Gender Disappointment: A Christian Response

Newborn babies in pink and girl knitted hats.

By Natalie Klejwa, Editress of Visionary Womanhood What is Gender Disappointment? Gender disappointment is the very common, normal, Wemmick response to finding out that your baby’s gender is the opposite of what you were hoping for. Most women I’ve talked to about this subject have experienced it to one degree or another. Having been pregnant […]

Fit to Burst Review and Giveaway!


By Natalie, Editress of Visionary Womanhood A couple of years ago I read Rachel’s first book, Loving the Little Years, and fell in love. It made me laugh AND cry. And isn’t that the best feeling in the whole wide world? My niece, Christa Blakey, who lives in the same town and KNOWS Rachel, is […]

You Think You Know What I’m Gonna Say About Birth Control?

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Two things today: 1. Three Decades of Fertility is officially launching next Monday, BUT you can get all four formats today only in a special “pre-launch” sale. The PDF download (you can buy that on THIS page) is only $6.99, Kindle and Nook formats are $8.99, and the paperback version is supposed to be $14.99, […]

Five Tips to Make Bed Rest More Endurable

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By Natalie, Editress of Visionary Womanhood Pregnant and on Bed Rest If you are currently on bed rest or have been on bed rest in the past, you know first hand how incredibly difficult it can be. You know how the hours drag by. You know the emotional roller coaster of having oodles of time […]

Potty Training: Mom of Nine Tells All


Potty Training: A Necessary Evil I’ve been potty training for 16 years now (well, not me—but, you know—my kids) and have succeeded, during that time, in potty training four girls and three boys so far. I won’t tell you how much poop and pee I’ve cleaned up from walls, floors, beds, and potty chair rims. […]

Baby-Led Weaning: A Simple Approach to Solid Food Introduction


By Contributing Writer, Tyanne Baby-Led Weaning Introduction Nourishing our children is a task I can safely say mothers do not take lightly.  I have memories of my own mother looking at me in horror as I left for school without eating breakfast—as if I had ripped out her heart and stomped on it.  To this day I hear worry […]

Finding Balance

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A reader writes: This is a question that has stumped me for a very long time! How in the world do so many of you wives and mothers have time to study and blog and keep the rest of your life (being a wife/ homemaking/ mothering several children, etc and especially time with Jesus) together??? […]