Back push-ups from the bench. What muscles work, a technique for girls

Properly performed back push-ups strengthen the muscles of the hands. A set of exercises helps to work out triceps muscles using your own body weight. At the same time, the hands are located at the back of the body for any training option from the bench or from the floor.

What muscles work

Athletes often focus on biceps, while triceps is ignored. It is not too noticeable, although it occupies 75% of the volume of the arm. To make your arms strong and bold, you need to train him. This can be done using reverse push-ups, or dips on bench, which means “dips on the bench.”

This type of training is well known in the sports world and is appreciated for using all 3 triceps muscles simultaneously: long, medial and lateral.

Back push-ups from the bench. What muscles work, a technique for girls

When using exercises in various versions (with bent legs or the second bench), the pectoral, rhomboid and latissimus muscles, the back surface of the shoulders (deltas), abs and buttocks are additionally loaded.

This was proved by studies conducted at VIDA Fitness Renaissance (Washington, USA). The use of backward push-ups develops strength and endurance, improves the relief of the hands and increases muscle tone.

Reverse push-ups have the following advantages over other power loads:

  • varied in execution methods: with a chair or bench, or without additional equipment;
  • show high results, despite the simplicity;
  • the position with bent elbows is comfortable in comparison with traditional push-ups;
  • used in weight loss programs;
  • in combination with other exercises are used to increase muscle mass;
  • improve hand relief;
  • form a posture, which is important for those who lead a sedentary lifestyle;
  • ensure quick achievement of the result if you engage regularly and follow the recommendations;
  • works out the stabilizing muscles of the body and spine;
  • stable load reduces the possibility of stretching and delayed pain syndrome;
  • give the opportunity to engage not only in the gym, but also at home;
  • suitable for both men and girls;

Back push-ups from the bench. What muscles work, a technique for girls

  • You can engage in any level of physical fitness;
  • useful for both beginners and experienced athletes;
  • the load can be adjusted by changing the setting of the legs and the width of the grip or using weighting agents.

Disadvantages and contraindications

Reverse push-ups from the bench can not be done to people with:

  • diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system;
  • insufficient joint flexibility;

The disadvantages of reverse push-ups include:

  • exercises heavily load the joints;
  • improper execution may cause injury;
  • assistance is required when working with weighting agents.

Tips and tricks for beginners on how not to get injured

In order not to be injured, a beginner should follow 9 basic recommendations:

  • Lower the body down to such a level that the bend of the arms is 90%.
  • Keep your elbows parallel, do not move apart.
  • Keep to the rhythm. Slowly and smoothly during dips and dynamically to the starting position.
  • The body should be close to the support, not leaning forward or backward.
  • When working with weighting materials, it is important to use a suitable weight.
  • Keep your arms wider than your shoulders.
  • Movement during push-ups from the bench should be directed strictly up and down, and not diagonally.
  • If discomfort or pain occurs in the elbows or shoulders, stop training.
  • Exercises are energy-intensive and it is recommended to do them at the beginning of classes. Otherwise, you may be injured.

Varieties of exercise


  • from a bench with bent knees – for the entry level;
Back push-ups from the bench. What muscles work, a technique for girls
Reverse push-ups from the bench help strengthen the back and tighten the abdominal muscles.
  • a more difficult option from a support with outstretched legs;
  • from the floor, with additional study of the press;
  • classic version with two benches;
  • for an advanced level or weight gain – with weighting.

For girls

The technique is the same for girls and men. The complex allows you to tone the back of your hands, one of the traditionally problematic areas in girls. Before starting a workout, you need to warm up for 5-7 minutes to warm up the muscles.

Squats, bends, turns, swings with your hands – any warming movements are suitable. Continue with a few exercises for the shoulder joint. For example, rotational movements of the shoulders and jerking hands from the chest. Experts recommend practicing regularly, the optimal regimen every other day.

Order of execution:

  1. Focus on the bench, place the upper limbs behind, fingers should be directed toward the body, the back is straight.
  2. Inhaling, bend your elbows (fall through). The movements are slow. In the “failure” position, the forearms should be perpendicular to the floor, elbows directed strictly back.
  3. It is impossible for the elbows to “look” to the sides, because in this way the back muscles will be included in the work, and the load on the triceps will decrease.
  4. Hold down for 1-2 seconds.
  5. As you exhale, make a sharp upward movement. You need to rise sharply so that the muscles receive maximum tension. Do not change the position of the body and head, use only the strength of the triceps. Do not hold breath during movement.
  6. Lock the starting position.
  7. You can hold a pause between repetitions of up to 1 min.

Movements are performed due to bending and extension of the arms. Otherwise, the load goes to the lower back and hips, and the desired result will not be.

The reverse push-ups from the bench should be complicated gradually, having worked without errors the previous stage in compliance with all the rules and recommendations.

Back push-ups from the bench. What muscles work, a technique for girls

With an increase in load or weighting, there is no need to rush.

Simplified options

For beginners, you can use the options using a bench (legs bent) or just off the floor. Then the muscles of the hands are loaded less.

In the first case, the starting position is half-
squat with his back to the bench:

  1. Knees at right angles, emphasis on a full foot. Hands on the bench, fingers pointing to the body.
  2. In IP, the hands remain slightly bent at the elbows, you do not need to straighten them strongly, otherwise there is a risk of damage to the elbow joint.
  3. Slowly bend your arms as you inhale, lowering your body down. Lock the position.
  4. The shoulders should be parallel to the floor, the elbows should not be set apart, the body is not far from the support.
  5. On the exhale, straighten your arms, pushing the body up, and return to its original position.
  6. To get a greater effect, you need to perform exercises of 15-25 repetitions in 3-4 approaches.
  7. The range of motion is small, so the load on the muscles is less than in other types of reverse push-ups.

Starting position for push-ups from the floor – sitting on the floor. The body position with this training option is similar to the bar, so the press is additionally worked out.

Back push-ups from the bench. What muscles work, a technique for girls

Algorithm of actions:

  1. Emphasis on the hands located behind the body. The palms are turned towards the body.
  2. Exhaling, straighten arms and body.
  3. Lock for 2-3 seconds.

Classic version

With the classical technique, put 2 benches parallel to each other, the distance between them should be slightly larger than the length of the legs:

  1. Starting position: palm rest on the edge of one bench, legs with heels on the second. Hands are located slightly wider than shoulders, hands are directed towards the body. Keep your back straight, without changing the position of the legs and hips while moving.
  2. Failures must be completed slowly without jerking the hull.
  3. Forearm while moving down should be strictly perpendicular to the floor, elbows back. In the lower position, the case sags between the supports.
  4. Make a fixation of the position for 2-3 seconds, and powerfully, on the exhale, push the body back.
  5. When returning to the starting position, the arms are straightened as much as possible, but the elbows do not fall back, the pelvis is just above the bench, the body is located next to the support.

When performing push-ups with the legs on any height, when the feet are above the floor, the load on the hands increases due to the displacement of the weight of your own body. In this method of exercise, the muscles of the abs and buttocks additionally participate in the load. They help fix the position of the body.

With weight

Reverse push-ups from a bench with extra weight require outside help:

  1. Starting position: the emphasis with your hands should be carried out on one bench, and the foot with the other, as in the classic version.
  2. Then, on the outside of the hips, the assistant puts a weight, for example, pancakes from a barbell, a dumbbell or a weighting vest. It is important to choose the right weight for your workout.
  3. You should start with a small weight, gradually increasing the load. You can proceed to this technique only after passing through all the previous types of push-ups, when you will be sure that the muscles are strong enough.
  4. The execution technique is the same as in the classic version. The training program depends on the goal.

Back push-ups from the bench. What muscles work, a technique for girls

To increase strength and endurance, it is recommended to do from 2 to 5 approaches. For beginners, 5-7 times are enough, 10 or more are recommended for an advanced level.

When it comes to increasing muscle mass, the number of approaches remains the same. Only the number of repetitions increases (from 4 to 8 times) and the weight of the weighting agent. In order not to be injured, push-ups should be carried out under the supervision of a partner.

Push up program

To select the optimal training program, a beginner needs to pass a test. To do this, you need to do an exercise with all the rules as many times as possible. Then determine your optimal training regimen according to the table, in accordance with the maximum number of repetitions.

The program is designed for 28 days with a frequency of 3 times a week and ends with a new test and the transition to the next level of training. For those who were able to squeeze out of the bench less than 5 times, it is recommended to start training with simplified options for push-ups.

With bent legs, or off the floor. After a month, having achieved the correct execution of the exercise 125 times per workout, again pass the test and proceed to the next level of training.

The number of push-ups in the test
Up to 5 push-ups in a simplified version 5-10 more than 10
time approaches time approaches time approaches
Monday 10-15 2 5-10 2 10-15 2-3
Wednesday 10-15 3 5-10 2-3 10-15 3
Friday 10-15 4 10 3 10-15 3-4
Saturday Sunday
Monday 15-20 2 10-15 3 15 4
Wednesday 15-20 3 10-15 3-4 15-20 4
Friday 15-20 4 15 4 15-20 4-5
Saturday Sunday
Monday 20-25 2 15-20 4 20 5
Wednesday 20-25 3 15-20 4-5 20-25 4
Friday 20-25 4 20 5 20-25 4-5
Saturday Sunday
Monday 25 4 20-25 4 25 5
Wednesday 25 4-5 20-25 4-5 25-30 5
Friday 25 5 25 5 30 5
Sunday Retest and move to the next level

Back push-ups from the bench. What muscles work, a technique for girls

The next stage of training after going through all the modes can be working with weight.

How to increase efficiency

Efficiency can be improved at any stage.

When working with bent legs:

  • to complicate the exercise by putting one foot on the other;
  • move your legs further from the bench or chair;
  • increase the width of the grip;
  • do more approaches;
  • increase the duration of fixing the position of the body.

To increase the load on the triceps in the classic push-up technique, a weight is placed on the front of the thigh (pancake for a barbell or dumbbell). In this case, do not immediately take a lot of weight. It is recommended to start with the smallest. You can also adjust the width of the grip. This must be done carefully, otherwise joint injuries are possible.

Main mistakes

Athletes may make mistakes in training that adversely affect the result:

  • stoop or rounding of the chest;

Back push-ups from the bench. What muscles work, a technique for girls

  • the body is tilted forward;
  • the body is far from the bench;
  • incomplete range of motion;
  • irregular movements;
  • breath holding
  • too low dips;
  • improper hand position (far from the edge of the stop);
  • hands are directed away from the body;
  • use of force of the hips when pushing;
  • elbows are not parallel;
  • the use of dips is not at the beginning, but in the middle or at the end of the training, when the muscles are tired and the load on the triceps is incomplete.

The secret to getting the result of backward push-ups is the forward movement from lightweight techniques to complex ones, and in regular classes.

If you perform back push-ups from the floor or bench, taking into account the indicated tips and recommendations, you can be sure that the muscles will tone and your arms will become toned, strong and embossed.

Video about the correct performance of push-ups

Rules for doing push-up exercises on a bench:

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