Decapitation of hair – what is it, effect, composition, preparations, price in the salon. How is the procedure done at home

The decapitation procedure is widely used in hairdressing and beauty salons. Hair decapitation is performed if it is necessary to remove an unwanted shade from the surface of the hair. This is such an action, after which any color of the strands is removed.

What is hair decapitation

Decapitation of hair is an activity that allows you to free hair from artificial pigment.

The procedure has several names:

  1. Blondy washing.
  2. Decapage.

Such an operation is carried out only with dyed hair.

As a result of these actions, the hair changes its color. Their color can acquire a different shade. Moreover, it will be different along the entire length of the hair.

According to famous colorists, the number of shades after washing is directly dependent on the number of previous hair stains in dark colors. The number of strips remaining on the hair after decapitation indicates the number of previously performed hair dyeing operations in dark shades.

Benefits and harms

The main advantage of such an operation is the ability to change any hair color if the result of dyeing was unsuccessful. If the concentration of the composition is significant, you can completely remove the coloring pigment. However, with this decapitation, the hair is seriously damaged. Decapitation of hair - what is it, effect, composition, preparations, price in the salon. How is the procedure done at home

The scales of the hair open when the color is washed off. This contributes to a faster destruction of the pigments of the paint and its removal. However, after the end of the procedure, they do not close due to exposure to a strong wash.

This causes negative consequences:

  • fragility;
  • dryness
  • splitting the tips;
  • dull hair;
  • difficulties with styling;
  • active loss.

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Hair decapitation is an effect using alkaline washing, in which the mixture penetrates deeply into the structure of the hair.

Alkaline decapitation can not be used with:

  • diseases of the scalp;
  • brittle hair;
  • cut ends;
  • dyeing hair with dyes, which contain a lot of metal (Henna, Headlight);
  • pregnancy.

Types of decapitation

Decapitation of hair is divided into two types: superficial or deep procedures. The choice depends on the condition of the hair and the desired result.

Surface digging

To remove persistent dye from the surface of the hair, the craftsmen use gentle formulations based on acid.

In such washes is missing:

  • ammonia;
  • perhydrol;
  • other aggressive chemicals.

These products have a mild effect, do not injure hair and remove only artificial pigment. Since acid washes do not destroy the natural color, hair lightening does not occur. The cosmetic pigment will be washed off, only the background of lightening will remain. In blondes it is usually light yellow, in brunettes it is red.

Surface dipping is used when it is necessary to remove traces of poor staining. This procedure is possible if less than two days have passed from the moment of painting. The result will be 100%. One wash is enough to completely get rid of traces of the dye.

Acidic agents may be used if more than two days have passed. However, one procedure will not be enough. You will have to repeat the operation several times until the desired effect is obtained.

Deep digging

This operation, which has a strong effect, is recommended for:

  • removing dye applied repeatedly;
  • congestion in color when some areas of the hair become darker. Usually this effect is observed at the tips of curls;
  • difficulties in removing paint by surface wash.

After one procedure, the hair becomes lighter in several tones.

Decapitation of hair - what is it, effect, composition, preparations, price in the salon. How is the procedure done at homeTo achieve this effect, aggressive substances, oxidizing agents are used. The hair structure suffers from this. After deep decapitation, the hairstyle will lose its shine. Masters will be able to improve the condition of the hair, however, it will not be possible to restore the hair to its previous appearance. Before doing deep decapitation, you need to understand that curls will need treatment and special care afterwards.

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What compounds are used for decapitation

The modern cosmetic market offers various preparations for decapitation. They have the same effect on the hair. The only difference is the concentration of chemicals in their composition.

Title Application
Estel Before staining
Color off Permanent Paint Removal
Hair Light Remake Color Color corrector
Eclair Clair Creme L’Oreal Paris Bleaching cream before staining
Decoxon 2 Faze Kapous Cosmetic Color Correction Lotion
Nouvelle Professional Italian cosmetics
Coloranne Color System Color correction
Backtrack paul mitchel  Paint wash

Hair decapitation is a tec
hnological action performed by professional craftsmen using various chemicals. Powders that brighten hair are very popular. A striking representative of such products is Estel Princess Essex. It can evenly brighten to 7 tones, without yellowness. Decapitation of hair - what is it, effect, composition, preparations, price in the salon. How is the procedure done at home

The clarifying powder causes an oxidation reaction, during which pigment granules are destroyed. The remaining pigment is completely washed with a special shampoo. Gradually, the general background brightens. To start the clarification reaction, the powder is mixed with oxygen. This oxidizing agent increases the reaction rate and at the same time increases its intensity.

For easy decapage, you can dissolve the powder in heated water. The mixture is prepared immediately before clarification. Mix the powder with oxygen in the proportion specified by the manufacturer. All clarifying powders are composed of several components.

They include:

  1. Hydrogen peroxide. It releases oxygen after exposure to alkali.
  2. Persulfates. These compounds contribute to the strengthening of the process. Hydrogen peroxide, combining with persulfates, allows you to get an excellent clarification result.
  3. Buffer substances. These chemical elements allow you to control the pH of the mixture. They maintain the required level of acidity.

The cost of clarifying powder depends on the manufacturer, volume, purpose. In cosmetic stores, such formulations are sold at prices ranging from $ 1 – $ 34.

How much is the service in the salon

The cost of decapitation service depends on several components:

  • view.
  • length of curls.
  • hair condition.
  • Colour.

The average price of such a service at the hairdresser ranges from $ 14 – $ 41.

Decapitation rules

Many women undergo decapitation at home. Professional craftsmen recommend studying safety precautions before starting an operation. She will help to maintain health, will not allow to spoil beautiful hair.


  1. Work with the composition must be carried out with special gloves. Decapitation of hair - what is it, effect, composition, preparations, price in the salon. How is the procedure done at home
  2. Before starting to apply the solution, it is necessary to test for an allergic reaction.
  3. The decapitation process is prohibited on hair that has previously been dyed with henna or basma.
  4. The distribution of liquid preparations should be carried out with a soft sponge. The brush is not suitable for such a job. Decapitation of hair - what is it, effect, composition, preparations, price in the salon. How is the procedure done at home
  5. First, the mixture is applied to the darkest areas. The procedure ends on the lightest hair.

Continued staining to obtain the desired color is performed by a tinting or persistent agent. The main condition is the choice of a shade, which should be one tone lighter than the desired one. The procedure for removing clarifying agent should be performed very carefully.

Remains of the decapitate solution during further staining sometimes give a very strong dark shade. Extract mixture on the strands is selected individually. It all depends on the result you want to get.

The average exposure time reaches 45-50 minutes.

How to make a mixture

Decapitation of hair is a mixture of various substances to obtain a mixture that is made strictly according to the recipe.

It consists of several components:

  • water;
  • bleaching agents;
  • shampoo.

What concentration the mixture will depend on the concentration of substances. The procedure using a lighter having a weak concentration is called blond washing. This technique is used to remove not very stable dyes, oversaturated colors. Blonde washing shows the best effect in the first 24 hours after painting.

For weak decapitation, several components must be prepared in advance:

Shampoo Bleaching powder Hot water Activator Powder
0,68 fluid ounce 10 g 100 g 4,06 fluid ounce 0,68 fluid ounce

Strong picking is considered the best. The effect is always excellent, regardless of the age of the stain.

This composition should include the following components:

Powder Shampoo Oxidizing agent Water
30 g 15 g 30 g 60 g

The amount of oxidizing agent is selected according to the initial hair color. The blacker the hair, the more activator will be needed. Each company producing such mixtures gives its own recommendations for mixing. They must be adhered to without fail.

How to do at home

The pigment is most easily washed off if the hair was dyed once. The use of olive oil gives a positive result if the hair is dyed very often. To flush dry hair, you need to prepare a mixture of vegetable oil with pork fat.

Take 6,76 fluid ounce of slightly warmed oil and mix with 20 g of pre-melted fat. The resulting mass is uniformly applied over the entire length of the hair. The mask is insulated with polyethylene, and a head is wrapped in a scarf. To withstand the composition on the hair should be throughout the night. In the morning, wash your hair with shampoo with a small handful of soda added to it.

It strengthens hair well, and also washes away
paint, ordinary kefir.

For clarification, homemade yogurt is taken. The operation should be performed continuously as the hair gets dirty. Decapitation of hair - what is it, effect, composition, preparations, price in the salon. How is the procedure done at home

The best recipe is considered a solution, which includes:

  • kefir – 13,53 fluid ounce;
  • drinking soda – 2 tablespoon .;
  • vodka – 3 tablespoons;
  • vegetable oil – 3 tablespoon.

The resulting mixture rubbed the roots. Then the hair is combed by a rare-tooth comb. As a result, the wash is evenly distributed throughout the hair. The head should be wrapped in polyethylene and wrap well with a handkerchief. The procedure should last more than 3 hours.

In domestic conditions, paint can be washed off with the help of drinking soda. This natural abrasive will lighten curls, will be an excellent prophylaxis against dandruff, relieve seborrhea. To lighten short hair, 5 tablespoon is enough. soda. For medium-length hair, you need 10 tablespoon. Very long strands are processed 15 tablespoon. soda.

The simplest way to wash off the paint is a mixture of soda with 1 teaspoons. mustard powder. It is poured with hot water, then stirred until a thick porridge is obtained. The resulting composition should be rubbed into the scalp, trying to cover each strand well. Then the head is covered with polyethylene and wait about one hour. For complete flushing, you will need to repeat the procedure several times.

The greatest effect is the combination of soda wash and other recipes.

It is possible to carry out independent dipping using cosmetics from Estel. This powder will easily remove paint from the surface of the hair, without causing much damage to the health of the hair. All operations must be performed strictly according to the instructions. To obtain a wash, it is necessary to use ceramic dishes, and the operation itself should be carried out with gloves.

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Decapitation to a grayish tint

To get a grayish tint you need to pre-lighten your hair. This will require a clarifying powder together with oxide. To obtain a pure white color, without yellowness, you need to mix any powder intended for bleaching with oxygen (9 – 12%). 9% is suitable for light brown initial color, for 12% brunettes.

All actions must be carried out in protective clothing and gloves. The mixture begins to be applied to the strands, starting from the back of the head. Paint should get on every hair. Then you need to wait about 40 minutes. After that, the hair is moistened with warm water. To remove the product, you can use a shampoo designed to wash colored hair.

After clarification, it is necessary to wait a few days, and then dye your hair with a dye of the desired shade. To make the tone saturated, you need to prepare a special composition for tinting.

Decapitation of hair - what is it, effect, composition, preparations, price in the salon. How is the procedure done at home

It includes:

  • Palette paint with an ashy shade;
  • Estel Essex oxygenator (3-6%);
  • one ampoule of the chromoenergetic complex;
  • Mixton Estel Essex (blue or purple).

All ingredients are thoroughly mixed. They must be applied to the hair, similar to the lightening scheme. The paint holds on the head for about 20 minutes. Then the hair is washed with water and a special shampoo designed to wash colored hair.

Washing with folk remedies

The best folk recipes for washes consist of natural products:

  • kefir;
  • burdock oil;
  • honey;
  • lemon juice.

Burdock oil needs to be heated, then rubbed into the root zone, cover the head with cellophane, wrap with a towel and wait 20-30 minutes. Then you need to thoroughly rinse your head. You can remove the paint with ordinary household soap. It does not need to be melted, they just wash their hair.

To power the curls after removing soap, it is advisable to use a special conditioner. After applying any natural product to the head, you must always put on a plastic cap and wrap your head in a towel. Mayonnaise should stay on your head for about 3 hours, kefir is left overnight.

The most effective folk remedy for decapitation is considered to be baking soda.

5 tablespoons are dissolved in water. The head is washed with the resulting mixture. Then they wait 30 minutes and wash off the soda with cool water. If this is not done, the hair will be seriously damaged. It’s very difficult to wash off the henna. Decapitation of hair - what is it, effect, composition, preparations, price in the salon. How is the procedure done at home

To do this, you need to make a wash consisting of several components in equal proportions:

  • sour cream;
  • yeast;
  • vinegar.

A wash is applied to the hair, then a plastic film is put on, and the head is well insulated. After one hour, the mixture is removed. Completely get rid of henna is obtained if the staining was carried out no more than 2 weeks ago. At a later date, only the shade will change.

When preparing a wash from yeast and kefir, 0,1 gallon of kefir and 80 g of yeast are used. This amount is enough to handle medium length hair. All products are mixed until a homogeneous mass is obtained. Then the finished mixture is applied to the hair and incubated for two hours. The hair is washed with cold water. Such wrapping is performed every day until the desired result is obtained. Decapitation of hair - what is it, effect, composition, preparations, price in the salon. How is the procedure done at home

To red hair become copper, you can use vinegar water. (60 g of vinegar (9%) is dissolved in warm water). In such a solution, the head should be no more than 10 minutes. Then the hair is thoroughly washed with shampoo. Henna is washed well with 7% alcohol. It is applied to the hair for 5 minutes. Hair is additionally heated with a hairdryer through a towel.

This method should not be used if the hair is very weak. The hardest thing to deal with is black. A very dark shade can only be deduced by deep decapitation. The pharmacy sells chamomile, which gradually washes black. To get a decoction, it is brewed, insisted, well filtered. Instead of tincture, you can also use chamomile tea.

What does hair become after decapitation

The decapitation process makes it possible to change the appearance of the hair. Their shade becomes even and more attractive. Strands of hair are cleaned of chemical dyes. Decapitation returns curls a natural shade, allows you to achieve full clarification of the hair.

Decapitation of hair - what is it, effect, composition, preparations, price in the salon. How is the procedure done at home
Decapitation of hair allows you to make the color of curls more attractive.

However, this process also has several negative consequences: hair fragility increases, scalp dries, hairs can split. This happens after using potent drugs. After washing and further thorough care, the hair is fully restored.

Hair care after the procedure

For complete restoration of hair subjected to decapitation, constant care for the hair is necessary. It is recommended to carry out procedures that contribute to the hydration of the strands.

If after several procedures the hair still remains dull, strongly split, treatment is necessary in the salon, where the following procedures are provided:

  1. Ampoule treatment. It is performed using oils containing vitamins.
  2. Lamination Hair is covered with a composition that makes them smooth and gives extra shine.
  3. Keratinization. To make the hair denser, they are saturated with structural protein.
  4. Elution – the so-called soft staining.

If after dyeing the hair an unsatisfactory shade has turned out, you can remove it by decapitate the hair. However, this is an effect that has a negative effect on the health of the hair.

To exclude serious consequences, pick-up should be carried out only with high-class specialists and no more than once a year. If it is impossible to visit beauty salons, you can use folk recipes.

Video about hair decapitation

How to make decapitation of cosmetic color:

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