Raising Adults Who Repent and Forgive

Young woman crying

In our family of 11, there are 55 different relationship combinations.  Under one roof.  That’s a lot of potential blessing…and a lot of potential pain.  Wemmicks get close, and then suddenly…ouch.  Back off.  Pain.  Anger.  Revenge.  Sadness and sometimes…depression. If you’re human, and if you live with humans, you’ve battled this.  And sometimes when you’ve […]

Five Things I Have Learned From Children and Puppies

Happy children running outdoors with dog

Children and puppies have a lot in common.  Have you ever wished you could be as happy and carefree as they are?  This past week I thought about the reasons why these beautiful creations of God see all of life as a wonderful adventure.  I discovered they have much to teach us. Children and Puppies […]

God’s Design in Painful Relationships

Hole in wall

Whether they are family relationships or relationships with friends…relationships can really hurt.  They have the potential to bring so much joy and satisfaction, yet so many go sour, leaving destruction, pain, and bitterness in their wake.  Tragically, some discover this truth at a tender age.  It gradually dawns on others.  But for almost all of […]