So You Have a Challenging Child? I Love This Song.

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Some people aren’t even close to being grounded. This broken earth has cut them loose, and they are spinning out in space. Lost. Tilting, twisting, turning. If you have a child like this, you know what I’m talking about. If you get near to these little satellites, their vortex pulls you in and shatters you to pieces. It’s a never ending hope. A never ending cycle of whirling movement and scattering heart shards.

Mother’s Day Specials, Links, and Free Stuff

mother's day

The above (click on it!) is a special I’m running on my business site: SHARE IT with other moms on Pinterest and/or Facebook. It’s a terrific deal, and all the scents have been customer favorites for many years. FREE Mother’s Day Book From Me to You Click on the picture of the Three Decades […]

So, How Do I Raise a “Normal” Person?

Resting children

In the past two posts I’ve given you a few helpful steps in anyone’s quest to raise dysfunctional Wemmicks. It’s fairly easy. You’ve got several things working in your favor: your own sin, their sin, and the sin of everyone else around you. If you missed all the details, not to worry. I’ll make sure […]

How to Raise a Future Victim of Abuse in 20 Easy Steps

victim of abuse

In no particular order. 1. Don’t let them make any of their own decisions. They might make an embarrassing mistake that reflects poorly on you. 2. Train them to unquestioningly obey all authority at all costs. Tell them they are practicing witchcraft if they question anything you say by reminding them of 1 Sam 15:23 […]

I’m an Available Woman


Raise your hand if you raised your eyebrows at the title of this article. I’m sitting here at Caribou Coffee trying to cover up the title so nobody thinks something they’re not supposed to. I took the title from a tasty little excerpt in a book I’m reading. You’ll love this: “Last week at a […]