Oils for hair moisturizing, protection, nutrition, recovery, essential and professional

The modern rhythm of life makes women more closely monitor their hair. They are influenced by the environment, the state of health, and the features of daily care, so moisturizing oil is a great way to help hair.

Types and purpose of oils used to moisturize hair

The most common cause of dull and damaged hair is their dryness. The daily use of a hair dryer, ironing and other styling devices thins the hair and dries the ends. For quick and effective hair hydration, the use of cosmetic oils is recommended.

Base oils

Base oils are obtained from the most saturated parts of the plant – seeds, nuts or seeds. They have a fairly faint odor and a thick consistency. Because of this, the base oil saturates the hair for a long time, leaving a protective film.

After applying, the base oil is difficult to wash off with running water, so it is better to make a mixture of rye flour and warm water. The flour absorbs excess oil, and after several rinses, the hair will no longer be oily.

Base oils are most effective when using hair wraps, then the oil penetrates deep into the hair structure and is washed off more easily. Oils for hair moisturizing, protection, nutrition, recovery, essential and professional

The basic list of base oils for moisturizing hair:

  • burdock oil – the most popular and often used base oil, perfectly helps in the fight against hair loss, accelerates their growth and moisturizes. It requires long-term use, but is well absorbed into the hair and enriches the scalp with minerals and vitamins;
  • castor oil is the first assistant in the fight against dandruff and irritation of the scalp, retains moisture inside the hair. However, this oil is difficult to wash off;
  • Coconut oil – it is quickly absorbed and perfectly moisturizes, but, as a rule, the oil is sold in a solid state, so before use it needs to be heated in a water bath for convenient application;
  • jojoba oil is a godsend for those women who often use hair styling devices, as this oil is used to protect against mechanical damage to hair and also retains moisture well;
  • Almond oil is an almost transparent oil with a slight smell with a restoring effect. Protects hair and scalp from damage, relieves irritation and eliminates peeling;
  • olive oil – it quickly penetrates the structure of the hair, but is also washed quickly. It promotes hydration and softens the hair, while being easily washed off and does not make the hair heavier.

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Essential oils

It is difficult to call these liquids oils because they quickly evaporate and wash off. Their merit is that by irritating the scalp, they contribute to increased blood flow, activation of growth and hair strengthening. Hair follicles become active, they improve cell nutrition.

The main disadvantage of essential oils is the high probability of allergic reactions, so they are used for limited purposes. In order to ensure the safety of the use of this or that essential oil, you should drip it onto the wrist. If after a few hours the skin is clean and not irritated, then the oil can be used.

As a rule, essential oil is used in combination with a base oil, otherwise its effectiveness will be low. Need to mix 5 cap. essential oil and 0,51 fluid ounce of base.

The most popular and healthy essential oils:

  • sandalwood – promotes enhanced blood circulation of the scalp, accelerates hair growth and strengthens hair follicles; Oils for hair moisturizing, protection, nutrition, recovery, essential and professional
  • ylang-ylang oil – strengthens the hair structure;
  • peach seed oil – eliminates peeling, irritation, dermatitis and fights against dandruff. In addition, he has a pleasant aroma that lasts a long time on his hair;
  • jasmine – soothes inflamed bulbs and scalp, makes hair soft;
  • Juniper oil – moisturizes the hair, soothes the skin, strengthens the bulbs and stimulates hair growth;
  • grapefruit oil – suppresses excessive production of sebum, reduces oily hair.

Vegetable oils

Vegetable hair moisturizing oil contains light fats, it nourishes and moisturizes hair well. In addition, its cost is much lower than that of base and essential oils. Vegetable oil is obtained by squeezing plants. And their main difference from other types of oils is that they can be used internally.

It is common to use vegetable oils such as:

  • sunflower – moisturizes both hair and scalp, promotes proper functioning of the sebaceous glands, gives the hair a natural shine;
  • mustard – has a restorative effect, restoring hair density, shine and strength after thermal effects, and also stimulates hair growth, gives them volume;
  • flaxseed – prevents hair loss, prevents the ends of the section, relieves dandruff;
  • avocado oil – reduces the secretion of sebum, accelerates hair growth and moisturizes for a long time;
  • wheat germ oil – has a wide spectrum of action, namely – gives the hair smoothness and lightness, evens out the hair structure and prevents tangling. It also nourishes and moisturizes well, restores dry hair ends;
  • Argan oil – performs the function of protecting against external factors, such as ultraviolet, overheating and temperature changes;
  • black cumin oil – prevents the premature appearance of gray hair, strengthens hair follicles and restores the hair structure from the inside.

The benefits and effectiveness of hair oils

Daily exposure to hair of external stimuli changes their structure and appearance. Hair becomes dull, dry and brittle. And only proper care helps hair not to lose its healthy appearance.

Hair moisturizing oil can be used at home. With their help, you can not only keep your hair healthy, but also restore their attractive appearance after numerous injuries. The oil is applicable in the form of masks, balms or simply applied to the hair in its purest form.

Hair disease Oils
Dandruff Chamomile, Lavender, Mint, Sage, Rosemary Oils for hair moisturizing, protection, nutrition, recovery, essential and professional
Greasy hair Eucalyptus, lemon balm, lemon, ginger, clove
Dry hair Wormwood, frankincense, sage,
cedar, ylang-ylang
Dropping out Basil, pine, laurel, coriander, tea tree
Slow growth and brittleness Thyme, juniper, fir, cinnamon, clove

Deeply penetrating the structure of the hair, the oil softens the cortical layer and core. When rubbing oil into the scalp, the oil directly affects the hair follicles and lymph vessels. This helps strengthen hair roots and prevents hair loss.

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Rules and methods of application

Base, essential and vegetable oils differ not only in composition, effectiveness and action, but also in the method of application. The rules for using oils depend on the condition and type of hair.

If the main goal is the treatment and restoration of hair, then the integrated use of oils in combination with daily care is better. You can add oil to shampoo or balm, or just apply oil to your hair before washing. The basic rule here is to add oil to the shampoo in portions, immediately before use.

Another use is rubbing oil into the scalp. This must be done before washing the hair, while the oil is also distributed along the entire length. If the problem is in split ends – usd the oil in the middle of the length and the ends, while leaving the solution for 15 minutes. Oils for hair moisturizing, protection, nutrition, recovery, essential and professional

Essential oils give the hair shine, softness and a pleasant aroma. To do this, after washing the hair, apply oil to the length of the hair. In addition, you can make a spray from a mixture of essential oils and spray it onto your hair.

The procedure for applying a mask with the addition of oils is extremely useful for hair. The mask must be prepared immediately before use and kept on the hair for at least 30 minutes. It is effective for any problems with the scalp, as well as with hair along the entire length. If after applying the mask to insulate the head, you can get a wrap.

However, the difference between this wrap and the usual one is that the oil needs to be heated in a water bath and warmed more carefully to avoid the rapid evaporation of the oil. For better warming, a hairdryer is used. The wrapping procedure should last at least 1 hour.

The main methods for the proper use of hair oils:

  • apply oil only on clean hair, so it penetrates deeper into the structure of the hair;
  • if the hair is oily, it is not recommended to keep the oil on the hair for a long time, this will only aggravate the situation;
  • apply oil to the hair with a brush, comb or hands, gradually distributing it along the entire length.

Rating of the best oils for moisturizing hair, instructions for use

Modern cosmetology offers a wide selection of hair oils of different composition, quality and price category.

Natura Siberica

Natura Siberica produces a line of sea buckthorn oils.

The oil is classified according to the desired effect: to restore and moisturize: Oils for hair moisturizing, protection, nutrition, recovery, essential and professional

  • for dry and split ends – based on Argan Moroccan oil, as well as schisandra oil, Altai sea buckthorn, Siberian flax, myrtle, cedar and soy. Vitamin complexes are added as additional components;
  • for exhausted hair – Altai sea buckthorn, linoleic acid, vitamins E, C, B 6 and B 12 ;
  • to activate hair growth – composed of shea butter, mint, cardamom, fir, borago, glycerin, keratin, vitamins A and E.

For the above funds, there are a number of contraindications:

  • tendency to allergies;
  • lactation period;
  • pregnancy.

Apply Natura Siberica oil complex according to the following instructions:

  1. Rinse hair with sulfate-free shampoo.
  2. Dry with a towel or hairdryer.
  3. Grind the oil in the palms.
  4. Spread oil on the root area, then comb over the entire length of the hair.
  5. Does not require rinsing.

The cost of any type of oil is $ 5,13.

Syoss beauty elixir

German-made oil that actively fights dry tips, preventing their cross-section. It is suitable for those who by nature have dry and thin hair. The elixir contains cyclomethicone, dimethiconol, sunflower seed oil, limonene. Contraindication – risk of allergy to components. Oils for hair moisturizing, protection, nutrition, recovery, essential and professional

Use oil as follows:

  1. Wash hair.
  2. Dry slightly.
  3. Squeeze a little oil in the palm of your hand.
  4. Distribute along the length and tips, comb.
  5. Do not flush.

Cost – 280 time.

Mythic Oil by L’Oreal

L’Oreal’s moisturizing, nourishing oil acts deeply on the hair, making it noticeably stronger. It is recommended to use oil both before and after installation, it is instantly absorbed.

The composition includes argan oil, tocopherol, polyphenol, vitamins A, E and F. The oil is contraindicated for those who are at high risk of allergies to the composition.

It is necessary to apply oil according to this algorithm:

  1. Wash hair, blow dry.
  2. Put a little oil in the palm of your hand.
  3. Spread the oil on the root area, then at the tips.
  4. Do not flush.

Price – $ 18.


Shauma Hair Care Oil transforms hair even after serious damage. The composition contains macadamia, argan, sunflower, sesame, marula oil. Oils for hair moisturizing, protection, nutrition, recovery, essential and professional

Care should be carried out according to the instructions:

  1. Wash hair.
  2. Dry slightly with a towel.
  3. To smear oil on hair, in particular on tips.
  4. Rinse off.

Cost – $ 3,54.

Shiseido tsubaki

Revitalizing hair oil with camellia oil makes hair beautiful and well-groomed. Also, this oil forms a protective film on the hair from sunlight and hot air. The composition includes camellia oil, lactic acid and glycerin. Oils for hair moisturizing, protection, nutrition, recovery, essential and professional

Apply as follows:

  1. Cleanse hair from dirt (can be applied immediately after washing).
  2. Rub a few drops of oil with your hands.
  3. Spread the oil on the curls, especially grease the ends with plenty.
  4. Do not flush.

Cost – $ 14.

Essential Oil Mask Recipes

A saturated and moisturizing hair mask can be made independently, using improvised components.


Olive oil contributes to the healing of damaged curls, improves their condition to the very tips and makes submissive. Lemon juice is added to olive oil. Mix the components, slightly warm and moderate the curls. Initially, the mask should be smeared directly on the basal zone with intense movements, then with the help of a comb, smeared along the length.

Cover your head with foil and a clean towel for a couple of hours, at the end of the action, rinse your hair well with sulfate-free shampoo.


Peach seed oil can be diluted with components such as jojoba oil and sour cream. The amount of ingredients should be such that the final mask was the consistency of thick dough. Oils for hair moisturizing, protection, nutrition, recovery, essential and professional

Before mixing the oils with sour cream, they must be heated. It is necessary to apply such a mask on contaminated hair with soaking movements, it is imperative to warm and wear for 1 hour.


To create a mask you need components such as an egg, honey and lemon juice.

Heat the oil and mix with the rest of the elements until smooth. Rub the mask into the basal area, then spread on the curls. Cover your head with a hat and a clean towel. Wash off the mask no earlier than an hour later using organic shampoo.

Argan (Moroccan)

A mask with argan oil is suitable for fast hair growth and renewal. It is best applied with a course of 7 days. For the manufacture you need cocoa, ginger and nettle broth.

All of the above components are mixed well until a thick mixture. Rub the final mass into the root area with intensive movements of 2-3 minutes. Cover your head with a shower cap and a towel, wear for at least 15 minutes.

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The mask against hair loss with jojoba oil is applied 5 times with a break of 1 month. A mask needs ingredients such as mustard powder, yolk, sugar and water for dilution. Oils for hair moisturizing, protection, nutrition, recovery, essential and professional

Mix everything well, apply to the root zone (do not usd), the length and ends of the hair. Wear the mask for 20-30 minutes, then rinse with warm water and organic shampoo. It is better to smear the mask on contaminated hair.


A healing mask with nettle oil is made from ingredients such as fresh yeast, olive oil and honey.

Stir honey and olive oil, mix yeast and wait until they are completely dissolved. Pour nettle oil and spread the resulting mass on curls. Keep the mask for at least 15-20 minutes, rinse with organic shampoo.


Mango oil strengthens hair for a long time, thickens it and makes it submissive. To make such a mask, you will need components such as coconut oil, yolk, a couple of slices of lemon and mango, in addition pour in mango oil for saturation. Oils for hair moisturizing, protection, nutrition, recovery, essential and professional

Grind the yolk with coconut oil and beat with a whisk. Grind the pulp of lemon and mango, put in the mango butter. Mix all the components and spread on the root zone, then spread on the curls. Warm with a shower cap and a clean towel, wear for at least an hour.


To combat dry and brittle tips, it is possible to apply a mask with camelina oil. The mask contains only directly specified oil with the addition of castor oil in a 1: 1 ratio.

It is necessary to mix the oils and apply on the tips. Insulate with foil and leave overnight.


Arugula oil can help restore dry and brittle hair. To make a mask you need components such as egg yolks, some honey and a solution of B12 vitamins.

Mix the yolks with honey, gradually pour oil and vitamin. Wear a mask for at least 1 hour. Wash off with warm water using sulfate-free shampoo.


Broccoli oil eliminates hair tangles and makes them smooth.

For the mask you need:

  • burdock oil;
  • broccoli oil;
  • shi. Oils for hair moisturizing, protection, nutrition, recovery, essential and professional

Mix everything and slightly warm. Apply to the root zone and along the length of the hair, not forgetting about the tips. Wear the mask for 3-4 hours and rinse with warm water and sulfate-free shampoo.

Professional hair care with oils: tips and tricks

Hair moisturizing oil is also used by professional hairdressers in salons. Popular procedures “detox”, “happiness for hair” are also carried out using hair oils.

Oils are applied before styling, during and after. And these procedures greatly simplify the process of creating curls and a noble shade when staining. But, as a rule, in the salons do not use budget oils, so the cost of visiting will be higher than usual.

Tips and secrets of professionals:

  • apply oil immediately before styling, this will protect the hair from overheating and facilitate combing;
  • if you keep the oil on your hair all night, it will be a nourishing and regenerating mask, in the morning the hair will become silky and moisturized;
  • when dyeing hair, the oil must be diluted directly into the emulsion, so the hair will not be much affected by the harmful substances contained in the paint;
  • Before applying oil to the roots of the head, you need to massage the root zone, so the oil will penetrate the heated skin faster;
  • in order for the oil to be washed off the hair better, you can add a few drops of lemon juice to it;
  • as a rule, during the regular use of hair oil, one can notice an increased loss of hair, and this is due to the fact that dead bulbs make way for new, moisturized and healthy hair.

Hair Oil Video

The trichologist will tell you how to use hair oils:

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