…if the church is unable to see the hurting from the perspective of Jesus, who loves them without judgment and condemnation, then it cannot be a place of refuge. Apart from the person of Christ, the church offers only a system of rules or standards or ideas, nothing to heal the heart of the oppressed. Jesus is the strong tower to which the abused can run to find comfort and support. If the church offers anything other than the love of Jesus, it fails.

To Wrestle or to Rest?

To Wrestle or to Rest?

I’ve been fighting for something for many, many years. I’ve gone back and forth between fighting for this Thing I felt was worth fighting for—and letting go. Fight. Let go. Fight. Let go. Aww, Jeepers. Let’s be honest. I never really did let go. I think I just felt smacked down, and I couldn’t figure […]

Emergency Fund Opportunity to Help Widow and 7 Remaining Children Who Lost Home, Father, and 2 Siblings in Tornado


The following report came to my attention yesterday: On Sunday, April 27th, the Tittle family lost their home in a deadly tornado that hit central Arkansas. Rob (the father) and daughters Tori and Bekah lost their lives. Their home was completely destroyed down to the foundation. Miraculously, Kerry and the other 7 children have survived […]