Carboxytherapy for the face. What is it, how is it done, before and after photos, price, reviews

With age, skin trophism worsens, and the degree of oxygen saturation decreases. With the help of carboxytherapy, you can restore the attractiveness and elasticity, restore the tone of the skin. This is a popular cosmetology treatment and anti-aging technique for the face and body.

Patients and cosmetologists noted the high effectiveness and safety of the procedure. Before taking the course, you need to familiarize yourself with the features of the component compositions, the methods of carrying out, as well as a list of indications and contraindications.

The essence and principle of action

Carboxytherapy for the face is a rejuvenation technique by saturating the cellular structures and tissues with carbon dioxide. With age, a natural degradation of the body begins, the processes of regeneration and rejuvenation slow down.

Carboxytherapy for the face. What is it, how is it done, before and after photos, price, reviews
Carboxytherapy for the face is the prevention of age-related skin changes

Such an effect makes it possible to stimulate physiological processes, preventing oxygen starvation, providing oxygen delivery and removal of cell waste products. The method is simple, safe and effective.

Doses of carbon dioxide given by injection or non-invasively are safe for the body. The mechanism is to enhance the natural oxygen deficiency in cells. In the process, the body produces a forced discharge of oxygen from the blood, which leads to vasodilation and increased blood flow.

As a result of the active exposure to carbon dioxide, metabolism is activated, microcirculation is improved, and cells are saturated with useful trace elements.

Cells wake up and begin to function actively in an updated mode. ATP acid is a stimulant of metabolism, carbon dioxide introduced by the method of carboxytherapy catalyzes the processes of its release, after which it is excreted from the body for 30 minutes.

The result is:

  • fibroblast formation;
  • normalization of lymph and blood circulation;
  • collagen synthesis;
  • active hydration;
  • improvement of turgor;
  • cell saturation;
  • strengthening the intercellular space.

The substance has a beneficial effect on the breakdown of the fat layer, increasing the sensitivity of beta-adrenergic receptors responsible for natural lipolysis. CO2 takes part in lipid hydrolysis, activating CAMP, a substance derived from ATP and hormone-dependent lipase.

The use of the carboxytherapy method has several advantages over other therapeutic rejuvenation techniques:

  • Universality. The technique is used at any age and for any type of skin.
  • Safety. The technique is characterized by minimal risks, can be carried out in a non-invasive way.
  • Comfort and painlessness. During the session, the relaxation effect is felt, there are no painful sensations.

Carboxytherapy for the face. What is it, how is it done, before and after photos, price, reviews

Carboxytherapy successfully combines with aggressive chemical peels (with retinoids), this complex promotes regeneration, complementing and enhancing the aesthetic effect of each procedure.


The technology of carbon dioxide saturation is used in the field of medical cosmetology to improve health, improve the condition of the skin, strengthen immunity, rejuvenation, and also as a preventive measure for negative age-related changes.

General indications for a carboxytherapy course are:

  • various signs of photoaging;
  • the presence of facial and age wrinkles;
  • decrease in elasticity;
  • lack of moisture;
  • the presence of systematic inflammatory processes;
  • a tendency to expand pores, the presence of scars and scars;
  • violation of the balance of oily skin;
  • the presence of acne, traces of acne;
  • local hard-to-correct fat accumulations;
  • presence of traces of hyperpigmentation, dull complexion;
  • dark circles, increased swelling;
  • the presence of spider veins and other skin defects.

Active oxygen saturation technology is used in cosmetology and aesthetic medicine not only for facial areas. With the help of carboxytherapy, it is possible to reduce body volumes by performing a correction in the abdomen, buttocks, and thighs. The correction zone with drugs for carboxytherapy is selected based on the localization of defects.

Contraindications and side effects

Carboxytherapy for the face is a universal, effective and safe method of rejuvenating and preventing age-related changes. Despite the minimal risks, before conducting oxygen saturation sessions, it is worth familiarizing yourself with a number of contraindications.

Carboxytherapy is not recommended in the following cases:

  • during pregnancy and lactation;
  • in the postoperative period;
  • in the presence of malignant tumors;
  • in the presence of subcutaneous inflammation in acute or chronic form;
  • if the patient has recently suffered a stroke, heart attack;
  • with impaired functioning of the kidneys, liver;
  • if chronic diseases worsen;
  • with a tendency to anemia, epilepsy, mental disorders;
  • with renal, cardiac, respiratory failure.

Carboxytherapy does not have toxic effects on the body, it is safe and painless.

After the session, the following complications may occur:

  • moderate erythema in the field of processing;
  • slight swelling;
  • a feeling of soreness and burning;
  • hematomas at the injection sites.

Such consequences are considered normal and pass within the first two days after the session. Before the procedure, it is important to tell the beautician about all chronic diseases, possible negative reactions of the body, drug therapy. This will help to avoid serious negative consequences in the future and get a favorable aesthetic effect.

Soreness and anesthesia

The principle of carboxytherapy is the introduction of carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is introduced in a rarefied and heated state, which eliminates toxic effects and discomfort. During the procedure, the patient does not feel acute pain, therefore, carboxytherapy is carried out without anesthesia.

Carboxytherapy for the face. What is it, how is it done, before and after photos, price, reviews

If the invasive method of delivering carbon dioxide subcutaneously is used, topical creams, gels and ointments with a mild analgesic effect can be used for particularly sensitive areas.

Used carboxytherapy drugs

Carboxytherapy for the body and face can be carried out in salons or clinics by professional cosmetologists. It is also a good way to prevent and rejuvenate at home. For procedures, special sets of drugs are used, which include those or other useful components.

The carboxytherapy agent may have the consistency of a gel, foam, intense mask. The main list of caring components included in carboxytherapy formulations is presented below.

Name of biocomponent
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The function of the biocomponent in the composition of the drug
Hyaluronate (hyaluronic acid) It has a protective function, helps restore water balance, provides maximum moisture to the internal tissues and epidermis, while retaining moisture inside.
Ana acids Alphahydroxide fruit acids eliminate hyperpigmentation, improve complexion, and eliminate dryness and tightness.
Lactic acid It returns smoothness to the epidermis, reduces the thickness of the upper stratum corneum, and prevents clogging of the ducts of the sebaceous glands.
Salicylic acid Eliminates inflammation, fights against oily skin, promotes the destruction of lipid compounds, cleansing and tightening pores.
Aloe Vera Natural Extract Provides anti-inflammatory effect, relieves irritation, accelerates regeneration processes, helps resorption of scars and scars, restores water balance in tissues.
Papaya Natural Extract It removes toxins, smoothes wrinkles, eliminates dullness, promotes toning, regeneration and healing, eliminates greasy shine, restoring skin dullness.
Mucin Natural snail mucus extract forms an invisible protective film that retains moisture and allows oxygen to freely penetrate into cells and tissues. Helps restore smoothness, normalize the appearance and complexion
Bromelain Pineapple extract promotes delicate cleavage of keratinocytes, exfoliating dead cells and restoring skin smoothness. It has anti-edematous and anti-inflammatory effect.
Antioxidant complex The vitamin complex of antioxidants slows down the aging process, strengthens the protective function of the epidermis, provides protection against external negative factors and UV rays.

Carboxytherapy for the face. What is it, how is it done, before and after photos, price, reviews

The complex of useful components gives all drugs for carboxytherapy a powerful anti-aging and healing effect. During an invasive or surface treatment, the composition allows you to provide cellular nutrition, restore the water-lipid balance in the epidermis, eliminate oxygen deficiency, saturate cells and tissues with useful vitamins, trace elements.

Varieties of kits and home use

The carboxytherapy method involves both professional use of kits under the guidance of a cosmetologist, and home use of special formulations. All sets differ in composition, scope and price category.

The most popular brands and kits for carboxytherapy that can be used for home use:

  • Baviphat. The remedy from the South Korean brand is presented in the form of an active gel or mask of intense action. The composition includes natural extracts, caffeine and citric acid. The recommended course of use is 6-8 procedures. The cost of one set for a carboxytherapy session is from $ 6,8.
  • Lamic. The Cosmetici Carbossiterapia CO2 kit for anti-aging therapy, the elimination of hyperpigmentation, rosacea and post-acne includes a set of beneficial acids that have a detoxifying effect. Therapy allows you to reduce the severity of pores, provide a lifting effect, normalize water balance, cleanse the skin of dead cells, restoring smoothness and increasing turgor. The price of one set of 1,01 fluid ounce – from $ 6,8.
  • Daejong Medical. The DJ Carborn Therapy Professional kit includes intensive masks and syringes filled with CO2 gel. The set is designed for 5 procedures. A special formula allows deep carbon dioxide to penetrate without invasive effects. Scope – all facial areas, neckline and neck. The complex provides lightening of the epidermis, leveling of the relief, cleansing and toning. The cost of a set is from $ 61.
    Carboxytherapy for the face. What is it, how is it done, before and after photos, price, reviews
  • Estesophy. Intensive Co2 Black Bubble Pack & Cleansing mask has a regenerating and anti-aging effect. The principle of operation of the South Korean cosmetic product is the created contact of O2 and CO2 bubbles, which activate the production of carboxylic acid. The result is micromassage, elimination of toxins and toxins, toning and stimulation of cell renewal. The cost of 1 mask 23 g – from $ 5,44.
  • Biotonale. The 3-step Carboxy & Oxygen Therapy kit includes carboxy and oxy therapy. Allows you to conduct complex rejuvenation procedures, eliminating small wrinkles, signs of wilting, traces of post-acne. The complex helps to reduce swelling, strengthen the walls of blood vessels, oxygenation of cells and tissues. The set is often used as preparatory or care measures after chemical peels, contour plastics, and body lifting. The cost of the product is from $ 48.

Despite the simplicity and safety of the procedures, professional formulations for carboxytherapy are not recommended without special training. This can lead to unpleasant consequences.

When using kits and intensive masks at home, you should carefully read the instructions with recommendations for the use of a cosmetic product.

Description of the steps in the procedure

Carboxytherapy for the face is an innovative technique of deep rejuvenation with a superficial or minimally invasive principle of exposure to the skin. Previously, the cosmetologist conducts a conversation and a medical history, figuring out the possible risks and contraindications. After assessing the condition of the skin and problem areas, the specialist proceeds to the procedure.

The carboxytherapy session is carried out according to the standard algorithm:

  1. The treatment area is cleaned of cosmetics and contaminants by professional means.
  2. The skin warms up for better penetration of active substances. Heating is carried out with the help of towels and thermal compresses in order to open the pores as much as possible and prepare for the further application of the active composition.
  3. Gel is applied with a thin brush or spatula. The drug is distributed throughout the area without touching the lips.
  4. On top of it is applied an intensive mask fabric mask-plasticizer, impregnated with the active compound. For deeper absorption, a light massage is performed with the mask pressed to the skin.
  5. The mask is aged 25-30 min
    utes, after which moisturizing serum is applied according to the type of skin to close the pores.

The professional and home use of carboxytherapy kits is identical. With self-application, it is also necessary within 30 minutes. carry out a light massage with driving an active gel into the pores.

Carboxytherapy for the face. What is it, how is it done, before and after photos, price, reviews

There are 2 methods of carboxytherapy – invasive and superficial. If the surface method can be used independently, then the invasive introduction of CO 2 is carried out exclusively by a professional cosmetologist.

Non-injection method

A non-invasive method of carboxytherapy is a successful alternative to invasive intervention.

The main advantages and features of the method:

  • the method is safe, there is no risk of infection, as it is carried out without injections;
  • during the procedure, deep penetration of substances through the pores is ensured;
  • In addition to a stable rejuvenation result, the procedure gives a relax effect.

The non-invasive method of transdermal administration is based on the Bor effect, which consists in increasing the concentration of carbon dioxide in tissues, which leads to an increase in the degree of absorption of oxygen from the blood by cells and tissues.

To achieve the desired aesthetic result using a non-injection method of carboxytherapy, it is necessary to conduct a course of several sessions. To maintain the result and prevent the appearance of negative age-related changes, repeated procedures are necessary.

Invasive method

Invasive carboxytherapy involves the administration of active CO 2 gel using small diameter cosmetic nano-needles. This allows the drug to be administered painlessly and not to use anesthesia.

The technique has several advantages:

  • the result obtained by the invasive introduction of carbon dioxide is more pronounced and stable;
  • the method can be used to eliminate body fat both in the face and in problem areas of the body;
  • saturation of cells and tissues occurs instantly;
  • gas is introduced only in a liquid state, which eliminates the risk of tissue infection.

Carboxytherapy for the face. What is it, how is it done, before and after photos, price, reviews

During injection carboxytherapy, sterile medical carbon dioxide is used, introduced by a diffusion apparatus with disposable nano-needles. Using a professional machine, you can control the required amount of CO 2 .

Injections are performed in the dermal layer or hypodermis, the result depends on the chosen injection area. After each injection, the beautician performs a light smoothing massage for better diffusion.

Course duration

Carboxytherapy for the face is a technique that involves a course of procedures. The number of sessions is calculated individually, several factors affect this:

  • patient age;
  • the selected method of introducing gas;
  • condition of the skin;
  • the nature of the flaws that need to be addressed.

With the injection method of introducing carbon dioxide, the result can be observed after 3-4 procedures. To combat the signs of aging, 5-6 infestations with an interval of 2-3 days will be required.

With the non-injection technique of carboxytherapy, a course of 10-15 procedures will be required to solve cosmetic problems, restore tone and visible rejuvenation. Masks with active compounds can be performed at intervals of 1-2 days.

Healing period

After relaxation masks with anti-aging effect, rehabilitation is not required. The main recommendation is to apply the skin care cream according to the type of skin on the treated area to provide the epidermis with additional hydration after carboxytherapy.

To avoid the negative consequences after an invasive intervention, you must follow a number of simple rules for care:

Carboxytherapy for the face. What is it, how is it done, before and after photos, price, reviews

  1. During the first 5-6 hours, do not touch the treated areas with your hands, do not wash your face.
  2. The first 2-3 days do not use cosmetics with an aggressive composition, so as not to cause irritation in sensitive areas.
  3. After the first day, apply a sedative (Panthenol) to relieve swelling and prevent the development of inflammation.
  4. A few days after gas injections is not recommended to visit the sauna, bath, pool.
  5. Do not carry out scrubbing, thermal or aggressive cleaning chemical procedures for the first 4-7 days after injections.

After carboxytherapy, the skin becomes more sensitive, therefore, going out into the open sun, it is necessary to protect the skin from ultraviolet cream with a cream with a high SPF factor.

Results and how long does the effect last

The unique method of carboxytherapy uses the functions of carbon dioxide, which allow to achieve the following effect:

  • strengthen the walls of blood vessels and increase blood flow to the skin, activating cellular metabolism;
  • restores blood fluidity, actively transporting oxygen to cells and tissues;
  • have a powerful anti-inflammatory effect, minimizing acne scars, absorbing scars;
  • stimulate regeneration, restoration, cell renewal;
  • activate cell metabolism, microcirculation, enhanced production of components of the intercellular matrix, fibro-nectin, hyaluronate, amino acids, collagen;
  • provide antioxidant protection to cells and tissues.

As a result of the course of carboxytherapy, the skin rejuvenates, becomes noticeably more elastic, tone returns, turgor strengthens, dullness is eliminated, and relief is leveled. Wrinkles are smoothed out, puffiness and circles under the eyes are eliminated, the complexion becomes healthy, uniform, without traces of hyperpigmentation.

The method is effective in combating stretch marks, “orange peel”, fat deposits in hard to reach places. The result of carboxytherapy is cumulative, visually noticeable after 3-5 procedures, the effect lasts 8-10 months, after which the course is recommended to be repeated.

Carboxytherapy for the face. What is it, how is it done, before and after photos, price, reviews

Modern technology carboxytherapy is an effective aesthetic method for the active restoration and rejuvenation of the skin of the face. This is an effective technique, which for a more pronounced aesthetic effect can be combined with chemical peels, photothermolysis, lipolytic mesotherapy.

Video about non-injection carboxytherapy procedure

How is carbon dioxide rejuvenation of the face:

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