Yoga for beginners. Home video tutorials

Experts believe that yoga classes heal the soul of a person, bringing calm and confidence. This is a special way of life that helps to understand the philosophy of enlightenment. It is important for all beginners to study not only theory, but also be able to refuse some of the benefits of civilization.

The variety of asanas allows you to change the structure of the body. Some of them form a waist and remove excess fat, others strengthen muscles and stretch the spine.

What is the use of classes for a figure

The beneficial effects of yoga poses on the physical and spiritual state of a person can be felt after several regular exercises. After 2-3 months, positive changes will become apparent.

Yoga for beginners. Home video tutorials
Yoga for beginners will help you lose weight and relax.

Yoga will help:

  • cope with stress and gain vitality;
  • lose weight: during classes, an average of 500 kcal is burned;
  • perfect the figure by making a thin waist;
  • strengthen and work out the muscles of the body when working with weight and loads;
  • normalize the hormonal background, removing excess weight from the body;
  • saturate the body with oxygen;
  • speed up metabolism;
  • normalize digestion and reduce addiction to junk food and appetite;
  • get rid of pain in the spine and joints;
  • solve problems with the cardiovascular system;
  • to establish the smooth functioning of the whole organism.

Some diseases may become contraindications, therefore it is better to start using the practices after consulting with your doctor.

These problems include:

  • mental disorders, including schizophrenia;
  • diagnosis of hernia in the groin;
  • constant pressure surges;
  • recovery from a heart attack and some heart diseases;
  • problems in internal organs and especially during periods of exacerbation;
  • pain in the joints and spine;
  • the presence of neoplasms;
  • postoperative recovery;
  • the period of the flu and catarrhal infections;
  • sudden heat without an established cause.

It is better for women to stop classes for the period of bearing a child and monthly ailments. Any deterioration in well-being after training requires termination of classes until the problem is clarified and eliminated.

Yoga for beginners. Home video tutorials

Yoga for beginners requires the following rules to help you benefit from practice:

  • Training should be systematic.
  • For classes you need to take a certain time of day. Better if it will be the morning hours.
  • If the day is too busy, you can allocate daily at least 20 minutes.
  • Before classes, it is better not to eat.
  • To perform the exercises you need a non-slip mat.
  • It is most convenient to make movements barefoot.
  • Turn off sources of external stimuli.
  • Performing asanas, it is necessary to direct attention not to the body and relax. The movements are smooth with breathing control.

Improper exercise can cause injury.

Breathing features

The yoga section on breathing is called pranayama. Before putting these exercises into practice, the basic principles of the theory should be studied. Before doing breathing asanas, you need to understand why they are needed and what changes they bring.

Thanks to them:

  • nervous tension is relieved;
  • sleep becomes deep and light, and awakening does not become torture;
  • metabolic processes improve;
  • the activity of internal organs is normalized.

Speaking of breathing, one must understand that in ordinary life a person uses this organ only 1/10 of the total volume. Increasing the range allows you to get rid of chronic fatigue and feel an unprecedented surge of strength.

People can breathe in the following ways:

Breathing type Description
Upper (clavicular) So athletes and people who are associated with physical activity usually breathe. Here, only the upper small part of the lungs is involved. As a result, the body receives little oxygen and against this background, stress, fatigue, and a general decrease in immunity occur.
Medium (internal) The average lobe of the lungs works. The amount of oxygen is greater than in the first case.
Lower (abdominal) Uses the entire lung volume. So professional athletes, highlanders and people associated with active labor breathe. It is called deep breathing.

At the beginning of the use of breathing in yoga, a person experiences difficulties. You have to train a lot to overcome natural reflexes.

The following expert advice will help you achieve what you want:

  • Before class, the training room should be well ventilated. The temperature in it should be comfortable, otherwise it will be difficult to concentrate.
  • All external stimuli must be excluded. This will allow you to dive deeper into self-awareness.
  • You need to tune in to inner peace. In an excited state, breathing training will not work.

The breath in yoga differs from the usual one in that all the muscles of the system are involved, including the abdominals. The lungs work in full, the blood and brain are enriched with oxygen.

Yoga for beginners breathing has the following basics:

  • You need to breathe through your nose. This will protect the body from viruses.
  • It is not allowed to pause honey inhale and exhale.
  • Classes are held regularly. This will help to achieve good results faster.

During such exercises, the body is actively cleansed, and the lungs are ventilated, strengthening the entire respiratory system.

Yoga for beginners. Home video tutorials

Contraindications to the use of practice may include:

  • the presence of a hernia in the groin;
  • high blood pressure;
  • pulmonary diseases.

To succeed, you need to fully control breathing, while the muscles must be free of tension.

Relaxing position

Classes of classical yoga include certain poses, taken alternately. Each asana should be kept for about 3 minutes. The student should concentrate on training, not allowing thoughts to go in a different direction.

You should constantly monitor your breathing, making sure that the
inhalation and exhalation are equally deep.

The complex is carried out sequentially and consists of the following positions:

No. Asana Performance
1 Diamond Pose (Vajrasana)
  1. Kneeling to bring the thumbs of the feet and to spread the heels.
  2. Sit on your buttocks and put your hands on your hips.
  3. Straighten your back, breathing is even.

Exercise allows you to establish metabolism and digestion.

2 Camel pose (ushtrasana)
  1. Having knelt, part them at the level of the pelvis.
  2. Press the lower legs to the floor, relax the buttocks.
  3. Pull the crown up, release the spine.
  4. Place your palms on your buttocks and begin to move back: the head bends, the neck and lower face are relaxed.

Exercise forms the correct posture, activates blood circulation and the thyroid gland. Helps to build an appetite.

3 Pose of the child (balasana)
  1. Sitting on your heels, relax your chest, stomach.
  2. Stretch your arms forward.
  3. Leaning your palms on the mat, tighten the spine.
  4. Eyes are covered.

Exercise Available for Beginners

4 Bound Corner Pose (Supta-Baddha-Konasana)
  1. Lying on your back, reduce your feet slightly lifting them up.
  2. With your knees open, lower them as low as possible.
  3. The breath is steady.

Execution allows to improve blood circulation in the pelvis and to establish the activity of the genitals.

5 Shoulder stand with support (salamba-sarvangasana).
  1. Lying horizontally, emphasize with palms in the lower back.
  2. Raise your legs, leaning on the shoulder blades and shoulders.
  3. The neck is relaxed, the breath is deep.

Execution allows you to saturate the body with oxygen and calm the nervous system.

6 Lying twist pose (Supta-Matsyendrasana)
  1. In horizontal position on the back, extend arms to the sides.
  2. Pull one knee to the chest and take it in a circular motion to the side as close to the floor as possible.
  3. The shoulders touch the floor.

The exercise is repeated in the opposite direction with constant monitoring of breathing. It relaxes the spine well.

7 Dead man pose (savasana)
  1. Lying on the floor, straighten your lower back and stretch your neck.
  2. The elongated legs are relaxed, hands are located along the body with the palms up.
  3. Eyes closed.

Asana allows you to relieve pain and straighten the spine.

Classes for beginner athletes

Yoga allows you to stay healthy, helps to lose weight, strengthen muscles, gain flexibility, get rid of stress and depression. Beginning practicing can be done both under the guidance of a coach and at home.

With the help of yoga, you can not only lose weight, but also transform yourself internally, eliminating habits that lead to the appearance of excess weight.

Waist area

Asanas that can help you lose weight can be included in your daily workout. For women, it is interesting to remove excess accumulations in the waist and abdomen.

This will help the following exercises:

Asana Performance
Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana)
  1. Lie on your stomach and lean on your palm. The chin should touch the floor.
  2. Raise the body in your arms, taking a slow breath. The back bends, the position is fixed.
  3. Exhaling, return to the starting position.

The exercise is repeated 5 times with short breaks. It makes the stomach taut, strengthens the abdominal and spinal muscles.

Onion Pose (Dhanurasana)


  1. Lying on your stomach, bend your knees, and raise your lower legs, then – clasp your hands.
  2. On inspiration, bend and raise the top at the same time the pelvis and chest. The head is pulled back.
  3. Keeping the body in the half-minute position, monitor breathing.

The pose is repeated 5 times at intervals of 15 seconds. Asana helps strengthen the abdominal muscles.

Pose of the boat (Naukasana)
  1. Lie on your back, stretch your legs, and put your hands along the body with your palms up.
  2. On inspiration, slowly raise your legs. They should be straight with socks extended.
  3. Raising his hands, try to get their feet. The body is at a right angle.
  4. Holding this position for 15 seconds, exhale and take the initial position.

Repeat the exercise 5 times with small breaks. It helps to reduce the waist, strengthens the legs and improves appetite.

Tilt forward (Uttanasana)
  1. From a standing position raise your hands up.
  2. Having lowered the body, touch the knees with yo
    ur head, clasping your legs with your hands.

It allows you to remove excess fat on the abdomen, hips and strengthens the muscles of these zones.

Buttocks and hips

Yoga for beginners to make the buttocks firm and the hips tightened may consist of the following asanas:

Yoga for beginners. Home video tutorials

Asana Performance
Stool pose (utkatasana)
  1. Feet put shoulder width apart.
  2. Bending to the knees, crouch as low as possible, while the knees should not diverge.
  3. Raising his hands, linger in this position.

The number of repetitions is 5.

Hero pose
  1. The legs are set slightly wider than the hips. Right foot in front, left foot in back. Both legs are on the same line.
  2. Raised arms are at shoulder level, chest is deployed.
  3. Breathing is slow but deep.
  4. Repeated with the other leg.

Exercise works well on the inner thighs.

Dancer Pose (Natarajasana)
  1. Having risen on the right foot, bend the left knee and grab her foot behind her back with his hands.
  2. Lean forward.
  3. Make at least 10 breaths during the exercise.

For firm breasts

There are yoga exercises that increase the sexuality and elasticity of the bust, for example:

Yoga for beginners. Home video tutorials

Asana Performance
Warrior Pose
  1. To get up, legs slightly apart and turning the left foot 90 °, and the right foot inward.
  2. After exhaling, bend the left leg and simultaneously raise the arms to the sides, leaving them at shoulder level.
  3. Gently turn the head to the left so that the eyes look at the wrist of the left hand.
  4. The breath is deep and even.
  5. After fixing the position, after a few seconds they will return to their original position.
  6. Repeat the movement on the right side.
Cobra Pose
  1. Lying on his stomach, take a deep breath and lifting the upper body, at the expense of the hands to find balance.
  2. Looking up, lock in position for a few seconds.
  3. Take a starting position and relax
Camel Pose
  1. Having taken a pose on his knees, legs together, bend back.
  2. Head down.

Upper limbs

Beautiful hands are no less important for a woman than breasts or hips. To make them strong, you need to perform special practices. For example, the Planck posture makes your arms strong and strengthens the abs.

It is carried out in the following order:

  1. Kneeling, arms shoulder-width apart.
  2. Straighten your legs, lower your head down.
  3. Lock the pose for a few seconds.

In the Dolphin position, the initial pose of the dog asana is taken face down. After, slowly and smoothly lower the forearms, while taking the hips back up. The chest is pulled to the hips, and the arms are held shoulder-width apart.

Weight Loss Poses

The use of asanas helps to lose weight and returns the body to beauty and flexibility. You can achieve such results thanks to special exercises.


It improves posture and can be applied before moving from one asana to another.

Yoga for beginners. Home video tutorials

To execute it you need:

  1. Stand straight with feet together.
  2. Putting your shoulders back and down, stretch your arms along your legs.
  3. Try to reduce the shoulder blades at the spine, fully opening the chest.
  4. The crown reaches up, and the stomach and neck are relaxed.


Exercise strengthens the balance of the body and legs.

It is carried out from a standing position:

  1. The feet are closed, palms are folded on the chest as in prayer.
  2. Transferring body weight to the right leg, press the left foot against the right lower leg.
  3. Hands rise to represent the crown. You need to try to fix this position for 10-15 seconds., Controlling breathing. Over time, doing the exercise will become easier.

Training program

Excess weight appears when a person does not have time to engage in himself. It can be bad habits, health problems or lack of rest. To solve these problems, the complex includes special exercises that are considered cleansing. They saturate the body with oxygen and learn how to breathe.

All the muscles of the body are involved in training; after a month, many of them become firm and elastic. Yoga for beginners includes an individual set of practices that will solve existing problems.

The types of poses for weight loss are diverse and are divided into:

  • Twisting. They improve metabolism, remove fats and toxins, positively affect digestion.
  • Standing up. These postures increase concentration, positively affect the hips, shoulders, spine and abdomen.
  • Inverted. Exercises strengthen the muscles of the back and abdominal cavity, improve the functioning of the thyroid gland and digestion.
  • Slopes. They are performed both lying and sitting. Strengthen muscles and promote flexibility.
  • Relaxation. Relieve stress. They are usually performed at the end of classes.

In order to get a beautiful and healthy body with the help of yoga, classes should be regular. Practices help relieve stress and clear thoughts. Starting to engage, you can completely change the worldview.

Weight Loss Exercise Video

Yoga Slimming Complex:

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