Victoria Bonya before and after plastic surgery – photos, personal life, height, weight. New plastic surgery

One of the most effective modern techniques for rejuvenating the exterior is plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures that can, within a short time, transform a person’s appearance for the better.

Victoria Bonya, a well-known participant in the Dom-2 project, like many stars of the American show business, often used the services of plastic surgeons, so her changes before and after the plastic surgery are really impressive.

Who is Victoria Bonya

The future celebrity, actress and TV presenter was born far from the capital, in the city of Krasnokamensk on November 27, 1979. At the beginning of 90, Vika and her family moved to New York, where in 2003 she graduated from the New York State University of Food and Economics, Department of Economics and Entrepreneurship. And in 2004 – the school of TV and film at the New York Institute of Television and Radio Broadcasting “Ostankino”.

After a while at the end of the institute, an attractive girl was able to break into the project “House-2”, where for almost a year (from May 2006 to April 2007) she was an active and recognizable person. Victoria Bonya before and after plastic surgery - photos, personal life, height, weight. New plastic surgery

It was there that Victoria became popular, because according to the version of TimeOut New York, it was among the 50 most beautiful people in New York. The girl began to be invited for photo shoots of the magazines “Maxim” and “Penthouse”. And since September 2007, she became the host of the Cosmopolitan. Video version ”on TNT .

Since 2010, Victoria, having met with Alexander Smerfit, began to establish personal life. And in March 2012, their daughter Angelina was born. The couple’s relationship ended in 2021. But Victoria did not express pity about this fact, and said that the separation from the common-law husband was as beautiful as the meeting.

How Victoria looked in her youth

From childhood, thin, in her teens, Vika preferred to hide her legs under trousers and long skirts. The girl did not differ in curvaceous forms: she weighed 93 pounds. with a growth of 5’6 foot. Victoria Bonya before and after plastic surgery - photos, personal life, height, weight. New plastic surgery

Shy and the shape of the mouth, considered her lips too full. A broad nose, a warm skin tone, a round face – in her children’s and youthful photographs, facial features characteristic of representatives of eastern peoples are noticeable. Victoria Bonya before and after plastic surgery - photos, personal life, height, weight. New plastic surgery

Participating in the program “Veshch.dok”, an already adult Bonya admitted to her pedigree in the presence of Chinese roots.

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What it looks like now. Height, weight, body parameters

Appearance of Victoria Bonya before and after plastic surgery differs radically. Today, only a skin tone has remained from the eastern features in Bonn.

Comparing modern Wiki photos with photographs of 15 years ago, cardinal changes are noticeable:

  • the cut of eyes, the gaze has become more slanted;
  • the nose has thinned;
  • his face is no longer round, his chin sharpened;
  • pronounced cheekbones appeared,
  • lips are even more magnificent than in the childhood.

Experts say that such dramatic changes are not possible without the intervention of plastic surgery. Now the girl looks like Angelina Jolly.

At the last Cannes festival, she defiled in a black velvet floor dress, almost identical to Jolly’s outfit for BAFTA-2018.

But no matter how Victoria changes, she invariably carefully watches herself, leads a healthy and active lifestyle.

In her instagram account, Vika regularly shares impressions with various subscribers about various cosmetic products, uploads recipes for healthy eating, fragments of her classes in the gym with comments and tips. The results of working on yourself are impressive, its parameters today:

height, see Weight, pounds. volume, see shoe size, eu
bust waist buttocks
172 50 86 62 89 38

The girl is characterized by excessive thinness and Vika boasts to fans on the net with every pounds gained.

How it looks without makeup

Victoria has never been shy about showing her face to the general public without makeup. She always scrupulously thinks over the image for social events, but she also considers her natural appearance to be no less worthy of demonstration Victoria Bonya before and after plastic surgery - photos, personal life, height, weight. New plastic surgery

Even without a photo retouch and cosmetics, Bonya looks fresh and young, she boldly puts on a variety of social networks for fans to see and not only a huge number of photos, which are captured without the slightest sign of makeup.

A considerable merit in this belongs to cosmetologists and plastic surgeons, but the secular lioness herself makes efforts to keep her skin in good condition. In an interview on the Vokrug TV internet portal, she talks about the need to maintain her beauty by constantly working on herself. Victoria Bonya before and after plastic surgery - photos, personal life, height, weight. New plastic surgery

According to Victoria, she controls herself even during a night’s rest, not allowing herself to bury her face in a pillow, so as not to wrinkle and spoil the skin.

In a swimsuit

The figure of Victoria Boni, both before and after plastic surgery, has always been spectacular, almost perfect. Her candid photos are not only online, but also in eminent men’s magazines, in 2007 her image graced the cover of the December issue of Maxim magazine, and in January 2010 she became the face of Playboy Victoria Bonya before and after plastic surgery - photos, personal life, height, weight. New plastic surgery

In recent years, he has increasingly been participa
ting in various photo shoots in underwear and in a swimsuit on the beach.
She has something to show and something to be proud of – she has a reasonably trained taut body, long smooth legs without signs of cellulite, elastic breasts and perfect skin.

First transfiguration

Changes in the appearance of one of the most prominent American celebrities did not happen overnight, but did not go unnoticed by fashion magazines or her loyal fans.

The first operation that changed Victoria was the correction of the eyelids. The girl decided on plastic in 2003, she not only got rid of bags under the eyes, but also gained a more open look thanks to the changed eye section.

In 2007, a different shape of the tip of the nose became, the surgeon’s knife made it thinner. Minor rhinoplasty was performed, but as a result, Vika acquired a more aristocratic appearance.

A few years later, the puffy lips of the star became even fuller, changing not only her face, but also diction. As a result, by the end of 2011, Victoria Bonya turned into another clone of Angelina Jolly.

Victoria Bonya before and after plastics. Photo

The girl herself spoke about some operations herself, while she stubbornly is silent about others to this day. But experts agree that in many ways the beauty of Victoria today is the result of the skillful work of the scalpel of a talented surgeon.

Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery)

Victoria Bonya before blepharoplasty was forced to mask bags and bruises under her eyes with the help of cosmetics. After the girl had plastic eyelids, she was able to once and for all get rid of this defect in appearance. In addition, the section of her eyes changed, they acquired an almond-shaped shape, and the outer corners of the eyelids lifted.

Now the star prefers not to admit that she made her first plastic surgery to correct the eyelids as early as 24 years old, but videos have been posted on youtube in the public domain in which she tells why she took this step.

Breast surgery

From 2021 and 2021, several operations were performed to increase and change Victoria’s breast shape. Victoria Bonya before and after plastic surgery - photos, personal life, height, weight. New plastic surgery
It was during this period that everyone paid attention to her appetizing bust, which until then was noticeable only under tight clothes.

Rhinoplasty (nose plastics)

Comparing Victoria’s appearance before she left the Dom-2 project and now, experts categorically argue that the shape of her nose has changed. Victoria Bonya before and after plastic surgery - photos, personal life, height, weight. New plastic surgeryThe intervention of the surgeon is insignificant: only the tip of the nose was corrected, which as a result became slightly thinner. Bonya performed rhinoplasty at the age of 28.

Butt plastics

At the end of 2021, Victoria made plastic buttocks, increasing by one third their volume against the previous one. However, she stubbornly denies plastic surgery, claiming that she herself has achieved such a change in the shape of the gluteal muscles with the help of special exercises.

According to experts, it is impossible to increase locally only the buttocks with the help of physical exertion without hypertrophy of other muscle groups. Victoria’s arms, legs, back and shoulders did not increase, which indirectly confirms the fact of gluteoplasty.

Lip correction

By nature, Vika’s puffy lips also underwent perfection: back in 2011, Boni fans noticed an increase in their fullness.

Victoria Bonya before and after plastic surgery - photos, personal life, height, weight. New plastic surgery
Photos before and after plastics of lips of Victoria Boni

According to experts in the field of cosmetology, it is unlikely that Vika used silicone implants to correct the shape of her mouth. Obviously, she at least 1-2 times a year resorts to the salon procedure of injecting a gel of hyaluronic acid to increase lips.


In mid-2016, it was time to improve the bite again (in her youth, Victoria had already undergone this procedure). This time she put lingual braces on the inside of her teeth. Until now, her upper jaw has been slightly protruding. Boni’s fans surprised this act, many of them considered this subtle flaw as one of the highlights of her image.


Victoria Boni’s face before and after plastic surgery looks completely different. Even before pregnancy, from about 25 years old, Victoria used Botox injections, and at the end of the period of breastfeeding, she returned to these procedures.

The photographs show blocks near the eyes and in the forehead. Thanks to injections of botulinum toxin, 38-year-old Victoria Bonya still has not got expression lines and has not lost her smooth skin. Victoria Bonya before and after plastic surgery - photos, personal life, height, weight. New plastic surgery

In addition, Victoria resorts to such caring techniques as moisturizing with the help of hyaluronic acid in the deep layers of the skin (biorevitalization) and mesotherapy (injections of vitamin cocktails and other drugs under the skin).

And in 2021, attentive fans noted changes in the shape of the star’s face – the contour slightly swam over the years became ideal, and less round, with pronounced high cheekbones. It is possible to achieve a similar effect with the help of botox blockade, but, according to experts, in this case, contour plasty was not without.

Cost of operations and care

You can approximately calculate the total cost of all procedures, focusing on the prices of specialized clinics that are relevant today.

Tentatively, Boni’s plastic surgery, if done now, will cost $ 6528.

  • Plastic surgery of the upper and lower eyelids – $ 1088.
  • Breast augmentatio
    n – $ 1632.
  • Buttocks increase – $ 2040.
  • Contour plastic – $ 408.
  • Correction of the shape of the nose – $ 1360.

As for regular supportive care, the prices of injection methods start at $ 48. in one procedure.

  • Face mesotherapy – from $ 75.
  • Biorevitalization – from $ 120.
  • 3D modeling by fillers with hyaluronic acid (lips) – from $ 299.
  • Injection of the drug Botox – from $ 7. for one injection.

On average, Boni takes at least $ 3400 a year to support the freshness and youthfulness of his appearance.


When asked about income sources, Vika confidently states that she provides herself by working on TV, acting in films and releasing clothes of the VICTORIA BONYA brand. Victoria Bonya before and after plastic surgery - photos, personal life, height, weight. New plastic surgery

She promotes her own clothing brand on the market, acting not only as a designer, but also as a model in the online boutique Maison AngelAnn, where her personal collection for sale with delivery anywhere in the world is presented. In addition to the network, Boni clothes are sold in boutiques in several countries of the world, including in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai), a store is planned to open in Monaco.

On the official page of the brand you can purchase:

1. Outerwear:

  • short fur coats
  • cashmere coats,
  • parkas and jackets in a casual style.

2. Dresses:

  • evening
  • cocktail
  • beach
  • everyday
  • knitwear.
  • Sweaters.
  • Sportswear.

The minimum price of a thing from the VICTORIA BONYA brand ranges from $ 210 for a “every day” sweater to $ 1225 for a short fur coat made of Finnish fox. Fans often blame the star for the high cost of clothing produced. But the brand successfully exists from 2021 to this day, things find their buyer

To the comments of fans on social networks, and to the questions of interviewers in various programs with her participation about plastic surgery, Vika replies in the negative.

She claims that she uses the services of only cosmetologists, but in no case plastic surgeons, her appearance changed only in a natural way. To prove her case, the girl posted on the network photos of her mother in her youth.

As a result…

As seen in the before and after photos, Victoria Bonya undoubtedly has an impressively attractive appearance. So, all the plastic and cosmetic changes in the face and body went to good.

However, over the past few years, the girl has changed quite often, so many fans express concern about the frequent operations of their idol, because it is not known how this will affect Victoria’s health and appearance in the future.

Video about Victoria Bonnie

Photos before and after plastic surgery by Victoria Bonnie:

Plastic surgery Victoria Boni:


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