Young haircuts for short and medium hair for women. Photos, news 2021

Over the years, hair becomes more fragile, dull, and requires increased care. One of the ways to preserve youth and attractiveness in adulthood is to choose a suitable haircut, which takes into account the color of the eyes, the shape of the face. They determine which hairstyle will have a rejuvenating effect, how to cut a short or medium length of strands.

The color of hair that young women

The right hair color will help to brighten the face and veil age-related features, regardless of the length of the hair cut it is used for. The main thing to get anti-age effect is the use of natural colors. Experimental shades are not excluded, but they require more attention.

Haircuts for short and medium hair that rejuvenate the look
  • The most effective and universal flowers in relation to age are considered delicate dark, as well as natural red or muted light shades.
  • The least recommended by stylists are such bright colors as eggplant, blue-black, mahogany, platinum blonde and cherry.
  • Women with fair skin are suitable for highlighting and the tone of natural blond.
  • Owners of a skin of a golden or olive shade are suitable for the curls of brown color clarified at the ends.
  • When choosing the perfect youthful shade, many celebrity stylists advise using hair color from the age of 5 with several strands that brighten it closer to the face.
  • Do not forget about hair and scalp care. Frequent lightening can be harmful.
  • Against gray hair, it is recommended to use only high-quality paints and soft tonal shampoos.
  • The warming shades of caramel balayazh or ombre will give the hairstyles of brown-haired women and brunettes volume, brightening the face and softening its features. They do not need frequent updates, but any coloring requires support. In this case, stylists advise specialized products from the Chistaya Liniya company.
    Young haircuts for short and medium hair for women. Photos, news 2021
  • Blonde delicate strawberry will give blond hair a golden pink shine, highlighting the skin tone. To maintain this effect without harming your hair, you will need at least 1 renewal within 5 weeks.
  • It is recommended to care by shampoo and rinse balm “Shine of color” from Dove, as well as by applying moisturizing compounds to the face.
  • Micro-flickering will give a natural look to light brown-haired and fair-haired people, with it they offer a “long bean” hairstyle. This dyeing is also recommended for girls with dark hair; marble dyeing will be a good choice for them.
  • With bright red or reddish hair, light-red tones such as honey or golden are used, but this is not suitable for blond or blonde.
  • You can rejuvenate gray hair with ash or medium blond, as well as light chestnut tones.
  • Fully gray hair is tinted in charcoal, silver and lavender light. An important point is the saturation of the shade, which for the correct effect should be slightly noticeable.

Options by age of women

A well-chosen haircut will rejuvenate a woman’s appearance after 35 years, if the distance from her ear to the limit of her chin is less than 2’4 inch. The length can be measured by leaning a ruler against the earlobe vertically (0 mark) and a pencil to the bottom of the chin on the ruler line horizontally. If their intersection distance is more than 2’4 inch, a medium length haircut is recommended.

Young haircuts for short and medium hair for women. Photos, news 2021

According to stylists, hairstyles framing the face and experimental sloppy options are suitable for this age. Hair combed back will not give the effect of rejuvenation for both short and long haircuts.

Haircuts between 35 and 40 years should be performed with well-groomed healthy hair. Haircuts made on untidy hair will only aggravate age-related signs.

For anti-aging effect after 40 years, “slimness” is not recommended, deprivation of volume hair will have the opposite effect. At this age, when choosing a hairstyle, stylists advise slight negligence, asymmetric and multi-layer haircuts.

Haircuts for short and medium hair will give a rejuvenating effect in the case of voluminous and wavy hairstyles. For thin hair, haircuts with comb are not suitable. Oily hair will not keep a clear and neat haircut, which will lead to an unkempt hairstyle.

Natural strands do not fit well with lush styling, like thick hair with cascades and ladders. Dry hair needs special care, which makes simple haircuts most suitable for them.

For 60 years, anti-aging hairstyles do not use strong hairs that add age, as well as buns and buns that add excessive rigor to the exterior. With this age, such elements of the style of young girls as pigtails, hoops, bright elastic bands and hairpins will not look.

Young haircuts for short and medium hair for women. Photos, news 2021

To maintain the effect, the hairstyle and color must be updated on time and carefully looked after. To the oval-shaped faces go any of the styling, the usual square and asymmetrical haircuts will go round, suitable for square faces. With a square face shape, it is necessary to select haircuts that soften its contours.

Anti-aging haircuts for 35-40 year old women

The cascade is popular among young girls, but it is also relevant for women in the range from 35 to 40 years. This hairstyle has many different options. It is possible to give a cascade originality with the help of bangs, as well as laying a small number of strands with the help of special wax. Most women cut a cascade with a ladder in their faces.

Haircuts for short and medium hair include graduated youthful Bob haircut. Its medium-length variant can be taken as one of the forms of the cascade, however, the square stands out with its recognizable classic silhouette. A correctly trimmed square does not need to be laid and retains its shape even after drying with a hairdryer. Some negligence in this case will only add youth.

The most popular destination is sloppy styling. In addition to the effect of rejuvenation, they emphasize the appearance, but they must be monitored and laid before each exit.

Curly hair is in trend, and is used in anti-aging hairstyles for any age. Slightly erratic styling is recommended for persons between 30 and 45 years old with suitable facial features. A woman who is about 35 years old can also choose one of the morning hairstyles with curls for women 30 years old.

Haircuts with asymmetry are also recommended by stylists as anti-aging for medium and short hair, although some women find it too bright. This option does not have a rigid framework. As a rule, they are made for smooth and straight curls, however, hairdressers are able to perform on curls.

For women after 40 years

A cascade extending to the shoulders will help to add fluffiness to the hair and hide the second chin, if any. The hair of this aerial haircut surrounding the face makes its contours younger, making them easier to soften features. Lateral elongated strands are advised to women with a round face shape, they hide wrinkles, but this haircut will not fit rare and thin hair.

The impudent short garzon is created for coquetry and flirtation. Its graduated design and mischievous strands can be diversified by ruffle, which increases the demand for garzon in hairdressing salons. An extended care rack is ideal for women over 40. This hairstyle can not be called either short or long and it gives freedom to experiment.

For women after 60

A square, which can be varied with a bang, visually drops from a few years to a dozen. At the same time, it is easy to transform it from an everyday option to a solemn one. It, like the refreshing appearance of the bean, is suitable for women with a round or square face shape.

Young haircuts for short and medium hair for women. Photos, news 2021

For women with curly hair, the best solution is the middle cascade. The more voluminous the density of curls turns out, the more powerful the anti-age effect will be. For these purposes, you can use graduation and calibration.

With a slender figure, youthful face and a continuing desire to look bright, you can use a torn cascade or ideal for liquid pixie hair. Elements of these hairstyles imply slight negligence, which in this case should be moderate, otherwise the appearance may become provocative.

How to cut your hair short to look younger

A correctly selected short haircut can look very elegant, individualizing the appearance and opening the neck and neck for viewing.

However, in order to avoid mistakes, the hairstyle should be selected according to certain criteria:

  • Face shape. Its features determine the perfect haircut.
  • Hair type. With curls, hair should be given extra attention.
  • The shape of the skull does not matter with long hair, but it affects the effect of a short haircut.

Young haircuts for short and medium hair for women. Photos, news 2021

Face shape Haircut method Recommended Haircuts Not recommended
Rectangular or square shape Haircuts with styling, forming a volume at the roots Short Excessively strict and straight lines
Light disheveled
  • Side parting
  • Asymmetric
  • Short in front and extended in front
  • With a long oblique fringe
  • Overly straight or short bangs
  • Strands ending at the chin
Triangular Small, clear, smooth haircuts
  • A bob with a volume behind and strands beyond the chin
  • Smooth ultrashort options
  • Volumetric laying with a square as the basis
  • Garzon
  • Cascading haircuts as a basis
Excessive volume at the top of the head and at the temples
Round Preference is given to hairstyles that stretch your face and cover your cheeks and cheekbones.
  • Torn or elongated bangs on the side
  • Asymmetric
  • Slightly sloppy ultra-short haircuts
  • Hairstyles without bangs that cover your ears
  • Pixy
Excessive volume in the area of the crown and at the temples, as well as curls and curls

Under the boy

A charming boy hairstyle is popular among women over 50.

Young haircuts for short and medium hair for women. Photos, news 2021

She is able to rejuvenate by 10 years and diverges among young girls, but experienced masters recommend her options not to every mature woman.


Since 2021, it has been on the list of anti-aging hairstyles and is one of the most versatile of them. The main advantages of the cap, so called because of the shape, are its styling. Volume will require daily care and styling updates.


Now, bob haircuts and bob are often combined into the same thing, however, bob, resembling beans due to the smooth narrowing of the haircut design in the direction of the bottom, is not a bob, as in the classic versions of the latter, the hair is cut in a straight line rather than graded. Bob cuts his hair from different angles.


Haircuts for short and medium hair are universal, they are suitable for both curly and straight hair, but instead of rejuvenation, they can add several years if they are selected bypassing the criteria that determine suitable hairstyles.

Young haircuts for short and medium hair for women. Photos, news 2021

Four of a kind is divided into many varieties. The classic is a hairstyle with a straight bang and hair cut at the same level below the ear.

Women with a thin hair type are most recommended a
square with different lengths of strands and short hair in the crown area.

With wavy curls

In most cases, haircuts with wavy curls are prepared for ceremonies and events, but they are worn every day. Wavy curls do not go out of the trend, they rejuvenate and attract attention, making the woman’s appearance elegant.

Medium length haircuts

The most common are medium length haircuts, characterized by hair up to or slightly below shoulder level. This length is considered quite feminine and convenient for hair care.

  • Sesson is a classic graded haircut, in which the tips are cut at a certain angle. Creating a session requires proper skill, while it is demanding on styling and care.
  • Short flight of stairs is a good choice for hair descending 2 – 2’8 inch below shoulder level. Its cascading design is suitable for all types of people, while it can visually change the width of the face with short front strands.
  • Diffuser curls – it is easy to make curls from medium-sized wavy hair by washing your hair and then rinsing your hair with cool temperature water. Then they are wiped with a towel and treated with the amount of mousse placed in the palm of your hand, distributed by a comb at intervals of space between the teeth. Dry the hair in a circular diffuser, after which they are sprayed with varnish.
    Young haircuts for short and medium hair for women. Photos, news 2021
  • The hairstyle of a page is distinguished by a stylistic form of high accuracy and volume, having a refining retro effect. Her modern options are performed with eye-catching bangs of various types. It is not recommended for women with a round face shape.
  • Asymmetric hairstyles are suitable for all ages and face shapes due to the huge number of variations. Asymmetry can only be created with a bang or an outstanding side strand. It is also performed on the basis of other hairstyles, including popular ones and in the assortment of medium length haircuts or bob.

With profiled and trimmed bangs

Recently, ragged and “torn” bangs are in fashion. Refreshing the appearance of women under 40, they are also common among young people. At the same time, this is a rather striking move in the work on her appearance, and not every fashionista decides on it. A large number of haircuts suitable for this, which includes such popular everyday models as a ladder, cascade and square.

Profiled bangs can change the shape of the face. The arched will serve as a balance for an ordinary and full oval face, highlighting lips, nose and eyes. This option requires a careful approach to makeup. It is recommended to decorate with one thing, the make-up on each of these elements can be excessively attractive.

Long and asymmetric bangs will soften large faces, in this case, the ideal is the length from the center of the forehead to the limit of the chin. To use the decoration in the form of a “torn” oblique bangs, any hairstyle is suitable. The bangs processing method affects the contour, volume and is determined by the master. To improve the effect produced by fashionable bangs, you can turn to the colorist.

Young haircuts for short and medium hair for women. Photos, news 2021

As of 2021, a lot of anti-aging hair cuts for short and medium lengths are widespread, providing a wide selection of work on the brightness of your appearance and complete freedom of experiments.

New to 2021

The youngest hairstyles include:

  • Pixie is one of the most fashionable and youngest haircuts. Its short length rejuvenates mature women, and its hooligan shape attracts young girls who follow fashion trends. The haircut options common in 2021 are pixies of different lengths, asymmetric, textural, and also integrated in the Bob. The latest trend is pixies, painted in lilac. Do not overlook and painted in front excessively overgrown pixies.
  • Forehead – the so-called bob haircut model extended to the clavicle or shoulders. She will be interested in those who want to rejuvenate, preserving the length of their hair. The best option for cutting the forehead includes a side bang. If you cut it in a special shape or make it profiled, you get one of the most fashionable haircuts in 2021.
  • A texture cascade with many layers, distinguished by partially and vaguely colored strands, is in the leading position in terms of the number of sympathies of stylists.
  • Young people set a new trend in haircuts from the last century, combining long hippie strands with an overgrown bang. At the peak of fame, there are also small curls of a textural variety .

Subject to the recommendations of stylists and selection criteria for suitable hairstyles, mature women will receive attention not only because of their attractiveness, but also due to following modern trends in the fashion world.

Video about the best fashion haircuts for different ages

What haircuts will help rejuvenate the look:

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