Weight loss exercises in the hips and buttocks. How to perform a training program for women

In order for the buttocks to be tightened, and the lyashki to be thin and slender, it’s time to study the set of exercises and pay attention to the figure. The sooner you begin to put the body in order, the more efficient and faster the results will be achieved.

Exercise Rules

  • A gradual increase in load with a break of at least 1 day, so that the muscles have time to recover;
  • The best schedule of classes is 3 times a week;
  • Before each lesson, you need to do a warm-up;
  • Well-heated muscles are more susceptible to pumping and less prone to injury;
  • Each training block needs to end with a stretch;
  • For pumping the back of the hips, squats with loaded shoulders and leg press are most effective;
  • If the load is excessive, the biceps in the hips are prone to injury;
  • For the development of the lateral and anterior muscles in the thigh area, it is necessary to engage the quadriceps muscle;
  • The inner part in the hip area is well developed using lunges; for greater efficiency, you can use dumbbells or a barbell;
  • When squatting, it is important to feel the muscles of the legs stretch.

Warm up

Warm up must begin with stretching to prevent muscle damage during exercise.

Weight loss exercises in the hips and buttocks. How to perform a training program for women
Warm up is an important part of your workout!
  1. Walking, jumping rope and jogging are good for starting classes.
  2. Next, you need to sit down several times, bending the body forward, until the calf muscles are felt stretched. In this case, the heels do not tear off the floor.
  3. The next exercise is done lying on your back. Pull one leg forward, and press the other towards you with your knee towards your face. Swap the position of the legs.

Perform the exercise several times. If seizures occur, stop the exercise until these sensations completely disappear.

Effective exercises for weight loss hips and buttocks

Exercise “Bicycle”

First of all, the exercise helps to restore the abs, and secondly, it affects the front of the hips, lower back and spine. Weight loss exercises in the hips and buttocks. How to perform a training program for women

  1. In a lying position, bend your knees, and hands should be on the back of the head behind the head.
  2. Pull the left knee on the exhale to the right elbow.
  3. At first, it is difficult to maintain this position of the body, so 3 seconds will be enough. Over time, the muscles get used to the load, and the retention time increases to 7 seconds. In this case, the main load should not fall on the neck, but on the muscles of the abdomen and back.

During extension, take a breath. Then change the knee and elbow. Perform 5 times in each direction with 3 approaches with short breaks.

Exercise “Scissors”

This lesson will help to develop the front muscles of the hips, pump up the press.

  1. Lying on your back, raise your legs about 30 °. Stretch your arms along the body or lean on your forearm.
  2. Make cross-leg movements, gradually raising them until an even angle is formed and again lowering to the original position.

Weight loss exercises in the hips and buttocks. How to perform a training program for womenIf a set of exercises is performed, then half a minute will be enough. Every day, you can gradually increase the duration of the exercise.

Exercise “Stool”

Helps strengthen the front of the hips, buttocks and calf muscles, abs and back in the lower back. To do this, you need to press your back to an even vertical surface, keep your legs shoulder-width apart, slightly deploying the socks to the outside.

Weight loss exercises in the hips and buttocks. How to perform a training program for womenGet down, sliding along the wall, until the bend angle of the knees reaches 90 °. Hold in this position for half a minute. Perform 3-5 times.

Plank exercise

Performing this exercise, the muscles of the hips, buttocks, back and abs are well developed. In the classic version, this exercise is performed with emphasis on the elbows and toes.

Weight loss exercises in the hips and buttocks. How to perform a training program for womenKeep the body from the head to the pelvis in one line, only in this position this exercise will be useful. Hold the stop for half a minute.

Goose Step Exercise

Being in the starting position, squatting, you need to put your hands on your knees, keep your back as even as possible. In this position, walk for half a minute.

Weight loss exercises in the hips and buttocks. How to perform a training program for womenDuring the week, you can increase the useful time to 1 minute.

Squats near the wall

This method of training strengthens the gluteal muscles, corrects the hips and muscles of the legs. Lean the body from head to buttocks against the wall, with your feet hip-width apart, stretch out your arms in front of you, bending at the elbows (as if sitting at a desk).

Next, crouch, sliding your back along the wall, to the sitting position and return to the starting position. This exercise takes from half a minute to 1 minute.

Squats Sumo

This activity helps to develop the muscles of the thigh, abs and legs. The starting position is to place the legs across the width of the hips, turning the socks slightly outwards. The back should be straight, and keep your hands at the waist. Weight loss exercises in the hips and buttocks. How to perform a training program for women

In this position, you need to squat to the “sitting on a chair” position, slightly holding the body down. Exercise is performed up to 1 minute.

Pistol Squats

This type of exercise contributes to the beautiful appearance of thin frogs due to the strengthening of a large muscle group, in particular, leg and buttock muscles. It is a squat on 1 leg. For pain in the back and knees, it is necessary to consult a doctor for contraindications.

For the first time, this type of exercise is difficult to do, so you can use the support. And so, holding on to the back of the chair, crouch down on one leg, and the second at this time is in an elevated state with his toe to himself.

Weight loss exercises in the hips and buttocks. How to perform a training program for womenAt the beginning of classes, squats can be performed not very low, then it will turn out lower. Do not chase the quantity, 5 quality times on each leg is enough.

Mahi Kicking

The main working muscle group is the l
egs, hips and buttocks. The starting position is lying on its side.

  1. Raise an even leg as high as the stretch allows and, slowly, lower it down.
  2. Pull the sock off yourself. Perform 30 seconds.
  3. Next, change the position of the body on the other side and perform the second leg. Swinging on the back is also performed, raising the legs in turn.
  4. Pull the sock off yourself. In this case, the press is better involved.

Mahi standing feet

For these flies, you need to become level, keep your back straight. Alternately lift the left leg to the left, and then the right foot to the right. When lifting, pull the toes towards you and exhale, while lowering the leg – inhale. Perform the exercise for half a minute, if it is included in the complex. When performing only this exercise – from a minute or longer.

Side lunges

This method is the most effective exercise for gaining thin frogs. With it, it is easy to strengthen the muscles of the hips and buttocks.

  1. Put your legs wide hips and straighten your back.
  2. Step to the side with the right foot as wide as possible, crouching on it (while inhaling).
  3. After a short pause – return to the starting position (on the exhale).
  4. To lunge, resting on a full foot, and keep your back as even as possible.
  5. Repeat the exercise with the left foot. Perform for 30 seconds.

Bouncing lunges

This type of exercise helps to pump the gluteal muscles, hips, legs. Become steadily and steadily forward, bending the knee 90 °. Return to the starting position and step back with the second leg. In this position, jump and again take the starting position.

  1. Perform half a minute and change legs. Then also perform half a minute.
  2. During the exercise, the body can be tilted forward, but not bend the back, but keep it straight.


Squat, holding hands below the knees and perform jumps in this position. You can jump forward, backward, to the sides and with turns. When squatting with turns, put your hands behind your head. Perform for 30 seconds with the most even back.

Romanian traction with dumbbells

This lesson forms a beautiful tightened shape of the buttocks and stimulates the biceps of the thighs. Starting position – legs are slightly bent at the knees, in the hands of a dumbbell. Bending the back straight forward, the knees bend slightly. At the same time, dumbbells glide over the legs, dropping just below the knees (on inspiration). We are unbent, lifting the dumbbells upward, also sliding along the legs (on the exhale).  Subject to proper breathing, exercise will be more effective and the body less tired.

Steps to the platform

The main goal of this exercise is to make the skinny skinny and the buttocks to be toned. They are the main burden. Also, steps on the platform help to strengthen the muscles of the press.

As a platform, there can be a stable elevation, 11’8 – 15’7 inch high. One leg is placed on the platform, we make a lift, and the second leg makes a max swing. Returning to the starting position, tear off the pushing leg a little from the platform and again step up. After 30 seconds, change the lead leg. This exercise can also be weighted by picking up dumbbells.

Women’s Weekly Workout Program

In order for the frogs to become thin and the buttocks to be tightened, a set of exercises should be performed. You should always start with a warm-up. Pre-stretching the muscles prevents their damage.

  • 1 exercise – lunges forward. Do 10 times on each leg;
  • 2 exercise – lunges to the sides 10 times on each leg;
  • 3 exercise – “sumo” squats to perform 20 times;
  • 4 exercise – swinging legs lying 10 times with each leg;
  • 5th exercise – “bar”. Perform 30 seconds.

Weight loss exercises in the hips and buttocks. How to perform a training program for womenThese exercises are done without interruption, one after another.
This set of exercises is performed every day. It contributes not only to burning excess fat deposits, but also prevents them in the future. The result will not be long in coming and after 2 weeks you can make a control measurement.

As a result, 10-15 minutes a day and excellent results are guaranteed.
If you select a more complex set of exercises that helps to make the legs thin and the buttocks taut, then the classes will be held every 2 days to give the muscles time to relax.

The weekly training package includes the following exercises:

Monday Wednesday

  • Exercise “Goose step”;
  • Squatting Squash;
  • Standing by the machinogs;
  • Exercise “Stool”;
  • Exercise “Bicycle”;

Thursday Friday

  • Squats near the wall;
  • Romanian traction with dumbbells;
  • Lunges to the side;
  • Exercise “Planck”;
  • Squats “Sumo”.

Saturday Sunday

  • Bouncing lunges;
  • Walking onto the platform;
  • Mahi with legs lying down;
  • Exercise “Scissors”;
  • Squats “Pistol”.

Each set of exercises should begin with a warm-up, and end with a stretch. Warming up reduces the risk of muscle strain, and for the best stretch, it’s the best time after exercise, acting on heated muscles.

After 2-4 weeks, the result will be visible: the figure will begin to take on the desired forms, not only mood will increase, but also self-esteem.

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