Venetian highlighting on dark hair. Rules and technique. Before and after photos

Venetian highlighting is a modern technique for dyeing dark hair. Staining with this technique gives the curls the appearance of burnout in the sun and visually increases their volume. It provides for the use of paints without ammonia, which sparingly affects the texture of the hair and affects only individual strands. This type of dyeing is performed on any length of hair.

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What is the Venetian highlighting

Venetian highlighting on dark hair is a way of coloring individual strands in an artificial way, which creates a smooth transition from the dark color of the basal part of the hair to a light tone at the ends. Venetian highlighting on dark hair. Rules and technique. Before and after photos

This type of highlighting emphasizes the oval, rejuvenates the contours of the face and neck. Only a certain part of the hair is exposed to chemical effects to varying degrees, gray hair is well masked and the volume of the hair is visually increased.

Features of the technique

Venetian highlighting is performed without foil, by an open method, at home it is possible to perform the procedure in the air.

Colored strands can come in contact with unstained dark curls, in this way a soft mix of shades is created and a sharp contrast of colors is eliminated.

The exact and equal thickness of the hair bundles selected for clarification is not necessary, the randomness of the arrangement of which gives a similarity of effect to the natural burning of strands in direct sunlight. Venetian highlighting on dark hair. Rules and technique. Before and after photos

The free thickness of the clarified curls facilitates the highlighting procedure, allows you to independently color the strands in the presence of basic skills and a minimum set of tools. The correct selection of shades of colors will provide freshness and splendor of hair.

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The advantages of Venetian highlighting

Venetian highlighting on dark hair has its advantages.

Before the full staining of the entire volume of curls and other types of highlighting:

  • The root bulbs, the basal part of the hair and scalp are not exposed to the composition reagents, oxidizing agents and dyes, which protects them from damage.
  • The effect of chemicals only applies to small strands.
  • The ability to tint bleached curls with paints that do not contain ammonia.
  • The simplest procedure for bleaching and staining in comparison with other types of highlighting.
  • Frequent tinting of curls is not required, adjustment as the basal part grows.
  • It can be performed on hair of any length. Venetian highlighting on dark hair. Rules and technique. Before and after photos
  • Highlighted gray hair adds a number of shades to the hair.
  • A possibility of drawing from 3 to 6 shades in 1 color line of paint.
  • You can perform highlighting on both natural and dyed dark hair.
  • Only external strands are selected for painting.

Contraindications to staining

Venice highlighting can not be done in several cases:

  • allergic to any of the ingredients of the chemical composition of the paint or oxidizing agent;
  • if the hair was previously treated with natural basma or henna less than 2 weeks ago;
  • within 1 month after curling hair chemically.

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Who is going and who is not fit for Venetian highlighting

Venetian highlighting looks more effective on black, dark brown and brown hair, suitable for owners of swarthy and tanned face skin.

Such color types are shades:

  • golden;
  • bronze;
  • platinum.

Colors also look good:

  • Chocolate
  • cognac; Venetian highlighting on dark hair. Rules and technique. Before and after photos
  • coffee.

This painting technique does not fit:

  • for damaged hair;
  • with increased porosity of the structure of curls;
  • with abundant loss.

It is not recommended to do highlighting after repeated full staining and chemical curling of curls.

The choice of paint and shade for highlighting dark hair

Venetian highlighting involves the use of a palette of natural tones in a combination of 3-6 shades of 1 color. A preliminary highlighting of the strands is allowed, but this procedure is optional. Venetian highlighting on dark hair. Rules and technique. Before and after photos

The coloring preparation must be of proper quality with the required percentage of oxidizing agent. The product range of companies includes both professional and self-use tools.

Popular for home and salon use are paint brands:

  • Loreal;
  • Pallett;
  • Londa;
  • Estelle;
  • Garener.

The formulations of these manufacturers include:

  • restoring and softening hair oils;
  • complexes of herbal extracts;
  • medical components.

Paints provide for a diverse palette of shades, divided into a series of natural and artificial color combinations.

For the Venetian type of highlighting of dark hair, a series of natural colors and shades are suitable:

  • Golden coffee
  • golden nut;
  • burning amber;
  • delicate amber;
  • platinum blonde;
  • caramel;
  • cognac.

Harmoniously distributing the shades of the colored strands, you can create an exclusive overflow and shine of curls.

Technique of performance at home: a master class

The execution scheme of the Venetian highlighting is quite simple, it can be done independently, at home. To do this, you need the necessary set of accessories, paint material and basic skills.

From the tools you will need:

  • paint with an oxidizing agent of the desired color;
  • plastic or glass containers for mixing the composition, according to the number of planned shades;
  • several clamps for fixing the processed strands;
  • wide and narrow brushes;
  • combs with thick and sparse teeth;
  • latex gloves;
  • emollient hair balm. Venetian highlighting on dark hair. Rules and technique. Before and after photos

Depending on the length and density, the selected strands can be combed from bottom to top, to blur the borders and better distribution of the colored parts of the curls. This type of pai
nting can be done with varying degrees of bleaching with an oxidizing agent, or dyeing strands in 3-6 tones of 1 color.

The sequence of actions is as follows:

  • Mix the lightening compound in a glass or plastic container (do not use metal utensils).
  • With a comb, evenly distribute clean hair on the working strands and secure with clips.
  • First, apply the composition to the brightest future strands, starting from the middle of the beam down, then stretch the paint up, not reaching the roots of 2 – 2’8 inch.
  • Between the main colored curls, distribute the following strands in the desired order, allowing the contact of the treated hair with non-colored. Foil does not need to be used.
  • Withstand clarification time according to the instructions for the drug, or until the desired color, from 25 minutes. up to 1 hour
  • Apply a softening balm to the hair for several minutes and comb the hair with a comb from the roots to the ends of the curls.
  • Wash off with warm water and shampoo.
  • If desired, apply tinted preparations throughout the mass of hair in a chaotic manner, placing light tones closer to the ends of the curls for 20-30 minutes.
  • Wash off the composition with shampoo and conditioner.

The time of the whole process depends on the volume of hair, the number of shades used and may take 2-3.5 hours.

Differences in the coloring of short and long hair

Venetian highlighting on dark hair can be done on long, medium and short curls. Long strands need more time and coloring composition, and short hair dyes faster, easier and with less paint. When highlighting short curls, you can use a hat with cuts.

Possible mistakes when coloring hair at home

During self-dyeing of hair, you can make some mistakes:

  • Without checking the skin reaction the day before hair dyeing, you can get an allergy to any ingredient in the coloring composition. A test is done on an inconspicuous area under the hair.
  • You should pay attention to the scale of shades of the base color of the hair on the back of the package. It determines the color after staining the curls.
  • No need to overexposure the recommended staining time, it is better to repeat the procedure after 2-3 weeks.
  • Do not use a metal tool, or utensils for mixing and applying the composition.
  • Incorrect distribution of the composition by weight of the hair will result in uneven color after dyeing.

What to do if the result of home staining does not correspond to the expected effect

After unsuccessful highlighting or staining, the paint can be washed off with the help of folk remedies, or special chemical preparations. You need to use a wash for paint of those brands and manufacturers that dyed hair.

You can use folk remedies based on:

  • vegetable oils;
  • honey;
  • kefir; Venetian highlighting on dark hair. Rules and technique. Before and after photos
  • mayonnaise;
  • lemon juice;
  • soda and salt.

Flushing masks based on folk remedies must be used several times.

Pros, cons, and highlighting prices in the cabin

In comparison with full-fledged hair coloring, the highlighting procedure has more advantages than disadvantages.


  • It is combined with any type of haircut and at any length of curls; Venetian highlighting on dark hair. Rules and technique. Before and after photos
  • hides graying hair between bleached strands;
  • visually increases the mass of thin hair, gives them splendor;
  • ennobles short and cascading haircuts.
  • a small fraction of the mass of hair is exposed to the chemical effects of dye reagents;
  • the root bulbs, the surface of the scalp and the basal part of the hair are not damaged;
  • optional adjustment of clarified strands and growing hair roots;
  • the procedure can be done independently, at home;
  • in case of unsuccessful highlighting, curls can be tinted to the previous shade;
  • saving money on the purchase of drugs.


  • chemical damage by the coloring composition of the texture of the hair of the treated strands;
  • the need to use reconstructive masks and shampoos on damaged areas of the hairline;
  • the need to visit the master in the absence of skills to do highlighting yourself.
  • the impossibility of the procedure for 2-3 weeks after complete dyeing or curling of the hair chemically.

The price of the procedure of Venetian highlighting in the salons of different cities and depends on the level of accreditation of the salon, the professionalism of specialists.

The amount and cost of the used dyes and hair length:

  • In New York salons, the price ranges from $ 64., To $ 163.
  • In Los Angeles – from $ 29., To $ 71.
  • In other of the country – from $ 20., To $ 41.

Colored hair care

Venice highlighting is one of the most sparing ways to dye your hair.

But after the procedure, colored curls need recovery and wellness procedures:

  • only washed and dried strands need to be painted and highlighted;
    Venetian highlighting on dark hair. Rules and technique. Before and after photos
    Venetian highlighting on dark hair is easy to do at home, without the ammonia helmet that spares your hair
  • Before painting, it is necessary to wash off styling products from the hair;
  • at the end of the highlighting procedure, a fixing balm should be applied to the curls;
  • you need to wash your hair $ 0,03 – $ 0,04. per week using restorative shampoos and conditioners;
  • recommended use of 1 time. per week of therapeutic masks and balms;
  • the first 2-3 weeks do not use a hot hairdryer and other thermal tools;
  • You can curl hair with chemical reagents in 10-14 days;

Photos before and after painting, how long the result lasts

The technology of Venetian highlighting does not require the correction of clear contours of colored strands and regrown root part of curls. Venetian highlighting on dark hair. Rules and technique. Before and after photosWith proper hair care, the shade remains for 2-3 months. After this period, highlighting can be updated, or repeated.

Stylist tips for choosing a hue and maintaining color

Professional hairdressers recommend choosing natural shades 3-4 times lighter than the base color for the Venetia
n highlighting.

The use of paints of natural tones will create the effect of natural relief overflow of light and dark colors in the total mass of curls. For the first time, it is advisable to do the highlighting procedure with the master, who will help you choose the right combination of shades.

To maintain color, experts recommend:

  • use special shampoos and balms;
  • Do not expose hair to frequent heat;
  • observe the recommended interval between repeated staining, or chemical curling of curls;
  • to color gray strands use special series of drugs;
  • use wellness and healing masks after washing your hair. Venetian highlighting on dark hair. Rules and technique. Before and after photos

Venetian highlighting looks best on dark hair, regardless of their length, or the type of model haircut.

Modern technologies of well-known manufacturers allow highlighting with drugs without ammonia with minimal damage to the health of the hair. The palette of shades allows you to choose an individual color of curls, change the image, refresh and diversify the appearance.

Video about Venetian hair highlighting

Venetian hair highlighting:

Venetian hair highlighting:

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