Whitening face cream from age spots. Rating of the best, homemade recipes, application features

A woman can face the problem of age spots on her face at any age. Sometimes, to get rid of them, a specialist examination is necessary, and in some cases, whitening creams are enough.

Causes of age spots

The following reasons are identified that lead to the appearance of age spots:

  • Heredity. How sensitive the skin is to ultraviolet light is genetic. People with hypersensitivity often have freckles or pigmented nevi; without appropriate protection against UV radiation, they may appear age spots.
  • Skin injuries. Burns or aggressive cosmetic procedures, improper extrusion of acne or prolonged inflammation on the skin (acne).
  • Intense UV exposure. Frequent visits to the solarium or prolonged exposure to the sun without protective creams. Whitening face cream from age spots. Rating of the best, homemade recipes, application features
  • Age-related changes. After 40-50 years, the production of melanin in the skin cells decreases, its sensitivity to the effects of the sun increases.
  • Hormonal imbalance. An increased estrogen level due to gynecological diseases or hormonal failure that has occurred, dysfunction or hyperfunction of the thyroid gland have a negative effect on the skin condition.
  • Impaired liver or gall bladder function.
  • Prolonged stress, neurosis, mental problems can cause the appearance of age spots.
  • Pregnancy and hormonal changes associated with it.
  • Acceptance of oral contraceptives, prolonged use of antibiotics or other drugs that affect the skin’s sensitivity to UV radiation.

Features of whitening creams

The effect of creams that whiten the skin is achieved by a combination of two mechanisms: effects on the production of melanin and skin renewal, exfoliation of areas with hyperpigmentation.  The active components of the cream can completely inhibit the work of melanocytes, or regulate it. The second option is better because it gives a long-term effect.

The whitening face cream from age spots among the active ingredients should have:

  • Arbutin (Arbutin). Slows down the synthesis of melanin, moisturizes the skin.
  • Ascorbic acid (Asorbic aicid) inhibits the production of skin pigment, has a beneficial effect on capillaries.
  • Azelaic acid (Azelaicum aicidum). It brightens pigment spots, regulates sebum production, and tightens pores.
  • Beta-carotene (? -Carotene, KPMK) Reduces the production of melanin.
  • Glycolic acid (Glycolcic aicid). Accelerates skin renewal processes.
  • Retinol (Retinol, Retin-A). Stimulates skin renewal and collagen production.
  • Fruit acids (AHA-acid) stimulate skin regeneration, exfoliate dead cells, saturate with vitamins and minerals.

Many manufacturers supplement the composition with herbal ingredients: parsley, bearberry or angelica extract, white mulberry. These components also have a brightening effect on the skin, saturate it with vitamins and trace elements.

The following compounds should be avoided in the composition:

  • Hydroquinone (Hidroquinone). Toxic substance that suppresses the work of melanocytes.
  • Derivative compounds of mercury are also toxic.

Indications for the use of whitening creams

Whitening creams are needed when you need to get rid of:

  • from age spots of various origins;
  • bright freckles; Whitening face cream from age spots. Rating of the best, homemade recipes, application features
  • acne, blackheads;
  • lentigo, chloasma.


Contraindications for whitening creams consider:

  • individual intolerance to components;
  • pregnancy (part of the funds due to the composition is unacceptable to use);
  • unhealed wounds on the skin;
  • children under 12 years old.

Cosmetic brands and specialized companies, whose products are sold exclusively in pharmacies, produce bleaching cream for face from age spots. Among cosmetic companies, Helena Rubinstein,LOreal Paris, and Natur Siberica are popular. And among the pharmacy brands – Skinoren, Klivrin.

L’oreal White Perfect Clinical Cream

Loeal Whitening Day Cream “White Perfect Clinical” eliminates age spots, moisturizes, smoothes the skin. The product contains tourmaline, eliminating the yellow pigment, enhances blood microcirculation. Whitening face cream from age spots. Rating of the best, homemade recipes, application features

The patented Pro-Vanish3 EX formula promotes skin renewal. The cream must be applied to clean skin in the morning. According to customer reviews, the first results are visible after two months of use.

Price: $ 22.

Vichy Cream

In the line of the French company “Vichy” there are several means to get rid of hyperpigmentation. Serum for leveling the skin tone “Idealia Pro” is popular. It can be used both in conjunction with creams, as well as independently. Serum can be replaced with day and / or night cream.

The composition of “Idealia Pro” fights pigment spots of any kind, evens out the skin, moisturizes it. The basis of the product is thermal water, the active components are lipo-hydroxy acid, diacalite, and patented formulas.

The first results are lighter skin, visible after 3 weeks. According to reviews of some customers, it is not possible to completely get rid of age spots or freckles with serum.

Price: $ 34.

Prodigy Age Spot Reducer

Whitening face cream from age spots. Rating of the best, homemade recipes, application features

The luxury brand Helena Rubinstein launches the Prodigy Age Spot Reducer Brightening Cream for Aging Skin.

It reduces the production of melanin, eliminates the appearance of age spots, eliminates existing ones, smoothes wrinkles, moisturizes and nourishes mature skin.

Active substances are extracts from Peruvian caesalpinia and gentian root. It can be used as day and / or night creams.

The first effect is noticeable after a month of application, the skin is radiant, evened face tone, hyperpigmentation is less noticeable.

Price: $ 61.

Garnier orquid vital

The Garnier Power Orchid line is a comprehensive anti-aging care for mature skin. Night and day cream, a product for the skin around the eyes and a serum concentrate, allow you to get rid of age spots, wrinkles, make the skin more elastic and elastic.

The use of a day cream together with serum can improve the condition of the skin, lighten it, and prevent the appearance of age spots. The basis of the composition of soy bio-proteins, extract from orchid flowers. The price of daily cream is $ 8,16, serum – $ 8,16.

Guerlain Orchidee Imperiale White Whitening face cream from age spots. Rating of the best, homemade recipes, application features

Guerlain Fashion House launches Orchidee Imperiale White wh
itening serum in its age-specific skin care product line.

It smoothes wrinkles, brightens age spots, preventing new ones from appearing, moisturizes the skin.

The molecular extract obtained from the Royal Orchid regulates the production of melanin. White Orchid Extract fights age-related skin changes.

The first results from the use of serum can be seen after 2 weeks.

The price is $ 407.

Himalaya Herbals Bleminor Antiblemish

Bleminor Antiblemish anti-age pigment bleaching cream is produced by the Indian company Himalaya Herbals, specializing in the production of natural cosmetics. Components of the composition: licorice extract, extract from the bark of the Sarya tree reduce the production of melanin.

Silk Tree Extract has an antioxidant effect, almond oil makes the skin smoother. The cream is applied precisely to areas with hyperpigmentation. It is unacceptable to apply the composition to the skin near the mouth, eyes. The effect of the drug is noticeable after 3 weeks.

Price: $ 8,84.

Ideal whitening

Whitening face cream from age spots. Rating of the best, homemade recipes, application features

Belarusian manufacturer Belita-Vitek in the Ideal Whitening line produces daily whitening cream. It contains a sun protection factor – SPF-20.

And thanks to the patented formulas “Dermawhite”, “Lumiskin”, the product reduces the production of melanin, whitens foci of hyperpigmentation.

Excess pigmentation is also regulated by bearberry extract.

Lactic acid accelerates skin cell renewal processes, exfoliates keratinized areas.

Rice powder produces a matting effect, prevents clogging of pores.

The manufacturer promises the first results after a month of applying the cream, you can accelerate the result by using a mask and tonic from the same series.

Cream price: $ 2,04.

The radiance of a white pearl

Israeli brand “Dead Sea” produces two-phase care “The radiance of a white pearl.” It consists of a mineral bar, saturated with cosmetic oils and lightening cream. First, for 2-3 minutes, the face is massaged with a mineral, then you need to wash it with cool water, after which the cream is applied.

Active components of the cream:

  • pearl powder;
  • plant extracts (blueberries, aloe vera, gingo biloba, seaweed);
  • beta carotene;
  • water and healing mud of the Dead Sea;
  • lifting complex.

The mineral is saturated with cosmetic oils – almond, jojoba.

This comprehensive care can be used instead of day and night creams.

In a month there will be first results:

  • even skin tone;
  • pigmentation reduction;
  • tightened face contour.

The price is $ 48.

Cream from Faberlic

The company Faberlic produces bleaching cream – Expert. This is a day cream with

SPF 15. Whitening face cream from age spots. Rating of the best, homemade recipes, application features

Active components:

  • Tetrahydrocurcumin. Antioxidant that has a brightening effect.
  • Nicotinomide. It does not appear new pigment spots.
  • Arginine. Improves microcirculation in skin cells.
  • Panthenol, vitamin E. Relieve inflammation, help accelerate skin renewal.

It is recommended to apply the product on a cleansed face in the morning and / or evening. When used as a day or night remedy, shoppers noticed an improvement in skin condition after two weeks.

The manufacturer claims a noticeable effect after a month of use.

Price: $ 6,8.


The whitening face cream from age spots – “Melanativ” is produced by the company “Glenmark”.

The tool contains the following active ingredients:

  • Alpha arbutin. Affects the production of melanin.
  • Koic acid. Whitens age spots.
  • Glycolic acid. Removes dead skin particles, accelerates skin renewal processes.

The manufacturer recommends applying the product in the evening, pointwise, only on areas with hyperpigmentation. In the process of using the cream, it is important to use sunscreens, if possible, avoid direct sunlight in areas treated by Melanativ.

Allergic reactions are possible, it is forbidden to apply on damaged skin. The effect is noticeable after a month of use.

Price: $ 8,16. Sold in pharmacies.

Nature Siberica

The whitening cream from the White line of the American brand Natura Siberica is designed to get rid of freckles and age spots. The cream not only brightens the skin, but also nourishes and moisturizes it, combats age-related changes. Whitening face cream from age spots. Rating of the best, homemade recipes, application features

Active components of natural products:

  • Turmeric based patented formula whitens the skin.
  • Arctic Cloudberry Extract. Due to its high content of vitamin C, it whitens the skin and has a beneficial effect on the condition of capillaries. This component increases the elasticity of the skin, accelerating the metabolic processes in it, has an anti-aging effect.
  • Extract from Siberian Ginseng. Accelerates the renewal processes in the skin, increases its tone.
  • Snow cladonia extract. Nourishes, promotes the speediest renewal of skin cells.

The cream is applied to the cleansed face in the morning. The first improvements in skin condition are noticeable after a month of use.

Price: $ 6,8.

Amanita clarifying

Another product with the natural composition “Amanita Against” from the Detroit manufacturer “Trinity-M”. According to the manufacturer’s promises, the product not only brightens areas with hyperpigmentation and freckles, but also moisturizes, nourishes the skin, fights age-related changes, and evens out the relief. The composition is based on the patented Erilem Fito formula and spring water.

Active components:

  • Parsley extract and lemon juice – lighten the skin.
  • Almond oil and melon seeds – restore hydrolipidic balance, soften and nourish the skin.
  • Phyto-mushroom complex “3 + 3” – tones the skin, has a protective and antioxidant effect.

The cream is recommended to be applied to clean skin 2 times a day. According to reviews, the first positive changes are noticeable after 2 weeks of use.

Price: $ 2,04.


The pharmaceutical product Skinoren Gel is used to treat acne and other inflammations on the skin, and it also has a powerful brightening effect. The active component of the drug is azelaic acid. It regulates the production of melanin, activates the processes of renewal, and has an antibacterial effect.

Whitening face cream from age spots. Rating of the best, homemade recipes, application features
Skinoren whitening face cream against age spots is considered a pharmacy drug

The gel can be applied to the entire face or only to areas with hyperpigmentation. The manufacturer recommends applying the gel in the morning and evening. According to customer reviews, the first noticeable effect can be seen after 8 days.

Price: 1200 for a 30-gram package.


Another pharmacy drug “Achromin” is intended solely to combat age spots.


  • Licorice extract. Whitens the skin, regulates the production of melanin, has a calming effect.
  • Lactic acid. Refreshes skin cells.
  • Sun filters. Protect the skin from aggressive UV rays.

The product is applied pointwise or on the entire face, depending on the condition of the skin. The manufacturer recommends applying the cream 2-3 times a day.

Price: $ 2,31.

There is a lot of controversy about the effectiveness of the updated composition of Akhromin, most of the customers say that the effectiveness has decreased after changing the recipe.


The multifunctional pharmaceutical product “Clearwin” brightens age spots, eliminates scars and scars, post-acne, stretch marks. The composition is natural, it includes a complex of Indian herbs (manzhista, him, turmeric, aloe vera and others). They not only bleach, but also have a caring effect. After 3 weeks of application, the first effect is noticeable – smoother, more lightened skin. Whitening face cream from age spots. Rating of the best, homemade recipes, application features

Price: $ 0,95.

The use of whitening creams

Before using pharmacy whitening creams, it is necessary to conduct a test for the allergenicity of the composition. Whitening face cream from age spots. Rating of the best, homemade recipes, application features

  1. Before using the cream, it is necessary to clean the skin, treat it with a tonic.
  2. The cream is applied in a thin layer, with gentle massage movements
  3. If the cream is used as a day cream, then it must be applied at least an hour before going outside.
  4. It is important to remember about UV protective agents. When whitening the skin during the cold season, SPF protection can be up to 30, and in summer and spring – over 50.

Beauticians recommend bleaching procedures from late October to early March, when sun activity is less.

But you can use whitening creams, if necessary, in late spring and summer, subject to safety rules:

  • The cream must be chosen without retinol acids in the composition.
  • Use the product as a night cream.
  • Do not forget to use sunscreens.

The use of whitening creams in combination with acid peels, whitening masks and tonics, allows you to achieve results faster.

It is important to stop using pharmacy brightening cream after achieving the desired result.

Features of the use of whitening creams during pregnancy

During pregnancy, due to hormonal changes in the body, age spots may appear. To avoid this, it is important that you use sunscreens with filters based on zinc oxide or titanium dioxide throughout your pregnancy. These are safe hypoallergenic components.

If age spots appeared, then the choice of a brightening cream must be approached with great care.

It should include:

  • hydroquinine;
  • arbutin;
  • bismuth salts;
  • koic and ascorbic acids.

Creams with a safe composition contain:

  • synthetic rucinol;
  • benzophenone;
  • lactic or gluconic acid;
  • extracts of parsley, licorice;
  • jojoba oil or grape seed oil.

Before buying a cream, you need to carefully study the manufacturer’s recommendations, making sure that pregnancy is not a contraindication.

Cream with a safe composition:

  • “Mama Comfort”. Contains parsley extract, fruit acids. The cream is best applied only to areas with hyperpigmentation in the evening and / or in the morning. The result is noticeable after 3 weeks. Whitening face cream from age spots. Rating of the best, homemade recipes, application features

Price: $ 3,94.

  • “Helan linea mamma” Cream protects from UV radiation, brightens, nourishes and moisturizes. Natural extracts, hyaluronic acid – the active components of the cream. The effect is noticeable after 3 weeks of use.

Price: $ 27.

Inexpensive pharmacy products for skin pigmentation


Features of the composition

the effect

Indications for use

Features of use

price, usd.
Syntomycin ointment


Chloramphenicol, castor oil


The effect is noticeable after a week of use Treatment of burns, ulcers, purulent inflammations, wounds Apply to areas with age spots once a day, if possible cover the area with a bandage 80
Salicylic ointment Salicylic acid, auxiliary components


The first results are noticeable after 3 weeks Antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, treatment of wounds, acne, acne, post-acne Apply only to areas with hyperpigmentation 3 times a day for a month 30
Zinc ointment Zinc Oxide, Vaseline The effect is noticeable after 14 days Treatment of inflammation on the skin, dermatitis in children, acne, acne acne Acne and post-acne treatment – apply 5 times a day to cleansed, pre-steamed skin 30
Sulfuric ointment Sulfur, petroleum jelly, purified water



Whitening effect for several days Scabies, skin rashes, age spots



Apply to areas with age spots for 24 hours. If necessary, apply up to 7 days.


Syntomycin Liniment



Chloramphe-niol, castor oil



The effect is noticeable after a week of use Purulent skin lesions, wounds, acne, post-acne and pigmentation caused by prolonged inflammation on the skin To brighten the skin, the product is applied in a thick layer to problem areas for 2-3 hours, the procedure must be carried out daily 50

Homemade recipes for natural whitening creams

Whitening face cream from age spots can be prepared independently.

Recipe 1 (cream):

  • Lanolin (sold at the pharmacy) – 15 g.
  • Grape seed oil – 50 g (10 teaspoons).
  • Cucumber pulp puree – 1 tablespoon.

Whitening face cream from age spots. Rating of the best, homemade recipes, application features
Whitening face cream from age spots. Rating of the best, homemade recipes, application features

Whitening face cream from age spots. Rating of the best, homemade recipes, application features

Mix the ingredients. Heat for an hour in a water bath. Instead of the lid, cover the container with foil. After the specified time, beat the mixture. Transfer to a sterile, preferably glass container, store in the refrigerator for no more than 5 days.

Recipe 2 (mask):

  • Cottage cheese – 3 tablespoon
  • The yolk of one egg.
  • Sour cream – 1 tablespoon (optional).

Beat cottage cheese with a blender or usd through a sieve, add the remaining ingredients, knead the mass. Apply to prepared face for 20 minutes, then wash.

Home whitening cream is best applied at night, and the mask is done 2 times a week.

How to choose the right whitening cream

When choosing a whitening cream, you need to pay attention to the composition and take into account the individual needs of the skin.

  • For mature skin, it is better to choose cosmetics that fight not only hyperpigmentation, but also age-related skin changes.
  • For dry skin, nutrition and hydration are important.
  • For the combined type – moisturizing and matting.
  • For sensitive skin – a hypoallergenic composition and a calming effect.

The composition of creams from age spots should not contain hydroquinone (toxic substance). If you are prone to allergies, avoid arbutin, koic acid in the composition. When choosing whitening products for the face, preference should be given to enriched natural ingredients that have a more gentle effect on the skin.

Video about the cream from age spots

How to get rid of age spots:

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