Fraxel laser facial skin therapy. Indications, photos before and after, reviews

Due to the positive feedback from many patients, laser therapy for the skin of the face Fraxel is familiar to women who regularly visit beauty parlors. Before carrying out fractional photothermolysis, the fair sex faced endless skin rejuvenation procedures that were ineffective or gave a short-term effect.

Over the past 2 to 3 years, Fraxel laser therapy has become popular due to the speed of achieving the desired result in a small number of procedures and a short recovery period.

What is fraxel

Fraxel is one of the types of laser non-invasive treatment and skin restoration, which is used to improve its texture, tone and purity, prompting the skin to self-repair.

The procedure itself is called fractional thermolysis and is aimed at eliminating skin defects caused by diseases, age-related changes, negative environmental influences, skin trauma, for example, post-acne or stretch marks on the skin caused by pregnancy or rapid weight gain and weight loss.

Fraxel laser facial skin therapy. Indications, photos before and after, reviews

Fraxel – laser therapy of facial skin, reviews of which help evaluate its effectiveness. It is indispensable for rejuvenating the skin of patients living in conditions of high levels of carbon dioxide, that is, residents of megacities and large cities.

The previously popular chemical peeling procedure, as a rule, does not meet the expected expectations, and it is impossible to remove visible defects in the form of striae and scars with the help of injections.

The mechanism of action of the procedure

The laser device Fraxel was developed by the American cosmetology company Reliant Technologies. The effect of the apparatus on skin cells occurs through fractional photothermolysis, which is a non-invasive process of processing soft tissues with a laser beam.

With the help of a laser, the skin areas to be corrected or rejuvenated are heated, as a result, fractional cells, fat deposits, adhesions and scars are destroyed.

The skin is heated from the inside, without affecting its surface layer, which leads to a reduction in the rehabilitation period. To achieve the best result after fractional photothermolysis, laser resurfacing of the treated areas of the skin is performed.

Fraxel is a laser therapy of facial skin, the patient reviews of which indicate that as a result of its conduct, carbon dioxide and toxins are removed from the soft tissues, which contribute to premature aging of the skin and increase visible defects. Thanks to laser therapy, Fraxel cells are moisturized and enriched with nutrients.

Fraxel laser facial skin therapy. Indications, photos before and after, reviews

This helps to speed up the metabolism, stimulates the production of collagen, increases the elasticity of the skin and the ability to regenerate. The effectiveness of fractional photothermolysis in combination with peeling is immediately visible if skin lesions are minor. Removing or smoothing extensive stretch marks or scars may take several procedures.

Types of Fraxel

There are 2 types of fractional photothermolysis.

They are divided depending on the degree and strength of the effect on the skin:

  • Ablative . Fractional lasers divide light into many tiny rays, each point of the skin that is exposed to it is damaged, but the gaps between them do not suffer. This treatment regimen provides effective treatment and faster healing and recovery. Fraxel Ablative Treatment is used for serious skin damage and deep wrinkles. Treatment with the ablative type of fractional photothermolysis can give results after a single application, while the restoration lasts longer, but in the end the patient gets a smoother texture and skin tone, as well as smoothing wrinkles and wrinkles.

  • Fraxel’s non-ablative procedures are less intense and are used to treat minor sun damage and signs of aging. Typically, 3 to 5 sessions are given for a course to stimulate new cell growth and collagen production. Non-ablative procedures are suitable for the skin of the eyelids and patients with sensitive skin of the face and body.

It is very important for the patient to coordinate with the doctor his expectations and goals for receiving the correct treatment with the choice of the right apparatus for the procedure.

Apparatus for the procedure

Currently, 4 types of laser equipment are used in cosmetology, which allow fractional thermolysis procedures:

  • Fraxel Refine (refine) has the most gentle effect on the skin. Suitable for sensitive and thin skin, is able to penetrate into its deep layers no more than 1/32 inch. This device can safely work on the thinnest areas of the skin, such as the eyelids, without injuring the retina.

Fraxel laser facial skin therapy. Indications, photos before and after, reviews

  • Fraxel Repair (Repeater) penetrates 1/32 inch into the processed soft tissue. This type of fractional photothermolysis apparatus allows you to remove age spots of various sizes, acne scars, age-related stretch marks and striae. Therapy with this device is prescribed for patients with excessively active sebaceous glands. The operation of the laser reduces the hyperactivity of the glands and is able to break the comedones, which are formed as a result of their blockage.
  • Fraxel Restore ( Restor ) ensures the penetration of the laser beam into the soft tissue to a maximum depth of 2/32 inch. The device eliminates deep striae and skin lesions caused by thermal and chemical burns, removes carbon dioxide from cells. Restore therapy rejuvenates the skin on any part of the body and face, improves its elasticity.
  • Fraxel Restore Dual (Restor Dual) affects the skin simultaneously with two laser beams. It is the most modern and efficient device. The first ray removes carbon dioxide from the upper layers of the skin. The second ray acts on the deeper layer to break the comedones. With it, you can eliminate deep wrinkles, smooth out scars caused by mechanical means and post-acne.

Before using the device, the doctor carefully examines the skin structure of the client. In exceptional cases, consultation with specialized specialists may be necessary.

The benefits and harms of laser

Fraxel – laser facial skin therapy, reviews of which reflect the disadvantages and advantages of the procedure.

The main advantages of the Fraxel rejuvenation technique are:

  • Relative safety for the life and health of the client due to the lack of direct intervention in the body, therefore, the risk of infection and the development of inflammatory processes is minimized.
  • The procedure provides high results. The effect of the laser is limited to a short list of contraindications, it can be used for any type of skin, not based on the age of the patient, his immunity. For best results, it is recommended that you follow the treatment regimen.
  • High speed of the therapeutic procedure. It is limited by the time of applying the cream with an anesthetic and the impact of the laser on the operating area. It takes no more than 2 hours, and the most busy people can go through the session in the evening.

Fraxel laser facial skin therapy. Indications, photos before and after, reviews

  • A short post-rehabilitation period will allow the client not to change the rhythm and schedule of life before and after the operation, following the recommendations of the doctor for skin care in the postoperative period.

The most significant disadvantages of fractional photothermolysis include the high cost of the procedure.

Indications for the use of fractional thermolysis

Fraxel – laser therapy of facial skin, the reviews and recommendations of doctors of which indicate that a direct indication for the use of fractional photothermolysis in cosmetology is rejuvenation of the skin of the face and body, removal of acquired and congenital defects.

In addition to Faxel, laser resurfacing of the treated surface eliminates the appearance problems that concern most women.

Fraxel laser therapy is recommended for patients who have such problems and skin defects:

  • Vascular clogging and difficulty in patency, excessive content of carbon dioxide and toxins in the skin. Laser treatment of soft tissues increases their tone and speeds up metabolism.
  • Correction of the oval of the face is feasible only if the pathological changes have not affected the bone tissue. The laser procedure helps to tighten sagging skin on the chin and cheeks.
  • Removal of wrinkles and skin folds . Their elimination or reduction to minimal visibility occurs due to an increase in the tone of the skin, as well as the filling of folds with new cells.
  • The presence of pigmentation zones. A hardware procedure removes or suppresses cells that have changed skin color. In their place, new healthy moist cells are formed, full of minerals.
  • Enlarged pores . Thanks to Fraxel therapy, pore narrowing can be achieved. The skin is smoothed and its structure is smoothed out, the amount of sweat and sebum secreted will decrease.
  • Mechanical visible skin lesions , for example, scars after surgery, traces of pustular skin inflammations (boils, carbuncles, adipose).

Fraxel laser facial skin therapy. Indications, photos before and after, reviews

  • Stretch marks and striae caused by a sharp weight gain and its reduction, age-related decrease in skin elasticity.

Hardware fractional photothermolysis is able to remove visible skin defects in a small number of sessions, making it smooth and uniform.

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The laser procedure can have a significant therapeutic and corrective effect, without causing significant harm to the patient’s body, however, there are several restrictions on potential patients.


  • patient age up to 18 years and after 65 years;
  • open foci of inflammation and open wounds in the treated area;
  • chronic form of skin diseases;
  • neoplasms of a malignant or benign form;
  • active pacemaker on the heart;
  • tuberculosis of various organs – pulmonary and bone tissue;
  • infectious diseases;
  • blood coagulation disorder, a disease of the blood forming organs (liver, spleen, bone marrow);
  • diabetes mellitus of the first and second types;
  • mental disorders;
  • pregnancy and lactation;

Fraxel laser facial skin therapy. Indications, photos before and after, reviews

  • heart failure, bradycardia and tachycardia.

Fractional photothermolysis is not recommended immediately after chemical peeling, tanning, or if the skin is affected by the sun – sunburn. Before the laser procedure, the skin must undergo a complete restoration.

The composition of the anesthetic cream, which is applied immediately before the photothermolysis procedure, has lidocaine, so patients are advised to undergo an allergist test for the absence of an allergic reaction to the anesthetic.

Consequences and possible complications

The patient reviews, as well as the recommendations of cosmetologists, make it possible to talk about Fraxel as a miraculous laser therapy for the skin of the face and body, however, laser exposure has the risk of complications after it, which do not pose a serious danger to the patient’s health.

The most common postoperative events after the Fraxel procedure:

  • Pain and sensation of “bloating” in the field of laser treatment;
  • The appearance of hematomas of cyanotic and burgundy;
  • Swelling in the postoperative areas;
  • Rash, salivation, runny nose, as a manifestation of an allergic reaction;
  • Purulent foci and fistulas;
  • Redness of the skin in the area of the operation.

Undesirable manifestations on the skin pass in a few days, and a full recovery takes 3-4 weeks. If the manifestations on the skin remain unchanged, then such patients are recommended to be examined by a dermatologist.

Precautionary measures

Precautions for fractional photothermolysis relate only to limitations on the procedure. Despite all the loyalty of the applied laser therapy to the patient’s skin, it cannot be carried out by everyone without exception. The list of limitations with the fraxel procedure is described above.

Preparation for the procedure

The preparatory process for surgery using the Fraxel apparatus for the procedure begins with a specialist talking with the patient and examining him. The doctor examines the client, finds out the problems, listens to the wishes and expectations of the patient, then verbally interviews the patient regarding his lifestyle, possible bad habits, diseases.

Fraxel laser facial skin therapy. Indications, photos before and after, reviews

If necessary, a beautician can schedule a visit to narrower specialists. If the profile doctors do not confirm the cosmetologist’s concerns, then he appoints the time for the first session, having previously determined the laser exposure zones.

Before the procedure, the patient is recommended to reduce the intensity and time of the pastime in the sun and frost, not to drink alcohol, abandon the sauna and bath, not to use cosmetics.


For a successful laser photothermolysis session, the cosmetologist performs actions strictly according to the protocol of the procedure. Having high power, Frxel devices can lead to disastrous results, if mistakes are made in their use.

Stages of fractional photothermolysis:

  1. Treat
    ment and preparation of the skin for surgery. The patient is placed on a couch or table, the skin is cleaned of impurities and fat with lotion. The cosmetologist applies an anesthetic cream with an anesthetic, which starts to work within half an hour.
  2. Using carbon paper, the treatment regimen drawn up before the operation is transferred onto the skin. It is necessary for the doctor to fulfill the treatment and rehabilitation plan with an accuracy of a inch.
  3. Laser processing. The doctor sets up the device and applies it to the body, while passages are made in various directions, depending on the intended results. The processing time of the operating area depends on the selected body parts. Fraxel laser facial skin therapy. Indications, photos before and after, reviews
  4. Cleansing the skin of carbon paper paint, applying a soothing cosmetic composition or lotion, which helps to reduce the negative effects of the procedure.

Due to local anesthesia, clients do not feel pain during the Fraxel procedure, but in the postoperative period, the skin can recover. In all patients, the rehabilitation period is individual and takes a different amount of time. It depends on the age of the patient and his body.

Rehabilitation period

With fractional photothermolysis, skin cells vibrate and heat up, therefore, almost all patients after surgery have edema and redness, a reaction of exposure to soft tissues of external stimuli, so the skin needs to be restored after some kind of stress. The post-rehabilitation period of fractional thermolysis takes 3 to 4 weeks.

The minimum number of sessions per course is from 3 to 5. Repeated sessions can begin after the skin has completely restored. In some complex cases, to achieve the goals, the entire course of treatment may take 12 sessions.

Patients note that the skin is significantly tightened, it looks younger and more hydrated, and minor defects can be removed in 3-4 sessions. The therapeutic effect of the procedure can last up to 8 years with proper skin care.

Skin care after fraxel

Fractional photothermolysis, as well as peeling after it, do not exert a strong effect on the upper layers of the skin, but to a small extent violate their integrity. The main rule in the care of injured skin is to ensure its speedy regeneration due to the growth of its horny upper layer.

During skin care after the Fraxel hardware procedure, the following rules must be followed:

  • daily treatment of postoperative areas with a cream with moisturizing ingredients;

Fraxel laser facial skin therapy. Indications, photos before and after, reviews

  • treatment of the most affected area with panthenol or lanolin cream;
  • daily skin cleansing with ph neutral soap;
  • Do not visit the sauna and solarium for a month;
  • do not use cosmetics with active ingredients, scrubs with coarse particles;
  • to exclude a long pastime on during a period of solar activity or to use protective creams with UF filters;
  • exclude alcohol and caffeinated drinks from your diet for a while that increase blood pressure;
  • to postpone fitness classes and engage in heavy physical activity.

How often can a procedure be done

The Fraxel procedure does not have a depressing effect on the treated skin, however, cosmetologists and medical practitioners recommend waiting for its full recovery in the rehabilitation period, during which redness and swelling will go away. The rehabilitation period after one session is about 3-4 weeks.

The client can feel the visible effect of a full session of fractional thermolysis within 3 to 8 years. If desired, the patient can correct the result at any convenient time.

Session cost

The Fraxel procedure is a relatively new procedure in the market of cosmetic services, so its main drawback is the cost and possible side effects.

The purchase, delivery from the USA of equipment and training of personnel in the intricacies of working on it is considered quite high, which has a significant impact on the cost of the operation for patients.

The price of fractional photothermolysis depends on the area of laser treatment, the surface area and the treatment regimen of the patient.

Fraxel laser facial skin therapy. Indications, photos before and after, reviews

Operational area for fractional photothermolysis Price for 1 procedure, usd.
Upper eyelids 9300
Upper and lower eyelids 16700
Chest 33400
Neckline 27000
Hands 18000
Face 32400
Face neck 47500
Face, neck, decollete 51000
Forehead 12300
Nose 6700
Forearm (to the elbows) 21700
Neck 21500
Cheeks 21700
Back 34000
Shoulders 23500
Lightening age spots with 1 square. inch 3000
Lightening age spots with 10 square foot. inch 9000
Acne Treatment 16600
Elimination of stretch marks and striae 1’6 inch? 9000
0’2 inch? 3000

Comparison of fraxel therapy with other rejuvenation techniques

Alternative methods of non-invasive skin rejuvenation and the elimination of minor defects can be radio-frequency, ultrasonic or intense pulsed radiation in combination with the use of low-frequency oscillations. Alternative methods affect the deeper layers of the skin, while not exerting proper influence on the defects of the upper layers.

Fraxel laser facial skin therapy. Indications, photos before and after, reviews
Fraxel laser facial skin therapy to enhance facial rejuvenation.

Therefore, problems such as enlarged pores, fine wrinkles, striae, which cause complexes in most patients, can be solved using the comprehensive Fraxel procedure.

Fraxel is currently an indispensable laser therapy for facial skin, and its scheme and patient reviews suggest that there is no alternative to fractional photothermolysis.

The Fraxel procedure is aimed at a high result with minimal time spent on it, as well as to reduce the negative impact on the client’s skin and its postoperative rehabilitation.

Paperwork: Anna Vinnitskaya

Laser resurfacing video

The process of laser resurfacing with visual pictures:

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