Ekaterina Volkova. Photo in a swimsuit, before plastic and after. The figure, face, appearance of the actress

Actress, TV presenter, stage director – Ekaterina Volkova, who became famous thanks to the comedy television series “Voronins”. At the age of 36, the star has a magnificent figure, as evidenced by many photos in swimsuits with regularity appearing on social networks and Instagram.

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Short biography of Ekaterina Volkova

Ekaterina Volkova (photo in a swimsuit is given below in the article) was born on January 15, 1982 in Tallinn in the family of an embassy worker and a housewife. The upbringing of the future star and her brother was mainly dealt with by the grandmother, who had a great influence on the choice of life path and the formation of the character of the future “housewife Vera”.

Since childhood, the girl dreamed of becoming an actress, showing her acting abilities to the clients of the hairdresser in which Aunt Catherine worked. At the age of 14, the girl moves with her family to New York, where she begins to attend acting courses and prepares for entrance exams at the Shchepkinsky school.

Parents are distrustful of Catherine’s choice of profession, but agree with her daughter’s decision on the condition that the girl additionally receives a 2nd, “serious” profession. After graduating from the theater, Volkova settles down to work at the State Theater Film Studio, simultaneously attending auditions, where she unsuccessfully tries to get at least a small role.

Having suffered another creative failure in 2007, the girl enters the Finance Academy, which she brilliantly ends with a red diploma. During her studies, the actress starred in the commercial “Galina Blanca”, followed by fame and the first serious role in the television series “Kulagin and Partners.”

In 2008, having passed the casting from the 3rd time, Catherine receives the role of Vera in the television series Voronin, which brought the film actress universal love and recognition.

Ekaterina Volkova. Photo in a swimsuit, before plastic and after. The figure, face, appearance of the actress

In addition to acting, Volkova is a TV presenter of children’s entertainment programs and tries her hand at staging theatrical plays. The film actress is married to a professional dancer Andrei Karnov, with whom he brings up his daughter Elizabeth.

Appearance before plastic

Ekaterina Volkova (the photo in a swimsuit shows a fit figure of the actress) is known for the role of the dark-haired and charming housewife Vera. In her interviews, the actress repeatedly said that by nature she has blond hair, which she repainted many times in red and dark color, starting from the 2nd year of the Shchukin school.

Parameters of Volkova:

Height 5’4 foot
Weight 123 pounds
Eyes Gray green
Hair Natural color – golden blond
Breast size 29’5 inch (incomplete 2nd bust size)
Clothing size 42-44

Nose surgery

Ekaterina Volkova (a photo in a swimsuit of the film actress regularly appears on Instagram, allowing fans to admire the taut figure of her idol) in conversations with reporters honestly admitted that for a long time she was unhappy with her appearance, especially the size of her nose.

According to the fame of the actress, she regularly wanted to do rhinoplasty (“so that the nose does not occupy half the screen”), during which she intended:

  • change the width of the wings of the nose;
  • narrow the tip of the organ.
    Ekaterina Volkova. Photo in a swimsuit, before plastic and after. The figure, face, appearance of the actress
    Ekaterina Volkova. Biography and plastic.

A similar operation is performed in New York clinics in standard mode. The cost of manipulation depends on the amount of work (starting price from $ 1360.). To rhinoplasty, the actress was persuaded by her own complexes and evil jokes. The parody shown on the Voronins, filmed by the directors of the comedy program The Big Difference, was especially upset by Volkova.

The authors of the issue significantly enlarged the nose of “mother of Vera”, giving the face a comic expression. Colleagues on the set were able to dissuade the actress from the operation, assuring her that the creators of the series and the audience really like her memorable appearance. Having calmed down, the actress began to relate to her appearance with humor, stopping trying to radically correct the features of the face.

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Other plastic surgeries

Ekaterina Volkova has been repeatedly accused of using plastic surgery. The speed with which the actress was able to restore the figure after the birth of her daughter is haunting many. The actress herself stubbornly denies the use of medical manipulations, which is consistent with the opinion of experts.

According to practicing plastic surgeons, the appearance of Ekaterina Volkova is absolutely natural, there are no traces of the use of surgical intervention on the face and body of the film actress.

According to a statement made by the star of the series “Voronin” herself, she was helped to restore the figure in a short time:

  • genetic feature of the body;
  • physical training;
  • daily visits to the pool and sauna;
  • massage procedures;
  • independent child care;
  • a set of exercises conducted at home.
    Ekaterina Volkova. Photo in a swimsuit, before plastic and after. The figure, face, appearance of the actress

Catherine does not like to attend a fitness club. Before birth, the actress was actively engaged with a personal trainer, as a result of which the original form was restored much faster. The star’s refusal from strength training is caused by the genetic feature of the body to quickly gain muscle mass, which, according to the star, instantly turns her into a female bodybuilder.

Ekaterina Volkova has small breasts (1.5 size). Some time ago, the film actress planned to enlarge the mammary glands to a full 2nd size. Having carefully studied the services of plastic surgery clinics, in consultation with colleagues, the actress came to a consultation with a doctor who turned out to be a friend of the star.

After talking, she abandoned her original intentions, because, according to the star: “I could never undress in front
of a family friend.”

Cosmetic procedures

At the age of 30, after a long search, Ekaterina Volkova found a beautician suitable for her and since then has regularly visited the New York clinic of aesthetic medicine “Chistye Prudy”. The actress negatively refers to the early use of plastic surgery, trying to delay the aging process with the help of cosmetology.

To preserve youth, Vera from the Voronins conducts:

  • Regular sessions of biorevitalization, during which it is subjected to hypodermic injections of hyaluronic acid. The cost of the 1st session from $ 82.
    Ekaterina Volkova. Photo in a swimsuit, before plastic and after. The figure, face, appearance of the actress
  • The procedure of laser face correction “Fralex”. During the procedure, the cleaned and anesthetized skin of the star is exposed to laser beams in order to destroy the upper stratum corneum. The procedure helps to eliminate the oily skin, remove deep wrinkles, pigmentation (the cost of treating the face, neck, decollete area is $ 598).
  • Dysport injections, which consisted of subcutaneous injection of butolotoxin into the muscles, which paralyzes the tissues and prevents wrinkles. Session price from $ 82. 3-4 procedures are necessary.
  • Mesotherapy The vitamin complex enters the skin through injections, allowing you to even out the skin, eliminate age-related changes. The cost of manipulations and the drug from $ 68.
  • 3-D lifting. During the procedure, fillers that activate collagen production are introduced into the dermal layer. The result of the procedure is the creation of an internal dense collagen mask that tightens the oval of the face (price from $ 544.)

Hardware body treatments

Photos of Ekaterina Volkova in a swimsuit demonstrate the invariably beautiful figure of the actress. Despite the opinion of ill-wishers, the TV star denies the use of any surgical procedures. To keep fit,

Catherine once every 6 months passes 15 sessions of vacuum-roller massage aimed at preventing:

  • cellulite;
  • sagging skin;
    Ekaterina Volkova. Photo in a swimsuit, before plastic and after. The figure, face, appearance of the actress
  • puffiness;
  • formation of excess adipose tissue.

During the procedure, which lasts about 1 hour, the body, dressed in a special suit, is affected by manuls that perform vacuum-roller stimulation in all layers of the skin and subcutaneous fat, accelerating the flow of oxygen and the removal of toxins. The price of 1 procedure is from $ 163.

In addition to hardware techniques, Volkova:

  • daily (40 min.) engaged in a swimming pool;
  • visits a sauna to remove excess water from the body.

Catherine does not like fitness clubs, preferring to play sports at home. The actress independently shakes the press, does physical exercises to help maintain the elasticity of the buttocks. The star does not like diet. In an interview, Catherine admitted that she sat on a strict diet only 1 time in her life.

After a day of torment, during which it was allowed to use only onion soup without salt, Volkova became ill. After an unsuccessful experiment, the film actress vowed to limit her nutrition. Catherine calmly eats hamburgers, chips, drinks Coca-Cola, allowing the body to eat what he wants at the moment.

Comparison before and after

At the age of 36, Ekaterina Volkova never tires of impressing fans with a slender figure and youth. The star of the series “Voronin” has an oval face shape, gray-green eyes and a large nose, which has become the visiting card of “Vera’s mother”.

Ekaterina Volkova. Photo in a swimsuit, before plastic and after. The figure, face, appearance of the actress

Living in an active mode, consisting of constant filming, touring, household chores and raising her daughter, the actress maintains a slender figure that does not need plastic surgery. The humor with which she meets any criticism and jokes helps Ekaterina to relate to the shortcomings of her appearance.

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The attitude of the actress to interventions

Volkova has an ambiguous attitude towards plastic surgery. Several times, the star was about to change the shape of her nose and breast size, but each time she abandoned her intentions. The Voronins star believes that surgical correction should be resorted to only in emergency cases, when other methods no longer help.

The actress does not understand young girls 20-30 years old, seeking to change the appearance given by nature. With the help of friends, “mother Vera” found a wonderful cosmetologist who is a facial surgeon. Catherine strictly follows the advice of a specialist, undergoes procedures to maintain youthful skin, correct age-related changes and believes that she can wait for at least another 10-15 years with plastic surgery.

In addition to regular cosmetology and hardware procedures, Vera’s mother carefully looks after her hair, face and body:

  • To preserve the hairstyle, the actress uses shampoos, balms, restoring masks of the L’Oreal Matrix series. After applying the products, the hair becomes soft and fluffy, which is very important for their damaged structure. Catherine plans to conduct mesotherapy for the scalp. This procedure will help revitalize the bulbs, restore roots.
  • At night, Volkova must apply anti-cellulite cream, daily use of which helps to tighten the skin and eliminate excess water from the body.
  • Catherine loves to sunbathe and often visits the solarium. After the beautician said about the harmful effects of UV rays on the structure of the skin, the movie star switched to tanning, giving the tissues a golden hue without changing the structure.
    Ekaterina Volkova. Photo in a swimsuit, before plastic and after. The figure, face, appearance of the actress
  • Once a week, Catherine conducts home spa treatments, during which she applies an anti-cellulite cream based on seaweed on her buttocks, abdomen, and thighs, wraps with cling film and covers for 45 minutes. a warm blanket. After such a rest, flabbiness and the feeling of having an “orange peel” go away.

How to care for yourself

In ordinary life, the film actress practically does not use makeup. According to the actress and her cosmetologist, the constant use of makeup negatively affects the skin, so on weekends Volkova tries to limit herself to applying a light structure cream to her face. The greatest makeup carried out by the actress on her own is blush, lip gloss, mascara.

Skin with a light tan in itself looks attractive and does not need to use decorative cosmetics.

The film actress, TV presenter Ekaterina Volkova is known in USA for h
er role as “mother of Vera” from the comedy television series “Voronin”. The 36-year-old TV presenter often posts her photos in a swimsuit on social networks, invariably striking fans with a luxurious figure that has not changed after the birth of her daughter.

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