Vacuum exercises for weight loss of a stomach for women, girls. Results, photos before and after

There is a misconception that to get a flat tummy, you need to do a lot of abdominal exercises. Indeed, in this case, the layer of subcutaneous fat does not disappear anywhere, but only grows into muscles, as a result, the volumes become even larger.

However, in order to reach a flat tummy, it is not necessary to attend gyms or fitness clubs, it is enough to perform special vacuum exercises for the abdomen every day.

Exercise vacuum for the abdomen: its features

Vacuum exercises are quite light; it’s not necessary to go to the gym to complete them. The bottom line is that for 1-2 minutes you need to draw the stomach into yourself as much as possible , while not holding your breath.

Vacuum exercises for weight loss of a stomach for women, girls. Results, photos before and after
When performing vacuum exercises involved all the muscles of the abdomen.

The technique allows you to remove excess fat from the waist thanks to such features:

  • when performing, the transverse muscle is maximally involved, it supports all internal organs in their places;
  • Great workout for the split muscles, which are responsible for the beauty of posture;
  • can be performed at any convenient place and time;
  • does not require additional equipment and special clothing;
  • not distracting from important matters, you can perform the exercise during work.

Vacuum technique does not harm the body , does not overload it, does not cause any injuries and damage. It is completely safe, easy to perform.

How to perform vacuum exercises

To comply with the following recommendations:

  1. Take a comfortable position, you can perform the exercise, standing or sitting, the main thing is to have a stable surface (the most effective performance on all fours, but this pose refers to more complex types).
  2. The back should be kept straight throughout the entire complex, and the gaze should be directed forward.
  3. Take a maximum breath, exhale sharply, while simultaneously pulling in your stomach, for simplicity you can imagine that a person is trying to reach his spine with his belly button, while holding his internal organs in the middle, and shoving his stomach under his ribs.
  4. After the stomach is retracted, it should be exhaled, but leave the stomach in the same position. You can not relax it. It is necessary to hold out in this position for 1-2 minutes.

Note! To get an excellent result when performing vacuum exercises, you must follow the correct technique.

Only in this case can a flat stomach be reached.

The exercise in question may seem fairly simple, but it is only at first glance. Its implementation requires a lot of effort , so at first it is even possible to reduce muscle cramps.

Lying exercises

Vacuum for the abdomen from a prone position is considered one of the simple types that is perfect for beginners.

Vacuum exercises for weight loss of a stomach for women, girls. Results, photos before and after
Vacuum exercises for the abdomen in the supine position should be performed on a flat surface, bending the knees and extending arms along the body.

The execution technique is as follows:

  • lie on a comfortable, stable surface, legs must be bent at the knees, arms extended along the body;
  • take a maximum breath, after a sharp exhale, in a state of exhalation, draw the stomach into itself as much as possible;
  • stay in the accepted position for at least 10 seconds, if necessary, take small breaths and exhalations;
  • after a while, rest a bit, repeat the exercise 10 times.

Vacuum sitting on a chair

This method is considered the most difficult , because in a sitting position on the muscles that support the spinal column behind, there is an even greater load, they are stabilized, thereby preventing the emergence of a vacuum.

Vacuum exercises for weight loss of a stomach for women, girls. Results, photos before and after
To perform vacuum exercises for the abdomen in a sitting position, a stool or chair with a back is suitable.

To perform this technique, only a chair without a back or a stool is suitable. To increase the difficulty, you can choose a fitball.

The execution technique is as follows:

  • starting position – sitting, while the back should be flat, the chin is looking down, the hands should be on your knees, lower limbs are at right angles;
  • when drawing in the abdomen, it is necessary to take a slow breath through the nose, you need to inhale the maximum air into the lungs;
  • if there is a feeling that it is no longer possible to retract the abdomen, finish retracting, stay in this position for about 1 minute;
  • after, with sharp jerks to push the air out of the lungs, try to pull the stomach even harder; stay in this position for 15-20 seconds.

It’s important to know! If you experience pain in the abdominal cavity, you must immediately stop the exercise.

This can lead to serious consequences.

Vacuum on all fours – technology

Vacuum exercises for the abdomen from a position on all fours are complicated by the fact that here it is necessary not only to strain the transverse muscle, but also to overcome the force of gravity, which pulls the stomach down. Therefore, this technique requires much more effort than from a prone position , while you can achieve better results.

Vacuum exercises for weight loss of a stomach for women, girls. Results, photos before and after
Performing vacuum exercises for the abdomen on all fours is more difficult than in other initial positions, since it is important to overcome the force of gravity of the abdomen down.

The implementation of the technique is as follows:

  • to take a pose on all fours, hands should not be bent at the elbows, but should be slightly wider than the shoulders, the neck should not be strained, the head should be lowered down;
  • inhale slowly enough, then also exhale the air masses from the lungs;
  • to draw the stomach in as much as possible, it is necessary that
    he seeks to reach the spine, while the back should be round;
  • try not to breathe for 15-20 seconds, then inhale the air, relax the muscles.

For one workout you need to do 3-5 repetitions of the exercise. When performed regularly, bring the breath holding time to 1 min.

How to perform a vacuum while standing

The exercise is performed using the support, you can do it without it, but this already applies to a more complex form. When doing the back should be straight , legs slightly bent and set shoulder width apart, hands should be placed on the hips or knees.

Vacuum exercises for weight loss of a stomach for women, girls. Results, photos before and after
Performing vacuum exercises while standing, you can use the support or do without it.

In this position, you should perform the following exercises:

  • take a maximum breath, let a large amount of air into the lungs;
  • make a slow exhalation, while the navel should adhere to the spine;
  • stop in the adopted position for 15-20 seconds, after which sharply push the air out of the lungs, it is better to do it with jerks, because such vacuum exercises for the abdomen involve drawing the abdomen to the maximum possible;
  • linger in this position for another 5-10 seconds, and then relax the muscles.


The vacuum can not be performed by all people, since it has a number of contraindications, which are listed in the table.

Contraindications What can happen
Pregnancy Exercise can lead to impaired fetal development, cause a risk of miscarriage due to muscle work
Diseases of the cardiovascular system Vacuum techniques for the abdomen include sharp breaths and exhalations, and there is intense blood movement throughout the body.In case of heart disease, a jump in the speed of blood movement can lead to strokes or heart attacks
Respiratory system diseases Sharp inhalations and exhalations can adversely affect lung function.
Gastrointestinal ulcers Sharp inhalations and exhalations can contribute to the opening of ulcers, as there is a sharp contraction of muscles
Critical days period Performing such exercises enhances pain in the abdominal cavity, as well as increased bleeding

Important to remember! When performing the technique, pain should not be felt.

If there are no contraindications to the implementation of the vacuum, but pain in the abdomen is observed, then it is strictly forbidden to proceed with this technique. It is necessary to wait until the pain stops.

What result can be expected

With regular vacuum exercises for the abdomen, you can achieve excellent results in a month:

  • sagging and large belly disappears, it becomes taut and flat;
  • the amount of subcutaneous fat, which is harmful to the body, decreases;
  • the body is supplied with oxygen, toxins are removed from the body;
  • metabolic processes in the body are accelerated, matabolism improves;
  • cessation of pain in the lumbar;
  • a beautiful, stately and correct posture appears;
  • prevention of prolapse of internal organs occurs, hernias do not form;
  • the waist becomes thinner;
  • the transverse muscles become larger.
Vacuum exercises for weight loss of a stomach for women, girls. Results, photos before and after
Regularly performing a vacuum of the abdomen, you can achieve the desired result after several weeks of training.

But do not forget that the result appears only with everyday activities , in other cases, exercises will not bring any benefit.

Professional advice for maximum effect

To get the most out of these exercises, experienced athletes and trainers recommend:

  1. Breathe properly. The whole cycle of vacuum exercises depends on breathing. Inhalation should be done only through the nose, and exhale through the mouth, and you need to make sure that the exhalation is sharp, while you can even make sounds.
  2. When exhaling, do not completely relax the body, the stomach should be in tension throughout the exercise. The effectiveness of the execution, the speed of burning excess subcutaneous fat depends on the tension of the transverse muscles.
  3. It is necessary to perform the exercise 2 times a day, it is better in the morning before eating and just before bedtime, if they are performed at different times and always for a different period of time, the result will be small, it will be achieved for a long time.
  4. At the initial execution, it is not necessary to overload the body much, it is important to do exercises as much as possible of your body, however, it is worth doing it a little more than your capabilities.
  5. You always need to improve the technique of performing exercises, increase the time intervals, complicate their implementation.
  6. You can not take breaks in execution, this will lose your knack, you will have to start all over again.
  7. The correct execution technique must always be followed.
Vacuum exercises for weight loss of a stomach for women, girls. Results, photos before and after
To get the desired result from vacuum exercises for the abdomen, you must adhere to the advice of professionals.

Vacuum exercises are very effective for the abdomen. Their regular implementation will achieve excellent results. In addition, the vacuum requires adherence to proper breathing , since this is the basis of the exercise, which nourishes the body with additional oxygen.

In this video you will learn about the technique of performing vacuum exercises for women sitting on a chair:

The video will show you how to properly perform a “vacuum of the abdomen”:

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