Rejected by People, Beloved by the Father


I had the opportunity to attend Leslie Vernick’s first ever Conquer conference last weekend with over 600 women from all over the United States. Many of those women have survived decades-worth of living with a destructive spouse who relentlessly dehumanized them. I talked with several women who, after finally making their courageous escape by divorcing […]

Why I’m Taking a Writing Break (And My Dream for All of Us)


Remember the story of Odysseus from your Greek mythology class? At one point on his journey home after fighting in the Trojan War, Odysseus had to maneuver his ship between a narrow passage. On one side was a monster, Charybdis, who created a whirlpool three times a day that would suck a ship under and destroy it. On the other side was another monster, Scylla, who posed an equal threat to any ship that dared to attempt passage. If the ship avoided Charybdis, it would surely run into Scylla. Either way, it probably wouldn’t have a positive outcome.

What Do Women Want? To Rule or to Be Cherished?


Yesterday I brought up the modern-day theological thinking in Reformed circles regarding divorce along with the idea that this way of viewing divorce was very likely fabricated by people with an agenda.  Today I want to draw your attention to another teaching popularized in the last forty years that has done just as much damage […]

This One’s About Anger


Anger provides the energy necessary to fight for life sometimes. It can be the fuel that inspires courage and initiative to right wrongs, stand up for the weak, and defend the helpless.

Three Things to Put in Writing (and Three Reasons Why)


If you are tangled up in a confusing relationship, one effective strategy to gain a solid footing (and eventually a voice) is to write things down. It doesn’t matter if you are a good writer or not. Your purpose isn’t to win a Pulitzer prize. Here are three important things you can record on paper (or on your computer) that will be tremendously helpful to you over time.