Exercises to reduce the hips and buttocks. Training program how to perform

The basis of the training program to reduce the volume of the hips are special exercises. They allow you to accelerate the conversion of subcutaneous fat in the specified area.

How to organize and perform fat burning exercises for hips and buttocks at home

You can not lose weight in one part of the body, but you can tighten the problem area. “Ears” on the hips and buttocks are deposits of fat that are burned by aerobic exercise and nutritional review. However, not all so simple.

During training, the fat will come off from the whole body, and not just from the desired area. Therefore, hips often lose weight in the last turn. To speed up the process, you need to do exercises that will strengthen the muscles in the breeches, give them elasticity and strength.

It is best to practice in the gym under the supervision of a professional trainer. However, not everyone has such an opportunity. A training ground can be organized at home. The main thing is to understand the need for self-control and discipline. Classes should be held regularly and supplemented by a healthy diet.

Training is best done in a large room, cleared of foreign objects. Hip exercises include lunges and fitball exercises that require freedom of movement. The inventory will depend on the exercises.

The minimum set consists of:

  • sportswear;
  • a rug;
  • dumbbell
  • rods;
  • jump ropes;
  • fitball;
  • step platforms;
  • stopwatch. Exercises to reduce the hips and buttocks. Training program how to perform

The first thing you need to understand before starting classes is that the result will not be instantaneous. Muscle strengthening is a long process. Do not torment yourself with excessive load, it will only hurt. Muscle tone depends on regular exercise and the gradual complication of the program.

Hip reduction exercises are done 5-6 times a week. The first 5 days include standard training: cardio, strength and gymnastic. The last day is recommended to take for swimming. This will consolidate the result, improve overall health.

The daily load distribution is as follows: 2 cardio workouts, 1 strength and 1 gymnastic. Each exercise is performed at least 15 times. At the moment when it seems that the forces are exhausted, you need to strain and do another 1-3 repetitions.

Rest between sets should not exceed 30 seconds. A long break reduces the effectiveness of the lesson. You need to train in this mode for at least 3 months. When the result is noticeable, and the muscles are strong enough, you can switch to the “support mode”. It requires 2 strength and one cardio training per week.

During the first classes, the body adapts. Therefore, it is important to monitor well-being and not bring the body to exhaustion. The pace needs to be increased gradually. If the exercise is easy, it’s time to increase the number of repetitions.

Men also need hips correction. They can lose shape due to obesity, a sedentary lifestyle, hormonal failure, age, and malnutrition.

Exercises to reduce the hips and buttocks. Training program how to perform
Exercises to reduce hips can not be performed if you go in for swimming!

An important role is played by heredity. Men are shown running, exercise bikes, boxing or swimming. Training should take at least an hour. Standard thigh exercises will also be helpful. To strengthen the muscles, at least 5 sets of 15 repetitions are required.

The success of a workout directly depends on proper breathing. A lack of oxygen will lead to weakness, vomiting, and fainting. The breathing technique involves inhaling at the beginning of an exercise and exhaling at a point of higher tension. For example, during a lesson with dumbbells, inhale when raising your arms and exhale when lowering.

Simple and effective exercises to reduce female hips and buttocks

Before starting classes, you need to lay a rug and stock up on a bottle of water. Water balance must be replenished throughout the workout. Clothing should be comfortable and light. It is better to opt for tight leggings and a T-shirt. This will reduce the likelihood of injury.

Warm up

Warm up is necessary to prepare the body for the load. It starts with a warm up. You need to straighten your back and walk in place, alternately pulling your knees to your chest. The higher you can raise your leg, the better. Walking continues for a minute. Exercises to reduce the hips and buttocks. Training program how to perform

After this comes the turn of the “Stars”. Starting position: legs together, hands pressed to the sides. Then they make a jump in place with legs spread to the sides. At the same time, they clap their hands over their heads.

Hands and feet need to be moved synchronously: the return of the feet to the starting position should be accompanied by a clap. Jumps are repeated for a minute. “Asterisk” not only warms up muscles, but also trains the vestibular apparatus.


Running is a proven way to get rid of fat. Centimeters go not only from the hips, but from the waist and buttocks. Beginners are advised to take a 7-minute run at a moderate pace. When the body gets used to the activity, the running time is increased to 45 minutes. The main thing is to make the transition gradually! 45 minutes of jogging allow you to burn up to 470 kcal.

You can limit yourself to 1-3 runs a week or do them every morning. During training, you need to carefully monitor your knees. Weight should be transferred from foot to foot in such a way that pain and discomfort do not occur. After running, it is recommended that you take a calm walk. In 10 minutes, the heart rate will fully recover.


Exercises based on various types of squats are the best way to reduce body fat in the hips, as well as to build muscle. However, squats require caution. If you violate the execution technique, you can damage the knee joint. Exercises to reduce the hips and buttocks. Training program how to perform

The legs are spread shoulder-width apart, hands are placed on the back of the head and locked into a “lock”. They try to transfer body weight to heels. Doing the exercise, they descend as if they want to find a chair with the buttocks. The body is tilted forward. At this point, you need to closely monitor your knees. They should not twist and change positions. Ascent begins slowly, with emphasis on the heels.

For beginners, two approaches of 10-15 repetitions are enough. Over time, their number will increase. When the squat becomes easy, you need to add a few repetitions or pick up weighting.


Hip reduction exercises must
include lunges. They adjust the silhouette and develop posture. Muscle effort is exhaled.

In one training session you need to make 2 types of lunges:

  • Lunges forward. Starting position: the back is straight, the feet are connected. First, they tighten the muscles of the press, then make a sharp attack forward. You need to try to make it deep. The supporting leg should remain straight, and the knee “working” – exactly at the level of the heel. It is very important to keep your back straight. The exercise is repeated, alternating legs. Exercises to reduce the hips and buttocks. Training program how to perform
  • Lunges to the side. Starting position: back straight, feet together. First, lunging toward the right foot. The left one is slightly bent at the knee and the body is slightly tilted forward. 15 repetitions are made on each leg, then they are changed.

During lunges, you need to control the position of the knees. They should not twist and go beyond the toe.

Foot back

This exercise is a great way to improve stretching and strengthen your thigh muscles without increasing volume.

Leading the leg back is carried out on a hard surface. Starting position: standing on all fours, slightly spread arms and legs. The working leg is taken back, raising as high as possible. The knee joint should be bent to a comfortable position. At the highest point, the leg is delayed for 10-15 seconds, then lowered. The effectiveness of this exercise is to strain the gluteal muscles.

Gluteal bridge on one leg

Gluteal bridge is technically an easy exercise. Exercises to reduce the hips and buttocks. Training program how to perform

It is good in that it gives a load to several muscle groups:

  • gluteal;
  • calf;
  • dorsal.

“Bridge” perform on the rug. First of all, they lie down on the floor, pressing their lower back to it. Then knees are bred. They should be at a short distance from each other. Hands are laid along the body, feet are on the floor. At the time of inhalation, the back and hips rise so that a straight line (with shoulders) is obtained.

Buttocks and abs tighten. The legs are kept on weight for a couple of seconds and exhale return to the floor. During the most stress, the buttocks are compressed as much as possible. The “bridge” is repeated at least 30 times a day (2 sets of 15 times).


Rainbow runs on all fours. Legs are shoulder-width apart, wrists and shoulders are straight. Hands should be firmly on the floor. The left leg is pulled back, slightly moving it to the left. She should describe a semicircle. After which the leg returns to the floor. At this point, the gluteal muscles should be as tight as possible. Then make a change of legs.

Plie Squats

Plie squats not only burn fat, but also train balance. The legs are shoulder width apart, turning the socks out. Exercises to reduce the hips and buttocks. Training program how to performThe arms are pulled forward, making sure that they do not fall below the shoulder joint. Then they slowly squat, without lifting their heels off the mat. The legs continue to stand parallel to the surface. It is necessary to return to the initial position without rushing, controlling the setting of the knees.

This exercise may not work the first time. You can simplify it by taking a long stick, which will become a support.


Hip reduction exercises do not have to be technically challenging. Simple and effective exercises include leg swings. They train the external and internal sides of the legs, giving the muscles elasticity.

Swing ahead do not require additional equipment. It is enough to take a hand on a wall or other support. Before lifting the legs, you need to shorten the foot, feel how the muscles are tensed, then “throw” the leg forward, lifting it to its maximum height. If the back involuntarily “rounded”, you need to slightly reduce the amplitude.

No less useful swings to the side. Starting position: the back is straight, legs are together, hands are on the belt. The left leg is taken to the side, trying to turn the heel out. The abdominal muscles are tense. Exercises to reduce the hips and buttocks. Training program how to perform

If you do not feel pressure in the abdomen, then the technique is broken. During the last repetition, the leg is raised to the maximum height and remains in this position for 10-15 seconds. Then they change the leg.

Swing to the side can be done differently. You need to settle on your side, propping your head on your hand. The second hand is set in front of you. The lower (supporting) leg is slightly bent at the knee to fix the body. Then they contract the muscles of the foot and begin to raise and lower the leg. Each approach should include 15-20 repetitions.

Exercises to reduce the outside of the hips

To correct the outside of the hips, the exercises described above are suitable.


  • swings lying on the rug; Exercises to reduce the hips and buttocks. Training program how to perform
  • lunges;
  • lead back;
  • squats plie.

Inverse hyperextension can be added to this list. She quickly tightens the buttocks and breeches. The exercise is performed on a chair with a soft seat or a low bench. Starting position: the abdomen rests on the chair seat, hands clasp its sidewall.

The legs are straightened to the end, the socks rest on the floor, the feet are brought together. Simultaneously with the inhalation, the legs rise sharply and remain in this position for a couple of seconds. The movement should be accompanied by tension of the buttocks. On exhalation, they return to their original position.

Exercises on the outside of the thighs are complemented by stretching, can massage and a balanced diet.

Exercises to reduce the inner thigh

The inner part of the thigh is well reduced by the above-described squats plie, horizontal swings and lunges to the side.

You can add a few more exercises to them:

  • Cross legs in a jump. Starting position: the back is straight, legs are together, hands are pressed to the sides. During the jump, the legs are crossed so that one of them is in front. At the same time, the knee and toe should be turned in one direction. During the second jump, a change of legs occurs. Knees do not need to straighten “all the way”.
  • Squat and step to the side. Starting position: the back is straight, hands are pressed to the body, feet – to each other. Then they step to the side while doing a squat. Hands are straight, fingers are locked in a “lock”. Sock and knee are directed in one direction. They return to their original position with an exhalation. Exercises to reduce the hips and buttocks. Training program how to perform
  • “Scissors”. This exercise is a horizontal swing of the legs. To begin with, you need to lie on your back, press your back to the floor, tighten your abdominal muscles, raise your legs and guide your socks to the sides. Legs are bred shoulder-width apart, after which they are crossed. Thus, the working leg should be on top, the other on the bottom.

Despite the simple execution technique, the effect is not long in coming. The main thing is to engage at least 5 times a week and repeat each exercise 30 times (in 2 sets).

Weekly Hips and Butt Reduction Program

Regular exercises to reduce hips will give the first results in a week. To maintain discipline, it will be useful to draw up an action plan.

Day of the week Training
Monday Cardio (running up to 3 mile)
Tuesday Gymnastics
Wednesday Dumbbell Workout
Thursday Rope exercises (from 40 jumps)
Friday Pool
Saturday Gymnastics
Sunday Bath, cupping or body wraps

Exercises to reduce the hips and buttocks. Training program how to perform

Over time, the complexity of the exercises and the number of repetitions should increase. If training is easy, you need to add approaches.

Women will have to consider the characteristics of physiology. With the onset of critical days, classes take a break. After the condition stabilizes, you can resume training.

3’9 inch body fat reduction per month

The rate of fat burning depends on the individual characteristics of the body. Some women manage to achieve fantastic results. With regular loads and a balanced diet, a figure of 3’9 inch is quite real. Especially if you add gym workouts, biking, and jumping rope to your homework.

It is recommended to start the morning with a 40-minute walk or pedaling. Jumping rope is an excellent exercise to strengthen the legs and, especially, the calf muscles. Fitness instructors advise at least 40 jumps a day.

Exercises to reduce the hips and buttocks. Training program how to perform

Cardio workouts will require increased stamina. For quick weight loss, you need to run up to 6 mile per day. Once every 3 weeks you need to arrange cross-country running at high speed.

Exercises to reduce hips need to be practiced not only at home, but also in the gym. They are supplemented by cardio and power complex. Rapid weight loss is only possible under the supervision of a trainer. He will create an individual program that will allow you to safely get rid of excess fat.

A major role is played by nutrition, massage and body wrap. One day a week should be given to wellness treatments.

Return of form after delivery. Training principles, class schedule

After childbirth, there is often a need to put the body in order. However, this should be done carefully and slowly. If the birth was easy, they begin training after 2 months. In case of cesarean section and complications – after 3-4. Before drawing up a lesson plan, you must consult your doctor. It will help determine the intensity of the load.

Each exercise can be repeated no more than 10-20 times. Excessive stress will negatively affect well-being. The first 3 months after the start of classes should pass in a gentle manner. The number of training days should be increased from 3 days to 5.

Experts advise to limit yourself to a simple set of exercises:

  • “star”; Exercises to reduce the hips and buttocks. Training program how to perform
  • swings to the side (in a standing position);
  • swings lying back (in position – on the side);
  • “rainbow”.

It is better to refrain from lunges and squats for a couple of months. After childbirth, group exercises with an instructor will help to recover: yoga, water aerobics and Pilates. If there is an opportunity to engage under the supervision of a specialist, you need to use it.

Dumbbell exercises

When the muscles get used to lunges, you can complicate the workout with dumbbells. Weights are taken in each hand. It is recommended to start with a weight of 4 -9 pounds. Lunges are done according to the scheme described above. For each leg, there are 2 sets of 15-20 repetitions. For a break take no more than 30 seconds.

Dumbbell traction has proven itself in a standing position on one leg. To begin with, you need to take a weighting agent in each hand. Then steadily stand on the right foot, pushing the left back. With a smooth push, the working leg is lifted up and kept on weight for a couple of seconds. This action is accompanied by tension of the buttocks. For each leg, do 15-20 repetitions in 2 sets. Exercises to reduce the hips and buttocks. Training program how to perform

Another good exercise is a lateral approach to the platform with dumbbells. To do this, you need a bench or step platform. They stand to her side, holding dumbbells in their hands. The right leg is placed on the platform, while exhaling, transferring weight to it. The left leg is pulled to the chest. Hands with dumbbells can be bent or left along the body. For each leg do 10 repetitions (1-3 approaches).

Fitball activities

Exercises with a fitball develop the vestibular apparatus, coordination of movements and strengthen the hamstrings. The lesson begins
with the fact that they lie on the fitball with the upper part of the body, resting on it with the neck, shoulders and head. For weighting, you can pick up dumbbells ( 2 -9 pounds).

The legs bend slightly at the knees and begin to lower the body down. Then the hips are lifted up so that the chest and knees form a straight line. At the top point, gluteal muscles are strained. The fitball should remain in place during exercise. For beginners, 3 approaches of 10-11 repetitions will suffice. Their number is increased as necessary.

In addition to the above, there are many more exercises for the hips. Their effect on reducing excess body fat depends on the individual characteristics and intensity of training.

Hip Exercise Video

5 simple exercises for slim hips:

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