Why I Love Hanging Out with My “Bad-for-Me” Friends (and why I’m pretty sure God wants me to!)


About a year and a half ago I began getting together regularly with other women in destructive marriages. We would pray together. We did a lot of weeping and subsequent nose blowing. A lot of laughing. A lot of venting. It was a safe place where we could let out all the pent up emotions […]

When to Keep Control and When to Lose It


There are probably 4,398 songs, give or take a couple, that yodel on about control. Mostly about losing it. (Google is your friend here.) How about a definition? con·trol verb (used with object), con·trolled, con·trol·ling. 1. to exercise restraint or direction over; dominate; command. 2. to hold in check; curb: to control a horse; to […]

What Some Single Christian Girls Say They ARE Looking For in a Guy

Young woman with map and backpack

So we heard from the guys last week and found out what kind of girl they are NOT looking for. I thought it was only fair to ask the girls to weigh in. Notice, I didn’t ask their parents. We parents want anyone like, oh…say… Jesus Christ to marry our daughters. But since I’ve never […]

What Some Christian Single Guys Said About What Kind of Girls They Are NOT Looking For

Couple Holding Hands

Last week the college and career Sunday School teacher at our church (who has been teaching this age group for most of his adult life) invited the parents of these young people to his home to talk about boy-girl relationships, dating, courting, and marriage. He is gearing up to do a series on this subject […]