How to treat acne on the face at home. Folk remedies, ointments, masks, creams, tablets in the pharmacy, vitamins, diet

As a result of inflammation of the sebaceous glands, acne appears on the face. They protrude above the surface of the skin, are characterized by soreness. In the center of inflammation, pus sometimes forms, which can burst out.

Acne is formed where the sebaceous glands are most, and this is the upper body. They can and should be treated with medication and folk remedies, since in the absence of treatment the problem is exacerbated.

Treatment direction

Acne on the face does not appear just like that, but as a result of malnutrition or chronic diseases, so it is better to choose the direction of treatment with a dermatologist, who will prescribe the necessary tests to clarify the diagnosis and send it to other specialists.

Symptomatic treatment will focus on:

  • cleansing of the sebaceous ducts; How to treat acne on the face at home. Folk remedies, ointments, masks, creams, tablets in the pharmacy, vitamins, diet
  • elimination of infection and inflammatory process;
  • decrease in secretion of skin secretion.

Rules for the care of problem skin

If acne on the skin does not appear from time to time, but is constantly present, the following rules must be followed:

  1. Wash should be $ 0,03./d. in the morning and before bedtime.
  2. It is recommended to wipe the face with a separate towel, which must be washed regularly in the most hot water. An ordinary towel can be replaced with a disposable paper towel – this is more hygienic.
  3. For face care use tar soap, antibacterial gel or foam.
  4. You need to wash your face with warm, not hot water.
  5. Products containing sodium lauryl sulfate should be avoided, as it promotes the formation of comedones, clogs the pores.
  6. Cleanser must be thoroughly washed off the skin.
  7. Shower should be taken once a day, and should be washed with a soft washcloth, which does not damage inflammation.
  8. If the skin is oily, then a moisturizer is used for face care.
  9. Makeup should not contain minerals, as they clog pores and contribute to the formation of acne.
  10. Care products should not contain alcohol.
  11. It is necessary to choose clothes from cotton, linen materials.
  12. Under no circumstances should acne be squeezed out or carried out with any other skin-traumatic manipulations, especially without prior antiseptic treatment. A secondary infection that develops will complicate the treatment process, and scars and age spots will remain in the damaged area.

To soothe inflammation and dry the rash, you can lubricate the skin with jojoba oil, wheat germ.

Skin cleansing

For skin care, you need to choose products with antibacterial additives. Means with an alkaline environment should be removed away, for example, toilet soap. Such products dry the skin, but this does not reduce oiliness, but rather contributes to the secretion in a larger volume. How to treat acne on the face at home. Folk remedies, ointments, masks, creams, tablets in the pharmacy, vitamins, diet

Suitable cosmetics should use 2 time./d. They are washed not with hot but with warm water, since hot expands the pores and activates the production of sebum, while warm or even cool water narrows the pores and refreshes.


Peelings are used to remove dead cells. They are recommended to be used systematically, 1 – 2 time. per week, excluding periods of exacerbation of the inflammatory process.

Popular folk remedies:

  1. Take small salt, sodium bicarbonate and shower gel, mix everything in the same proportions and usd with massage movements. After a few minutes, wash off with warm water.
  2. Combine in a ratio of one to one natural coffee (fresh or slept) and sea salt. If the skin is dry, then instead of salt, you can take sour cream.
  3. Shredded oatmeal, milk powder, 1 tablespoon. and 2-3 cap. peppermint extracts are mixed and diluted with water, usd the scrub into the skin.
  4. Rusks made from rye bread are ground and bred with kefir. The mixture is immediately treated with skin.
  5. Knead 5-6 tab. aspirin and dilute them with water so that gruel is obtained. Scrub the face with this compound.
  6. 2 tablespoon green clay bred 3 tablespoon. yogurt. Distribute the composition on the face.

Before applying the peeling mass, the skin should be prepared:

  1. You should clean your face by washing with special products.
  2. Then the skin is steamed, making a steam bath.
  3. Only then a peeling mass is applied to the moistened surface of the skin.
  4. A few minutes after the distribution and rubbing of the composition, the face is washed with cool water and smeared with an antibacterial cream, for example Bepanten.
  5. The skin may appear reddened after, so it is recommended that the procedure be performed at night. Immediately after the procedure, you can not apply decorative cosmetics, since the pores are still open and can clog.

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How to treat acne on the face, when the organs of the excretory system cannot cleanse the body of toxins, nutritionists suggest. Toxins then begin to be secreted through the pores, and they become clogged – inflammation occurs. To help the body remove toxins and thereby avoid the appearance of new rashes, it is necessary to adhere to a cleansing diet rich in dietary fiber. How to treat acne on the face at home. Folk remedies, ointments, masks, creams, tablets in the pharmacy, vitamins, diet

The composition of the skin secretion, as well as its density, depends on the type of food consumed, the amount of simple carbohydrates, salt, sugar that enter the body.

The basic principles of a cleansing diet:

  1. Of the possible ways of cooking choose stewing, baking, boiling, steaming.
  2. Avoid using large amounts of vegetable oil.
  3. Include laxative foods in the diet. These include prunes, dairy products, beets.
  4. They drink a large amount of clean water, at least 0,5 gallon. It helps to remove toxins from the body. How to treat acne on the face at home. Folk remedies, ointments, masks, creams, tablets in the pharmacy, vitamins, diet

Fiber-rich foods should be included in the daily menu. They, like a brush, cleanse the digestive tract from “garbage”.

Similar foods and dishes include:

  • bran;
  • beet;
  • buckwheat, barley, wild rice;
  • legumes;
  • flax-seed;
  • whole wheat pasta;
  • crackers, bread rolls;
  • spinach;
  • greenery;
  • side dishes from vegetables;
  • all kinds of cabbage.

How to treat acne on the face and start the natural process of restoration and skin healing, according to the recommendations of nutritionists, it is known – it is necessary to use products containing zinc.


  • asparagus;
  • eggs (yolk);
  • sea kale;
  • poultry meat;
  • nuts
  • citrus;
  • cheese;
  • Br
    ewer’s yeast;
  • liver.

Selenium contained in nuts, seafood, and oyster mushrooms will also help prevent the development of acne.

In addition, foods rich in vitamins A and E must be added to the diet. These are orange fruits and vegetables, vegetable oils, nuts. It is good to drink fish oil in capsules.

The body needs vitamins of group B, contained in:

  • fish
  • Chicken
  • oatmeal;
  • soy milk;
  • spinach. How to treat acne on the face at home. Folk remedies, ointments, masks, creams, tablets in the pharmacy, vitamins, diet

Forbidden to use:

  • foods rich in starch – potatoes, bananas;
  • peeled rice;
  • sweet soda;
  • fried and smoked;
  • semi-finished meat products;
  • fatty meat and fish;
  • sweet, rich pastries;
  • alcoholic drinks.

It should not be scary if the diet initially provokes the appearance of even more acne. This is a favorable process, which means that the body gets rid of toxins. After a few days, a steady improvement will come, the skin will begin to clear.


How to treat acne on the face, if they are caused by a lack of vitamins, just figure it out if you find out which of them affect the condition of the skin.

Vitamins of group B are necessary for:

  • accelerated skin regeneration;
  • elimination of inflammation;
  • normalization of the function of the sebaceous glands;
  • acceleration of metabolic processes and microcirculation.

But an excess of B vitamins in the body can, on the contrary, contribute to an even greater spread of acne.

Vitamin C, especially taken in combination with vitamins A and E, contributes to:

  • skin smoothing;
  • elimination of irritations, redness.

Vitamin E is necessary for:

  • slowing down the aging process;
  • skin structure improvement;
  • increase cell regeneration rate;
  • getting rid of acne;
  • faster healing of acne marks.

Vitamin A is not only consumed internally as part of vitamin complexes and products, but also used medications intended for external and internal use.

Retinol contributes to:

  • normalization of metabolic processes;
  • strengthening immunity;
  • collagen production;
  • skin regeneration. How to treat acne on the face at home. Folk remedies, ointments, masks, creams, tablets in the pharmacy, vitamins, diet

It is necessary to take retinol with caution, since if the dosage is exceeded, it can be dangerous for the body. In addition, it is necessary to ensure the influx of zinc into the body, since retinol is absorbed only with it.

Vitamins can be taken as part of multivitamin complexes, however, the dosage of vitamins in them is prophylactic, not therapeutic. Aevit with vitamin E and retinol, ascorbic acid, Pentovit, Zincteral belong to remedies with medicinal properties, the action of which is aimed at eliminating acne.


Acne on the face is treated with creams and gels. Their advantage is that they can be used every day and applied under makeup, as they are well absorbed by the skin and do not make it oily.

  1. Cream Baziron – is a tool with an antiseptic effect, which normalizes the production of sebum and nourishes the skin with oxygen. As a result, acne gradually disappears, the skin is smoothed and hydrated. The main active ingredient is benzoyl peroxide. How to treat acne on the face at home. Folk remedies, ointments, masks, creams, tablets in the pharmacy, vitamins, diet
  2. Klenzit cream is a drug based on adapalene, which belongs to the class of retinoids. It soothes inflammation, prevents the formation of acne, and has drying properties. The peculiarity of its use in spot application directly to acne. You do not need to usd the drug.
  3. Klerasil Ultra – promotes skin renewal, soothes redness, irritation, deeply absorbing. The main active ingredient is 2% salicylic acid. The drug is recommended to be applied directly to the rash after cleansing the skin $ 0,03./d. morning and evening. In the reviews, it is noted that the drug quickly heals acne: after 4 hours, significant improvements are noticeable.
  4. Differin cream – refers to retinoids. It is deeply absorbed, reducing inflammation, reduces the rate of infection in the ducts of the sebaceous glands, and normalizes the function of producing sebum. Cream needs to be lubricated with clean and dried skin $ 0,01./d.on night. The course of treatment should be at least 3 weeks.
  5. Skinoren cream is an effective drug that stops the reproduction of bacteria, which prevents high oiliness of the skin. The cream is applied to a clean face with rubbing movements 2 time / d. The drug helps to cure acne and comedones. The main component is azelaic acid. How to treat acne on the face at home. Folk remedies, ointments, masks, creams, tablets in the pharmacy, vitamins, diet
  6. Garnier Cream “Clean Skin” based on salicylic acid and a patented repair complex helps to improve the appearance, healing and prevents the appearance of new acne. The effect of the application is noticeable a day after application. The manufacturer promises that acne will pass in just 2 weeks. systematic use. Advantages of the drug: matting effect and the elimination of traces of acne.
  7. Acne cream “Before and After” includes herbal extracts of arnica, calendula, chamomile and other medicinal plants. The components enhance each other’s properties, providing an antimicrobial, healing effect. Cream need to use 2 time / d. The duration of therapy is from 2 to 6 weeks.
  8. Clindovit cream contains the antibiotic clindamycin, so it blocks the multiplication of infection. Only 10 days are required to completely get rid of rashes, purulent formations.
  9. Quotlan cream is applied directly to the inflammation on a cleaned surface. The effect becomes apparent after a week. The drug destroys the infection and prevents the penetration of bacteria deeper into the pores. The skin is cleansed, acne and traces of them disappear, the skin heals, cells are updated. The therapeutic effect is achieved thanks to ethylcarbitol, triethylene glycol, cetylpyridinium chloride monohydrate.


Acne ointments have a longer effect, penetrate deeper than the cream. However, the skin after their application is shiny, as they are oily.

Among the drugs that help eliminate acne, there are both budget and expensive.

  1. Zenerit ointment  How to treat acne on the face at home. Folk remedies, ointments, masks, creams, tablets in the pharmacy, vitamins, diet
    contains zinc acetate and erythromycin, which is an antibiotic. Thanks to the complex effect, the drug soothes inflammation, prevents the appearance of rashes, removes redness, and dries. The tool
    is applied to the cleansed skin 2 time / d. morning and evening. After about 2 weeks. there will be a noticeable improvement. The full course of treatment is 10 weeks. During this period, acne will pass completely.
  2. Sulfur ointment softens the skin, helps exfoliate dead particles, regenerate the skin. The drug is applied only to acne at night for 10 days, daily.
  3. Syntomycin ointment contains two active components: syntomycin (antibiotic) and castor oil. The drug is applied in an even thin layer. It has the properties of an antiseptic and prevents the development of infection, promotes the healing of dark spots from acne.
  4. Zinc ointment has a drying, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic property. It quickly heals acne and prevents the appearance of a new rash. With the systematic use of zinc ointment, acne can be completely overcome.


How to treat acne on the face, if pharmacy products are not suitable or do not cause confidence, should not cause difficulties, since there are a huge number of home remedy recipes that will help tidy the skin with regular use.

Acne masks should be done 1 – 2 time. / Week. until the effect is achieved.

  1. A mask with brewer’s yeast will help smooth the skin and soothe sore areas. It contains all the necessary substances that contribute to the improvement of metabolism and blood circulation. It will take 1 tablespoon. brewer’s yeast and as much milk. After mixing the components to a uniform state, you need to distribute the composition on the cleansed skin of the face. If lemon juice is used instead of milk, the mask will have a whitening effect. How to treat acne on the face at home. Folk remedies, ointments, masks, creams, tablets in the pharmacy, vitamins, diet
  2. Strawberry mask will help reduce the amount of sebum secreted, due to this the intensity of rashes will decrease. It will take 1 tablespoon. strawberry puree and 1 teaspoons lemon juice. The mixture combines with egg white, then it is mixed and applied for 20 minutes to the skin. After this time, the composition is washed off with chilled water. The course of treatment is 3-4 weeks, but positive changes will be noticeable after 10 days. This mask has a whitening effect, as it contains citric acid.
  3. Apple mask will stop the development of infection due to malic acid. It is necessary to combine the grated apple with 1 teaspoons. honey and 3 teaspoons yogurt. After mixing the ingredients, they are distributed over the skin and after 20 minutes removed with clean water. The face will look fresher, and the skin will become more elastic after the first application. This mask has antiseptic, nutritional properties.
  4. 4 tablespoon soda should be diluted with a small volume of water so that a pulp of medium density is obtained. It is smeared on the face and removed after 10 minutes. Thanks to the alkali, comedones dissolve, pores are cleaned, dead cells are removed. Too often, such a mask can not be applied, it is enough 1 time per week during the period of intensive treatment, and then 2 times a month.
  5. Effective masks based on aspirin. Aspirin relieves inflammation, prevents the growth of bacteria, dries, whitens the skin a little, removes spots from acne. You need to crumble 3-4 tablets., Add a little liquid to get a creamy mass, as well as 1 teaspoons. liquid honey. The ingredients are thoroughly mixed and distributed over the face. The composition should set on the skin. It is used 1 time. / Week. The course of treatment is about 3 months until the acne disappears. How to treat acne on the face at home. Folk remedies, ointments, masks, creams, tablets in the pharmacy, vitamins, diet
  6. Three sheets of medium sized aloe need to be chopped in a blender or in another way and combined with 1 tablespoon. boiled chilled water. After 1 hour, put the infusion on the stove and simmer for a couple of minutes, then filter. The cooled slurry is distributed over the face and incubated for 20 minutes. Acne treatment regimen: 2 time. / Week, 2 months. Aloe accelerates healing and removes inflammation.
  7. Prepare a composition of green clay, honey and water in a ratio of 3: 1: 6. Green clay and honey remove inflammation, the pores narrow and clean. All components must be combined until a homogeneous composition is obtained and applied. After the mixture is seized with a crust, it is washed off. The treatment regimen: 1 – 2 time. / Week., Until the desired result is achieved.
  8. You can use a composition of white clay, mixing 3 teaspoons. dry clay with 1 teaspoons yogurt and egg white. These components enhance each other’s action, refresh the complexion, make the skin dull and cleanse the pores. It can be used often: 2 – 3 time. / Week. The course of treatment is 3 months. All components are mixed and applied for 20 minutes. The mass is removed with warm water.
  9. A mask of ripe tomatoes will help against acne. This vegetable contains lycopene, which prevents the appearance of blackheads. In addition, the composition has a rejuvenating effect. For cooking, you need 2-3 small tomatoes, which need to be turned into pulp. Then add 4-5 cap. lemon fresh and apply the composition for 15 minutes. The mask is often done – in a day or two. The course of treatment: 2 weeks. How to treat acne on the face at home. Folk remedies, ointments, masks, creams, tablets in the pharmacy, vitamins, diet
  10. Experts advise making acne mask with tincture of calendula. How to treat acne on the face at home. Folk remedies, ointments, masks, creams, tablets in the pharmacy, vitamins, dietOne of the recipes suggests combining 1 tablespoon. tinctures with flour in equal proportions and add a little water to form a creamy mass. The mixture is applied for 10 minutes. It has an antibacterial property, reduces inflammation and the severity of rashes. The general condition of the skin improves. Acne gradually disappears. The treatment regimen: 3 time. / Week. for several weeks. According to another recipe, you need to make mashed potatoes from fresh cucumber, take 3 tablespoon. mass, combine with 1 tablespoon. tinctures of calendula and 1 teaspoons liquid honey. This mask can be kept on the face for 20 minutes, after which it is washed off. It gives the effect of narrowing pores, a fresh complexion, reduces acne. The course of treatment is until the rash disappears.
  11. Prepare a mask for acne from viburnum. Viburnum contains volatile, which reduce acne. Juice made from viburnum berries, you need to soak a piece of gauze and put it on your face for 30 minutes. Due to the antiseptic effect, skin nutrition, normalization of the sebum secretion process, the inflammatory process will come to naught, and acne, as well as traces of them, will gradually disappear.
  12. A mask made from fresh carrot puree with the addition of a small amount of lemon juice and vegetable oil nourishes and moisturizes the skin, healing it in general, which helps to reduce acne
    . A mixture of these components is applied to dry skin and covered with a cloth or napkin on top so that the composition does not dry out. Wash off after 15 minutes. The treatment regimen: 2 time. / Week.
  13. A mask of kefir with oatmeal matts the skin, contributes to the disappearance of acne. 0.5 tablespoon. kefir, 1 tablespoon cereal (pre-crushed) you need to mix and add 5-6 cap. lemon fresh. The mask is applied and left for 20 minutes.
  14. Laundry soap is rubbed on a grater, adding a little liquid, whisk to get a thick foam. Add 0.5 teaspoons to it. salt and applied to the face for 30 minutes. Such a mask can be done 3 – 4 time. / Wk. within a month.

Folk remedies

To remove acne, it is recommended:

  • attach a clove of garlic, cut in half, to the problem area. It contains volatile, which act as an antiseptic, contributing to the destruction of bacteria that cause inflammation;
    How to treat acne on the face at home. Folk remedies, ointments, masks, creams, tablets in the pharmacy, vitamins, diet
    Acne on the face is easily treated with homemade garlic. Thanks to phytoncides in garlic, pathogenic bacteria die, after which the inflammation passes
  • wipe your face with a strong brew of green tea;
  • apply baked onion to acne with a purulent head overnight in the form of a compress;
  • to wipe the face with a lotion based on vodka and fresh cucumbers (take 1 tablespoon of vodka for two cucumbers and insist for 3 weeks in the refrigerator);
  • wipe your face with infusion prepared from coltsfoot, St. John’s wort, chamomile, string, calendula, sage, taken in equal proportions, 2 tablespoon. First, the herbs are boiled for 5 minutes, and then insist 30 minutes, covered with a lid;
  • grease the pimple with toothpaste and leave overnight. If you do this when the pimple is only outlined, then you can get rid of it in 1 day, or rather in one night.


For the treatment of acne, antibiotics are used in tablets: Erythromycin, Doxycycline, Levomycetin and others. They are prescribed exclusively on the recommendation of a doctor and usually take no more than 2 weeks.

For the treatment of acne, sorbents are also taken that absorb toxins and toxins, as well as birth control pills. They stabilize the hormonal background, which has a beneficial effect on the skin condition.

Retinoids normalize the secretion of the sebaceous glands.

However, the treatment will be long.

  1. Roaccutane is a class of retinoids that contains isotretinoin. It is used exclusively as directed by a doctor. The course of treatment is up to 6 months. The tool has many side effects, however, it normalizes the sebaceous glands and prevents the development of infection.
  2. Trichopolum – helps reduce inflammation and renew skin after acne. The medicine is used 2 times a day. The duration of treatment depends on the intensity of acne. How to treat acne on the face at home. Folk remedies, ointments, masks, creams, tablets in the pharmacy, vitamins, diet

Acne on the face is not easy to cure if it is caused by systemic diseases. However, in most cases, it is enough to normalize the diet, abandon the use of certain foods.

In complex cases, on the recommendation of a doctor, a complex method of acne treatment is chosen, which includes the use of antibiotics, both for external and internal use, home masks, vitamins.

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