Brooklyn Dekker Photo in a swimsuit, underwear, biography, personal life

One of the leading supermodels, beautiful angel Victoria Secret, who woke up famous after a sexual photo shoot for Sports Illustrated, is Brooklyn Dekker. The first blonde model with curvaceous forms and a talented actress is considered one of the most desired women in the world, whose face and half-naked body on the cover invariably guarantee any magazine maximum profit from sales.

Multiple biography of Brooklyn Dekker

Brooklyn Dekker (photo of the model is given below in the article) was born in April 1987 in Kettering (Ohio) in the family of a car sales specialist and a nurse. Brooklyn spent her early years in North Carolina with her adorable 2 cats and 4 dogs.

The girl repeatedly expressed a desire to go to study as a veterinarian and never even thought about a career as a model.

Since childhood, Dekker was a very agile child, went in for sports a lot, played in the hockey team, and was part of the school support group. At age 15, the girl was first noticed by hunters for beautiful faces from Evolution Models, took a photo and invited to try her hand at casting, and then helped to get involved in a demonstration of evening dresses by Mori Simon.

Brooklyn Dekker Photo in a swimsuit, underwear, biography, personal life

Since the first defile, offers have gallon rained down on Brooklyn. A 16-year-old girl begins to act actively and already in 2003 receives her first award as “Model of the Year”.

Photos of young Dekker fall into the magazines:

  • Seventin;
  • Glamor
  • Vogue;
  • Cosmopolitan.

The appearance of the first cover with Brooklyn in Nikki Style magazine prompted the girl to move to New York, where the future star had to rent an apartment with other novice models. Since 2005, Brooklyn began to actively cooperate with the brand of lingerie Victoria Secret, becoming one of the blond angels advertising beachwear.

At the same time, Decker first received offers for shooting from Sports Illustrated. A few years later, the model will officially become the face of the magazine, and a candid photo shoot in a special issue in 2011 will bring the girl worldwide worship and world fame for the “Sex Symbol”. Tired of catwalks and filming, Dekker at the peak of his popularity decides to try his hand at the film industry.

In 2007, the model was shot in the TV show “Betty Magazine” and the movie “Chuck.”

Now the actress has about 12 successful projects, including:

  • “What to expect when you are expecting a baby”;
  • “Pretend my wife””;
  • “Sea battle”;
  • “Lipschits Saves the World.”
Brooklyn Dekker Photo in a swimsuit, underwear, biography, personal life
Brooklyn Dekker, photo from the movie Pretend My Wife.

Dekker does not want to stop there. Despite the fact that Brooklyn has repeatedly stated in her interviews that she was tired of a modeling career, the girl continues to work actively in the fashion industry, simultaneously improving her acting skills and hoping to repeat the success of Angelina Jolie or Demi Moore, who calmly changed the covers of magazines to the movie platform.

Appearance, body parameters

Brooklyn Dekker (photographs of the beautiful model repeatedly adorned the covers of Vogue, El, Glamor) has a typical European appearance. The luxurious figure of a fair-haired model is considered one of the most beautiful in the modeling business, despite the fact that the presence of a lush bust completely contradicts the standards customary for the fashion industry.

Shape Parameters:

Height 5’7 foot
Weight 117 pounds
Chest-Waist-Hips 90- 24 – 34’3 inch
Bust 90 DD (5th size)
Clothing size 4 (US) or 34 (EU)
Foot size 10 (US) or 41 (EU)
Nationality American
Hair color Fair-haired, but from the age of 17 Brooklyn, at the insistence of stylists, turned into a fair-haired blonde.
Eye color Blue
Appearance European

Brooklyn Dekker Photo in a swimsuit, underwear, biography, personal life

Despite the fact that the magnificent bust and the toned body of the actress, dressed in a bathing suit, is considered Brooklyn’s hallmark, Decker has the unique ability for naked lovers to instantly transform even the most revealing pictures into objects of art, riveting male attention first to her very disarming smile and the right features.

Did the plastic

Photos of Brooklyn Dekker showing candid swimsuits make Sports Illustrated editions one of men’s favorite editions. The magnificent figure of the model rightfully occupies the top lines in the list of “sexiest bodies in the world”, constantly provoking the appearance of rumors about the origin of the chic bust of the star.

Scrolling through the glossy editions of past years, one cannot help but notice that at the dawn of a modeling career, the body of young Dekker looked much more modest. Specialists in plastic surgery, having studied in detail the pictures of young Brooklyn and the famous photo shoots of 2005-2011, unanimously came to the conclusion that the girl had repeatedly visited specialized clinics.

According to experts, on the model’s account:

  • Rhinoplasty . In the photographs of the 17-year-old Dekker, you can see that by nature the star has a wider respiratory organ, ending with a rounded tip. Together with the popularity that has come, Brooklyn, under the influence of previously formed complexes, slightly corrected the shape of the nose, narrowing its wings and sharpening the tip. The surgeon selected by the model performed the highest level of work, making Decker the owner of a graceful, slightly upturned nose, which is considered the standard of beauty in Los Angeles.
    Brooklyn Dekker Photo in a swimsuit, underwear, biography, personal life
  • Mammoplasty . Decker’s 5th breast size is
    the subject of male dreams and the actress’s pride. In photographs of 15 years ago, it is noticeable that by nature the mammary glands of the model did not have such an outstanding shape. Since childhood, the star had a “boyish” type of figure, but after hormonal adjustment and the associated weight gain, the priest and chest of the star were noticeably rounded, but did not bring the desired volume. The pictures show that between 2005-2007. Brooklyn repeatedly performed mammoplasty, periodically adding volume to the mammary glands. Apparently, at the moment, a “C” size hydrogel bioimplant is installed in the model’s chest, which allows her rather large bust to look as luxurious as possible.

The model refutes rumors about operations.

In his interviews, Brooklyn constantly talks about weight problems caused by sudden rounding of the body and breast growth, which has repeatedly become a threat to the further development of a modeling career. The actress writes off the constant noticeable change in the size of the bust in the pictures on the differences in body weight caused by the need to adhere to the strictest diet.

Brooklyn Dekker after plastics

The intervention of plastic surgeons helped Brooklyn cope with children’s complexes caused by dissatisfaction with his own body. Perfect, updated appearance of the model contributed to the development of a dizzying career.

The beautiful bust of Dekker, dressed in a bikini, distinguished the girl among the flat-chested colleagues, allowing him to become the world’s first top model with luxurious forms, who conquered the fashion industry, and one of the most desirable women in the world for millions of fans.

Dekker’s semi-naked photo shoot in men’s magazines promises glossy sales of millions of dollars in any publication, and the model makes it possible to consider Hollywood and the fashion industry one of the “Sex Symbols”. Brooklyn herself believes that there is no limit to perfection, periodically continuing to adjust the shape of the breast, which is considered her calling card.

Brooklyn Dekker Photo in a swimsuit, underwear, biography, personal life

As for appearance, now Brooklyn is so confident in her attractiveness that she easily allows herself to post on Instagram photos taken with an unfortunate angle or without using makeup.

Beauty Model Secrets

Brooklyn Dekker (photos of erotic content placed on the cover of Esquire allowed the magazine to become one of the best-selling publications of 2011) from childhood was unhappy with her body. The teenage model was considered too thin, and her “boyish” figure was a constant subject of constant ridicule of peers.

Upset by her unsuccessful appearance, Dekker hated her body, secretly praying that her butt and chest would suddenly grow. After a hormonal restructuring of the body, Brooklyn received the desired volumes, but for a successful career, the models of her form were too large.

Having moved to live in New York and started acting, Brooklyn was forced to constantly limit herself in food, sitting on a variety of, sometimes extreme diets. The girl could eat nothing for days or drink only juice. Loved the sport, Brooklyn was horrified to notice a constant increase in weight, against the background of almost complete starvation, which led to a nervous breakdown and the development of anorexia.

Brooklyn Dekker Photo in a swimsuit, underwear, biography, personal life

The girl’s father noticed the daughter’s unhealthy state on time and placed her in the clinic. After treatment, Decker, together with nutritionists, developed her own nutrition plan based on a healthy lifestyle. A model that has gone a long way strongly urges girls not to restrict themselves in food, but simply to avoid dangerous foods, replacing them with healthy products.

Such is possible if, instead of a strict diet, you just focus on the benefits and taste of low-calorie foods. With a desire to eat chocolate, Dekker tries to translate his thoughts in search of useful substitutes. The berries are also very sweet, but, in addition, they are very useful and are a natural antioxidant.

They contain a minimum of calories, which is an excellent alternative to high-calorie sweets. The beauty secret of Brooklyn lies in strict control over nutrition and constant physical training.

A set of exercises developed specifically for it helps to maintain the shape of the model, consisting of several stages:

  1. Every morning, the star begins with a stretch, and then conducts an hour-long workout on cardiovascular equipment.
  2. In the afternoon, Brooklyn tries to lead an active lifestyle, and running and swimming are considered the star’s favorite pastimes. The more movements, the better – this is Brooklyn’s motto.
    Brooklyn Dekker Photo in a swimsuit, underwear, biography, personal life
  3. Evening model devotes to stretching, cardiovascular equipment, yoga or Pilates. Slow exercises prepare the body for relaxation, not allowing the muscles to relax.

Dekker hates being weighed. The actress got rid of her scales several years ago and considers this the most correct action in her life. Those wishing to lose weight, Brooklyn strongly recommends abandoning constant weighing, motivating this by the fact that when doing sports, weight begins to grow inexorably due to a set of muscle mass.

Increasing numbers can cause stress, nervous breakdowns, provoking a desire to quit what was started, which should never be done. Decker considers especially dangerous weighing for teenagers. The star itself faced such a problem when, at the age of 17, trying to lose weight, almost starving and exhausting itself with training, it saw only increasing numbers on the scales.

The result of the problems was a nervous breakdown leading her to a hospital bed.

Interesting facts about Brooklyn Dekker

Interesting facts about Brooklyn Decker:

  • As a child, she was a happy owner of 2 cats and 4 dogs, seriously dreaming of becoming a veterinarian.
  • It was very difficult to gain a foothold in the modeling business due to the non-standard (for the model) figure. The magnificent chest of Brooklyn was considered a real stumbling block, forcing the girl to constantly adhere to strict, and sometimes even the most extreme diets.
  • At the age of 17, the model, at the insistence of her father, spent several months in a psychiatric clinic, undergoing treatment for anorexia.
  • The supermodel has the most honest Instagram among Hollywood celebrities. The Brooklyn page is filled with “honest” photos of the actress, made without makeup and a good angle.
  • In adolescence, the supermodel was considered a real “ugly girl” because of a thin boyish figure, a strange, voluminous bangs and constantly worn braces, which, at the age of 26, did not hesitate to tell the world, making proof a photo shoot, on which she tried to reproduce the image of 10 summer prescription.
  • Dekker loves pink. In her wardrobe there are many swimwear, suits, tops of her favorite shade.
    Brooklyn Dekker Photo in a swimsuit, underwear, biography, personal life
  • The model is very envious of the luxurious pope of singer Rihanna, with whom she made friends very much while working on “Sea Battle”.
  • Known for frank photo shoots, Brooklyn really does not like to be naked. The model considers herself a “kid” and tries in everyday life to choose very modest dresses, completely ignoring the opinion of her stylist, who advises to leave as much of the body open.
  • The owner of a gorgeous figure Brooklyn during the filming of the comedy “Pretend to be My Wife” seriously complemented the figure, considering herself an unworthy parody of Jennifer Aniston’s gorgeous body.
  • At the age of 16, Dekker won the Ohio beauty pageant.
  • Brooklyn met her future husband, being a member of the tennis player’s support team during the Davis Cup.
  • The first wedding anniversary of Brooklyn and her husband, Andy Roddick, were celebrated with Adam. Sandler and Jenefer Aniston during a break on the set of “Pretend to be my wife.”
  • Brooklyn and her husband try to spend as much time as possible together, so the directors, supporting the desire of the couple, add additional epizootic roles to the script for Andy Roddick, allowing him to be with his wife during the filming.
  • Brooklyn is considered the first blonde with curvaceous to conquer the fashion industry and one of the most coveted women on the planet, according to the men’s magazine GO.
  • Together with W. Casey, the model launched the Finery mobile application, the goal of which is to help women deal with things that fill their wardrobe and make the most winning images from existing clothes in order to minimize future shopping expenses.
  • About 3 years ago, Brooklyn stopped weighing herself, marking her decision by dumping an electronic scale in a trash can.

Personal life Brooklyn Dekker

Brooklyn Dekker (photographs of one of America’s most beautiful models since 2005 became the hallmark of Sports Illustrated) has been happily married to American tennis player Andy Roddick for more than 10 years. The couple met in 2007, when the model was part of the support group for the future husband at the Davis Cup.

Brooklyn Dekker Photo in a swimsuit, underwear, biography, personal life

Noticing the girl at one of the events, the athlete was so captivated by her bright beauty and deep knowledge of the sport that he immediately asked assistants to find the model’s phone number to invite on a date. The couple got married in 2009 at a modest ceremony and has since been considered inseparable. Andy and Brooklyn raise two children: son Hank and daughter Stevie.

A magnificent body, an unusual appearance and a love of erotic photo shoots allowed Brooklyn Decker to become the dream of millions of men who instantly snapping up magazines with candid photographs of an idol. Surprisingly, despite the status of the “Sex Symbol”, the model hates being shot naked, tries to select modest outfits for herself and dreams of getting an Oscar for the best female role.

Video about Brooklyn Decker

Interview with Brooklyn Decker:

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