Depilation / hair removal at home with wax / sugar / honey, shugaring. How to make recipes

Depilation in salons is expensive, takes a lot of time. At home, you can achieve the same result if you know the rules of the procedure, consider contraindications. In this case, you do not have to pay for work, spend time visiting special offices.

What is hair removal and depilation

For thousands of years, women have tried to destroy body hair. In China, Asian countries, thousands of years ago, hair was torn off with tongs made of bronze or wax masks. The ancient Romans in the baths twisted their hair on threads and pulled out. Princess Olga used hot tar. The skin looks aesthetically pleasing, but this is not the main thing. Unpleasant odors from individual areas can be avoided.

There are 2 methods for hair removal. The first is with the root, which slows down the repeated growth of hair, called epilation. The second, in which only the upper hair is removed – depilation. With this skin treatment, hair restoration is much faster.


Depilation at home covers almost the full range of services provided in beauty salons. Manufacturers develop even the most advanced technical equipment in budget mini-models for home use. To choose the best option, you need to get acquainted with the positive and negative sides of each type of procedure.


The old method is still popular, because it is very cheap, and simply applied. In the world of beauty, razors are equipped with several blades, have protection against cuts, special pads that disinfect the skin. It is fast, not painful. Created special creams, pre-shave gels that soften the process.

Depilation / hair removal at home with wax / sugar / honey, shugaring. How to make recipes

After shaving balms help to disinfect the damaged surface, restore skin faster.

There are several problems:

  1. Hair grows quickly, depending on the characteristics of the body, you need to shave every 4-7 days.
  2. Skin damage is inevitable. Even if cuts have been avoided, hair that grows tough after shaving will damage it when moving.
  3. Frequent shaving makes the hair harder, darker, so the procedure is not suitable for all areas.
  4. Ingrown hair appears, which will have to be removed separately.

Chemical depilation

For its implementation, special creams are used. They can be in tubes or napkins, but are usually applied with a spatula. The substances used in the procedure have a strong enough effect on the body and require strict adherence to the instructions. Allergies are possible, with sensitive skin – chemical burns.

If the skin reacts normally, this is a quick and painless way to remove hair from all areas except the intimate one. Just 5-10 minutes after application is enough for the hair to be destroyed. The substance rarely penetrates the hair sac and is heterogeneous, so the hair grows back quickly.

Depilation / hair removal at home with wax / sugar / honey, shugaring. How to make recipes

But when the cells are destroyed, the edge remains rounded and when the hair grows back, it does not damage the skin. A separate problem in women with hard, thick hair. Often their skin is destroyed faster than hair. You can’t hold the substance on the surface for longer, but the hair is still strong. In this case, only another method of hair removal will help.

Pluck hair

Tweezers are rarely used, usually for eyebrows or individual facial hair. It is much more convenient to use mechanical epilators. Small devices are easy to hold. There are models with batteries, so you can maintain your appearance while traveling.

The cost differs depending on the models, but the choice is possible for any budget. Hair is grabbed and pulled out, so it’s enough to use about 1 time every 3-4 weeks. Over time, the amount of hair becomes smaller, and they themselves become thinner.

Displeasure causes:

  1. Soreness. High sensitivity to pain will not allow the use of the device in the bikini or armpit area. Local anesthesia partially helps. Means for it were developed by cosmetologists and are available for sale.
  2. Duration You have to work with every hair. You will have to allocate several days and separate zones for processing between them.
  3. Training. Hair will have to be released at least up to 6/32 inch, while sometimes they break, leaving a root.


Waxing at home with wax has become more popular after the appearance on the market of strips with wax already applied to them. It is enough to warm them over the heater, apply to the skin, and tear off after a couple of minutes. On small areas, you can apply heated wax to the skin with a spatula, removing after hardening with hands.

Depilation / hair removal at home with wax / sugar / honey, shugaring. How to make recipes

Large areas are treated with ribbons. They are glued to the applied wax and also torn off. This technique allows you to process large areas much faster than the depilator and removes even small hair.

Unresolved issues include:

  1. High soreness. It is completely unsuitable for intimate areas, undesirable for the face and armpits.
  2. Sensitive skin can get burned, because the wax must be melted, and this is from 45 degrees.
  3. Requires long preparation – skin cleansing, talcum powder shedding. Anesthetics are used to relieve irritation.
  4. Before and after the procedure, you can’t sunbathe for several days, use ultraviolet baths, and take procedures with a high temperature of the water, including a shower.

Allergies are also not uncommon, but special anti-allergenic formulations have been developed for such cases. You can pick them up together with a specialist.

Shugaring or sugar hair removal

From the point of view of security, the most acceptable is the shugaring procedure:

  1. The paste warms up to 35-39 degrees, without even burning sensitive skin.
  2. Allergies can only be with aromatic supplements.
  3. Contraindications are physical and infectious skin lesions.
  4. The pain is minimal, suitable for intimate areas and face.

Of course, it is better to take professional funds, even if the procedure is carried out at home. They are precisely made according to the recipe, and will be more convenient in work.

Depilation / hair removal at home with wax / sugar / honey, shugaring. How to make recipes
The figure shows step-by-step instructions for depilation / epilation of shugaring at home.


  • the skin is degreased with a special agent containing disinfectants and a light painkiller;
  • the surface is treated with small, rather than ordinary talc, for better adhesion of sugar to hair;
  • pastes are mixed with different densities depending on the zone being worked;
  • after removing the paste, the skin is wiped with a damp cloth with a disinfection solution and a recovery agent;
  • uses a special cream, soothing and nourishing.

The only negative – hair less than 6/32 – 9/32 inch are not removed. But those grown to this length are removed painlessly, along with the root, and superficial inflammation goes away w
ithin 1-4 hours as a maximum.


One of the most modern methods. Its essence is the effect of light impulses on the fullicles. With a regular procedure, the growth phase does not occur, the dormant phase constantly operates. As a result, hair stops growing.

Depilation / hair removal at home with wax / sugar / honey, shugaring. How to make recipes

Depending on the thickness of the hair, 4-12 procedures are needed. To consolidate the effect, you need to repeat the procedure every 3-6 months. You cannot process only the deep bikini zone. Used in small areas. Before use, the hair is shaved off. Do not sunbathe before and after the procedure. Not suitable for fair hair.


This type of hair removal is one of the most difficult for self-conducting. A needle should be inserted into the bulb of each hair. It hurts, requires sterility and precise exposure. In addition, it is impossible to do it yourself on the face and armpits; there is a great risk of affecting the lymph nodes.

The cost of the device is high. There is a variant of exposure to electric shock, high temperature and a combination of both. Skin before exposure requires the use of lidocaine. Each hair is processed separately, their length must be at least 5/32 inch.

After the procedure, irritation in the form of red dots lasts up to 10 days. Due to the severity of the effects, a huge list of contraindications, including even the intrauterine device and all cardiovascular diseases.

Laser hair removal

Laser exposure is also expensive. Not every hair is processed. And body parts are 6/32 – 9/32 inch in a circle. For a few minutes. Not one session. Naturally, this takes a lot of time, and the absence of pain on the skin is compensated by pains in the spine due to the uncomfortable position of the back for a long time.

Depilation / hair removal at home with wax / sugar / honey, shugaring. How to make recipes

In the cabin, the devices are more powerful, fewer procedures are required. In addition, a larger plot is captured, the time spent will be less. Therefore, in the home version, this procedure is not popular.

Folk recipes

Often, folk recipes contain aggressive substances, smell bad, require a long preparatory period.

You need to choose recipes that:

  • contain ingredients that are positively perceived by the body, without allergies and skin irritations;
  • it is convenient to use, they smell normal, do not require significant time costs;
  • really apply to a specific person until the end of the course.

Depilation / hair removal at home with wax / sugar / honey, shugaring. How to make recipes

Depilation efficiency is high only with strict adherence to instructions and regular use. After the disappearance of hair at home, it is necessary to conduct preventive courses twice a year.

Hydrogen peroxide

Helps loosen hair, remove color. On 1 tablespoon. spoon of hydrogen peroxide (6%) to take the same amount of liquid soap or shaving, 10 drops of ammonia. Mix the ingredients, apply the resulting substance on the skin, hold for 15 minutes, rinse with warm water. Repeat the action weekly.

Ant oil

It has the ability to penetrate the follicle, not just slowing down hair growth, but making it weaker, softer, lighter. Use prevents hair growth after hair removal. An effective mixture with turmeric or lemon juice in equal parts. It is applied in the form of a mask for 15 minutes, washed off with clean water heated to body temperature.


A similar property of vinegar and lemon juice, although expressed milder. Mix in equal parts with honey or grape seed oil. In addition to slowing down hair growth and getting a lighter color, the mask will help restore the skin after physical or infectious injuries.

Depilation / hair removal at home with wax / sugar / honey, shugaring. How to make recipes

Use for 15 minutes 1-2 times a week. Pure vinegar or lemon juice contains most of the acid, which can damage the skin. Therefore, work only with the mixture.


Compresses from soda solution are used. For it, you need 1 teaspoon of soda to a glass of boiling water. The solution cools down, applied to a gauze cloth, applied to the problem area for 10 hours. To fix, it is enough to bind with an ordinary bandage. You need to repeat 3-5 days in a row. Efficiency is high, hair disappears completely.

But the skin can dry out with all the ensuing consequences.


If the above recipes can be used even on the face, then this tool acts on the body more severely. It is better not to work with him in sensitive places. Take young walnuts soft, cut in half, grease the right place with juice several times a day. Each procedure is a new nut.

From ripe nuts, the shell will do. Take from walnuts or pine nuts, dry, grind. The resulting powder is mixed with water until a thick slurry is obtained. Rub it daily with skin 3-4 times. The duration of the course depends on the individual characteristics of the body.


Since the substance is close to the action of the scrub, and should be used daily, it will not work for sensitive skin and face. In a dry form, mix 1: 2 soda and natural ground coffee. Dilute with barely warm water, usd in actively for 3-5 minutes.

Depilation / hair removal at home with wax / sugar / honey, shugaring. How to make recipes

Then leave on the skin in the form of a compress for 20-30 minutes, fixing it with cling film. Rinse with warm water, repeat daily for 7-10 days. If during this time the hair has only thinned, but has not completely gone, the course can be repeated only after a month. During this time, the skin will recover after a hard exposure, but not the hair.

Shugaring paste

For sugar depilation, you need 1 tablespoon. water to take 10 large tablespoons of sugar and juice of half a lemon. Mix, put on a small fire, bring to a boil, hold for 10 minutes, remove, cool. The resulting paste at a temperature of 38-40 gr. should slide into a golden brown ball without sticking to fingers.

Contraindications to hair removal

Hair removal at home is contraindicated in some cases, but the list of diseases for each species is different.

Sugar and Wax

The mildest in this regard is shugaring. It can not be used only in the presence of open skin lesions, pregnancy and an allergic reaction, which is very rare. In case of damage, it is enough to carefully bypass the problem place. It is not advisable to work during menstruation, since at this time the pain threshold decreases, but this applies only to the most sensitive areas – bikinis and armpits.

Depilation / hair removal at home with wax / sugar / honey, shugaring. How to make recipes

Waxing adds varicose veins to this list. If sugar paste can be used to remove hair without damaging internal tissues, wax depilation is contraindicated in the second stage, damaging the vessels, causing ruptures of their walls.

Shaving and chemical depilation

Any physical and infectious skin lesions make depilation prohibited. But it is not desirable with excessively sensitive skin. These methods damage the upper layer of the epidermis, causing irritation. The cream can burn, even if the instructions are followed exactly.

Frequent allergic reactions to creams, sometimes they occur with a completely normal passage of the sample. In case of burning, which indicates the abnormal action of the substance, it is urgent to rinse the skin with cool, clean water, get wet with a soft cloth and grease the damaged areas with Pantestine.

Photoepilation, electrolysis, laser

The list of contraindications is much larger, and it is necessary to treat them as scrupulously as possible. With each violation there is a serious danger to health, in some cases – irreversible conditions.

Depilation / hair removal at home with wax / sugar / honey, shugaring. How to make recipes

List of contraindications Presence of contraindications for photoepilation The presence of contraindications for electrolysis The presence of contraindications for laser hair removal
Oncological diseases Absolutely not Absolutely not
Phlebeurysm Absolutely not Absolutely not Absolutely not
Acute hypertension Absolutely not Categorically not even during remission
Ischemia Absolutely not Absolutely not
Endocrine disorders After treatment With diabetes absolutely no With the insulin form of diabetes
Herpes After you start taking preventive drugs After you start taking preventive drugs After you start taking preventive drugs
Staphylococcus After you start taking preventive drugs Absolutely not After you start taking preventive drugs
Taking antibiotics After taking medication
Pregnancy and breastfeeding Ineffectively Absolutely not No studies, better abstain
Mental illness Absolutely not Absolutely not Absolutely not
Fresh tan, burns Absolutely not Absolutely not Absolutely not
Intrauterine device Absolutely not
Presence of a pacemaker Absolutely not
Blond or gray hair Not effective Not effective

It is reasonable to undergo a preventive examination before the procedure for the detection of diseases that are contraindications. This will reduce the risk of moving the disease to the acute stage.

Possible complications

Depilation at home without the use of technical means is absolutely safe, if you strictly adhere to all the rules:

  1. Take into account the presence of contraindications.
  2. Properly treat the skin before and after the procedure.

Depilation / hair removal at home with wax / sugar / honey, shugaring. How to make recipes

To withstand all recommendations to limit yourself in everyday life:

  • do not take hot baths and showers;
  • do not use ultraviolet rays for tanning, do not take sun baths;
  • exclude synthetic clothing for the period of skin restoration;
  • adhere to the rules of hygiene.

Otherwise, the inflammatory process will most likely begin.

Much depends on the quality of the means purchased or made by oneself, and especially the purchased devices. Technical equipment for procedures cannot be cheap, unfamiliar manufacturers. Health is at stake, which can ruin a model with intermittent stress or other manufacturing inaccuracies.

Separately, you need to check all the components of allergies. Each product should be applied to a small piece of sensitive skin. Wrist fit, bends under the elbows. Only by checking the reaction of the body to each of them, you can begin the procedure for a large area of the body. Always near should be remedies for allergies.

Depilation / hair removal at home with wax / sugar / honey, shugaring. How to make recipes

Use of appliances may result in:

  1. Severe pain. It is necessary to use local anesthetics, coolants after the procedure.
  2. Puffiness and redness. May remain for several days. The simplest remedy is ice on a damaged surface. More often with light, soft hair.
  3. Burns. If the radiation fluxes are not properly adjusted depending on the type of skin, burns of varying degrees may appear. Treatment as with conventional thermal damage. Most often, this is the usual Panthenol or Pantestin.
  4. Scar formation. This problem is not solved at home, you need to consult a good specialist. Treatment can be from conventional therapy to surgery.
  5. Exacerbation of herpes. Treatment of the acute stage of the disease as prescribed by the attending physician.
  6. To increase the growth of vellus hair. Additional procedures.
  7. Hematomas. There are with thin walls of blood vessels.

No version of the procedure will destroy hair forever. It must be repeated periodically. This applies to hair removal in medical institutions as well as to procedures at home. But a competent approach and exact following of instructions will help to get smooth skin without damaging your health.

Useful videos about the various methods of hair removal and depilation at home

Comparison of different types of hair removal:

Shugaring at home:

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