Salma Hayek. Photos in youth, on the beach, in underwear, in everyday life. Plastic surgery

Salma Hayek, a Hollywood movie star of Latin American descent, is recognized as the national pride of Mexico and one of the most beautiful women in the world. The multimillion-dollar army of fans is constantly exploring Instagram in search of photos of an ageless movie star whose gorgeous body in tight-fitting dresses and revealing swimsuits makes male hearts flutter and arouse female envy.

Facts from the biography

Salma Hayek was born on September 2, 1966 in the Mexican Coatzacoalcos, in the Spanish-Lebanese family of a businessman and opera singer. Earlier, the movie star spent her childhood in an atmosphere of luxury, brought up in the traditions of the Roman Catholic Church. The name of the actress of Arab origin, means peace and quiet.


Impressed by “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”, the girl firmly decides to connect her fate with cinema and at the age of 12 forces her parents to let her go to study in the USA, threatening to constantly skip the local school.

After much persuasion, the Salma family sends the teenager to a school in North America, from which the 14-year-old girl was expelled due to poor behavior. Upon returning to Mexico, the girl goes to study at the Iberoamerican University at the Faculty of International Relations, and later studies the basics of political science at the National University.

Hayek first appears on television screens in the Mexican movie “Teresa” , and then plays the main role in the television series of the same name, after which the famous one wakes up overnight. Without abandoning his dream, Salma terminates the contract, moves to Hollywood and begins to take scenic lessons.

Salma Hayek. Photos in youth, on the beach, in underwear, in everyday life. Plastic surgery

Most of all the problems with the star of Mexico are the study of English, which impedes the development of her career in Los Angeles. At the end of 90 years. the film actress, along with Anthony Banderas, appears with Robert Rodriguez in The Desperate. The role of Carolina gave Salma world fame. Subsequently, they continued the successful project by shooting Once Upon a Time in Mexico.

The vampire queen, dancing with a snake in the thriller From Dusk Till Dawn, opened world catwalks for Mexican beauties, offering contracts with modeling agencies and adoring millions of men. In early 2000, Salma created the production company Ventanavosa and was nominated for an Academy Award for his first project, “Nobody Writes to Colonel.”

2002 brings Hayek the role of Frida Kallo in the autobiographical film of the same name. The star composition of the picture receives many awards, world recognition, and Salma herself the Oscar as the best actress, which makes her the second star of Mexican origin awarded this honor.

Actress holder:

  • several Academy Award nominations and an award for Best Actress and Producer;
  • Emmy figurines for best directing;
  • Goya, Saturn, British Academy of Motion Picture Arts nominations.

Despite not being diagnosed with dyslexia as a child, Salma speaks excellent English, Portuguese, and Arabic.


Salma Hayek is a Mexican national treasure famous for:

  • Theresa;
  • “Desperate”;
  • “Laugh; you laugh at people”;
  • “Four rooms”;
  • “Retired bodyguard”;
  • “From Dusk Till Dawn”;
  • “Especially dangerous”;
  • “The Fugitives”;
  • “Fat man in the ring”;
  • “Studios 54”;
  • “The Stories of a Vampire”;
  • Dogme
  • “Traffic”;
  • “Hotel”;
  • “Bandits”;
  • The Hunchback of Notre Dame;
  • “Lonely Hearts”;
  • “Classmates”;
  • “Scary Tales”;
  • “After sunset”;
  • “Friede”;
  • “Faculty”;
  • “How to make love in English”;
  • “From Dusk Till Dawn”;
  • “Puss in Boots”;
  • “Beatrice at dinner.”

The film actress collection has more than 74 films and cooperation with:

  • Robert Rodriguez;
  • Quentin Tarantino;
  • Antonio Banderas;
  • Matthew Perry;
  • Benicio del Toro;
  • Pierce Bronson;
  • Woody Harrelson;
  • Adam Sandler
  • By will smith.

Personal life

For about 10 years, the actress happily lives in a marriage with the owner of fashion houses Yves Saint Laurent and Gucci Francois Henri Pinault, from whom she has a daughter Valentina Paloma. Before marriage, the couple broke up several times (including after the birth of a child) but got married in September 2009. The movie star’s best friend for more than 20 years is the Hollywood actress Penelope Cruz.

Shape options

Salma Hayek (photographs of stars from red carpet regularly appear on the cover of fashion magazines as personifying beauty, style and femininity), according to actor Woody Harrelson, is “an angel who came down from heaven.” The magnificent figure of the 52-year-old actress resembles an hourglass, and the star herself, due to her small stature, is very similar to a porcelain figurine.

Salma does not like diets, but adheres to dietary restrictions due to excessive addiction to sweets and desserts. Despite her age, Salma (in spite of the widespread opinion of fashion experts who limit the wardrobe of women after 45 years) prefers tight-fitting and open clothing that allows her to “observe the brilliance of admiration in the eyes of her own husband.”

Salma Hayek. Photos in youth, on the beach, in underwear, in everyday life. Plastic surgery

Shape Parameters:

Weight 106 -115 pounds
Height 5’2 foot
Figure 91-62-98
Bust size 4th
Foot size 38
Clothing size 10 US, 44 EU

After giving birth, the star recovered greatly (by 49 pounds), but was able to return to its original form at the cost of incredible efforts. On ordinary days, Salma does not limit himself in nutrition, believing that what is needed is what the body requires, but in small quantities.

How did Salma Hayek change

Salma Hayek (photos of the 52-year-old actress demonstrate beauty and freshness unusual for her biological age) looks much younger than her years. Despite the statements of the actress about the absence of any surgical interventions, medical experts, when comparing the earlier shots of the film star with the latest photographs, claim the presence of artificial appearance adjustment.

Among the procedures performed by the movie star, all of the following.

Breast augmentation surgery

Between 2014 and 2021 You can see obvious changes that have affected the bust of the actress. After giving birth, Salma recovered by 49 pounds and for a very long time restored her form. In the pictures taken a year after the birth, sagging breasts and stretch marks, characteristic of women who have been practicing breastfeeding for a long time, are clearly noticeable.

In 2021, at the theater award ceremony in London, everyone noticed the changed neckline of the actress. According to the star, a large bust is the result of hormonal fluctuations associat
ed with pregnancy and subsequent weight gain.

Plastic surgery experts question Salma’s words, claiming that at her age, her breasts cannot grow so much on their own. In addition, ptosis should appear after pregnancy, which was previously observed in the photographs.

Salma Hayek. Photos in youth, on the beach, in underwear, in everyday life. Plastic surgery

A luxurious neckline is the result of implantation of “B” size implants that fill the upper part of the mammary glands and lift the neckline (the cost of an identical operation in USA is from $ 2720). A 4th-size bust, acquired by a star, took 3rd place in the category “Best Hollywood Breasts”, composed of responses from men of different ages.


Salma Hayek (photo shoot of the 50-year-old topless actress became an adornment for Mexico Magazine, causing male fans to tremble with delight) naturally has beautiful features. In the photographs of the star taken at the beginning of his career, a wider nose is noticeable, compared with later photographs.

Plastic surgeons authoritatively claim that Salma is most likely:

  • reduced the width of the respiratory organ, removing excess tissue;
  • surgically corrected the width of the nostrils using a thread stretched through an internal incision;
  • changed the tip of the organ, lifting it a little.

The new nose gave the actress’s face aristocracy. The price of such an operation in USA starts at $ 680.

Circular facelift

In her years, the actress does not look older than 35 years of age. On her face there are no deep wrinkles, ptosis, soft tissue prolapse, which occurs in women after 50 years. The good work of plastic surgeons had little to no effect, with the exception of a small scar located near the auricle.

A similar trace occurs after a circular facelift , during which the doctor with the help of incisions stretches the stretched skin, setting it in place where it is up to 40 years.

Salma Hayek. Photos in youth, on the beach, in underwear, in everyday life. Plastic surgery
Photos of Salma Hayek before and now.

Such a procedure prevents the development of age-related ptosis, the formation of wrinkles, allowing you to tighten the oval of the face and look 15-20 years younger than your real age. A circular facelift is a standard operation performed in many New York clinics. The price of the procedure starts from $ 1360.

Thermolifting and contour plastic

According to experts specializing in the field of plastic surgery, Salma Hayek was exposed to thermal waves (thermal lifting), aimed at:

  • natural collagen production;
  • activation of metabolic processes;
  • tissue filling with oxygen.

Such a procedure is a non-surgical facelift, helps to regenerate and renew tissues, prevent aging. There are no deep wrinkles on the face of the actress, which indicates the use of subcutaneous infections of Botox and hyaluronic acid.

Injections of botulinum toxin prevent the development of age-related changes by paralyzing the muscles , and fillers fill the previously formed folds, pushing wrinkles to the surface and smoothing them.

All surgical interventions of the actress are very neat. In the application of plastic surgery, Salma Hayek adheres to minimalism, trying only to maintain and correct her existing appearance, but does not pursue fashion, trying to artificially change facial features.

Beauty secrets

Salma Hayek is a talented actress and a very beautiful woman, whose photographs delight millions of fans. The philosophy of life and experience helps to always remain a beautiful and coveted movie star.

Rules of life

The actress adheres to the certain rules created by her, allowing her to live in harmony with herself and the world around her.

Salma Hayek. Photos in youth, on the beach, in underwear, in everyday life. Plastic surgery

According to Salma Hayek, any woman should:

  • Take time for your loved ones. The actress loves to be near her husband and always tries to dress in such a way as to cause delight in the eyes of her husband.
  • Enjoy motherhood. Being a mother is the most important thing for Salma in life. The actress devotes a lot of time to her daughter, trying to pamper the child. According to the movie star, children should not know the value of things and money since childhood, they have the right to simply rejoice at the most carefree time in their life.
  • Dress like she wants and likes. The movie star has a beautiful figure and emphasizes this in every possible way, demonstrating the body in revealing outfits. Salma does not pay attention to the advice of “fashion experts” regarding what women should wear after 40, but simply chooses her favorite things.
  • Engage in more than just your image. In the struggle for the ideal, you can miss the time during which you should just live.
  • Loving pets, especially dogs.
  • Laugh at your difficulties and never lose heart.
  • Stop trying to build relationships with the bad guys. Right young people are the basis for a normal and happy family, “creating one is harder than getting an Oscar.”
  • Take care of your beauty, otherwise it will go to others.
  • Accept feelings and trust your beloved man without asking him to constantly prove his love.

According to the actress, the wardrobe of a beautiful woman must include:

  • hats to help hide a bad hairstyle;
  • a small black dress, which is an ideal option for all occasions (from publication to the funeral).

Nutrition rules

Salma Hayek does not do fitness. For sports, the star, according to her, has neither time nor desire.

The actress helps to maintain herself in good physical shape:

  • recovery yoga and Pilates;
  • general body massage, carried out 2-3 times a week;
  • home physical exercises aimed at strengthening the gluteal muscles;
  • fasting days, during which it is necessary to drink and eat only freshly squeezed juices from cabbage, celery and spinach, raw or boiled fruit and berry fruits and root crops.

The actress applies such a diet before important events, to quickly lose weight and cleanse the body.

The star considers a small restriction in nutrition simply necessary, as she loves sweets, wine and late dinners. A typical Hayek breakfast consists of a cup of coffee and an omelet. The actress is of the opinion that the body needs to be given what he wants, but in small quantities, then the stomach will be satisfied and stop accumulating fat.

To maintain normal weight, Salma periodically (1 time per month) adheres to a diet consisting of:

  • rye bread, vegetables, fruits, low-f
    at sour-milk products, hard cheese, lean meat and fish;
  • boiled, steamed, stewed and baked dishes with the complete exception of fatty and fried foods.

Sitting at the table, the actress carefully calculates calories, trying to eat more protein foods and eliminate complex carbohydrates as much as possible.

Salma Hayek. Photos in youth, on the beach, in underwear, in everyday life. Plastic surgery

Diet from Salma Hayek:

Breakfast and lunch Milkshake with fruit and toast
Dinner Fresh or Boiled Vegetable Salad
Dinner Oatmeal without additives

Adhere to the specified diet for at least 7 days. On the 8th day you can eat everything, but in small quantities.

What does Salma Hayek look like today

Salma Hayek (photo of film star in lingerie and bathing suits repeatedly decorated the U-turns of the Maxim men’s magazine) is a sought-after film actress, producer, and a beautiful woman whom millions of men dream of.

Having hardly restored her figure after childbirth, the 52-year-old film star constantly demonstrates luxurious forms, putting on tight-fitting clothes and open swimwear. The star is actively acting in films, and celebrated her 50th anniversary by making an open topless session for the Mexico magazine.

In her homeland, Hayek is a national heroine over whom time has no power. Accepting compliments about her unfading beauty, Salma repeatedly said that the only thing affected by her age was her eyesight.

Salma Hayek. Photos in youth, on the beach, in underwear, in everyday life. Plastic surgery

In recent years, the actress has been engaged in charity work, advocates for the equal rights of women around the world, the need for long-term breastfeeding of newborns. A charity fund was founded with the money of a movie star that helps women and children affected by domestic violence

Mexican actress Salma Hayek – the second in the history of cinema, who won the Oscar. The 52-year-old Hollywood star does not get tired of impressing fans with her ageless appearance, taking pictures in candid outfits and swimsuits, clearly demonstrating the assertion that modern technology can stop time.

Interesting videos about Salma Hayek, her biography and changes in appearance

Biography of actress Salma Hayek:

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