Polynucleotides in injection cosmetology. Drugs, prices, where to buy

Biopolymers, or polynucleotides, are innovative material for rejuvenation and deep recovery programs in injection cosmetology. Due to the high molecular weight organic bio compounds that play an important biological role in the body, the development of signs of aging can be prevented and a number of aesthetic problems can be solved without plastic surgery.

Before deciding to conduct polynucleotide anti-age therapy, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the types of drugs, indications and contraindications, as well as the features of the injection procedures.

What are polynucleotides

Polynucleotides in injection cosmetology and medicine are inherently biopolymers of natural or synthetic origin, consisting of nucleotide or mononucleotide residues. Their main function is to ensure the safety, implementation, followed by the transfer of genetic information. In cosmetology, low molecular weight compounds are used.

By their natural structure, polynucleotides (PDNs) are one of the fragmented parts of the DNA molecule with its multidirectional beneficial properties that affect all the most important processes that occur in the cells of the body.

According to studies, the use of low molecular weight DNA, devoid of genetic information and not exceeding 500 KDa, is safe, since it does not cause genetic transformations.

During testing of the first samples of polynucleotide compositions in cosmetology, the effectiveness of the preparations was confirmed, a positive effect on the composition of cells and intradermal structures was noted. For innovative booster preparations, the necessary compounds are synthesized from organics.

Polynucleotides in injection cosmetology. Drugs, prices, where to buy

An extract from the gonadal tissue of male salmon fish is used in production. It has been confirmed that milk DNA is similar to human leukocyte DNA in structure and properties. For this reason, the elements synthesized for cosmetology act positively.

The vitamin and structural composition of milk is rich in nucleic acids, protein proteins, which are actively used in the field of medicine and cosmetology. Such booster preparations practically do not cause negative manifestations, allergies after a course of injections, their safety for the human body is confirmed.

Indications for the use of polynucleotides in injection cosmetology

Through injection therapy with nucleotide drugs, a number of aesthetic problems can be solved:

  • eliminate wrinkles of all types, as well as suspend the formation of new ones;
  • get a powerful lifting effect;
  • to return elasticity, elasticity lost under the influence of external and age factors;
  • activate fibroblasts for accelerated synthesis of collagen-elastin fibers;
  • smooth the skin relief by restoring the intradermal layers;
  • restore the hydro balance of the epidermis, moisturize the internal tissues;
  • eliminate inflammatory processes, accelerate healing processes;
  • eliminate striae, traces of acne, scars and scars;
  • enhance metabolism in tissues to strengthen the skin structure;
  • remove toxins and toxins, improve complexion;
  • tighten the skin, eliminate the signs of gravitational ptosis, rosacea.

Injection therapy with polynucleotide preparations is used for bio-reinforcement; it is effective in the case of small wrinkled type of aging with thinned, moisture-free, sagging skin. The technique provides stable protection against free radicals and ultraviolet radiation, preventing photoaging, increasing the stress resistance of the skin.

Polynucleotides in injection cosmetology. Drugs, prices, where to buy

Such cosmetology is called “smart” in cosmetology, they are able to fight for youth, restoring damaged DNA and stimulating all the most important physiological processes. As a result of such activation by injection with drugs with polynucleotides in the body, the self-rejuvenation mechanism is triggered.

Possibilities of polynucleotides in the activation of skin cells

Polynucleotides are an innovative, effective solution in correction and rejuvenation programs. In injection cosmetology, preparations with polynucleotides in strength of the obtained effect in some cases surpass most of the beauty industry techniques. This result is achieved through tissue renewal at the DNA level.

Newly formed cellular compounds replace damaged nitrogenous bases, activating the process of rejuvenation of the skin and the entire body. The effectiveness and capabilities of drugs at the stage of preclinical studies was studied in a test system, which is a culture of epidermal cells.

The following were identified:

  • When drugs are administered intradermally, the entire complex is actively affected by cellular metabolism.
  • The synthesis of proteins inside DNA cells is accelerated by more than 2 times. The severity of the aesthetic result can be stronger if a highly concentrated polynucleotide composition is used.
  • The result of cell stimulation extends through the formation of immunocompetent epidermal cells, which positively affects not only the state of the epidermis, but also the whole immune system.

Polynucleotides in aesthetic cosmetology are classified as “prodrugs,” which are capable of supplying cells with mitogenic deoxyribonucleotides, deoxyribonucleosides, and nitrogenous bases.

Polynucleotides in injection cosmetology. Drugs, prices, where to buy

The use of injection techniques with polynucleotide-based compounds is considered one of the most promising areas in the field of complex rejuvenation, correction of pronounced signs of chrono- and photoaging.

Contraindications and safety of injections with PDRN

Despite the proven safety for the body, there are a number of contraindications to the use of an injection technique based on polynucleotide acids.

Therapy is not recommended:

  • under the age of 18;
  • with diabetes mellitus in the decompensation stage;
  • in case of signs of rheumatoid changes with damage to the connective tissue;
  • in the presence of autoimmune, infectious and viral diseases;
  • with mechanical damage, inflammation of the skin in the injection area;
  • in the presence of malignant neoplasms;
  • during pregnancy and lactation;
  • with acute intolerance to the components of the drug.

Injectable intradermal therapy is not recommended if there are signs of hemophilia and the patient is taking medications that affect blood coagulation.

In general, drug safety is clinically proven.

Anti-aging polynucleotide formulations do not cause:

  • acute allergic reactions;
  • toxicity
  • genetic transformation.

Before the injection sessions, a qualified cosmetologist reveals the presence of any contraindications, with the slightest doubt in safety, he can recommend a consultation of a specialist.

Injections with polynucleotides and hyaluronic acid

Polynucleotides in injection cosmetology, as well as hyaluronic acid, are highly effective drugs for anti-age programs. The decision to use this or that composition is made by the cosmetologist after consultation, examination, analysis and evaluation of the aesthetic problem.

Polynucleotides in injection cosmetology. Drugs, prices, where to buy

The main differences in the mechanism of action on the
dermal space are presented in the table:

Impact criterion Hyaluronic Acid Injection Polynucleotide injections
Operating principle Hydrobalance restoration with deep hydration and fibroblast activation for intrinsic neocollagenesis Stimulation of cellular metabolic processes with the restoration and activation of division. Renewed fibroblasts, keratinocytes, hyaluronate in the skin layers are produced. For self-rejuvenation. Promotes the binding of free radicals, provides powerful UV protection
Application areas It is used to rejuvenate all facial areas, problem areas and the body. In the periorbital zone is administered with caution, strictly according to indications It is applied on all parts of the body, face, scalp
Manifestation rate The primary effect can be observed immediately after the session, the final result appears with an increase, after 2-3 weeks The physiological mechanism is more complicated, for the manifestation of the first visible aesthetic result, it takes several days
Number of treatments 4-5 3-5

One of the main differences in hyaluronate in the composition of boosters is that polynucleotides contribute to the increase in the number of dermal structures by natural physiological effects, providing a prolonged result.

Due to the activation of the functional and reparative properties of skin structures, the polynucleotide compositions of the preparations activate the process of their own biorevitalization and bioreparation.

Despite some differences, the substances are “friendly”, therefore, most beauty products for injectable anti-aging therapy use the synergy of hyaluronate and polynucleotides. This composition allows you to achieve the most visible and persistent effect of rejuvenation, since one of the properties of polynucleotides is to enhance the action of hyaluronic acid.

The effectiveness of anti-aging injections with polynucleotides

The main characteristics of “smart” acids, which are valued in the beauty industry, are:

  • Stimulation of fibroblasts.
  • Activation of neocollagenesis with the synthesis of new collagen molecules.
  • Stimulating the production of native nucleic acid.
  • Improving the regenerative properties of internal tissues.
  • Activation of the process of re-utilization of skin’s own nucleotides.

Polynucleotides in injection cosmetology. Drugs, prices, where to buy

Thanks to these properties, the following effectiveness of anti-aging injections with polynucleotides is noted:

  • bioreparation is stimulated;
  • re-epithelization accelerates, scarring of the skin;
  • normalization and acceleration of the formation of granulation tissues is ensured;
  • metabolic cellular activity increases;
  • angiogenesis is stimulated;
  • hyaluronic acid moisturizing effect is enhanced;
  • the degree of proinflammatory cytokine TNFa decreases.

Polynucleotides are biological traps that prevent the penetration of free radicals and protect cell structures from various injuries. They provide lasting protection against ultraviolet radiation.

Polynucleotide Based Preparations

Polynucleotides in injection cosmetology are used as monotherapy in rejuvenation programs or in synthesis with other active substances. Manufacturers offer several types of drugs, the action of which is aimed at solving a particular complex of aesthetic problems.

All formulations have a dense gel structure, are plastic, safe, and practically do not cause adverse reactions. Sessions are conducted by qualified cosmetologists in the salon or in clinical settings.

The most popular drugs with polynucleotides:

  • NEWEST. It is used to correct age-related changes, enhances tone, returns elasticity to the epidermis, healing from the inside at the cellular level. The average cost of 0,07 fluid ounce of the drug – from $ 72.
  • PLINEST FAST. The composition is quick-acting, suitable for young skin, subject to frequent stresses, with a wrinkled type of aging. The composition is non-toxic to the cellular structure, biocompatible with internal tissues. It eliminates traces of early wilting, the effect of stressful skin, sagging, atony. The average cost in specialized stores is $ 106.
  • Renaissance System-1. A biopreparation with a polynucleotide complex helps to condense thinned, moisture-free skin, replenish tissue volume, and perform bio-reinforcement in order to activate neocollagenesis in the body. The cost of the procedure with the drug ( 0,03 fluid ounce) – from $ 132.
  • TwAc and TwAc 3.0. A booster, popular in cosmetology, is used for densification, rejuvenation, activation of cellular processes, and renewal of dermal structures. Twise has a stimulating, immuno-strengthening effect, consisting of polydeoxyribonucleotides and stabilized hyaluronate. The complex of beneficial acids allows you to solve a number of aesthetic problems in various different areas of the body and face. The average cost of a booster is from $ 75.
  • PLINEST BODY. Intradermal pyrogen-free gel of a liquid consistency is intended for the correction of problem areas of the body. It can be used in the buttocks, neck, decollete, as well as in trichology to restore the scalp. The price of one package (5 ampoules) – from $ 82.

Polynucleotides in injection cosmetology. Drugs, prices, where to buy

A particular composition can be used for various purposes:

  • for skin boosterization;
  • for correction of the periorbital zone;
  • in biorevitalization programs;
  • for rejuvenation.

The drug is selected and prescribed by a cosmetologist according to individual indications.

For skin boosting

A booster system based on preparations with polynucleotides allows:

  • maximize rehydration;
  • improve turgor, increase elasticity, restore elasticity and tone;
  • provide protection from the negative effects of free radicals that destroy the cellular structure;
  • stimulate dermal regeneration;
  • activate fibroblast metabolism.

The booster system allows you to improve the condition of the skin, tightening tissue, restoring lost volume as a result of processes that destroy the cellular base. The most effective booster is TwAc 2.0, 3.0 with the synthesis of hyaluronate and polynucleotides.

For the skin around the eyes

In the process of photo- or chr
onic aging, the periorbial zone is most susceptible to negative changes. Thin, moisture-free, and prone to wrinkle formation can be restored using TwAc Eyes polynucleotide preparation. This odorless and colorless sterile gel solution is based on a long chain polynucleotide.

Polynucleotides in injection cosmetology. Drugs, prices, where to buy
Indications for the use of polynucleotides for the eye area in cosmetology.

It allows you to:

  • supply cells with a sufficient amount of mitogenic deoxyribonucleotides, deoxyribonucleosides and nitrogenous bases;
  • improve the regenerative properties of the epidermis;
  • enhance metabolism in cells;
  • tighten and smooth the area around the eyes, as well as the neck and neck.

For biorevitalization

Polynucleotides are used in cosmetology for biorevitalization.

Procedures allow you to:

  • restore the integrity of the matrix structure;
  • enhance fibroblast function to activate neocollagenesis;
  • carry out correction and prevention of ptosis;
  • reduce the severity of dermal and epidermal wrinkles.

As a rule, combined formulations with polynucleotides and hyaluronate are used for biorevitalization. The most effective are the boosters TwAc, as well as Renaissance.

For skin rejuvenation

For total rejuvenation of aging skin with visible changes, cosmetologists recommend using injections with the Plinest drug.

Polynucleotides in injection cosmetology. Drugs, prices, where to buy

Injection therapy for rejuvenation allows you to:

  • revitize tissues;
  • to improve and strengthen skin immunity;
  • eliminate strong visible changes, hyperpigmentation; smooth out medium and deep wrinkles;
  • eliminate the signs of gravitational ptosis and other changes as a result of aging.

For a more pronounced and lasting result, it can be used as an amplifier for hyaluronic acid, it has been used in anti-age programs since 45 years.

The procedure with polynucleic acids

A session of rejuvenation, biorevitalization or boosterization with boosters based on polynucleotides is carried out in several stages:

  1. First, the beautician consults, examines, and collects an anamnesis. Defines the area in need of correction, choosing the optimal drug and dosage.
  2. Before injections, it removes, cleans and disinfects the skin.
  3. Applies anesthesia to anesthetize the most sensitive areas so that the session does not cause discomfort.
  4. It starts the intradermal administration of the drug with a special medical needle for cosmetological injections, precisely treating the entire problem area.
  5. Apply a healing ointment for faster recovery after an invasive procedure.

Polynucleotides in injection cosmetology. Drugs, prices, where to buy

A rejuvenation session with polynucleotides takes no more than 60 minutes. The effect can be felt 4-7 days after the first injection. The recommended course for the correction of aesthetic problems is determined by the cosmetologist. The interval between sessions of intradermal administration of the drug is 7-14 days.

After 6-12 months, to achieve a more lasting and lasting effect, the course is recommended to be repeated.

To solve various problems, as well as for the prevention of aging, polynucleotides are used in injection cosmetology. The cost of the course depends on the type of drug, as well as on the qualifications of the cosmetologist and the correction zone.

Useful videos about polynucleotides in injection cosmetology and their effectiveness

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