Eyelash extensions in the effect of Kylie (Kylie Jenner). How does the circuit look

To create an attractive female image and visually mask defects in the structure of the face in cosmetology, eyelash extensions are used. The Kylie effect is a relatively new, popular for USA technique, introduced into fashion by the American model Kylie Jenner, is equally suitable for any eye shape and face type, allowing you to create the most natural image, complemented by an alluring, wide-open look.

What is the Kylie effect, its uniqueness

Eyelash extension Kylie effect – a new, popular direction in domestic cosmetology, is the creation of an uneven line of eyelashes with single elongated inserts from hair bundles. The hairs glued randomly have different sizes and are turned towards the center, creating an attractive, slightly neglected image.

The Kylie effect is a complete build-up, but creates the appearance of individual inclusions. A combination of the technique with limis or puppet effects is allowed.

To create the Kylie effect, you can apply:

  • The classic technique , involving the attachment of one artificial hair to each eyelash. Creates the most natural look.
  • 2D is an effect in which 2 artificial hairs are attached to your own native eyelash.
  • 3D – effect, involving the application of 3 artificial hairs on 1 real eyelash.
Eyelash extensions in the effect of Kylie (Kylie Jenner). How does the circuit look
Eyelash extensions with Kylie effect can be done in classic 2D and 3D technologies.

To create an extravagant evening look, the use of colored eyelashes is allowed. The extension of “Kylie” lasts up to 3-4 weeks and takes from 1.5 to 2 hours. After 2 weeks, a correction is necessary to eliminate bald spots and broken hairs.

Advantages and disadvantages

The eyelash extension effect of Kylie is ideal for all women, regardless of age and type of face.

The advantages of a popular technique include:

  • The ability to create the most natural look suitable for any style of clothing and hairstyle.
  • Giving the look extra expressiveness.
  • Extension of length due to volume eyelashes.
  • Additional density of the new ciliary row.

Among the disadvantages of building stand out:

  • The need for careful care, compliance with certain rules of conduct and timely correction, without which eyelashes quickly break off and lose their appearance.
  • The ability to use for owners of a rare ciliary range only the 2D effect. The classical technique is practically not applied when creating the Kylie effect.
  • Accuracy when wearing 3D volume, since 3-dimensional enlargement is often a heavy burden for natural eyelashes and can quickly fall off and break off on thin natural hairs.

Eyelash extensions in the effect of Kylie (Kylie Jenner). How does the circuit look

In appearance, the Kylie effect is very similar to the build-up of Luchiki and Kim Kardashian, but it has several differences.

Rays Kylie Kardashian
Type of material used for eyelashes Thin, as close to the natural structure of the hairs. Thick silk eyelashes for maximum volume.
Extension technology A classic technique that allows you to create the effect of natural elongation with additional volume. Classic, 2D and 3D volume.
Building scheme Artificial eyelashes are glued strictly parallel to the eyelid. Silk hairs are randomly spaced at regular intervals toward the center. Eyelashes can be pasted in any order.
Eyelash length Only one selected length is applied. Requires the use of hairs of different sizes. The difference between the eyelashes is about 3/32 – 4/32 inch. It is made with the help of silk hairs of various shapes.

Who is suitable for

Eyelash extension effect Kylie – is considered a universal technique that can beautify any chosen image. Depending on the type of eye and type of appearance, the use of elongated artificial hairs helps to revitalize the girl’s usual appearance, giving the look an attractive and playful look.

After the extension:

  • On the eyes of medium size, the effect of openness appears, giving the appearance of the innocence and playfulness of the child.
  • Large eyes are visually extended, dividing the owner of a more languid and exciting woman.
  • Wide-set eyes increase slightly due to the appearance of a wide and open look.
  • Different lengths of the ciliary row visually mask the overhanging eyelid.
  • Owners of Asian appearance visually expand their eyes due to the created randomness.
  • The tired look is refreshed, heaviness and gloom in a look disappear.


The procedure for eyelash extension requires the use of the following tools.

Eyelash extensions in the effect of Kylie (Kylie Jenner). How does the circuit look

Tool Description
Hydrolegion Patches Special pads to protect the lower ciliary row from glue.
Degreaser It is used to remove natural fatty grease on the eyelashes, to cleanse hair from dust and dirt.
Primer Dries the eyelashes and opens the scales of the hair, which contributes to the instant adhesiveness of the compounds.
Microbrushes Applicators made of hypoallergenic material are required for the precise application of glue and other materials.
Tweezers When building, it is required to use 2 tweezers (straight and oblique), used for natural and artificial eyelashes.
Eyelash set It is chosen by the lashmaker depending on the structure and density of the ciliary row of the client.
Eyelash tablet A special substrate used to store artificial eyelashes and sort them.
Adhesive composition It is selected depending on the color of the eyelashes and the experience of the master:
  • transparent is used to fix colored eyelashes;
  • black – gives additional volume and is used when attaching dark eyelashes;
  • white becomes transparent after drying.

Experienced professionals prefer to use silicone-based glue, which provides instant adhesion to the material. During self-building, you can use resin, which makes it possible to change the position of artificial hairs several times.

Glue palette
Raymuver A gel that dissolves any glue base, instantly and painlessly removing improperly grown hairs.
Sealing gel It fixes artificial eyelashes, nourishes, moisturizes the client’s native eyelash row, helping the hairs withstand additional stress.

What artificial eyelashes are used

The size and volume of artificial eyelashes is selected individually depending on the source material of the client. Thick hairs allow the use of dense material. Weakened can withstand only thin artificial eyelashes.

The Kylie effect is created by creating different lengths of the ciliary row:

  • short hairs when building should have a length of 5/32 – 14/32 inch;
  • for long beams, eyelashes from 18/32 – 25/32 inch are selected.

The final length is determined individually for each client.

Eyelash extensions in the effect of Kylie (Kylie Jenner). How does the circuit look

The difference between the hairs should not average 3/32 – 4/32 inch. Otherwise, very long artificial eyelashes will break off and fall out with natural hairs. The length of the selected ciliary row cannot exceed natural by 1/32 – 0/32 inch. For Kylie effect, eyelash curvature C, D, L is used. The final rounding option is chosen by the master at the request of the client.

Scheme and time build-up effect Kylie Jenner

Before starting the procedure, the specialist determines the type of artificial material and selects the appropriate length based on the size and structure of the client’s natural ciliary row. Silk hairs are used to build with the Kylie effect. The frequency of elongated inserts is from 4 to 9 eyelashes.


  • The procedure is carried out strictly in the direction of eyelash growth (from the inner corner of the eye, the specialist moves to the outer).
  • The external corner of the eye is glued with hairs of the same length as the natural eyelashes of the client (a maximum excess of 1/32 – 3/32 inch is allowed).
  • The technique requires strict preservation of the frequency of insertions. Artificial long hairs adhere randomly, but deployed in the central part of the ciliary row.
  • For the Kylie effect, the 2D format is most acceptable, in which 2 additional eyelashes are located on each hair.

The procedure takes from 1.5 to 2 hours and requires the scrupulousness and utmost attention of the master.

Execution technology

Kylie effect is carried out only by the Japanese method of eyelash extension. Bundles are not used during the procedure, since in case of loss they are able to instantly ruin the new image of the client.

Eyelash extensions in the effect of Kylie (Kylie Jenner). How does the circuit look

Procedure progress:

  1. The girl is located on the couch.
  2. The lower eyelashes are covered with hydrogel patches that protect against glue and mechanical impurities.
  3. The upper ciliary row of the patient is carefully combed with a brush and degreased.
  4. Specialist tweezers will separate one eyelash and treat it with a primer.
  5. Artificial hair is taken from the palette, dipped in glue and applied to the native eyelash at a distance of 0’4 – 0’8 inch from the base of the ciliary row. When creating a 2D volume, the procedure is repeated.
  6. After fixing the glue, the specialist starts processing the next hair.
  7. At the end of the procedure, the eyelashes are combed again, the bald spots are glued a second time.
  8. Ready-made eyelashes are lubricated with a retainer for nutrition and preservation of the created design.
  9. At the end of the session, hydrogel patches are removed from the bottom row.

How long does the build last

The Kylie effect lasts on the eyelashes for 2 to 4 weeks. In case of timely correction, the wear period is extended by 2 weeks.

Care and correction

Eyelash extensions require constant care and compliance with the rules of behavior. After the procedure, the specialist voices the requirements that must be followed for several weeks and gives instructions when it is necessary to carry out the correction.

To save the created image, a woman is prohibited from:

  • Within 1 day after the completion of the session, wash your face or touch your eyes with your hands.
  • About a week to visit baths, saunas, swim in a lake or pool.
  • Sleep lying on your stomach (it is not allowed to touch the pillow to the face). This pose will lead to eyelash loss. You can rest only lying on your side or back.
  • Rub the eyeballs with your hands because of the danger of breaking the elongated hairs.
  • Use cosmetics to remove makeup from the eyes. The grease base of cosmetics destroys glue and leads to the loss of artificial eyelashes.

Eyelash extensions in the effect of Kylie (Kylie Jenner). How does the circuit look

When wearing glasses, the glass should be placed at some distance from the eyes. When using lenses, the effect of eyelash extensions will last no more than 2 weeks. After 2 weeks, a correction should be carried out, during which the specialist will identify the bald spots and restore the lost hairs.

Procedure progress:

  1. The client sits on the couch.
  2. The lower line of eyelash growth is closed with hydrogel patches to avoid contamination and glue.
  3. Upper eyelashes are combed to determine the places of bald spots.
  4. The master masks the thinned places, sticking new hairs.
  5. Created eyelashes are combed and fixed with a retainer.
  6. Hydrogel patches are removed.

The duration of the corrective session does not exceed 40 minutes. and costs 2 times cheaper than a full build. Carrying out the procedure allows the Kylie effect to additionally last from 2 to 3 weeks.

The method of eyelash extension with the Kylie effect is considered universal, suitable for women with any type of appearance and eye shape. Long arrows created by a professional create a
spectacular look, give the look playfulness and piquancy, but because of their fragility, they need constant care and scrupulous observance of sock rules.

Interesting Kylie Eyelash Extender Videos

Scheme of the implementation of eyelash extensions with the effect of Kylie Jenner:

Rules for the care of eyelash extensions:

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