Effective and inexpensive vitamins to speed up metabolism, weight loss. Names and prices

An effective and inexpensive way to eliminate extra pounds is considered to be the use of special complexes for weight loss, which include vitamins.

Properties of Slimming Vitamins

During the fight against overweight in the human body, not always favorable changes occur. At this time, a person refuses many products, which leads to a shortage of useful and nutrients. This leads to vitamin deficiency, loss of strength and the development of diseases.

In order to prevent the negative consequences of using a sparing menu, you need to ensure that a sufficient amount of vitamins is ingested during the diet. The pharmaceutical industry today is ready to offer a wide variety of such drugs.

Proper use of them not only restores the missing vitamins, but also speeds up the process of losing weight. However, we must remember that they are only an additional method, and not the main one.


Tocopherol acetate is one of the main vitamins that takes part in the metabolism, in the establishment of endocrine secretory cells and the reproductive system.

Effective and inexpensive vitamins to speed up metabolism, weight loss. Names and prices


  • increases the protective properties of the body;
  • significantly strengthens the immune system.

It interferes with oxidative processes in all organs and blood vessels.

To fill the body with a sufficient amount, it is recommended to introduce into the diet:

  • wheat germ;
  • peanut;
  • soybean and olive oil;
  • nuts
  • flaxseed;
  • oatmeal porridge and egg yolk;
  • rose hips;
  • oats.

Its also a lot in the leaves of nettle and dandelion.


Vitamins for weight loss (effective and inexpensive can be found in pharmacy kiosks) contain retinol in their composition. It also helps to easily raise a person’s ability to withstand significant loads, quickly recover from them.

Indeed, during the period of dieting, people often engage in prolonged physical exercise. It is not found in its pure form in products, but is converted from retinol and carotenoids.

Effective and inexpensive vitamins to speed up metabolism, weight loss. Names and prices

To do this, eat:

  • any liver;
  • eggs
  • butter;
  • persimmon;
  • milk products;
  • carrot;
  • parsley;
  • yellow fruits;
  • peaches and apricots;
  • cabbage;
  • dill;
  • pumpkin.

Retinol helps the human body to take natural chemical compounds. Its daily rate is 900 mcg.

Vitamin C

Ascorbic acid lowers unnecessary cholesterol and helps convert monosaccharides to useful energy. And in a duet with vitamin B8, it successfully eliminates fat cells.

Effective and inexpensive vitamins to speed up metabolism, weight loss. Names and prices

The source is such food:

  • horseradish;
  • black currant;
  • sea buckthorn;
  • bell pepper;
  • broccoli;
  • kiwi;
  • kohlrabi;
  • wild strawberries and red currants;
  • pomelo;
  • dog-rose fruit.

Citrus fruits are rich in acid, especially oranges and lemons.


Vitamin B1 is very necessary for the proper exchange of carbohydrates. It is with its deficiency that the desire to eat increases, overeating begins. And this entails the accumulation of excess fat. He is responsible for the normalization of defenses, the state of tissues and accelerates protein metabolism in the body.

Effective and inexpensive vitamins to speed up metabolism, weight loss. Names and prices

We can distinguish such foods in which there is a rather large amount of thiamine:

  • buckwheat;
  • pork;
  • beans;
  • liver;
  • coarse flour bread.

Thanks to this vitamin, oxygen transfer in the blood stream improves, as it forms red blood cells. And it helps in the issue of losing weight.


Vitamin B2 coordinates the working action of the thyroid gland, which indicates metabolic metamorphosis rate. There is a lot of it in hard cheese, offal and green vegetables. About 1.8 mg should be ingested daily. It must be remembered that riboflavin tends to decompose under the influence of light rays, it is very poorly soluble in ordinary water.

It is necessary for:

  • filling cells with oxygen and their division;
  • positively affects the inner shell of the digestive tract;
  • red blood cell formation;
  • the strength of nails and hair.

His need increases significantly with increased loads of various kinds.


Pyridoxine regulates the endocrine system, controls all vital processes in the human body.

Effective and inexpensive vitamins to speed up metabolism, weight loss. Names and prices

He is in:

  • wheat and buckwheat;
  • lentils
  • walnuts;
  • rice bran;
  • avocado;
  • millet;
  • oysters;
  • corn and potatoes;
  • milk and mustard;
  • soybeans.

Adermin is responsible for the balance of hormones.

The most effective complexes of vitamins for weight loss: composition, prices, instructions for use

Vitamins for weight loss (effective and inexpensive are implemented as complex preparations), it is advisable to start using after consultation with a nutritionist or therapist.

The drug has such positive aspects:

  • selected the whole set of necessary for the body, taking into account the daily norm, nutrients;
  • the complex includes acids that contribute to weight loss;
  • contains micro and macro elements.
Effective and inexpensive vitamins to speed up metabolism, weight loss. Names and prices
The article discusses the most effective and inexpensive vitamins for weight loss.

It must be remembered that their uncontrolled use can harm health. In order to avoid overdose, it is forbidden to take several complexes at the same time. After all, they can repeat the constituent components. And their excess will lead to hypervitaminosis.

MIC combined with vitamin B12 and chromium

Injections for weight loss are very popular these days. They are used together with chromium and vitamin B12.

The letters in the name are taken from the name of its components:

  • choline is a substance that prevents the destruction of cell membranes. Helps the liver process fats. Lowers cholesterol;
  • methionine – an amino acid that prevents fat accumulation in the liver, normalizes metabolism, adds energy to the body. Use with caution to people with allergies;
  • Inositol – helps to absorb choline, activates the production of seratonin, which, in turn, controls appetite.

Thus, injections reduce the desire for food and help improve metabolism.


This complex is made in the United States of America. Its components normalize the work of the cardiovascular system, regulate the nervous system.

Effective and inexpensive vitamins to speed up metabolism, weight loss. Names and prices

It is considered one of the most effective, has a beneficial effect on:

  • lipid metabolism;
  • accelerates energy processes;
  • breaks down carbohydrates.

With caution should be used for people suffering from:

  • gout
  • tuberculosis
  • sarcoidosis;
  • kidney disease.

Available in tablet form. One piece contains the required daily dose. Take with food, washed down with a glass of water. The course is 2 months.

It is advisable to take in such cases:

  • weakening of the body’s defenses;
  • lack of a balanced diet;
  • disruption of the digestive tract;
  • poor digestibility of nutrients;
  • with exacerbation of long-term ailments;
  • in case of intense loads;
  • past serious illnesses;
  • after prolonged antibiotic treatment.

The cost depends on the packaging and varies from $ 6 – $ 27.


The American complex was developed by Austrian pharmacists. It is an excellent supplier of elements that promote metabolism in the body, increase the vitality of a person. It is indispensable for muscle loads.

Effective and inexpensive vitamins to speed up metabolism, weight loss. Names and prices


  • makes the bone stronger;
  • improves the structure of the skin and hair, nails.

With an allergic reaction to at least one of the components, taking vitamins is prohibited. Available in tablet form, packed in jars.

Nutritionists prescribe such a complex for:

  • seasonal hypovitaminosis;
  • to enhance immunity;
  • improving skin properties.

Take in the morning after a meal, 1 piece. The duration of use is 30 days. Price – $ 7 – $ 20.


Vitamins for weight loss, effective and inexpensive, are part of a drug created by Swiss pharmacists. Megaslim – these are capsules that can help maintain weight at the proper level, and not gain again after the termination of the diet. Establish the work of the digestive tract.

Effective and inexpensive vitamins to speed up metabolism, weight loss. Names and prices

Contraindication to use is:

  • neurosis;
  • violation of the rhythm of the heartbeat;
  • ischemia;
  • liver disease.

A side effect may be:

  • blood pressure differences;
  • disorders of the nervous system;
  • pain in the kidneys.

When a negative reaction occurs, the use of the complex must be stopped. Recommended for reduced performance during diets. Take 1 capsule during breakfast and dinner. Duration from 1 to 3 months. The cost is $ 3 – $ 9.


Combined preparation made in Slovenia, which consists of red and blue tablets. The first contains vitamins, and the second – minerals.

Characteristics Explanations
Contraindications Hyperteriosis, heart disease, glucose intolerance.
Side effects Nausea, vomiting, headaches and cramps.
Application Heavy loads, alcoholism, decreased diet, with vitamin deficiency, during lactation.
Method of admission 1 piece each (different color) before lunch for 20 days.
Release form Tablets.
Cost $ 2 – $ 3.


Vitamins of a domestic manufacturer with a well-selected composition. Perfect for weight loss, relatively inexpensive and very effective. Good effect on the functioning of the sex glands. It is not recommended to use before the age of 12 years and for those who are allergic to its components.

Effective and inexpensive vitamins to speed up metabolism, weight loss. Names and prices

Take 1 tablet after breakfast.

They are indispensable in such cases:

  • with viral diseases
  • for the prevention or treatment of vitamin deficiencies
  • overwork.

The price depends on the amount of dragee in the package. Hesitates in this range – from $ 2 – $ 3.

Will send

To improve cellular nutrition and energy metabolism, the best tool can not be found. It helps to relieve fatigue and improve performance. With insomnia and atherosclerosis, it is better not to use this drug. Capsules perfectly strengthen the immune system, remove lethargy, and increase concentration. Price – $ 2 – $ 4.

Doppelherz Asset

German preparation with easily digestible components, has an assortment of fruit flavors. Promotes lipid breakdown, and thanks to selenium and zinc improves the structure of the hair and skin. During pregnancy, with hypersensitivity and intestinal disorders, it is forbidden to use. It should be taken 1 month, 1 tablet in the morning. Cost: $ 3 – $ 4.

Turboslim express weight loss

The block consists of 4 completely natural preparations and a special container with a drink. This is the best way to quickly eliminate excess pounds. During the day, you can lose up to 2 -3 pounds. During childbearing and feeding, you can not drink the product.

Effective and inexpensive vitamins to speed up metabolism, weight loss. Names and prices

Take 2 capsules of different colors in the morning, at lunch and before bedtime. And the contents of the sachet need to be combined with 0,3 gallon of water and drink in small portions throughout the day. Duration of use – 3 days. Price – $ 8 – $ 10.


Slimming vitamins (effective and inexpensive are produced in USA) with natural components help to process energy with great speed, which makes it possible to bur
n excess weight. Take a separately developed composition in the afternoon, in the evening. “Turboslim Tea” should be drunk with food. The cost ranges from $ 5 – $ 7.


A dietary supplement protects the gastrointestinal tract from the negative effects, strengthens the protective functions of the body, improves the skin. You need to drink 3 times a day during meals. For allergic tendencies, it is not recommended to use. The price policy is higher than that of other drugs – $ 23 – $ 27.

Alphabet Diet

The complex consists of 3 different components that must be taken separately.

Each individually exerts its own influence on the body:

  • improves energy processes;
  • strengthens the immune system;
  • establishes the work of the endocrine system;
  • improve blood composition.

Effective and inexpensive vitamins to speed up metabolism, weight loss. Names and prices

It is forbidden to use for people with heart disease, kidney disease, hypertension. You need to drink tablets strictly following the sequence of colors. Price – $ 3 – $ 4.

Principles of rational selection of the drug

To choose the right vitamin complex, you need to analyze your menu and understand which substances the body may not have enough. Based on this, you need to carefully study the composition of the proposed pharmaceutical preparations. Further, starting from the budget, stop at the best option.

Pricing policy depends on the constituent components of the pharmacological product. After consulting with your doctor, you can make a choice on the most effective and inexpensive vitamins, which for weight loss will become indispensable. Their deficiency not only prevents weight loss, but also contributes to the accumulation of fat. Such a protective reaction of the body.

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