Deliver Us From Evil


“Deliver us from evil” is part of the Lord’s Prayer. It’s something Jesus told us we should pray for regularly, so it’s obviously God’s will for us. Yet it’s astounding how many Christians think it is some kind of spiritual exercise in becoming a “living sacrifice” to daily expose oneself to evil—as long as the […]

For Crying Out Loud!


Have you ever felt like God’s wisdom is some kind of elusive thing only meant for certain people—but not you? Today we’ll continue looking at Proverbs chapter one where that idea is soundly debunked. Wisdom? It’s necessary for a life well lived, and it’s all yours for the taking.

Let’s Dig a Pit (and Fall In!)


Don’t you just love poetic justice? Poetic justice in literature is when an evil character gets his comeuppance by some ironic twist of fate. In Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist, we see this in the character of Mr. Bumble, the man in charge of the orphanage where Oliver lived. He beat and tortured the orphans unjustly, […]

What Makes a Successful Life?


I have heard that reading books is the difference between a successful life and one that isn’t. I don’t think it’s the reading that makes a person successful. It’s the learning and growing and expanding of one’s horizons. The acquiring of information and learned experiences through the eyes of others helps us grow in wisdom. […]

Male/Female Relationships in the Church

Practical Theology for Women
January 9, 2016

Yet, as any single woman who walks into an evangelical church knows, sometimes it feels like not much with the opposite sex is left for her at all. She has to avoid making eye contact or smiling too much with pretty much every man in the church for fear of being thought of as forward or too interested. I hear this from a lot of women and have experienced it myself. Our sex-crazed secular culture has radically infiltrated the church, and our battles against it have often made us hyper aware of sex instead of giving us a counter cultural way of thinking about male/female relationships in the Body of Christ.

I loved this article from Wendy Alsup.

I Don’t Pray My Kids Will Do Great Things for God Anymore


I used to pray my kids would grow up to do great things for God. I grew up and didn’t do anything great for God, but maybe my role was to be the MOTHER of people who did great things for God. So I prayed for that. What my kids do for God isn’t what burns in my belly anymore.


“The healing path plunges us into the depths of our doubt, where a new faith can be born. This faith, birthed in the desert and the valley, frees us to remember a past not only with loss, but with redemption. It leads us to a perspective that is full of God, therefore deepening our trust that redemption will dawn tomorrow as it did once before. First, however, this process often confronts us with who or what we really have been trusting rather than God.”

Dan Allender