if the contact time is 30 minutes, then the roots should be stained for 20 minutes, and the remainder should be 10 minutes. accounts for the length. If the contact time is only 15 minutes, then you need to paint the roots – 10 minutes, and the remaining 5 minutes. – for the length.

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Paint color selection

A color type is an ideal correlation of a color palette for a person: between the one that nature has endowed with and the one that he selects on his own.

How to dye your hair with paint yourself and without, henna, basma, tonic, ombre at home

How to dye your hair at home correctly – choose the right color for your natural color type – eye color, skin tone, eyebrows, eyelashes:

  • cold and warm shades;
  • bright and muted tones.

In order to understand which color will most emphasize the merits of the image, you need to calculate your individual color type.

Type of appearance The main signs by which the color type is determined Suitable shades for hair coloring
Cold Light pale skin, very fair eyes, blue, green, gray You can use all light brown tones (except dark), all blonde shades. For staining using the ombre technique: light roots and several tones darker in length. For coloring or highlighting, you can use a double shade: light base (medium blond, ashy), and for brightness – copper
Warm Dark skin, dark eyes, chocolate, light brown or chestnut strands For a harmonious image change fit: chestnut tones, black, you can use red, red shades. For coloring in several colors, it is best to take warm shades as a basis, adding bright and even light tones to them
Bright It is distinguished by a blush on the skin, bright blue, green, brown eyes. Eyebrows are very dark, natural lip color, usually very bright You can use almost all colors except light and whitish. They will give an external imbalance between the natural color type and the created one. On the contrary, all extravagant tones are recommended, but it is advisable to add them when staining, and not take as a basis
Muted It is characterized by pastel colors, girls of this type are not striking, all the features are soft, like the natural color type. These are green-gray eyes or gray-blue, smooth skin without blush (not dark or pale). Eyebrows and eyelashes are usually brown. It is recommended to avoid red, red, black and other “screaming” tones. Brown, medium blond, chestnut are well suited. They can also be advantageously combined with each other.

Necessary items for painting

How to dye your hair with paint yourself and without, henna, basma, tonic, ombre at home

  1. Non-metallic cup with low sides.
  2. The brush is wide.
  3. A narrow brush – for tinting the contour of the hair, small fragments of strands.
  4. Gloves.
  5. Home old clothes.
  6. Cape on the shoulders.
  7. In order not to stain the skin around the hair, it is recommended to use any oily cream.

How to dye your hair at home – step by step

There are various means for coloring hair. Paint – refers to chemical products, paints gray hair well, has a long-lasting effect. Henna or Basma – a natural pigment that helps to improve hair health. Tonic – usually characterized by bright shades, used for short-term staining.

Each tool has its own characteristics, so it is important to know how each of them is painted in order to get a positive result from the procedure.

How to dye your hair with paint at home

Resistant paint with saturated color provides high-quality staining for a long time, it reliably paints gray hair, burned strands from the sun, poor natural pigmentation, and also allows you to make curls brighter and restore their shine. How to dye your hair with paint yourself and without, henna, basma, tonic, ombre at home

For a high-quality result, all the manipulations of the step-by-step instruction should be performed:

  1. Coloring is best done in the bathroom in front of the mirror.
  2. Wear suitable clothing and cover your shoulders with foil or a protective cape.
  3. Apply the paint to well-combed, clean, but cavity dry hair.
  4. Wear gloves.
  5. Following the instructions, mix all the ingredients in a special bowl.
  6. Achieve a homogeneous mixture.
  7. Divide the hair into 4 parts, secure with a hairpin.
  8. Take a little emulsion with a wide brush and begin to stain from the roots with the occipital hour of the head.
  9. Paint the whole head evenly.
  10. After the main mass is applied, use a narrow brush to add a little paint along the contour of the hair.
  11. Soak time for tinting the roots and distribute the dye along the entire length (to create a new color to wear on all hair).
  12. Control the minutes strictly by the hour.
  13. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.
  14. After applying a protective balm (usually it is part of the kit).
  15. Hold and rinse the strands.

How to paint with henna and basma

It is important to know that basma and henna are natural dyes, and working with them is different from using permanent paint. Despite their plant origin, the fair sex is quite often allergic to components. Therefore, you should do a sensitivity test, it is performed as well as for resistant paint.

After 24 hours, if signs of an allergic reaction are not detected, you can start staining.

How to dye your hair at home using natural dyes:

  1. Use any non-metallic utensils.
  2. Put in it all the dry
    powder from the bag (for long hair use 2 pcs.).
  3. Wear gloves.
  4. Pour hot water (about 85 130°F), dilute to a creamy consistency, constantly altering and adding water in small portions.
  5. Stir until tender until the whole mass becomes homogeneous.
  6. Apply oily cream along the hair contour.
  7. To color the hair, starting from the back of the head, for this you should take a small portion of the mixture with your hands and usd it into the roots with slow movements, moving all over your head.
  8. Then, using hands, apply the rest of the mixture to the full length.
  9. Gently distribute the hair over the head, you can twist it into a bun, the use of any hairpins is strictly prohibited.
  10. Cover your head with a plastic bag. Next, you need to create a greenhouse effect – for this you need to use a warm towel.
  11. The exposure time varies depending on the desired result and ranges from 15 minutes to 2.5 hours.
  12. Wash off with shampoo. Use a special balm – optional.

An important note – the longer the exposure time, the richer the color.

Tonic hair coloring

This product allows you to change the color by only 1-2 tones, so for optimal results it is better to choose a shade close to natural.

For staining, you must:

  • Moisten hair and wear gloves.
  • Squeeze the contents into a special bowl and apply with a brush to the hair, starting from the occipital part, moving from the roots and along the entire length, passing from the back of the head – to the temples – to the frontal part.
  • Another way of applying for short hair is to squeeze out a small amount of emulsion from a tube and evenly distribute with your hands in circles around the curls.
  • Maintain the set time.
  • Rinse thoroughly with water, you can use balm.

How to make an ombre

This technique is an overflow of colors, where one tone (usually dark at the base) changes to another – in light (at the ends). You can use bright, extravagant colors for staining with this method, for example, a light top and purple, red or blue bottom.

How to dye your hair with paint yourself and without, henna, basma, tonic, ombre at home
The scheme of how to dye ombre hair at home

How to dye your hair using the ombre technique at home – the basic rules:

  1. Use a persistent cream paint of the chosen color and a tint shampoo.
  2. Dilute the paint according to the instructions.
  3. Hair should be divided into two zones: upper and lower. This can be done with an elastic band, but it should not be fabric.
  4. Using a brush, apply a coloring emulsion to the bottom of the hair.
  5. You can make a sharp transition from color to color, but if you want to achieve a smooth transition, you need to separate a small piece of hair with another rubber band and dye your hair already at this length, using a different tone of paint.
  6. Leave for a given time.
  7. Rinse thoroughly.
  8. After that, tint the hair near the roots with a shampoo or tonic, close the lower part with cellophane and wrap it with an elastic band (not fabric).
  9. Take a time delay.
  10. Rinse thoroughly.
  11. Then apply the balm along the entire length.

Dyeing hair

On the one hand, experts do not recommend often using this method of staining, it is quite harmful to the hair. On the other hand, thanks to the amazing range of crayons, you can create fantastic and vivid images. How to dye your hair with paint yourself and without, henna, basma, tonic, ombre at home

Action algorithm:

  • Divide dry combed hair evenly into strands, twist and tie with an elastic band (not fabric).
  • Then take the chalk and, without painting over the roots, apply it with light movements along the entire length.
  • If natural hair is very dark, and the color is faded, then you can moisten a little strand with water.
  • Moving in any direction, as convenient throughout the head.
  • Unscrew the gum and shake off the strands – this will help get rid of excess particles.
  • Spray varnish to fix hair.
  • To eliminate the color, just wash your hair with shampoo.

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How to dye your hair in several colors

The main task with this coloring is: well-chosen colors or tones, so that they look harmoniously not only with an individual color type, but also with each other. How to dye your hair with paint yourself and without, henna, basma, tonic, ombre at home
How to dye your hair with paint yourself and without, henna, basma, tonic, ombre at home

Action algorithm:

  1. Mix selected paints according to instructions.
  2. Divide the hair into 4 parts and secure with a hairpin.
  3. Separate each of the parts into thin curls and secure with an elastic band (if the color transition is vertical), if the transition is horizontal, then separate each segment on each strand horizontally with an elastic band.
  4. Wear gloves.
  5. Apply the correct color with a brush over the segments, moving from the back of the head.
  6. In order for the upper part of the strands not to stain the bottom (if the colors of the paint are different), wrap the crown and other parts in foil.
  7. Withstand the time by the clock.
  8. Wash off the paint.

You can dye your hair at home in several colors, either with the help of a friend or on your own. If you paint yourself, then for convenience it is recommended to use two mirrors to better see the back of the head.

You can correctly dye your hair not only in salons. At home, following all the rules, following the basic recommendations, stunning images are created, while significantly saving finances and time.

Author: Elena Petrova.

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