Buttock lipofilling. What kind of operation it is, especially how it is done. Before and after photos, price and reviews

The lipofilling surgical procedure is aimed at correcting the shape and size of the buttocks. The advantage of this technique is the use of the patient’s own adipose tissue. The result can be estimated from the photo after the operation.

What is lipofilling

Thanks to lipofilling, it is possible to add volume to the buttocks, as well as change their shape. The uniqueness of the procedure lies in the removal of fat cells from problem areas and their subsequent transportation to the buttocks. Such an intervention does not imply the introduction of foreign objects to the patient.

Lipofilling takes about 80 minutes. After surgery, fat cells interact with tissues. Thanks to this, a new body contour is formed. Buttocks acquire elasticity and beautiful shape.

What you need to know about the buttocks

Perfect buttocks form the shape of the body from behind. They are the center of attraction when viewed from the back. Lipofilling allows you to give the buttocks impeccable proportions so that they harmoniously emphasize the figure.

Buttocks must meet certain parameters:

  • A uniform arrangement is necessary to create the correct rounded shape. Buttocks should be equally convex, and the maximum volume should be achieved in the upper zone.
  • The gluteal fold should not extend beyond the middle part of the thigh, so as not to create a prolapse of the buttocks.
  • There should not be a fossa in the lateral zone of the buttocks, otherwise the shape will not be rounded.
  • Buttocks should be elastic enough not to lose shape when lying down.
  • The skin on the buttocks should be supple, not loose.


Indications for the procedure are:

  • The need to increase the volume in the buttocks.
  • The need to improve the result after surgery to tighten the buttocks or gluteoplasty.
  • The need for body modeling.
  • The need to correct the asymmetric shape of the buttocks.
  • The need for rehabilitation treatment after damage to this area.
  • The need to eliminate the prolapse of the buttocks.
  • The possibility of supplementing the result of liposuction.
  • The need to remove scars, scars and other deep skin lesions.


Buttock lipofilling (photos show the result of the procedure) has a number of contraindications:

  • Diseases of the heart and blood vessels.
  • Oncological diseases.
  • Infectious diseases in the acute stage.
  • Pregnancy and lactation.
  • Diabetes. Buttock lipofilling. What kind of operation it is, especially how it is done. Before and after photos, price and reviews
  • Age less than 25 years.
  • Endocrine diseases accompanied by impaired metabolism.

Advantages and disadvantages

The benefits of the procedure include:

  • The result of lipofilling is not inferior to a full-fledged operation.
  • During the procedure, there is no need for serious surgical intervention.
  • With the introduction of their own fat cells there is no risk of rejection.
  • The formation of capsular contracture is excluded.
  • There is no risk of tissue necrosis.
  • Adipose tissue does not cause allergic reactions.
  • A uniform distribution of fat cells under the skin allows you to achieve a natural result.
  • The contours of the introduction do not shine through the skin.
  • Short rehabilitation period.
  • For the operation, 2 punctures are sufficient – at the site of the fence and at the injection site of the adipose tissue.
  • The procedure allows you to give the figure a “hourglass” type due to transplantation of fat from the waist and back to the buttocks.
  • High security.
  • Low soreness of the operation.
  • Lack of strong pain during the recovery period.

Lipofilling has some disadvantages:

  • The possibility of increasing the volume of the buttocks has limitations.
  • For the procedure, the patient must have at least 0,4 gallon of excess adipose tissue.
  • To achieve the result, 2 to 3 procedures may be required. Additional procedures are necessary to correct the shape of the buttocks, which does not always look natural after the first operation.
  • Fat cells can dissolve, which is why the result of the operation does not last long.

Do men

Among the male population, lipofilling is not common. Moreover, there are no direct contraindications to the procedure among men. However, plastic surgeons do not recommend this intervention to male patients.

Buttock lipofilling (photo of the result in men is slightly different) is more difficult for men to tolerate. The end result of the procedure is slightly worse than that of women. The rehabilitation period lasts longer and goes harder. Pain in men is more pronounced. In addition, among the stronger sex, complications are more often observed.

How to choose a surgeon

When choosing a plastic surgeon for lipofilling, you must be guided by the following recommendations:

  • Do not trust advertisements that promise excellent results in a short time at a low price. Buttock lipofilling. What kind of operation it is, especially how it is done. Before and after photos, price and reviews
  • You should study the information about the surgeon on the website of the clinic in which he practices. You should pay attention to what operations the plastic surgeon performs, what is his experience and how often he improves his skills.
  • It is equally important to study information about the clinic, as well as what formal relations the clinic determines with the patient.
  • To make a final decision, you must attend a personal consultation with several surgeons. The doctor will give answers to your questions.
  • It is equally important to establish a trusting relationship with the surgeon. An understanding should be established between the doctor and the patient.
  • After that, the collected data should be analyzed to select the most suitable doctor.

What to expect from a meeting with a surgeon

Preparation for lipofilling begins in an in-person consultation with a surgeon. The specialist examines the buttocks, as well as the waist and back. He evaluates the appropriateness of the intervention and the amount of adipose tissue.

Using a computer, the doctor together with the patient designs a 3-dimensional image of the planned result. This image allows you to accurately determine the volume of fat cells for transplantation, the area of the fence and the introduction of donor tissues.

Consultation with a doctor allows you to discuss the nuances of a future operation. The patient has the opportunity to pre-evaluate the result in order to make the right decision about the need for intervention. If the doctor considers lipofilling impossible, he will suggest alternatives.

How to
prepare for surgery

Before lipofilling, a diagnostic examination is necessary:

  • General blood analysis.
  • Biochemical study of blood composition.
  • General urine analysis. Buttock lipofilling. What kind of operation it is, especially how it is done. Before and after photos, price and reviews
  • Analysis for antibodies to hepatitis.
  • Fluorography.
  • Electrocardiogram.
  • Blood coagulation test.
  • Ultrasound of the thyroid gland.
  • A study on the bacterial flora of the intestine.
  • Cardiologist consultation.
  • Endocrinologist consultation.
  • Consultation of an anesthesiologist.

For 1 month before the procedure, you must refuse to use:

  • Of alcohol.
  • The drug.
  • Tobacco
  • Drugs that affect blood coagulation. Buttock lipofilling. What kind of operation it is, especially how it is done. Before and after photos, price and reviews

These restrictions are necessary for a positive outcome of the operation. The use of non-recommended substances can cause tissue rejection and complications after anesthesia.


For the operation, both local and general anesthesia can be used.

The choice of anesthesia is carried out in accordance with the factors:

  • Patient’s age, presence of chronic diseases, and general health.
  • Dimensions of the exposure area.
  • The complexity of the operation.
  • The need to immobilize the patient or its absence.
  • Patient preferences.

The choice of anesthesia is carried out by the surgeon, based on the individual characteristics of the operation. General anesthesia is preferable for a large area of impact or the need for jewelry work of the surgeon. The patient is immersed in medical sleep, unable to remain conscious. Local anesthesia can be used for correction. The patient retains consciousness, but does not feel pain.

Operation stages

The operation is carried out in stages:

  1. Liposuction, which is carried out by the method of introducing a cannula under the skin to collect adipose tissue. The area for liposuction is usually the area of the abdomen, back or hips. In these areas, fat cells do not contain impurities, which allows them to take root without complications.
  2. Additional cleaning of adipose tissue is carried out in a medical centrifuge. This allows you to remove lymphatic fluid and blood clots.
  3. Distribution of finished donor material by syringe.
  4. Distribution of material in the buttocks area using syringes and cannulas. This can be done evenly by moving the cannula under the skin. This technique reduces the number of punctures.

Rehabilitation period

Buttock lipofilling (photos after the rehabilitation period reflect the final result) suggests a recovery period after surgery. The procedure takes no more than 4 hours, but it is impossible to evaluate the result immediately after its completion.

The rehabilitation period includes:

  • 3 days of inpatient observation at the clinic, necessary to exclude the possibility of complications.
  • The first 4 days, the patient must be in a supine position, but not on his back. At this time, swelling and bruising are observed in the area of the operation, and the patient experiences pain.
  • 1 – 2 weeks after surgery takes a partial recovery. The patient may feel discomfort and weakness.
  • After 4 weeks, rehabilitation is pumped, and the patient can evaluate the result of the operation.

How long to wear compression underwear

During the entire recovery period, wearing compression underwear is necessary. Compression breathing tissue produces a massage effect and prevents the displacement of donor material. Lingerie helps reduce bruising and reduce pain. However, it may cause discomfort to the patient. Buttock lipofilling. What kind of operation it is, especially how it is done. Before and after photos, price and reviews

Within 2 weeks after the intervention, it is required to wear such underwear regularly. Its removal is not allowed both day and night. This can lead to compression of fatty tissue, after which the shape of the buttocks will become uneven. In the next 2 weeks, wearing clothes exclusively during the day is allowed.

What can not be done after surgery

After surgery, it is prohibited:

  • Visit the baths and saunas.
  • Sunbathing, including in the solarium.
  • To resort to intense physical activity.
  • To have sex.
  • Drinking alcohol.
  • Carry out cosmetological hardware procedures in the field of intervention.

These prohibitions are caused by the need to prevent puffiness. Their violation can lead to the formation of hematomas, and in some cases to rejection of donor fat cells.

How to facilitate the recovery period

During recovery, the patient should strive to prevent the displacement of donor tissues, as well as to the prevention of complications.

The following recommendations will help:

  • It is necessary to avoid pressure on the buttocks.
  • It is not recommended to be in a sitting position. Buttock lipofilling. What kind of operation it is, especially how it is done. Before and after photos, price and reviews
  • Most of the time, it’s worth staying upright or lying on your side.
  • You should take moderate walks regularly.
  • You can do light exercises, excluding exercises on the buttocks.

Possible complications

Buttock lipofilling, the photo of which does not convey visible complications, can cause the following individual reactions:

  • Severe swelling.
  • Hematomas.
  • Numbness of the skin.
  • Skin soreness.
  • High skin sensitivity.
  • Inflammation.
  • Impaired skin sensitivity, not passing for several months.
  • Bruising.
  • Flabbiness of the skin.
  • Blood loss.
  • The appearance of age spots.
  • Seroma.
  • Thromboembolism.
  • The formation of fatty lumps and internal nodules under the skin.
  • Infection and acute inflammation.

With lipofilling, surgery is minimal, so the likelihood of complications is low. However, in some cases, side effects can occur both in the liposuction zone and in the buttocks.

How long does the result last

After the procedure, the fat cells partially take root in the new zone. They function as part of the human body. The adherent fatty tissues remain in a new place throughout life. However, their number may decrease with weight loss. To maintain the result, the patient must remain within the existing body weight.

Cells that have not taken root in the buttock area die. They are eliminated from the body using the metabolic and excretory systems. This process takes from 1 to 6 months. You can evaluate the final result of the procedure only after this period.

When can lipofilling be repeated

In some cases, the obtained aesthetic result does not satisfy
the patient.

There are several reasons for this:

  • Poor survival of fat cells.
  • Errors of the surgeon during the operation.
  • Uneven tissue transplant.
  • Deformation of the shape of the buttocks and the occurrence of asymmetry.

In these cases, correction will be required. It can be carried out after 6 months. after surgery, when it will be possible to fully evaluate the result.

Are scars noticeable

After lipofilling, no scars or scars remain in the buttocks. In addition, the procedure allows you to get rid of these defects, if they already exist in the patient. Thanks to donor fat cells, the skin is smoothed out and its relief becomes smooth.

In the liposuction zone, there are also no noticeable changes. The puncture diameter is about 10/32 inch. The puncture site is identified in advance by the surgeon. It is located in areas of folds on the skin or places covered by linen. After 1 – 2 months. Traces of punctures heal and become invisible.

Skin Care After Lipofilling

Buttock lipofilling requires regular maintenance of the result.

In the photo after surgery, the skin looks tightened and smooth, but in order to maintain the effect, you need to properly care for it:

  • In the recovery period, traumeel cream should be used, which helps to heal the skin, eliminates pain and prevents scarring.
  • Gel Lyoton will help relieve inflammation and swelling, and also accelerate the healing of bruises. Buttock lipofilling. What kind of operation it is, especially how it is done. Before and after photos, price and reviews
  • Panthenol will help moisturize the skin, as well as get rid of sensitivity and redness.
  • When the recovery period is over, you need to use soft peels, moisturizers and oils in the buttocks.


The cost of the procedure consists of several items of expenses:

  • Fat cell transplantation will cost about $ 1360 – $ 2720. Such a wide price range is due to the difference in the volume of donor material. If less than 16,91 fluid ounce of fat cells are sufficient for transplantation, the cost of transplantation will be up to $ 2040. In the case of transplantation of fat cells in a volume of up to 27,05 fluid ounce, the amount will be calculated according to the upper price threshold.
  • Fat cells are taken for a fee. This stage is called liposuction. Its cost also depends on the volume of work of the surgeon. The average price of this stage is $ 544 – $ 816.
  • Separately, you will need to pay additional operating expenses. These include days in the hospital, the cost of anesthesia and compression underwear. In some clinics, such expenses are included in the cost of the operation, therefore, do not require separate payment.

In total, the average figure correction price using this method is $ 2720. The cost may vary depending on the clinic and the chosen surgeon. Famous doctors and clinics with a high level of service are more expensive. In addition, prices in New York and the of central USA are traditionally higher.

Credit lipofilling

Most modern plastic surgery clinics offer patient credit systems. This practice allows you to realize the dream of body shaping, even if the cost of the operation is too high.

Lending conditions in different clinics are different. The most beneficial for the patient is an installment plan without overpayments. You can conclude a loan agreement only in those banks with which the clinic cooperates.

The most famous partner banks of clinics are:

  • Alfa Bank. Buttock lipofilling. What kind of operation it is, especially how it is done. Before and after photos, price and reviews
  • Wholesale Bank.
  • Renaissance.
  • Eastern Express.
  • Credit Europe.

When applying for a loan, it is important to choose a reliable clinic that works with trusted banks. Lending conditions need to be ascertained from the clinic administration individually.

Comparison of lipofilling with other buttock correction methods

Alternative Method Name The essence of the technique Benefits over Lipofilling disadvantages Price
Gluteoplasty Gluteal implant placement. Implants vary in shape, do not dissolve and do not shift with time. The operation can be performed from 18 years. Requires serious surgical intervention. The incisions are up to 2 inch in length, and after surgery, stitches are applied. From $ 3400.
Macroline The introduction of injectable fillers of hyaluronic acid using a cannula. There is no need to stay in the hospital, the filler fills the irregularities and asymmetries, the rehabilitation period is less than 1 month. Hyaluronic acid migration is possible, the effect of the operation lasts 12-18 months. From $ 2720.
Thread pull Using a cannula, threads are inserted into the buttocks to raise them. The procedure is not operating, therefore, it does not carry serious complications. It is carried out under local anesthesia. There is no need for a hospital. During the year, the threads resolve, and the procedure does not provide opportunities to increase the volume of the buttocks. From $ 1360.

Lipofilling procedure allows you to transform the buttocks. However, before deciding on surgical intervention by a surgeon, it is necessary to evaluate the photo of the result on the clinic website.

Buttock lipofilling video

Doctors will tell you all about buttock lipofilling:

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