Water aerobics. The benefits of losing weight, exercises, results, reviews, contraindications

Aqua aerobics, subject to regular classes, will allow a person of any gender to achieve significant results not only in losing weight, but also in effectively giving tone to the muscle corset of the whole body.

Having studied the feedback of athletes, you can not only understand the approximate lesson plan, formulate for yourself its main advantages and disadvantages, but also determine the approximate time required to achieve the goal.

What is water aerobics

Water aerobics (reviews and results can be studied in the photo presented in the article) is a complex of exercises performed by people at a fast pace. During the training, athletes are in the pool, in which the water reaches the level of the chest.

The effectiveness of such a complex is ensured by the need for a person to overcome the natural resistance of water, while avoiding the “harmful” load on the musculoskeletal system and cardiovascular system.

Water aerobics. The benefits of losing weight, exercises, results, reviews, contraindications

Water aerobics. The benefits of losing weight, exercises, results, reviews, contraindications
Even aerobic aerobics people can do, because immersion in water only occurs to chest level

If the training is carried out for people who have good physical fitness, basic exercises are complicated by the use of additional weights (for example, dumbbells or special foam blocks).

Why water aerobics is useful

Aqua aerobics is useful not only from the point of view of its effectiveness in eliminating the psychological discomfort of a person or his moral exhaustion (it has been proved that the contact of mentally unstable people with water has a beneficial effect on the state of their nervous system, helping to rehabilitate the body as soon as possible). Group training also contributes to the physical development of athletes.

Muscle training

Muscle training during aqua aerobics is done by performing active movements with parts of the body under water.

Despite the outward narrow focus of this type of training (training in water works out the muscles that stabilize and back muscles responsible for the formation of posture and support the spinal column), overcoming water resistance is possible only if the muscular corset is integrated.

Water aerobics. The benefits of losing weight, exercises, results, reviews, contraindicationsThe lack of solid support under the athlete’s feet while in the pool also contributes to the development of coordination of movements, increase of body flexibility.


Water aerobics (reviews and results should be evaluated only after studying individual initial data) can not only tone up the muscle corset, but also have a relaxing effect on the musculature and musculoskeletal system.

In the first case, the key is the fact that there is a constant massage of the body with water during an athlete’s exercise in the pool (the amount of lactic acid that provokes muscle pain is minimized). In the second case, a decrease in the load on the joints occurs due to a decrease in the actual body weight of a person during his stay in water.

Water aerobics as a way to lose weight

When using water aerobics in order to reduce body fat, it is recommended to choose such areas of this type of fitness as:

  • Aqua-Circuit (“Aqua Circuit”) – circular training of moderate intensity, implying the use of additional weights;
  • Aqua-Resist (“Aqua Resist”) – a comprehensive lesson consisting of loads, the purpose of which is to overcome the natural resistance of water;
  • Aqua-Power (“Aqua Power”) – strength training in the pool, designed for people with good physical fitness;
  • Aqua-fight (“Aqua Fight”) – suitable for people with any level of physical fitness, as it involves performing the simplest exercises in the water with martial arts elements (kicks, kicks and so on).

Strengthening the whole body

Regular exercises with water aerobics can also produce a general strengthening of the body. This is made possible by the hardening effect. Training of this orientation is carried out in cool water. Thus, it is possible to increase calorie consumption (to maintain heat metabolism when an athlete immerses in water, the body spends twice as many calories) and strengthen the human immune defense.

Active training in the pool also contributes to the release of hormones of joy (endorphins) into the blood , which positively affect not only the functioning of the body’s internal systems, but also the maintenance of a positive emotional state.

Great way to recover

The proven positive effect of water on the human psyche determines the effectiveness of water aerobics as a way to restore moral strength after a prolonged stay in a state of stress or moral exhaustion, which is cumulative.

Metabolism start

The acceleration of metabolic processes and lymph flow occurs due to the lymphatic drainage effect achieved during exercise in water. With the help of the massage effect of the aquatic environment on the skin of an athlete in the pool, metabolism is started, stagnation in human tissues is eliminated, swelling is minimized and blood circulation is improved.

Cons and contraindications

Water aerobics (reviews and results of experienced athletes allow us to determine the effectiveness of this training), like other sports, has a number of contraindications.

Water aerobics. The benefits of losing weight, exercises, results, reviews, contraindicationsContraindications:

  • respiratory tract diseases;
  • frequent cramps of the limbs;
  • serious diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • exacerbation of allergic reactions of the body;
  • poor health of the person (weakness, dizziness);
  • violation of the integrity of the spinal column in the past;
  • individual intolerance to chlorinated water.

When deciding to start aqua aerobics classes, it is important to understand all the potential disadvantages of this sporting field.

Their overwhelming majority is due to the fact that the water in the pools is most often disinfected with bleach, which may result in:

  • deterioration of the skin (excessive dryness, peeling);
  • the development of an allergic reaction;
  • deterioration of the appearance of hair (brittleness, dryness);
  • thrush (relevant for women with sensitive microflora of the mucous genital organs).

Can I do swimming

One of the advantages of water aerobics over other sports, implying a person is in the pool, is the lack of the need for him to have swimming skills. During group fitness classes of this kind, the athlete’s body is in water only to the level of the chest, while his legs rest firmly on th
e bottom of the pool.

If the complex of exercises implies the presence of a person’s ability to be afloat, the trainer will offer him special inflatable sleeves or a circle belt that impede the complete immersion of the body under water.

Can pregnant women do

Pregnant women are allowed to do water aerobics only after consulting with their gynecologist.

In the absence of contraindications, the expectant mother, due to regular sports in the water, will be able to:

  • keep the body in good shape;
  • minimize the risk of stretch marks or cellulite on the skin that deforms during the process of bearing a child;
  • reduce the increased load on the joints and bones of the lower body;

Water aerobics. The benefits of losing weight, exercises, results, reviews, contraindications

  • to avoid the development of varicose veins of the lower extremities;
  • get rid of puffiness;
  • reduce the severity of discomfort in the back, in particular the lower back;
  • to contribute to the adoption of the child in the right position in the mother’s womb (head down).

The effectiveness of water aerobics for weight loss

The complex effect of water aerobics on the body of a losing weight is:

  • the need to overcome water resistance during exercise (requires the use of the entire muscle corset);
  • lymphatic drainage effect that occurs when moving water comes into contact with the athlete’s skin (lymph flow and blood flow improve, metabolism starts, cellulite is eliminated);
  • marginal calorie consumption, which increases due to the body’s attempts to maintain heat transfer while the body is in water at room temperature.

The main advantage of weight loss using water aerobics is that weight loss occurs without stress for the body.

A gradual transformation of a person’s appearance is a guarantee that the result of this process will not be temporary, but, provided that the athlete follows the principles of proper nutrition, will remain for several years.

How many calories are burned when doing water aerobics

Depending on the athlete’s initial data, 1 lesson in water aerobics, lasting no more than 60 minutes, can help him get rid of 380 to 600 kcal.

The specific amount of calories depends on:

  • complex intensity (depends on the chosen direction of water aerobics);
  • the correctness of the selected exercises, in terms of their compatibility with each other;
  • body metabolic rate;
  • individual features;
  • the presence of contraindications;
  • compliance with the technique of performing exercises.

Shells for water aerobics

The reviews and results recorded by experienced athletes after doing aerobics, allow us to conclude that the most efficient way to pump your body is only through the use of additional sports equipment.

To avoid injury to yourself or others, it is strictly forbidden to use wood or metal weights used in strength training in a specially equipped hall during fitness classes in the pool . It is also important to keep the distance between all members of the group in order to avoid an accidental collision while they are doing the exercise.

Water aerobics. The benefits of losing weight, exercises, results, reviews, contraindications
Water aerobics. The benefits of losing weight, exercises, results, reviews, contraindicationsMost often used as sports equipment for aqua aerobics:

  • noodles (elongated stick of their foam);
  • akvadisk (a circle made of polystyrene foam intended for use in working out hands);
  • aquastep (a hill mounted on the bottom of the pool);
  • expander (used to train the muscles of the hands);
  • a ball of small or medium diameter;
  • weights attached to arms and legs;
  • foam pancake rod;
  • dumbbell with foam blocks around the edges.

Training Wear

For water aerobics, like other sports, it is recommended to choose comfortable clothing. Women should wear a one-piece swimsuit that does not cause discomfort when changing arms or legs.

In addition to a bathing suit, a necessary female attribute (also relevant for men with long hair) for exercising in the pool is a rubber cap. It allows you to avoid falling hair into water, which corresponds to the hygiene rules defined by the administration of fitness clubs.

Water aerobics. The benefits of losing weight, exercises, results, reviews, contraindicationsIt is enough for men to have swimming trunks with them. At the request of athletes can purchase swimming goggles that minimize eye discomfort when a person is periodically under water.

Class preparation

When you first visit the fitness club, a person will be asked to undergo basic testing, which involves filling out a questionnaire about the state of health and performing simple loads on various muscle groups.

After analyzing the collected information, the trainer will determine the athlete’s physical fitness and, based on this parameter, will give him recommendations on visiting a specific group of water aerobics.

Water aerobics groups:

  • “Beginners” – the lesson lasts no more than 30 minutes;
  • “Experienced” – a sophisticated workout lasts about 60 minutes;
  • “Professionals” – a complex of exercises of increased complexity, performed non-stop for an hour.

Basic exercises for weight loss. Execution technique

Water aerobics (reviews and results of athletes of specific fitness clubs will allow a beginner to conclude about the professionalism of the selected instructor) implies strict adherence to the generally accepted technique for performing exercises.

Exercises for the legs, hips and buttocks

The following will be effective in getting rid of excess volume in the lower body:

Aqua Aerobics Exercise Execution technique
Perimeter walking
  1. Turn your face in the direction of travel.
  2. Place your hands behind your head.
  3. Without taking your feet off the bottom of the pool, move along its perimeter for 3 minutes.
  1. Straighten your back, draw in your stomach.
  2. In your hands take dumbbells with foam rubber pancakes. Take sports equipment to the sides.
  3. On exhalation, tear off the legs from the bottom of the pool and part them in the position of the transverse twine.
  4. Without pausing, reduce them, overcoming water resistance.
Walking without moving
  1. Straighten the spine, draw in the stomach, ra
    ise the chin.
  2. Put your hands behind your head.
  3. On exhalation, raise the right leg, bent at the knee, and then press it to the abdomen. Lower to starting position.
  4. Repeat the same movement with the left foot.

Waist and Abdomen Exercises

To make slimmer the waist and lower abdomen will be possible with:

Aqua Aerobics Exercise Execution technique
Pulling the bent legs to the lower press
  1. Stand up straight, spread your arms to the sides and fix dumbbells or foam blocks in them.
  2. On exhalation, bend the legs at the knees, and then pull them as much as possible to the chest, minimally changing the position of the body.
  3. Without stopping, slowly take your starting position.
Pelvic rotation
  1. Straighten your back, slightly forward chest. Feet should be placed at a distance equal to the width of the shoulders from each other. Put your hands on a belt or fix in the chest area.
  2. On exhalation, slowly begin to describe the circle in the pelvis in water, overcoming the natural resistance of water.
  3. Having reached the initial point, rotate the pelvis in the opposite direction.

Classical program in water aerobics classes

The classical program in the classes of water aerobics allows you to effectively work out the muscle corset for people with any physical training.

Running in the water

The correct exercise technique looks like this:

  1. Take a vertical position; draw in the stomach; scapula to reduce.
  2. Alternately pull the legs bent at the knees to the chest area, controlling that the direction of movement comes from the femoral part of the body.
  3. When the legs are at the highest point, swing forward with the opposite hand, without bending it.

Water aerobics. The benefits of losing weight, exercises, results, reviews, contraindicationsThe speed of the exercise is determined by the fitness instructor. In the vast majority of cases, it depends on the physical preparation of athletes, as well as the training phase.

Cycling in the water

Cycling in water, in order to achieve maximum efficiency from aqua aerobics, must be carried out in accordance with generally accepted technology.

Technique of execution:

  1. Stand up straight; to bring the muscles of the peritoneum to maximum tension; Arms in free position.
  2. Alternately, observing the smooth transitions, bend one leg, bring it to the stomach, and then stretch it slightly forward, replacing it at this point in the upper point with the opposite limb.
  3. Hands need to perform a movement that simulates the movement of the upper limbs while swimming “frog-like”.

Diagonal running

The technique of this exercise repeats the algorithm for cycling in water. The main difference is the position of the case. When running diagonally, the upper body should be moved forward, and the hips should be pulled back, placing the torso in this way in a diagonal position.

Advance forward

For this exercise, the fitness trainer issues a foam pole to his wards – noodle:

Water aerobics. The benefits of losing weight, exercises, results, reviews, contraindications

  1. Take a vertical position of the body. Bend your knees at an angle of 90 degrees.
  2. Take the noodle with both hands, and place it in front of you in the chest area.
  3. At the same time as you exhale, press on the sports equipment. Perform a noodle dive until the arms are fully extended.
  4. Relax the muscles of the upper limbs, and then allow the foam pole to float to the surface on its own.
  5. When moving a noodle, it is recommended that you follow the steps in place to best engage all muscle groups.


It is recommended to use the noodle as a support in the exercise:

  1. Position the foam pole behind, passing its ends under your arms forward.
  2. Straighten your back, retract your stomach.
  3. On exhalation, sharply tear off the feet from the supporting surface of the pool. Tighten your knees to your chest. When changing the position of the legs, the body should remain motionless.
  4. Lock position for 3 sec.
  5. Slowly lower the lower limbs to the starting position.


To correctly complete the exercise, you must adhere to the generally accepted technique:

Water aerobics. The benefits of losing weight, exercises, results, reviews, contraindications

  1. Arrange vertically; put your legs under your shoulders; pick up the noodle and place it in front of you at chest level.
  2. As you exhale, take your straight leg back. Simultaneously with the raising of the limb, it is necessary to press the foam pole. Lower the housing down until a straight line is formed parallel to the floor. The face at the bottom should be under water.
  3. Return to original position. Repeat step 2, using the opposite leg.


Compliance with the technique of the exercise will allow you to effectively work out the buttocks, back and front of the thigh:

  1. Lock the ends of the foam noodle in your hands. Take out the sports equipment in front of you.
  2. While exhaling, press on the pole, completely immersing it in water.
  3. Step over your right foot over the noodle. Put your foot on the floor. The knee should be bent.
  4. Lock the position for 3-5 seconds.
  5. Return the lower limb to its original position.
  6. Repeat steps 2 – 5, using the left leg.

Running around the pool

This exercise must be done with a flexible noodle:

  1. Position the foam noodle behind. Bring the ends of the harness forward. Forearms lean on sports equipment.
  2. Perform alternately raising legs to the stomach at a fast pace, while moving from one edge of the pool to the opposite. The body must remain stationary during the exercise.

Tips for effective workouts

To increase the effectiveness of training in water aerobics, fitness trainers recommend that beginners adhere to the following basic tips:

  • avoid meals 2 hours before and after class;
  • Before diving i
    nto the pool, you should take a shower, rinse off a layer of dust from the skin;
  • after training, you must re-visit the shower to wash off bleach;
  • on days of doing aerobics, it is necessary to apply a nourishing cream to the skin at least 2 times;
  • comply with the drinking regime, and not only during sports;
  • strictly follow the technique of performing the exercises (if the algorithm of actions is not clear, and the fitness trainer does not have the opportunity to clarify the details, you should skip the specific load, thus minimizing the risk of injury).

Water aerobics. The benefits of losing weight, exercises, results, reviews, contraindicationsTestimonials and results of people who regularly attend water aerobics prove the effectiveness of this type of training not only in losing weight, but also in maintaining muscle tone.

Regardless of the age and characteristics of a person’s physical condition (for example, pregnancy), before attending a group workout in the pool, he should make sure that there is no allergic reaction to chlorine.

Otherwise, irritation will appear on the skin during the lesson, which will create acute discomfort for the person and distract him from following the exercise technique.

Video of the most effective water aerobics exercises

Water aerobics for weight loss: effective exercises:

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