Lukyanova Valeria before and after plastics. Photo of the girl Barbie (Amatue) on Instagram, Vkontakte

Lukyanova Valeria is a famous person in the world of American television and show business. Like many other famous personalities, not only fans, but also ill-wishers are closely watching the girl.

On television and on the Internet, the impressive changes in Valeria’s appearance after plastics are especially eagerly discussed , given the important part of the artificial factor of her current beauty.

Lukyanova Valeria before and after plastics. Photo of the girl Barbie (Amatue) on Instagram, VkontaktePhotos before and after plastic surgeries and numerous cosmetic procedures are of interest to many people who want to find out the truth about how such an unimaginable, can we say, “honed”, “beauty” and how much does it cost

What did the star look like before the surgical interventions, and were all the operations really attributed to it by an unbiased society

Valeria Lukyanova – biography, life, hobbies

Valeria Lukyanova is a Ukrainian model before and a girl with an extravagant appearance after plastics and the pseudonym “Amatue”, which became known throughout the post-Soviet space, due to the similarities in appearance with the Barbie doll. She constantly publishes various photographs, which pleases a considerable army of her fans.

In 2007, the girl became the owner of the title “Miss Ukraine”, and in 2013 she participated in a photo shoot in New York , at the same time, the British magazine releases a film dedicated to “Barbie Girl”.

Lukyanova Valeria before and after plastics. Photo of the girl Barbie (Amatue) on Instagram, VkontakteInterestingly, Amatue itself opposes her comparison with the famous doll. She claims that she has nothing to do with Barbie, but simply has an ideal body and face!

Valeria also has the status of a singer, performing works in the style of “New Age”.

At the moment, the girl is married to Dmitry Shkrabov, although she opposes the “family lifestyle”, and so far categorically does not want to have children.

Lukyanova Valeria before and after plastics. Photo of the girl Barbie (Amatue) on Instagram, VkontakteAccording to her own statements, the girl adheres to an exceptionally healthy lifestyle, eats liquid food, plans to switch to solar energy completely, devotes a lot of time to spiritual development, is fond of esotericism and is interested in “going to the astral plane”.

Photos before plastic surgery in childhood, adolescence

It is clearly noticeable that the current image of Lukyanova is significantly different from the previous one, as can be seen in the photographs before and after plastic surgery.

Lukyanova Valeria before and after plastics. Photo of the girl Barbie (Amatue) on Instagram, VkontakteMany of the girls’ acquaintances claim that she has changed a lot after the procedures done, but all the changes have benefited her exclusively.

Similarity of external data with mother

The appearance of Valeria, its natural beauty, was influenced by heredity, therefore it looks worthy both before and after plastic surgery. The facial features of the model are very similar to those of the mother, the exception is the nose, although many sources give arguments for the fact that the model was changed using rhinoplasty.

Lukyanova Valeria before and after plastics. Photo of the girl Barbie (Amatue) on Instagram, VkontakteValeria also inherited the figure of her mother – the thin waist of both can be seen in the photographs. Therefore, the operation to remove the ribs is a very controversial issue – Valeria herself claims that the whole thing is heredity, proper nutrition and regular exercise.

Plastic surgery live American Barbie Amatue

The young girl completely denies any surgical interventions or plastic surgery other than breast augmentation. However, judging by the photographs before and after a certain period of time, changes in appearance become too contrasty.

A complete list of Valeria’s proposed operations is as follows:

  • breast augmentation;
  • rhinoplasty;
  • blepharoplasty;
  • cheekbone plastic;
  • lip shape correction;
  • liposuction;
  • removal of ribs.

There is no direct evidence of all operations, and opinions of people differ – someone idolizes the girl with the nickname “Amatue”, someone speaks negatively, claiming that all this is the result of surgical interventions and Photoshop.

Rhinoplasty Before and after photos

One of the obvious and most successful operations that are attributed to the girl is rhinoplasty. If we compare the photographs of Valeria Lukyanova made before and after the plastic surgery, a quite significant difference is noticeable – in the “before” pictures there is a hump on the girl’s nose, and it’s slightly wider than in the “after” photographs.

Now the girl uploads photos on social networks with a flawless, thin and straight nose.

Lukyanova Valeria before and after plastics. Photo of the girl Barbie (Amatue) on Instagram, VkontakteSurgeons working in plastic surgery confirm this operation by analyzing the pictures of Barbie and revealing some features present on the nose of the girl.

Upper blepharoplasty. Before and after photos

Changing the shape of the eyes is another operation for which lively debate is underway. Some believe that the result of surgery is obvious – Valeria’s eyes have become much wider and more expressive. However, their opponents argue that such a view can be achieved without resorting to surgery, but perfectly mastering the technique of applying makeup, and using lenses.

Lukyanova Valeria before and after plastics. Photo of the girl Barbie (Amatue) on Instagram, VkontakteThere is no direct evidence of the operation, but experienced specialists are inclined to believe that there really was a surgical intervention. The girl’s eyes began to look too unnatural and “puppet” after a while.

Cheiloplasty. Chubby lips. Before and after photos

Many sources refer to the fact that Valeria professionally knows how to apply makeup, so she did not do cheiloplasty. There are also arguments for the fact that in childhood the girl had quite plump lips, and there was no point in enlarging them even more – then big eyes would have been lost against their background.

Lukyanova Valeria before and after plastics. Photo of the girl Barbie (Amatue) on Instagram, VkontakteHowever, there are several arguments proving Valeria’s lip-improvement surgery:

  • The lower lip of Valeria Lukyanova before plastic surgery is much thinner than after;
  • The upper lip began to look more elevated, and its center moved closer to the base of the nose;
  • The shape of the lips was adjusted, cheiloplasty made them a “heart”.

Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is an innovative tool for obtaining smooth, moisturized, and “porcelain” skin.

Lukyanova Valeria before and after plastics. Photo of the girl Barbie (Amatue) on Instagram, Vkontakte
Valeria Lukyanova denies the use of Botox and hyaluronic acid before or after plastic surgery, referring to exceptionally good nutrition (now the model eats liquid food) and a healthy lifestyle.

Indeed, various sources argue that Valeria’s lifestyle can contribute to such unnaturally smooth facial skin: she often happens in the mountains, carefully watches herself, and ruled out all negative effects on the body.

However, some experts nevertheless claim that injections of Botox and hyaluronic acid are a common thing for the model.

Cheek Plastic

Another operation that was performed on the Instagram star is cheekbone plastic surgery. Opinions also differ here. Fans claim that changing the shape of Valeria’s face is the result of professional makeup.

Lukyanova Valeria before and after plastics. Photo of the girl Barbie (Amatue) on Instagram, VkontakteHowever, experts give more weighty arguments:

  • The “infantile” swelling of the cheeks, which could be seen in Valeria Lukyanova before plastic surgery, disappeared after;
  • The oval of the face has become more elongated – this can not be achieved with makeup;
  • The shape of the face became “unnaturally correct”, with a sharp, “puppet” chin.

Breast augmentation. Valeria Lukyanova

There is no doubt about the operation to increase the mammary glands – the girl herself admits this. In social networks, she justifies carrying out this operation by the fact that it was necessary to “balance the body and improve the image” – the model wanted to emphasize the thin waist and hips.

Valeria also regrets that she did not make the size larger – at the moment her bust has been increased by only 2 sizes.

Rib removal

Since childhood, the model from Odessa had a thin waist, however, in recent photographs, the girl appears before the audience with an unnaturally thin camp. The public immediately had a question – did Amatue do plastic

As mentioned earlier, Valeria denies surgery for the removal of ribs. She claims that she is constantly engaged in sports, keeps a strict diet, and has a good heredity.

This is indeed so – Valeria’s mother also had a slender figure, but with the Ukrainian model she became too thin. Experienced surgeons claim that such a “wasp” waist cannot be achieved naturally.

Some sources say that the girl went to China to remove the ribs, but there is no direct evidence for this.

It is worth knowing that the recovery period after such plastic surgery is very painful, after some time there are scars and scars that require a second operation – was Valeria ready for such a sacrifice It remains a mystery.

Now the waist of the Instagram star is 18’5 inch.

Live Barbie Valeria Lukyanova and her Ken

“Living Barbie doll” Valeria was nicknamed in the media, but the girl herself speaks negatively of this nickname, focusing only on her beauty. And this is understandable, because the comparison with Barbie makes the Ukrainian model only an echo of the famous doll, and not the real, independent and original person that Valeria wants to be so.

“Ken” of the famous Odessa model is the owner of the construction company – Dmitry Shkrabov. Although it’s difficult to call him “Ken” – he is an ordinary person with an absolutely normal appearance.

Lukyanova Valeria before and after plastics. Photo of the girl Barbie (Amatue) on Instagram, VkontakteAccording to Amatue, her husband does not limit her freedom, is not jealous of the army of admirers and declarations of love, and is not against the fact that the girl uploads her candid photos to the network.

Spouses are constantly together, travel a lot, and live in harmony and understanding. According to one version, their marriage has been going on for 10 years.

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Cost of doll appearance

To become noticeable in this world, you need to stand out. So did Valery Lukyanova, turning into a “doll”. Although the fact of carrying out all the alleged operations has not been proven, their cost boils down to tens of thousands of dollars. The Ukrainian model was lucky, and all these operations (if they had a place to be) were paid for by her husband Dmitry.

If we take into account all the alleged operations, we get approximately the following cost:

  • Breast augmentation – about $ 2720 .;
  • Rhinoplasty – about $ 2720 .;
  • Blepharoplasty – about $ 1360 .;
  • Plastic surgery of the cheekbones – about $ 136 .;
  • Lip shape correction – about $ 272 .;
  • Liposuction – about $ 1360 .;
  • Removal of ribs – from $ 4080.

The amount is rather big. You should think several times before spending so much money to achieve the image of a “doll”.

Valeria Lukyanova before and after plastics: video

The first video introduces the living doll Valeria Lukyanova and demonstrates her appearance after plastic surgery:

A selection of photos of Valeria Lukyanova before and after plastics for comparison:

Valeria Lukyanova before and after plastic surgery had an attractive appearance and a slender figure. It is safe to say that the girl herself considers her body perfect, and has achieved tremendous success and popularity not only in her native country, but also abroad.

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