Tint for lips – what is it, how to use it: gel, lipstick, felt-tip pen, film, marker. Top best remedies

Of the means of decorative cosmetics, tint is gaining great popularity – persistent means for coloring the lips. They are appropriate both at ceremonial events and in everyday life. With their help, it is easy to create lip makeup, which you can forget about for the whole day. It is this quality that increases the number of fans of this cosmetic product.

Lip Tint: what is it

Lip tint is a permanent coloring agent. It gives its pigmentation to the lips, enhancing their natural shade and remaining invisible on them. The first to be tested by a resident of Korea, where the tint was invented. Now most cosmetic brands around the world produce this product.

The first tints had a small line of shades. Modern products from Korea or Western firms have from 6 to 10 colors in the palette of one manufacturer. It is important that in the package the product looks darker than on the lips. If possible, it is worth testing the tint on the back of your hand or on the fingertips.


As a popular cosmetic product, tint has many features and advantages over analogues or competitors that perform similar functions.

Highlight such especially different features:

  1. The main advantage of tint is its high durability. He will last on his lips for at least 8 hours. He is not afraid of either snacks, tea drinking, or a hearty dinner. Even after kisses, lip makeup will remain unchanged.
  2. Makeup made with this tool looks natural, lips do not look vulgar. A delicate shade covers them with a light veil, leaving a matte finish. And to get a more saturated color, you just need to apply the product in 2-3 layers.
    Tint for lips - what is it, how to use it: gel, lipstick, felt-tip pen, film, marker. Top best remedies
    A correctly applied lip tint looks natural.
  3. Using tints can be an alternative to permanent lip make-up. The hue will last on the lips for about a day, and a wide palette will allow you to experiment.
  4. The tint does not slip, does not smear and does not imprint on cups or clothes, does not stain teeth, there is no feeling of stickiness as from lip gloss.
  5. This cosmetic product is either tasteless or has a pleasant fruity flavor and aroma.
  6. Tint is a multifunctional product that can be applied not only to the lips, but also to the cheekbones and “apples” of the cheeks instead of blush. Many manufacturers produce universal products that replace lipstick and blush.
  7. The tool is spent more economically than lipstick and gloss, one bottle can last for 6 months of daily use.


The biggest drawback of some tints is dry lips after applying them. If the composition of the product does not contain caring components and vitamins, then it should not be used every day.

Another disadvantage is that the tint should be applied to the prepared lips, otherwise all imperfections (cracks, dryness) will be emphasized.

It is possible to remove makeup made with the help of this cosmetic product from the lips only with the help of special cosmetics remover. Ordinary soap and water will not cope. Tint is quickly absorbed into the lips, so you need to learn how to shade it with lightning speed, which can be an inconvenience for those who use it for the first time.

What is included

The basis of the tint is a liquid coloring pigment. It is soluble in water, glycerin or cosmetic oils. Water or glycerin-based tints can emphasize dry lips, so you should pay attention to whether there are caring components in their composition.

The composition of most tints is enriched with vitamins E, A. They have an antioxidant effect and prolong the youth of the skin of the lips. Many manufacturers add a UV protective component to the tint formula. Extracts of medicinal plants (chamomile, wheat germ) that care for delicate skin are not uncommon.

The oils used for the base of tint – shea, peach, jojoba. They nourish and smooth the skin of the lips. The coloring pigment can be both natural (based on berry juice) and chemical origin. When choosing a tint, it is necessary to carefully study the composition and make sure that it does not contain parabens, sodium sulfates and other aggressive components.

How to prepare your lips for applying tint

On smooth and moistened lips, the tint lies evenly, without bald spots, so that the makeup looks spectacular. If the lips are flaky and not overdried, before applying the tint, it is enough to simply moisturize them by applying lip balm or hygienic lipstick. But it is better to use a special scrub first . This step should not be neglected in case of dry or chapped lips. Tint for lips - what is it, how to use it: gel, lipstick, felt-tip pen, film, marker. Top best remedies

A small amount should be applied to the lips and massage with gentle movements. You can remove excess funds from the lips by washing them with warm water or wiping them with a damp terry towel.

If lip scrub is not at hand, you can use the following tools:

  • thick left after brewing coffee. You can add a drop of olive or sunflower oil to it. Coffee grounds are replaced by granulated sugar;
  • with a towel, massage them pre-steamed lips;
  • soft toothbrush. With its help, slightly steamed lips are massaged in circular motions.

After scrubbing, apply moisturizing or nourishing balm to your lips. Before applying a tint, you can use a special base for lip makeup, it will smooth the skin and prolong the makeup’s durability, although this is not so important in the case of a tint.

How to apply a tint

Lip tint is a tool that can be applied in several ways. Makeup artists recommend applying it with your fingers . This method allows you to get the most natural and sensual image. It is with the fingertips that you can create a fashionable “effect of kissed lips.” A small amount of the product is squeezed onto the finger or typed by it.

A tint is applied to the center of the lower and upper lip and shaded with patting careless movements.

This method is good for tint balm and liquid and tint lipstick. Liquid tints are available in tubes with applicators. With their help, it is convenient to apply pigment to the lips and work out a clear outline. Tint for lips - what is it, how to use it: gel, lipstick, felt-tip pen, film, marker. Top best remedies

Having collected a little money on the applicator, you need to put a few points on the lower and upper lip, then gently blend them with your fingers. You can completely stain your lips with the applicator, and then blot it with a paper towel to remove excess funds. Tint in the form of a pencil or felt-tip pen, you can completely paint over the surface of the lips or apply them pointwise and blend with your fingers.

Spot application of this cosmetic product allows you to visually make lips more voluminous.

To do this, apply a little tint to the center of the lower lip and put two points at the corners of the mouth, carefully blend it. The product i
s applied on the upper lip in the same way – a point in the center of the lip and two at the edges.

Another way to make your lips more puffy with a tint is to use two close shades. One should be richer and brighter than the other. Lighter is applied to the inside of the lips, and a contour is highlighted with a darker one. It is important to apply a small amount of tint and blend it carefully.

To create a natural and sensual image with the “bitten lip effect” popular in Korea and Japan, you need to apply a tint on the center of the lower lip. Then the lips close so that the tint is imprinted on the upper lip. Next, you need to carefully distribute the product on the lips, without reaching their contour. Tint for lips - what is it, how to use it: gel, lipstick, felt-tip pen, film, marker. Top best remedies

Tint film is applied to the lips with an applicator. You can completely paint over their surface and wait for the time recommended by the manufacturer. To obtain a color gradient, a tint is applied to the lips, leaving the outline unpainted. Then you need to carefully remove the film, starting from the corners of the mouth.

How can I complement a tint on my lips

To complement the lip makeup, done with a tint, you can see transparent lip gloss. This option is good if you do not like the matte finish that leaves a tint. You can also apply a moisturizing lip balm on top, which will prevent overdrying of delicate skin.

Visually enlarging the lips stained with tint will help a small amount of highlighter, which is applied over the “cupid arc.” The main thing is to shade the product well so that it does not look like a bright spot over the lip.

How to erase a tint

Tint for lips is a persistent color pigment, so just washing with water and soap will not help remove it. Persistent pigment is removed with special makeup removers. You can use milk or tonic, micellar water. Tints marked “lip stain” can only be removed with makeup remover.

Hydrophilic oil perfectly eliminates tint from the lips.

A small amount of makeup remover is applied to a cotton pad, and then lips are rubbed with it. If you run out of funds for removing cosmetics from the face, you can use a fat cream, olive or any other type of oil. A moistened cotton pad is applied to the lips for several minutes, after which the tint can be washed. Tint for lips - what is it, how to use it: gel, lipstick, felt-tip pen, film, marker. Top best remedies

The cream is also applied in a small amount on the lips and is washed off after a couple of minutes. If the tint is not removed from the lips with cosmetics, it will last for about a day. With daily use of the product, colored pigment accumulates in the skin, creating the effect of permanent makeup.

Types of Tints

Lip makeup tints are available in a wide variety of forms. This can be balms, packaged in small jars, which must be applied with your fingers, and felt-tip pens or pencils, gel-like, tint-films, classic liquid products in tubes with an applicator.

View Descriptions
Classic (Ink) Tint Water-based liquid color pigment. This is the very first type of tint with high resistance. It is sold in bottles with a soft applicator. This type of tint can dry lips, emphasizes flaws (peeling, cracking). The palette of some manufacturers is quite scarce and consists of 3 shades – cherry, pink, orange and peach.
Tint Pencil Pencil tints contain a large amount of oils and caring ingredients. They look like a twisting gel pencil, which is convenient to apply the product on the lips. They are not inferior in resistance to classic tints, while not drying their lips. They can be used in the cold season, a tint pencil will protect your lips from aggressive weather conditions. Care should be taken to tints of this type based on wax – they can emphasize peeling of the lips.
Tint felt-tip pen Tint pens are similar to pencil tints. But unlike them, they have a felt applicator sponge, which is convenient to distribute the product on the lips. They are persistent and last on the lips for at least 8 hours. Most manufacturers have a rich palette of shades, which allows you to easily choose the right color. The disadvantages of this type of tint is that it dries the lips and emphasizes peeling.
Tint Balm This type of tint takes care of the skin of the lips, it has the most nutritional and moisturizing components. This is what causes weak pigmentation and durability of such tints. With their help, you can create a gentle and sensual image. Tint balms are available in tubes with an applicator or in small jars. The latter are applied with your fingers.
Gel tint Tint in the form of a gel is sold in plastic or glass bottles with an applicator. Its advantages: a large selection of shades, rich pigmentation and high durability. Gel tint moisturizes lips well, it can be applied even to problematic skin of the lips, it will not emphasize the disadvantages.
Tint Glitter This type of tint is not very resistant, but it cares for the lips, does not dry them. Unlike other types, it leaves a glossy or pearly finish. Most often sold in bottles with an applicator, has a viscous texture.
Tint film This type of tint appeared on store shelves not so long ago. A gel-like product is applied to the lips, where it hardens. After 10-15 minutes, the resulting film must be removed. Tint film gives pigmentation to lips well, provides high resistance. It must be applied quickly enough, since it almost immediately begins to harden on the lips. The choice of this type of tint should be approached with special attention: cheap products from some manufacturers can be difficult to remove from the lips, delivering a lot of unpleasant sensations. It is better to give preference to Korean manufacturers.
Tint Lipstick This type of tint is available in sticks, like classic lipstick. It is not very persistent and emphasizes peeling and uneven lip contour. Some manufacturers include with the tint small plastic spatulas with which to apply the tint on the lips.

Lip Tint Rating

In cosmetics stores, as well as in online stores, there is a large assortment of lip tints at different prices. Each price category has its own favorites.

Dear Tints

The following brands are popular among tints with a price above $ 14:

  1. Becca “Beach Tint”. This is a universal remedy, it can be used as a blush and as a lip tint. The palette has 8 shades. Tint cream in texture, quickly absorbed, remains on the lips or cheekbones with a light veil. The manufacturer claims the product is waterproof. Its composition is enriched with vitamin E. Before use, shake the tube, apply the tint with your fingers better. Tint price – $ 30 on the official website of the manufacturer. Tint for lips - what is it, how to use it: gel, lipstick, felt-tip pen, film, marker. Top best remedies
  2. Benefit, an American company, produces universal liquid pigment for cheeks and lips. A warm shade of ripe apple allows you to achieve a natural blush that lasts all day. After applying the tint, the lips look sensual and seductive, but at the same time natural. For more saturated pigmentation, the agent can be layered. On the lips, the tint lasts about 6 hours. Liquid pigment is sold in bottles with a convenient brush, which is easy to apply on the lips. On cheeks or cheekbones, the product is best applied with fingers. It is important to consider that it is quickly absorbed and it must be shaded quickly. A 0,47 fluid ounce bottle costs $ 24, a mini pack ( 0,14 fluid ounce) costs $ 12,24.
  3. Dior “Addict Lip Tattoo”. Water-based lipstick, which is completely not felt on the lips and gives them rich pigmentation. After application, the product is quickly absorbed, does not spread, does not dry lips. The palette of 6 shades. The manufacturer claims the resistance of the tint to 10 hours. The price in chain stores of cosmetics is $ 23.
  4. MAC “Versicolour Stain” – a tint with a glossy finish. The color pigment lasts on the lips for about 10 hours, and the gloss for about 4 hours. The palette consists of 16 shades, ranging from delicate nuances to rich purple. There are pink, and coral, and red tones in the line. The tint is easy to apply on the lips with the help of an applicator, it does not leave a sticky feeling, is quickly absorbed, does not dry the lips. The price in company stores is $ 24.
  5. Inglot Company produces two types of liquid resistant pigment with a matte finish and metallic effect. Matte tint has 37 shades. The palette also has delicate pastel colors and bright purple, red, red-brown shades. The tint lasts 6 hours on the lips, but after eating it will be necessary to correct makeup. Tint with metallic effect “Diamond Lip Tint” cares for delicate skin of the lips thanks to the oils in the composition. His palette has 10 current shades. The product is easy to apply and holds on the lips for about 6 hours. The cost of persistent pigments in the official online store “Inglot” is $ 20.

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Mid-price tints

Among the tints with a price from $ 6,8 to $ 14, the following brands are popular:

  1. The Korean company “Romantic bear” release the tint “WOW”. The palette has 6 colors. The manufacturer claims the resistance of the tint for 10 hours. The composition of the product is enriched with vitamins and oils, so it does not dry the skin. A branded Korean tint costs $ 12,24, but in many online stores you can buy a Chinese copy for less. But the replica will be much worse in quality.
  2. The Italian brand “Pupa” produces a tint with the effect of tattooing – “Made to Last Lip”. The tool lasts on the lips for up to 10 hours, it is almost impossible to remove with makeup remover. The light formula is quickly fixed on the lips, does not leave discomfort. Satin close to natural finish allows you to create a harmonious image. The palette has 8 shades. The cost is $ 10,2. Tint for lips - what is it, how to use it: gel, lipstick, felt-tip pen, film, marker. Top best remedies
  3. In the L’Etoile Selection collection you can find the Tint Parfait lip tint. It is available in a bottle with a convenient applicator, it is easy to apply, quickly “fixes” on the lips and holds on them for at least 8 hours. The palette has 4 fruit and berry shades, which, if desired, can be combined with each other. Tint does not cause discomfort after application, does not stick, does not dry the skin of the lips. In the online store of the company without a discount, the cost of Tint Parfait is $ 9,23.

Inexpensive tints

Among liquid pigments, whose price does not exceed $ 6,8, the following tints are popular:

  1. NYX produces the universal Whipped Lip & Cheek Souffle tint mousse, which can be used as a blush and as a lip tint. The palette has 7 shades from delicate peach and beige to red and plum tones. The product is quickly absorbed, leaving a natural shade on the lips and cheeks, the finish is matte. Tint is easily layered on the lips, so it is easy to turn daytime makeup into an evening look. The cost of “Whipped Lip & Cheek Souffle” is $ 6,12.
  2. The jelly-like tint of the Korean brand “Tony Moly” – “Delight Magic Lip” is popular. It gives the lips gloss and a seductive volume, and color pigment lasts on the lips for up to 8 hours. A completely natural composition with oils and fruit extracts cares for the skin, preventing dryness. There are 4 berry shades in the palette, which allows you to create a natural make-up. The price of tint in online stores is $ 4,76.
  3. Another budget option for the tint is Tint & Color Shot Essence. The water-based tint is quickly absorbed, leaving a matte finish on the lips. Pigmentation is persistent, lasts about 6 hours. There are 5 berry shades in the line. The price is $ 2,92. Tint for lips - what is it, how to use it: gel, lipstick, felt-tip pen, film, marker. Top best remedies
  4. Belarusian cosmetics manufacturer Relouis launches Kiss Me Again gel tint. Four bright shades (fuchsia, blueberries, red, coral) last on the lips for more than 8 hours. Tint does not dry the skin of the lips due to its texture and the absence of alcohols and parabens. Finish without gloss, natural, closer to matte. To obtain more saturated pigmentation, it is necessary to apply a second layer of tint. The manufacturer claims the versatility of the product and recommends using it also as a blush. The cost in online stores is $ 2,31.

How to make a tint yourself

Tint for lips is a persistent paint that can be done independently. The prepared product should be stored in the refrigerator for no more than 25 days. Particular attention sh
ould be paid to the sterility used in the manufacturing process of dishes. The simplest and safest tint recipe based on vegetable glycerin and sugar beets.


  1. Plant glycerin.
  2. Beet.
  3. Glass container with a lid, in which the tint will be stored later.

The first step is to wash the beets well, peel, cut into medium cubes. Next, you need to prepare a water bath in which glycerin is diluted. It is necessary to add chopped beets. After the liquid is colored, you need to wait about half an hour, continuing to heat the composition in a water bath. Then you need to strain the glycerin through cheesecloth or a fine sieve.

The resulting tint should be allowed to cool and pour into a storage container. The indisputable advantage of tint for lips is its high resistance. Makeup does not need to be corrected, there are no color stains on cups and glasses. Tint does not stain clothes when dressing, does not smear when kissed.

It is good for daytime light make-up, sensual images. This makes it more attractive than classic lipstick.

Lip Tint Video

Video review of lip tints:

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