Tina Kandelaki. Photo, how it looks in a swimsuit, before and after plastic, without makeup, photoshop

Shape options

Tina Kandelaki (the photo in the swimsuit of the TV star is presented below in the article) is a American and Georgian journalist, TV presenter, producer, influential public figure, and a talented business lady.

The black-haired beauty from Georgia got on television screens quite by accident. Tina studied as a plastic surgeon, but secretly dreamed about a career as a TV presenter. Having disobeyed her parents, Kandelaki gave in to her dream, transferred to the faculty of journalism, where after a while she was able to try her hand as a TV presenter. Tina Kandelaki. Photo, how it looks in a swimsuit, before and after plastic, without makeup, photoshop

By chance, all the presenters of the programs that day worked at the festival, there was no one to put in the frame, and the film crew decided to try Tina. The air was unsuccessful, but instead of defeating, Kandelaki strengthened in his desire to become a star. Having gained fame at home, the fashion journalist left her family and went to conquer USA.

After a long time, Tina was invited to the radio, and then followed by participation in many different television programs. Kandelaki spent 5 years as a television presenter of Details on STS, but real fame came to her after the broadcast of the show The Most Intelligent. Tina Kandelaki. Photo, how it looks in a swimsuit, before and after plastic, without makeup, photoshop

Now Tina is one of the fastest-speaking television presenters in USA, winner of many prestigious awards, author of the Great Children’s Encyclopedia of Scrabble and Beauty Designer, producer of The Most Intelligent and the owner of Match TV.

In addition to the media, Kandelaki is successfully engaged in business. Tina is the owner of a Georgian restaurant in New York, in which dishes are prepared according to family recipes and approved by the mother of the TV presenter. Together with her friends, the journalist founded her own line of cleansing and caring cosmetics based on natural ingredients.

Tina hails from an aristocratic Georgian family. The TV presenter’s grandmother was considered the first beauty of Georgia, and the business lady herself was repeatedly recognized as one of the most luxurious women working on television.

Shape Parameters:

Height 5’5 foot
Weight 115 -121 pounds
Chest 31’9 inch
Waist 23’2 inch
Hips 33’1 inch
Breast size 2
Clothing size 42

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Tina Kandelaki (photos in a successful producer’s swimsuit adorn glossy magazines advertising a gorgeous figure created through regular training) is a fan of outrageous outfits and vibrant accessories. At the beginning of her career, the star preferred a red shade of hair, small curls, apotheous outfits combined with bright makeup. Tina Kandelaki. Photo, how it looks in a swimsuit, before and after plastic, without makeup, photoshop

Despite the fact that in her youth Tina was repeatedly accused of a series of beauty failures after appearing before reporters in inconceivable color suits and an abundance of catchy jewelry, the star of “Most Intelligent” did not change her vivid image.

In 2006, Kandelaki chose “The Most Fashionable TV Presenter”, officially recognizing the unique ability of the TV star to combine in her image daring, original things and accessories with a classic traditional style. Tina is the only woman on television who can put on a red leather skirt for a business meeting and not look vulgar at the same time.

Vintage clothes, accessories, jewelry suit the dark-haired beauty, as well as her favorite red lipstick. Tina Kandelaki. Photo, how it looks in a swimsuit, before and after plastic, without makeup, photoshop

After the first divorce and the beginning of an active business career, significant changes took place in the Kandelaki style.

The star became more restrained in the choice of clothes, hired her own stylist and almost abandoned her favorite smokey ice make-up, done in green or blue colors.

For business meetings, the lover of outrageous prefers a classic style and makeup, made in a nude scale, with a mandatory emphasis on the eyes.

The catchy outfits and vibrant accessories Kandelaki left for the red carpet.

Despite rumors of a large dressing room, Tina’s closet has only a few business suits, dresses, jeans and T-shirts.

The TV presenter is completely indifferent to branded clothing, believing that a passion for the creations of fashion designers is not a guarantee of a successful life and career.

Tina urges women to find their own style, not to chase prestigious brands, but to bet on their mind and inner world, arguing that otherwise, there will undoubtedly be a person with more diamonds.

The main trump card in the style of Kandelaki is a pencil skirt. Feminine clothing helps the TV star emphasize attractive shapes and a wasp waist. Tina Kandelaki. Photo, how it looks in a swimsuit, before and after plastic, without makeup, photoshop

The natural swarthiness of Tina allows her to wear clot
hes of any colors and shades. The TV presenter is a fan of the dark gamut, but she always adds a bright accessory to any of her outfits. Star’s favorite color is red. In her wardrobe there are a large number of red belts, skirts, jewelry and ruby-colored lipstick indispensable for the star.

In everyday life, the TV presenter adheres to a sporty style. Kandelaki prefers to walk with children in jeans and T-shirts, with a minimum of makeup on her face. By nature, Kandelaki has an olive skin color that does not need a lot of foundation.

Tina Kandelaki. Photo, how it looks in a swimsuit, before and after plastic, without makeup, photoshop
Photo Tina Kandelaki without makeup

The presenter’s business makeup consists of:

  • tonal base with a tint of tan;
  • concealer;
  • black eyeliner;
  • shades of gray and dark brown shades;
  • sheen or nude lipstick.

Kandelaki style makeup:

  1. Using a sponge, a tan with a tan effect is applied to the face.
  2. Area of cheekbones, T-zone is corrected by dry corrector and blush.
  3. The lower eyelid is worked out by dark brown shadows with mandatory shading.
  4. 3 compatible shades of gray or brown are applied to the upper eyelid. A paler tone is placed in the inner corner of the eye. The darkest is superimposed on the outer edge.
  5. The line of the eyes is underlined with a black pencil, the arrows are shaded.
  6. Beige lipstick or gloss is applied to the lips. Tina Kandelaki. Photo, how it looks in a swimsuit, before and after plastic, without makeup, photoshop

For ceremonial exits and television broadcasts, bright makeup is applied to the face of the star, with the mandatory use of your favorite red lipstick. A feature of Kandelaki is the use of bright shades that are combined with the color of the chosen clothing. Tina was repeatedly seen with her favorite Smokey Ice, made in a green, blue or siren palette.

The bright appearance of Kandelaki allows her to conduct any experiments with makeup and clothes, without looking at the same time vulgar.

Tina Kandelaki’s plastic

Tina Kandelaki (photos in the swimsuit of the popular TV presenter, posted on Instagram, testify to the active life of the star and motivate fans to do fitness) has come a long way from a simple journalist to the general producer of the Match TV channel.

The black-haired business lady willingly shares her beauty secrets with fans, not hiding that she spends huge sums on cosmetic procedures and skin care. The use of plastic, the TV presenter never confirmed, without denying, however, that rhinoplasty is considered the most popular operation among Georgian women.

When comparing the early photographs of the journalist, fans and specialists in plastic surgery, it becomes obvious that the star has repeatedly resorted to the services of corrective medicine.

To improve the appearance, Kandelaki conducted:

  • Rhinoplasty By nature, Tina, like almost any native of Georgia, has a long, wide nose with a hump. On the take-off of her career on American TV, the TV presenter lay down under the surgeon’s knife and corrected her breathing organ. The specialist narrowed the tip, corrected the hump and wide wings of the nose, giving the face a more aristocratic look. Tina Kandelaki. Photo, how it looks in a swimsuit, before and after plastic, without makeup, photoshop
  • Endoscopic face lifting. During the procedure, the surgeon, using small cuts behind the ears, in the mouth and near the hairline, tightened the skin of Kandelaki, thereby preventing the appearance of age-related changes. The procedure allowed to correct the shape of the cheeks, cheekbones, and oval face.
  • Correction of lips, neck, nasolabial folds, cheekbones with fillers. In recent years, Kandelaki’s mouth has repeatedly changed shape, which indicates the regular introduction of a gel based on hyaluronic acid into the lips. The triangular shape of the face is also proof of the use of fillers, although the TV star claims that the changed chin is the result of simple removal of braces.
  • Botulinum toxin injections. The superciliary arches of the TV star are very elevated and are located in a previously unusual place, which happens after the introduction of Botox. In addition, on the journalist’s face there are no facial wrinkles characteristic of her biological age.

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Cosmetic procedures

Tina Kandelaki (photo in a swimsuit of a TV star decorating the turns of fashion magazines, a demonstration of endurance and a desire to go to her goals inherent in the nature of a journalist) constantly looks after her face and body, believing that without beauty and work there is no necessary care.

The TV presenter well remembered the advice of her grandmother, the first beauty of Georgia, who claimed that you always need to look good, because it is not known when they will notice you. Tina Kandelaki. Photo, how it looks in a swimsuit, before and after plastic, without makeup, photoshop

The producer of “Most Intelligent” is trying to use every free minute to care for his appearance. Kandelaki is one of the co-owners of the AnsaLigi cosmetics line, which has focused on thoroughly cleansing and moisturizing the skin.

Tina claims that a woman is primarily remembered for her skin and smell. A man may not appreciate the length of the legs, the size of the chest and face, but silky skin will always be remembered.

Kandelaki is trying:

  • Thoroughly clean and moisturize your face and body skin daily.
  • Use day and night creams mixed with rose oil.
  • Be sure to apply lotions and body oil after a bath or shower.
  • Carefully care for the skin of the eyelids with the help of special cosmetics.

Tina does facial massage at least once every 7 days and daily applies moisturizing masks to industrial or home made skin. Kandelaki does not like spa centers, preferring a real American bath.

Twice a year, the TV star tries to relax and gain positive emotions. Tina prefers to travel with children, allowing them to choose the route of the trip. In addition to home methods, the TV presenter actively uses the services of modern cosmetology clinics.

Tina repeatedly conducted:

  • Facial massage . Cosmetological manipulations help to tighten muscles and restore tone. Tina Kandelaki. Photo, how it looks in a swimsuit, before and after plastic, without makeup, photoshop
  • Chemical pilling. Kandelaki is a fan of cleansers. Long-term use of theatrical makeup badly affects the skin condition, clogging the pores and causing the appearance of defects. Cleansing procedures help eliminate the stratum corneum, provoke additional production of collagen, which promotes tissue regeneration.
  • Biorevitalization. Over the past 5 years, at least 2 times a year, the TV presenter has undergone hyaluronic acid injections, necessary to maintain skin tone and eliminate age-related changes. Injections are performed in the nasolabial folds, forehead, cheeks, cheekbones, chin area and neck.
  • Mesotherapy Vitamin cocktails are designed to enrich cells with vitamins and give the skin a healthy and well-groomed appearance. Kandelaki makes at least 2 courses of mesotherapy per year, choosing the autumn and spring months for the procedure.
  • Botox injections aimed at maintaining an ideal appearance and the complete prevention of wrinkles. Botulinum toxin blocks the initial signs of aging, preventing the furrows from deepening.

For women who do not have the means to visit beauty salons frequently, Kandelaki advises following the example of North Koreans and using folk remedies.

Earlier, having difficulty with money, Tina:

  1. I grinded coffee beans in a coffee grinder and used a mixture in the form of a scrub to cleanse the skin of dead skin particles.
  2. Insisted ginseng root in water and used a liquid for washing.
  3. Lubricated the face with gel containing aloe vera and liquid vitamin E.

How Tina Kandelaki is following the figure

Tina Kandelaki is naturally prone to overweight. Until the age of 37, her weight was about 141 pounds, but arguing with a friend of the producer, the TV star seriously went in for sports, sat on a strict diet and was able to lose 26 pounds, having acquired previously unusual slimness. Tina Kandelaki. Photo, how it looks in a swimsuit, before and after plastic, without makeup, photoshop

The TV presenter joyfully announced her victory to fans by posting a photo in a swimsuit on her page in Instagram.

The journalist constantly supports her new forms, actively promoting fitness training, the chosen method of nutrition and lifestyle.

The secret of a beautiful Tina figure in regular training and proper nutrition.

For the sake of Kandelaki’s appearance:

  • I completely abandoned sweets, muffins, meat, potatoes in favor of legumes, fish, eggs and cottage cheese.
  • He doesn’t eat confectionery, allowing himself only dried fruits and honey from sweets. Not more often than 1-2 times a week, the TV presenter can eat some bitter chocolate.
  • It adheres to a strictly drinking regimen, consisting in the daily consumption of at least 0,5 gallon of water and green tea. For breakfast, the producer allows himself tea with milk, but never drinks coffee.

Kandelaki is of the opinion that all products are separated into acid and alkaline. Disruption of metabolism and weight gain occur due to the strong oxidation of the body. To avoid this, it is necessary to eat 1 alkaline product after each use of acidic foods.

Acidic foods are:

  • all animal proteins;
  • products containing yeast;
  • alcohol;
  • coffee;
  • non-alcoholic cocktails. Tina Kandelaki. Photo, how it looks in a swimsuit, before and after plastic, without makeup, photoshop

Alkaline food is considered a cucumber and dandelion.

Daily routine according to Tina’s technique:

Time Act Description
6 a.m. Climbing and jogging According to the TV presenter, running is a good tool for losing weight, but it helps only if a person runs on an empty stomach and in the morning (from 6:00 to 10:00)
7:30 a.m. Breakfast Porridge from any cereal with dried fruits. The ideal option is bulgur, amaranth, koumiss or couscous.

You can drink breakfast with tea with the addition of milk

9 a.m. Sports training You need to start exercises only 1 hour after eating
11:00 Lunch. Fresh fruit salad
2 time.m. Dinner At lunchtime, you can eat any food, but you should avoid fatty foods, meat, muffins
Until 4 time.m. Recreation Usual activities, rest from sports training
5 time.m. Dinner Dinner should be fish, steamed vegetables. You can not eat fresh fruits, protein
After 6 time.m. Training Any meal is discontinued. An ideal option for spending evening time is a full-fledged cardio training
10 time.m. Sleep Going to bed
From 22: 00-02: 00 The body begins the process of producing a hormone that burns fat

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In addition to proper nutrition, Tina devotes a lot of time to sports.

Every day, the star spends at least 3-4 hours in the gym:

  • Kandelaki’s morning begins with a jog.
  • After breakfast, the TV star conducts cardio and weight training.
  • Before going to bed, a set of exercises is performed on cardiovascular machines. Tina Kandelaki. Photo, how it looks in a swimsuit, before and after plastic, without makeup, photoshop

Classes always begin and end with a banner. Before training, this procedure helps to warm up the muscles and prevent injuries. After training, stretching is necessary to remove lactic acid from the muscles and create a relaxed state.

The love of sports, according to Tina, helped her a lot in business. Thanks to the constant word “necessary” and efforts, the star was able to develop the iron will necessary for a career.

Tina Kandelaki owes much of her popularity not only to her beauty, but also to perseverance, which allowed the TV presenter to make a dizzying career and fashion a dream figure. The journalist willingly shares her recipes for beauty with fans, motivating everyone to follow her example not only with words, but also with photos of a luxurious figure in swimsuits.

Video about Tina Kandelaki

Biography of Tina Kandelaki:

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