Taping the abdomen and sides for weight loss. Scheme, how to do it, photo, results

Taping was originally used by athletes to restore muscle tissue and eliminate pain. Further, the effect of reducing body fat was observed when using the method in the abdomen and sides .

In this case, it was not required to follow diets, perform physical activity or take a variety of dietary supplements. As a result of ease of use and achieving real results in weight loss, the method has gained popularity in the field of weight loss.

What is taping

Taping – the use of special elastic adhesive tapes (can stretch up to 90% of the initial state) to different parts of the body. Their use provides rest to the damaged muscle, which accelerates its recovery. But more often teips are used by athletes for the prevention of injuries / sprains and in the field of weight loss in order to reduce weight.

Taping the abdomen and sides for weight loss. Scheme, how to do it, photo, results
Tapping the abdomen for weight loss: scheme, results, reviews

The tapes used in this method are represented by fabric strips of various widths, lengths and shapes (some have the form of a semicircle or cuts into several strips).

They include:

  • cotton (90%). Hypoallergenic material that does not cause irritation;
  • spandex (10%). Highly elastic fibers providing therapeutic effect teip;
  • gel coating . It is necessary for reliable fixation of the tape, even for the period of adoption of water procedures.

Such a composition does not cause skin irritation during prolonged use and during movement, and also does not provoke the development of allergic reactions. After gluing, the tape does not interfere with the “breathing” of the epidermis. Teips are made with a variety of colors, which does not affect the result, since there is no therapeutic composition on the surface of the tape.

How do teips work

Tapping the abdomen (for weight loss, this method has been used recently), sides and other parts of the body is used to:

  • strengthening muscle tissue in the presence of its extension or sagging;
  • reduce body fat;
  • smoothing the skin in the presence of cellulite or stretch marks;
  • in order to prevent the occurrence of these deviations.

Taping the abdomen and sides for weight loss. Scheme, how to do it, photo, results


After the teip is attached to the skin in this area, it is noted:

  • normalization of muscle activity. When injuring or sagging muscle tissue, teips practically fix it, forcing it to function correctly;
  • blood flow and lymph flow are activated. Teip, when attached to the skin, slightly tightens and raises it, improving the patency of the lymphatic system and blood vessels. Additionally, the tape provides a kind of “massage” at the attachment point, which also helps to accelerate blood flow and lymph flow;
  • swelling decreases. The decrease in the amount of fluid in the area of attachment of the tape is due to increased outflow of lymph and blood flow;
  • in the presence of pain, its reduction occurs , while there are no restrictions on movement. The action is due to the restoration of blood flow, as a result, a sufficient amount of substances enters the damaged area to normalize the activity of tissues. Also, due to the acceleration of lymph flow, swelling is reduced, which compresses the nerve endings, causing pain;
  • tissue recovery after injuries and resorption of hematomas accelerates . Activated blood flow and lymph flow improve the flow of macrophages and nutrients, as well as normalize the output of dead cells;
  • regulation of the activity of internal organs (when attached to the abdomen) and nerve endings. Due to the normalization of muscle activity, organs are in a natural position, which allows them to function normally. The clamps of nerve endings are also eliminated.

With the correct application and wearing of ribbons, physical endurance increases, which makes it possible to improve athletic performance without the likelihood of injuries. The effect is characterized by the elasticity of the tape similar to the skin, so teips “take” part of the load on themselves.

Why lose weight with teips

The use of teips in losing weight is based on their ability to activate blood supply and lymph outflow.

Excess fluid is eliminated from the tape application area, and metabolism is accelerated, which allows you to activate the breakdown of body fat. In addition, teips restore the elasticity of the skin, eliminating stretch marks and cellulite, and also tighten sagging skin.

When using tapes during the period of physical exertion, the endurance of weak muscle zones increases, due to this it is possible to increase the activity of movements during sports, which also helps to reduce weight.

The important thing is that there are no specialized slimming tapes. To reduce weight, standard teips used in sports are used. If during the taping period physical exercises are used and a sparing diet is followed, the process of burning fat is accelerated.

Additionally, for faster weight loss, it is recommended to combine teips with:

  • massages (lymphatic drainage or vacuum);
  • ultrasound and shock wave procedures;
  • warming up.

Tapes can be used when visiting the pool, they will also accelerate the process of burning fat. Before applying teips for weight loss, you need to familiarize yourself with their advantages and disadvantages.
Taping the abdomen and sides for weight loss. Scheme, how to do it, photo, results

The advantages of taping Cons of the method
Tapes do not contain a chemical composition, which means they do not violate the activity of vital organs and systems. Effective weight loss requires a combination of taping with physical activity and diets.
Teips are made of an elastic and hypoallergenic composition, the likelihood of irritation or the manifestation of an allergic reaction from it is minimal. The tapes must be attached correctly. Otherwise, the result will be 0 and a pain symptom may appear.
The tapes do not block the access of oxygen at the attachment point, therefore they do not cause discomfort in the heat or cold. Course use of teips is required.
You can use teips for a long time (up to 6 days). At the same time, the quality of the procedure does not decrease. To use the tapes yourself, you need to go through a little training.
Tapes do not peel off when taking a shower or visiting the pool. We need the help of a trainer in creating weight loss programs with teips.
Teipes are practically not felt on the skin, and the selection of specialized underwear is also not required. You can use casual clothes. In extremely rare cases, the tape can cause the development of swelling and itching.
Tapes do not constrain movement. Weight loss is not observed in all users.

It is important when buying tapes to pay attention to the country of manufacture. According to patient reviews, Chinese stapes are worse fixed on the skin and “fall off” ahead of the time stated on the package.


Tapping the abdomen for weight loss is allowed to be used after eliminating the presence of contraindications to the procedure:

Taping the abdomen and sides for weight loss. Scheme, how to do it, photo, results

  • an allergic reaction to the composition of the tapes can be expressed by increased swelling, itching and rashes;
  • the presence of diabetes;
  • increased blood coagulation. Accelerated blood flow can cause a blood clot;
  • pathology of the heart and blood vessels. Due to increased blood flow, a worsening of the condition is possible;
  • diseases of the urinary system;
  • violation of the integrity of the skin at the place of attachment teip. The tape does not provide sterility. And with infection, suppuration of wounds is possible;
  • the presence of tumor formations, both malignant and benign. Activation of the lymph flow and blood flow can cause a worsening of the course of the disease;
  • increased body temperature. Tape can increase temperature;
  • infectious diseases. Activation of the lymph flow and blood flow will accelerate the spread of infection throughout the body;
  • unexplained muscle pain;
  • thin skin. When deleting a teip, a violation of integrity is possible;
  • age before 18 years and after 60 years.

With dermatological diseases, consultation with a dermatologist is required. During the period of bearing a child, especially in the first trimester, taping is carried out only with the permission of the gynecologist conducting the pregnancy. The tape has a weak massage effect, so when the teip is attached to the abdomen, the tone of the uterus may increase.

Patterns taping the abdomen and sides

The abdomen and sides are a “favorite” place for body fat, so taping for weight loss is often used for these areas. There are several techniques for sticking teips.

Taping the abdomen and sides for weight loss. Scheme, how to do it, photo, results

It is recommended to perform tape fastening procedures in the following sequence:

  • Activation of outflow of lymph.
  • Strengthening muscle tissue.
  • Increasing skin elasticity.
  • The acceleration of metabolism.
  • Normalization of intestinal activity.
  • Decreased waist and sides.

The following are the popular techniques for attaching teips.

Visceral technique

In the visceral method, the tape is applied in a spiral from the navel or in the form of sun rays coming also from the navel.

This mount allows you to achieve the following effects on tissues and organs:

  • when used correctly, fat cells are burned in the place of attachment of the tape;
  • in this area is a biologically active point responsible for appetite. Under the influence of teips, hunger decreases;
  • lymph outflow is activated;
  • muscles are strengthened and sagging skin is eliminated;
  • internal organs are fixed in the correct position, which normalizes the activity of the digestive tract, including the intestines. As a result, an additional natural weight loss occurs, due to a decrease in the formation of body fat;
  • a small massage with ribbons is carried out, which allows you to restore elasticity to the skin.

The visceral technique allows you to get rid of up to 11 pounds of weight per course.

This technique is recommended for people who suffer from displacement of internal organs. Teips allow you to return them to the desired position and fix for the period of wearing the tape. After completing the course, muscle tone is restored, which allows you to hold organs in a natural position. It is additionally recommended to use a medical bandage.

Lymphatic drainage technique

With the lymphatic drainage method, the tape is required to be cut into 3-4 strips (not completely). Next, the teip is attached just above the navel on each side, cut into strips (you need to attach them in waves) to the lower abdomen. This allows you to activate the flow of lymph.

As a result, it is noted:

  • acceleration of the removal of toxins and toxins from the body;
  • reduction of puffiness due to the activation of fluid withdrawal;
  • cell regeneration normalizes;
  • blood flow improves.

This method allows you to reduce the size of the waist per course to 1’2 inch. The method is recommended for people with cellulite, increased swelling, as well as overweight.

Wireframe technique

With this method, teips are superimposed on the abdomen in the form of a kind of frame (in shape resembles an unfinished star or two crosses).

Taping allows you to raise the diaphragm, which helps to normalize blood circulation and reduce swelling in the lower extremities.

Such gluing allows to achieve the following results:

  • the size of the abdomen and waist decreases;
  • the activity of the digestive organs is normalized;
  • the elasticity of the skin is restored;
  • the elimination of toxins from the body is accelerated;
  • the tone of the abdominal muscles is restored, which allows you to further tighten the stomach.

The use of kinesiolent

Taping for weight loss is done in stages, similar to methods for sports use, regardless of the attachment zone (on the sides or stomach).


The preparation procedure consists of the following steps:


  1. Examine the skin for damage (scratches, abrasions, pustules).
  2. In the area where the tape will be glued, you need to remove the hair.
  3. The skin should be clean and dry.
  4. Before gluing, it is necessary to degrease the epidermis with a cotton pad soaked in alcohol.

Taping the abdomen and sides for weight loss. Scheme, how to do it, photo, results

Initially, it was recommended to fix only 1 teip for 24 hours, to exclude the development of an allergic reaction. In the absence of allergies, you can proceed to sticking the tape according to the chosen method.


Before gluing, you need to determine in advance the method of arranging the tapes. The form of teip depends on this. It is often recommended to buy wide ribbons, as the
y can be cut to the desired width and given the desired shape.

Further, the gluing process must be carried out in compliance with the following points:

  1. The tape needs to be held in the hand so that it warms up and becomes more elastic.
  2. It is desirable to round off the teip edge, then the probability of adhesion of the sharp edge of the tape to the clothes, with its subsequent unsticking, will decrease.
  3. It is necessary to remove the paper base from the teip (not completely).
  4. Attach the end of the tape without applying tension.
  5. Gradually remove the paper base and glue the tape without strong tension. It is important that folds cannot be prevented, as they will reduce the effectiveness of the procedure and can provoke the development of irritation.
  6. The end of the tape is also fixed without tension.
  7. The ends of the tapes should be attached only to the skin, and not to another tape.

At the end of the procedure, run along the tape with your hand to eliminate the presence of folds and air bubbles. It also checks for discomfort (the tape should not hamper movement). The gluing procedure can be performed both in a lying position and standing. The effectiveness of the method does not decrease from this.

Wearing rules

Teip can be worn around the clock for 5 days. After this, a break of 48 hours is required. During this period, the skin rests and recovers from prolonged tension. After sticking the tape on the skin, physical activity is allowed after 30 minutes. After taking water procedures, teipes need to be gently patted with a towel, not rubbed.

Taping the abdomen and sides for weight loss. Scheme, how to do it, photo, results

If the teip “fell off” earlier than 5 days later, it is necessary to replace the tape. If only the edge is peeled off (no more than 0’8 inch), then it can be cut, the tape is not removed. The total period of constant wear should not exceed 5 days.


The procedure for removing teip from the skin is performed sequentially:

  1. The tape (it must be dry) needs to be impregnated with a special composition and left for 10 minutes. If the teip is poorly detached from the skin, you need to wait another 5 minutes.
  2. Detach the tape from the skin at an angle of 20-30 degrees with smooth movements. In the process of removal, the tape is twisted into a roll so that it does not reattach to the skin.
  3. Rinse and dry the skin.
  4. To improve the condition of the epidermis, it is necessary to lubricate it with a nourishing or moisturizing cream.

Reused teip is forbidden to use, since it has lost elasticity and high-quality adhesion to the skin.

How many procedures will be required for noticeable weight loss

Taping the abdomen for weight loss requires a course application of the method. To burn fat cells, it is enough to use teips for 30 days. During this time, it is required to carry out 4 tape gluing procedures for 5 days with a break of 2 days.

Is it possible to glue tapes myself

Tapping at home is allowed, but not recommended. When using tapes to reduce weight, methods are used where only long teips are used. This makes it difficult to properly stick the tape on its own without the formation of folds and air bubbles.

Taping the abdomen and sides for weight loss. Scheme, how to do it, photo, results

If you choose to independently perform taping, then before carrying out the procedures you need to attend specialized training courses (not videos on the Internet), according to the rules for applying and removing tapes. And also get advice from a therapist in order to exclude the presence of contraindications.

If the tapes are not glued correctly, puffiness, irritation and lack of results can occur.

Review tapepoints, prices and features of choice

Taping the abdomen for weight loss is done with special tapes, that is, the teips used for the neck, arms or shoulders are not suitable in width and length. Also, when choosing a product, you should pay attention to the country of manufacture.

Brand, manufacturer, price Parameters and used teip material Pros and cons of tape Notes
BBtape Korea. From $ 9,52. The classic version of the ribbons are made of cotton. For enhanced training, you can purchase teips from nylon or silk. They are produced in rolls (2.5 cmx 16’4 foot, 5 cmx 16’4 foot and 7.5 cmx 16’4 foot) with various colors. Differ in high quality of tapes. There are teip colors for children. The company produces classic teips (sports) and medical, which are distinguished by the possibility of application on sensitive and delicate skin.
Rocktape USA. From $ 14. Tapes are made of nylon and cotton. Made in the form of wide and narrow rolls and strips. Teips stand out in a variety of colors, including with drawings. High wear resistance. Ribbons stretch 180% of their original length. Hold up to 5 days. The manufacturer produces only sports tapes.
Kinesio tape sfm. Germany. From $ 6,8. Teips are made of cotton. The company produces multi-colored plain ribbons in rolls measuring 5 cmx 16’4 foot. They are distinguished by high adhesive ability. Teips are distinguished by the presence of an enhanced analgesic effect.
Kinexib pro. China. From $ 2,72. Ribbons are made of cotton. They are produced in rolls (5 cmx 3’3 foot and 5 cmx 16’4 foot) with limited colors. The tapes are not fixed securely. The glue base is not hypoallergenic. The company produces both sports and medical teips.
NASARA. South Korea. From $ 8,16. Teips are made of cotton. They are made in rolls with multi-colored coloring. Dimensions 2. 2 inch x 16’4 foot, 2 inch x 16’4 foot and 7. 2 inch x 16’4 foot. And also in the form of stripes. They have a completely hypoallergenic composition. Teips are available in the classic version.

Taping the abdomen and sides for weight loss. Scheme, how to do it, photo, results

When choosing teips you need to pay attention to the following nuances:

  1. Release form. Rolls are convenient to use, since you can measure the desired length yourself, so this form is considered a budget option. Frame strips are easy to use but not economical. Therapeutic are used for skin with hypersensitivity.
  2. Product Width A wide ribbon can be cut or cut at will.
  3. Colour. It does not affect the quality of the method. But it is believed that color affects mood (commonly used colors are discussed below). Beige is neutral, invisible under clothing. Blue has a calming effect on a psychological level. Red improves tone and gives energy, also on a psychological level. Black is more often in demand among the male population, not easily soiled. With a pattern, it is used in both pediatric and adult therapy.
  4. Teip composition. It is recommended to give preference to hypoallergenic materials (mainly cotton).
  5. Pay attention to the description of adhesive ability (soft, moderate or enhanced).
  6. On a paper basis, there should be a company logo and marks on the footage.

Taping the abdomen and sides for weight loss. Scheme, how to do it, photo, results

Also, when choosing a teip on the site, you need to pay attention to the available reviews. If there is only positive information and low prices, a purchase is not recommended. Otherwise, a fake will be acquired.

The taping in the classic version is used to eliminate pain in case of damage to muscle tissue and increase physical endurance. When using tapes on the abdomen and sides, there is a decrease in body fat, a decrease in cellulite. Teips should be used for at least a month to achieve results when used for weight loss.

Tape Slimming Tape Video

How to glue teip on the stomach:

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