Epilation of the bikini zone at home – shugaring, wax, deep zone laser

There are many ways to get smooth skin in the intimate area. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. Having studied the nuances and technique of the procedure, hair removal in the bikini area can be easily carried out independently at home.

What is hair removal

Epilation – hair removal with the root by exposure to the hair follicles . The procedure can be performed in various ways at a professional level or at home.

Epilation of the bikini zone at home - shugaring, wax, deep zone laser

Unlike razors and creams, hair removal destroys the structure of the hair, thinning and making it lighter. Choosing one of the methods of hair removal, you can permanently maintain the smoothness and beauty of the skin.

Before starting the hair removal procedure, you should decide what result you want to achieve.

An intimate procedure can be represented in 3 ways:

  • classic – hair removal along the line of underwear;
  • Brazilian or deep – a narrow strip of hair remains in the pubic area;
  • Hollywood – unwanted hair is completely removed from the pubic area and to the buttocks.

Epilation of the bikini zone at home - shugaring, wax, deep zone laser

Professionals advise to use only high-quality materials and devices when self-ridding body hair.

Features of hair removal in the deep bikini area

It is quite inconvenient, but possible to independently epilate a deep bikini.

The procedure will please its results, if you adhere to the advice of cosmetologists:

  • choose a comfortable pose;
  • carefully monitor that cosmetic formulations do not get on the mucous membranes;
  • Do not forget about the time – you can not overexpose the compositions;
  • in one area, hair removal can be repeated no more than 3 times;
  • abandon public places on the first day after the procedure to avoid infection.

With each procedure, the structure of the hair becomes softer, thinner, lighter, and in some areas completely ceases to grow.

Do I need pain relief

Epilation without the slightest pain is impossible. In the area of intimate places there are many nerve endings, and the hairs are much thicker and coarser than on the legs. As a rule, hair removal is accompanied by severe pain, irritation and even trauma.

Hair removal can be successful if several conditions are met:

  • 1/32 – 4/32 inch long hairs are easier to remove;
  • the skin of the intimate area should be intact;
  • a procedure performed in the middle of the menstrual cycle brings less pronounced pain and discomfort.

Over time, the discomfort disappears, and the procedure becomes almost painless.

How to lower the pain threshold

There are drug and non-drug methods to reduce pain.

Epilation of the bikini zone at home - shugaring, wax, deep zone laser

If medications can cause side effects and have a number of contraindications, then the non-drug technique is suitable for everyone without exception:

  • a hot bath or shower steam the skin, opening the pores and facilitating the removal of unwanted hair;
  • preliminary cleansing with a scrub will cleanse the skin of dead cells, revealing the hair follicle;
  • the skin should be held or pulled a little;
  • relaxation and positive attitude.

There is a theory that the use of ice during hair removal in the bikini area will reduce pain. In practice, everything is completely different. Under the influence of cold in contact with the epidermis, blood vessels and pores become narrower.

As a result of this reaction, hair removal is more painful and irritated.

At home, it is possible to anesthetize the area in the bikini area if the woman is confident in the absence of allergic reactions and the occurrence of an allergy to medications.

Given the contraindications and safety of drugs, non-steroid tablets – ibuprofen, ketonal, are successfully used.

Means have anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. The maximum concentration of drugs in the blood is reached after 1.5 hours. Taking a single dose of medicine before hair removal can alleviate the condition during the procedure. Ibuprofen and ketonal are used with caution in case of gastrointestinal ulcer, hypertension and liver diseases.

Epilation of the bikini zone at home - shugaring, wax, deep zone laser

A safer way is lidocaine spray . Aerosol inhibits pain by reducing the conduct of impulses along the nerve endings. The anesthetic effect begins within 5 minutes.

When applied topically, several hours before the hair removal procedure, the product is applied to the desired area and covered with cling film for a better effect. Usually enough 1-3 clicks on the spray.

To give beauty to women with less casualties, manufacturers offer special painkillers creams.

The most gentle option is Emla cream.

The composition of the anesthetic includes lidocaine and prilocaine, the active components of the local anesthetic group. The cream, penetrating into the deeper layers of the skin, has an analgesic effect. The drug is applied in a thin layer to the deep bikini area and left for 1-2 hours.

It is forbidden to apply the cream on the damaged surface , and also to avoid intimate areas getting onto the mucous membranes. Side effects of the drug were not found. In the course of clinical studies, the development of urticaria, edema and irritation of the skin should not be ruled out.

Even taking into account all the precautions and contraindications of medications, it is better to start the procedure with safe methods. If you have doubts about the safety of one of the funds, you should consult with a specialist.

Types of procedures at home

Sugar paste epilation (shugaring)

Sugar hair removal or shugaring is the most gentle and effective method of removing excess vegetation on the body.

The method has many advantages:

  • ease of performing the procedure;
  • suitable for sensitive skin;
  • natural ingredients are harmless to health;
  • low financial costs.

Sugar paste for bikini hair removal is quite easy to make at home. 10 tablespoon sugar mixed with 1 tablespoon. water and lemon juice squeezed from half a lemon. The ingredients should be mixed well and heated over low heat. Boil the mass for about 10 minutes.

Homogeneous consistency and golden brown color indicate product readiness. During cooling, a properly prepared mass will acquire viscosity and ductility.

The process of epilation of the finished “toffee” is carried out in stages:

  • using a spoon or spatula, the mass is applied to the hair areas against hair growth;
  • a cotton cloth is applied to the uniformly applied layer;
  • when the material sticks, you need to sharply pull the fabric along the
  • rinse the remaining ingredients with water.

If necessary, you can repeat the procedure. However, in the bikini area, the skin is hypersensitive and with improper actions, pain and severe irritation will remind you of unsuccessful actions for several days.

Epilation of the bikini zone at home - shugaring, wax, deep zone laser
Sugar paste for bikini hair removal is quite easy to make at home.

Shugaring has a much lower level of pain than waxing, which allows you to forget about unbearable pain with deep hair removal and hairs for almost a month. Moreover, the “vegetation” in intimate places decreases each time, the hairs do not coarsen, compared with shaving, and become thinner.

In case of allergic reactions, the procedure should be limited. In addition, epilation with sugar paste is categorically contraindicated in women suffering from diabetes mellitus, skin diseases, and hypertension.


Waxing your bikini area with wax or waxing is an effective way to remove excess hair at home. In order for the procedure to bring the most desired result, it is recommended to grow hairs 4/32 – 6/32 inch long. The desired length will allow the wax to firmly fix and come off with the hairs.

Epilation of the bikini zone at home - shugaring, wax, deep zone laser

Previously, a woman should prepare the skin, degreasing it with a special lotion. For sensitive areas, it is recommended to use hot compositions in discs or briquettes.

The most popular brand cosmetics Veet Salon with essential oils.

Natural ingredients moisturize the skin and effectively remove hard hair. Using a spatula, the required amount of heated wax is applied to intimate places in the direction of hair growth. Skin under the influence of high temperatures warms up well, pores and hair follicles expand.

The treated area is closed with a strip and pressed with a slight effort. When the wax has completely cooled, with a sharp movement, the strip breaks off against the growth of hairs. After the procedure, mild inflammation and redness may occur. Discomfort will quickly pass if you lubricate soft skin with soothing oil or ice cubes.

Beauticians advise to process areas of sensitive skin gradually . You don’t need to use a lot of wax during the procedure. The result of smooth and velvet skin will please up to 4-5 weeks.

Wax and sugar are successfully used by cosmetologists in salons and women at home. High bioepilation is a long-term result, but the desired effect is accompanied by unpleasant sensations. Those who are unable to tolerate pain should choose a different method of hair removal.

Phyto resin hair removal

Another natural method of removing excess vegetation is epilation with phytosol, which is based on only natural components.

Pine gum, honey and ground walnut – an effective combination for the procedure:

  • honey moisturizes the skin, saturates it with useful elements and gives it velvety;
  • a walnut has a destructive power, destroying not only the hair, but also the bulb itself;
  • the resin effectively expands the pores, making hair removal easier.

Popular ready-made compounds “Ayuna” can be purchased in a specialized store. Fitosmola is completely ready for use. A professional product with high elasticity, low consumption and good stickiness. The gentle method is especially relevant for processing intimate places.

There are two ways to remove hair with phytosol: manual work and bandage technique.

In the first method, a piece of the composition is taken, a little warmed up in the hands and applied with a spatula to the hairline against hair growth. Application to dry skin with a slight effort. After a minute, the phytosol breaks down. The procedure can be repeated with the same composition until the piece loses its elastic properties.

Epilation of the bikini zone at home - shugaring, wax, deep zone laser

The bandage technique is the application of phyto resin using a roller. Pre-delicate composition of the cassettes is heated in a microwave oven to 45 degrees, and then applied to the growth of vegetation. Top cover with a fabric strip, and then tear it with a sharp movement.

After hair removal, not a single hair remains in intimate places, and the skin pleases with its softness and smoothness.

Mechanical epilator

At home, one of the fast and convenient ways to epilate the bikini zone is considered a home electric epilator. The device is equipped with mechanical tweezers, the effect of which is to sharply pull out unwanted hairs. Due to the fact that the skin in intimate places is very delicate, the procedure is accompanied by some soreness.

Epilation of the bikini zone at home - shugaring, wax, deep zone laser

Epilator manufacturers are improving their products, making the hair removal procedure more comfortable.

New models of devices are equipped with special nozzles and accessories that relax the skin, reducing pain:

  • with forms – it is filled with water, placed in a freezer to form ice, and then attached to the device;
  • equipped with small disks – they press the skin, which also reduces pain;
  • with massage nozzles – give elasticity to the skin, facilitating hair removal;
  • water – models that allow hair removal in the bath or shower.

As pain decreases, you can move on without sudden movements and slightly holding the skin. The effect after the procedure lasts up to 4 weeks. The simplicity and accessibility of the method is quite attractive and, most importantly, the device is always at hand.

The procedure has no contraindication and can be performed at any time.

Girls who cannot tolerate pain are advised to start hair removal on their own from a small area and along the line of underwear. Not very pleasant at first, the procedure is encouraging with every attempt to bring an ever less painful effect.

The main disadvantage of mechanical hair removal is hair ingrowth and skin irritation.

In order to prevent such phenomena, you need to scrub the bikini area 1-2 times a week and use cosmetics. Pregnant women and people suffering from varicose veins such a procedure is prohibited.

Laser hair removal

If there is a desire to carry out epilation of the bikini zone at a professional level, a household laser epilator can be used at home. The device is able to remove hair of any density and color, with the exception of light.

Epilation of the bikini zone at home - shugaring, wax, deep zone laser

The acquisition of a good laser epilator will save a significant amount on visits to cosmetic beauty sa
lons. The device is simple and convenient to use. In addition, after 10 procedures, you can forever forget about the appearance of new hair.

For successful hair removal, it is recommended to grow hair 1/32 – 4/32 inch long.

At the time of the procedure, the skin should be clean and dry. Due to the fact that the skin of the intimate area is tender and sensitive, there may be redness after the procedure. A soothing cream or ice wrapped in a towel will relieve irritation and soothe the skin.

Epilation of the bikini zone at home - shugaring, wax, deep zone laser

After hair removal with a laser device, it is recommended to refrain from tanning for a week and visiting the pool.

This method is absolutely painless and safe, with the exception of serious diseases.

Contraindications for laser hair removal are:

  • inflammatory and infectious skin diseases;
  • diabetes;
  • skin cancer.

The result is achieved by the destructive effect of the beam on the hair follicle, which kills the bulb.

Skin care after the procedure

Hair in intimate places has a protective function. They prevent the penetration of microbes on the mucous membranes, while maintaining the natural balance of microflora. After hair removal in the bikini area, the risk of infection penetration increases several times.

Daily hygiene procedures using suitable cosmetics will protect the mucous membranes and maintain health. After the procedure, it is strictly forbidden to take a bath or shower. The first day you should avoid visiting the pool or sauna, as well as swimming in the lake or in the sea.

Epilation of the bikini zone at home - shugaring, wax, deep zone laser

To keep the skin smooth as long as possible, you can use a special cream after the procedure that slows hair growth.

The leading position is held by Caramel . Cosmetics contain extracts of oils, vitamins, silk proteins and other nutrients that protect the skin from redness and inflammation.

Polish manufacturer Eveline presents products created by a special formula. Hair care products after epilation are not only rich in vegetable oils, antioxidants, but also affect the hair follicles. Creams slow down unwanted hair growth and soothe the skin.

After epilation of the delicate zone of a bikini at home, it is important to thoroughly moisturize the skin with a good cream.

Experts say that hydration should be carried out constantly to avoid irritation and ingrown hairs.

Hair removal with the root part, by breaking the follicular apparatus, and proper skin care after epilation, gives hope for a long time to stop the growth of unwanted hair.

Video about bikini hair removal:

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