Gender Disappointment: A Christian Response

Newborn babies in pink and girl knitted hats.

By Natalie Klejwa, Editress of Visionary Womanhood What is Gender Disappointment? Gender disappointment is the very common, normal, Wemmick response to finding out that your baby’s gender is the opposite of what you were hoping for. Most women I’ve talked to about this subject have experienced it to one degree or another. Having been pregnant […]

When the Storms Hit: A Prayer for My Children

Stormy sky over lightouse

By Natalie, Editress of Visionary Womanhood Dear Heavenly Father, I lift up these treasures that You have entrusted to my care during this brief life.  You are their Creator.  You are familiar with each cell in their bodies. You are familiar with each moment of their lives.  You know their strengths and weaknesses.  You know […]

Sowing and Reaping: A Son Graduates


This is a bizarre year for me.  My oldest son is graduating (from high school AND college!) while my youngest son is only two months old.  Inevitably, I’ve been reflecting on the fleeting years of motherhood and the principle of sowing and reaping. Eighteen years ago Sam was born the week before Christmas at 29 […]

Missionary Dreams

A group of lovely kenyan children

When I was a little girl I dreamed of being a missionary.  I wanted to be a missionary doctor.  Then I wanted to be a missionary teacher.  Then I wanted to be a missionary’s wife. And then I grew up. After graduating from college, I was a missionary of sorts on the University of Minnesota […]

Medical vs. Natural Childbirth: A Personal Story


Twenty years ago I was pregnant with our first baby and determined to have a mid-wife and experience pregnancy and birth in the most “natural” way possible.  Nineteen weeks into the pregnancy I began to spot a little.  Since I could feel the baby moving and had no other symptoms, I wasn’t too worried as […]