Miniabdominoplasty of the abdomen. Before and after photos, rehabilitation, results, price, reviews

Miniabdominoplasty This is the latest technology in plastic medicine, allowing you to do a tummy tuck without any consequences. This procedure does not involve belly button transfer. Due to the fact that the procedure is completely safe, takes a minimum of recovery time and the effect is fixed for a long time, it is in special demand.

What is miniabdominoplasty

Miniabdominoplasty of the abdomen this is one of the types of abdominoplasty, the main difference of which is a more gentle way of carrying out the procedure.

After the procedure, recovery takes place in the shortest possible time and without complications. A slightly noticeable scar remains on the body, which over time will simply resemble a crease on the skin.

Miniabdominoplasty of the abdomen. Before and after photos, rehabilitation, results, price, reviews

During mini-abdominoplasty, the plastic surgeon makes a small incision below the umbilical line, while the navel does not move and does not deform. During this procedure, sagging belly skin can be sutured, subcutaneous fat and some muscle tissue can be removed.

Miniabdominoplasty can be recommended in 2 cases:

  • with the goal of aesthetics, to remove the lower abdomen, which became less elastic after childbirth in women, after a sharp weight loss or with a decreased tone of the muscles of the peritoneum;
  • for medical purposes, to remove ugly, inflamed and rough sutures, left after surgery, when suturing hernias and diastasis of muscle tissue below the navel.

Currently, there are several types and techniques of mini-abdominoplasty.

The procedure may differ depending on the tasks that it must solve:

  • suturing of the skin, if sagging and sagging of the skin is observed on the abdomen;
  • removal of subcutaneous tissue when there is an excess of adipose tissue;
  • removal of muscle tissue with diastasis or low muscle tone.

Surgeons also divide the procedure into the following types:

  1. Endoscopic. It is used if the rectus muscles have spread in the abdomen. By making several punctures in the peritoneum, the specialist tightens the muscles. This technique is used only if skin sagging is not observed. The surgeon can perform the procedure by making an incision with epidemiological skin. In this case, the subcutaneous tissue does not move. This technique is used for small stretch marks and stretch marks. The cost of the procedure depends on the complexity and neglect of the problem, the price starts from $ 1224.
  2. Lipoabdominoplasty. Applied in patients with overstretched abdominal skin, which strongly resembles an “apron”. Often, such a defect is observed in people who have strongly dropped extra pounds to get rid of rough postoperative sutures. An incision is made in the bikini area, the edges of the incision are pulled together, sewn. Prices begin to vary from $ 1768.
  3. Periumbilical. This method is used for small stretch marks in the navel area. The surgeon makes two circular incisions near the umbilical line and pulls the skin to the navel. Price from $ 1360.

Miniabdominoplasty of the abdomen. Before and after photos, rehabilitation, results, price, reviews

The procedure is selected individually for each patient, depending on his situation.

Advantages and disadvantages of mini abdominoplasty of the abdomen

Miniabdominoplasty, like any other procedure that plastic surgeons follow, has its positive and negative sides, the consequences of the procedure.

Miniabdominoplasty of the abdomen. Before and after photos, rehabilitation, results, price, reviews

Among the advantages include:

  1. Maximum result and long lasting effect. This technique is considered one of the most effective and safe. Perfectly removes excess fat and skin inch. The result can be noticed immediately after the procedure, the main thing is to follow all the doctor’s recommendations.
  2. No effort is required from the patient.
  3. No pain or discomfort. The operation is performed under general anesthesia, so the patient does not feel anything.

Despite all the advantages of this technique, there are also disadvantages:

  1. Do not forget that any surgical intervention has its risks and dangers.
  2. The effect of the operation is excellent, but in order for it to persist for a long time, the patient must strictly monitor his weight.
  3. This procedure has a high price.

Indications for abdominal mini-abdominoplasty

Abdominal mini-abdominoplasty is recommended for patients in such cases:

  • if other methods did not help fix the problem;
  • if there is an excess of adipose tissue in the peritoneum;
  • with discrepancies in the rectus abdominis muscles or with strong stretch marks;
  • if there is a decrease in skin elasticity on the abdomen;
  • ptosis of the anterior wall of the peritoneum;
  • severe abdominal scars after previous surgical interventions;
  • with changes in the anterior wall of the peritoneum;
  • sagging skin.

Miniabdominoplasty of the abdomen. Before and after photos, rehabilitation, results, price, reviews

If such problems are observed, it is better to make an appointment with a plastic surgeon.

Contraindications to abdominal mini-abdominoplasty

Despite the fact that the procedure is considered gentle and without complications, there are still a number of contraindications to the procedure:

  • mini-abdominoplasty is not recommended for children under 18 years of age;
  • do not carry out the procedure if the patient has infectious diseases, such as tuberculosis, malaria, the common cold;
  • you can not use the technique in the presence of acute forms of ailments affecting the internal organs;
  • in the presence of fresh injuries on the body;
  • it is impossible to carry out the procedure for renal and liver failure;
  • if the history has records of diseases that affected the cardiovascular system: hypertension, hypertensive crises, malfunctioning of the heart, heart failure;
  • with diabetes;
  • in the presence of neoplasms;
  • if the patient has pathologies that affect the skin and subcutaneous tissue;
  • purulent infections.

What examinations should be done before mini-abdominoplasty of the abdomen

Mini abdominoplasty of the abdomen is performed only after consulting a plastic surgeon and undergoing a complete examination. The specialist must clarify the reason for the treatment, collect all the data about the patient’s health in order to find out if there are any contraindications to the procedure, and will talk with the patient to find out his psychological state.

A plastic surgeon will examine the front wall of the abdomen, check muscle tone, and the thickness of the subcutaneous tissue. After that, you can say for sure whether the procedure can be performed for this patient. Then, using a computer, 3D modeling is created, where the final result will be visible after the procedure. If the patient is satisfied, then they give him a referral for examination.

He will have to go through such studies:

  1. ECG . This study will assess the state of heart health, determine whether it can withstand anesthesia. Research can be done free of charge at any clinic.
  2. Blood test for biochemistry and clinic . These two tests help determine your blood protein, glucose, creatinine, and bilirubin levels. The surgeon can evaluate the patient’s overall health status. Analyzes can be taken at the clinic for free.
  3. A blood test to determine the blood group and Rh factor . It is prescribed if the patient does not know his blood type. The study is free.
  4. Analysis for hepatitis B, RW, HIV and genital infections . For each analysis, you will need to pay an average of $ 2,72.
  5. General urine analysis. You can rent at any clinic for free.

Preparation for abdominoplasty

For the procedure to be successful and without complications, it is necessary to properly prepare for it. Initially, the patient must undergo a full examination, visit a number of narrow specialists who will help assess the state of health.

Also, during preparation, the patient must follow a special diet, in which there is no place for any alcoholic beverages, complete cessation of smoking 2 weeks before surgery. The administration of all drugs, except those prescribed by the plastic surgeon, is completely excluded.

10 hours before the proposed operation, you can’t eat or drink anything. Only strictly following the doctor’s recommendations can you be sure that the procedure will be quick, successful and without complications.

Stages and how the procedure goes

Miniabdominoplasty this is a serious operation that is performed only under general anesthesia. The duration of the procedure on average takes about 2 hours.

The procedure consists of the following steps:

  1. Initially, before the operation and the introduction of anesthesia, the surgeon applies a marker on the patient’s stomach, where the incisions are supposed to be made. This will allow him not only to accurately assess the full amount of work, but also to make symmetrical cuts, which will not be visible on the body in the future.
  2. The anesthetist introduces the patient into deep sleep using general anesthesia.
  3. Junior staff treats the operation area with an antiseptic.
  4. The plastic surgeon makes cuts on the skin, and then, depending on the task, sutures the muscles, removes the “apron” or eliminates the umbilical hernia.
    Miniabdominoplasty of the abdomen. Before and after photos, rehabilitation, results, price, reviews
  5. If liposuction is supposed to be done, the surgeon removes excess fat by using a long cannula. After liposuction, the “apron” remaining from fat and skin is removed.
  6. Soft tissue and skin are pulled together and the incisions are sutured.
  7. After surgery, all wounds are treated with an antiseptic composition, sterile dressings are applied.

After surgery, the surgeon recommends that patients wear compression garments that are worn on the abdomen immediately after the procedure.

Recovery and rehabilitation

After the procedure, the patient is left for another 3-7 days in the hospital. On the first day he is shown bed rest, if the doctor gives permission, then the patient can raise the end of the bed so that he takes a sitting position and then not for long.

2 hours after the procedure, if the patient does not experience nausea and gag reflex, he is allowed to drink purified non-carbonated water. By the evening, operations are most often scheduled for the morning, you can eat a light dinner. On the 2nd and 3rd day after the operation, it is allowed to get up and walk around the room.

During the year after plastic surgery on the abdomen, you cannot visit a solarium, sunbathe in the sun, since such procedures can provoke pigmentation.

After discharge, the patient remains on sick leave for another 2 weeks. During the recovery period, the compression garment is removed only at night. Sutures are removed on the 10-14th day. Until this moment, they are daily treated with an antiseptic composition. The first 2-3 days it is impossible to wet the seams, it is forbidden to take a shower and bath.

Within 30 days after the procedure, you can not massage the abdomen, smear it with ointments, creams, warm it up. Such manipulations can only increase the rehabilitation period, leading to the formation of edema. 30 days no physical activity and sports.

How long the result will remain after mini-abdominoplasty of the abdomen

Mini abdominoplasty performed on the abdomen will allow you to get beautiful fit forms without any aesthetic errors. The cuts will hardly be noticeable, because their underwear will close them.

Miniabdominoplasty of the abdomen. Before and after photos, rehabilitation, results, price, reviews
Abdominal mini-abdominoplasty: indications and effectiveness of the procedure

The result after such a procedure is preserved for life. A second procedure may be needed only if the patient has suddenly gained weight or after carrying the baby.

Possible complications after mini-abdominoplasty of the abdomen

Even the most skilled surgeon does not always have all the operations obtained at 100%. Most often, after mini-abdominoplasty, complications occur due to individual characteristics of the human body or the patient himself has violated the doctor’s recommendations.

Local complications are more often observed:

Suppuration of postoperative sutures Such a complication provokes a violation of the rules of sterility during surgery or suture treatment.
Seroma Exudate may accumulate in the wound. Such a complication is observed if the doctor loosely connected the edges of the wound or simultaneously with lipo-abdominoplasty performed liposuction. To prevent this complication, it is recommended to wear compression underwear.
Hematoma This complication is rare, it can be triggered by improper actions during bleeding stop.
Necrosis This complication occurs in patients who have too stretched sutures or overly dissected tissue. In this case, the edges of the wound do not get the food coming in with the blood, and the tissue begins to die.
Scarring Coarse sutures often appear in people with a special reaction of the body o
r the surgeon has little experience.

Common complications may also occur:

  • anemia, when during the operation the patient lost a lot of blood;
  • abdominal compartment syndrome, when blood pressure inside the abdominal cavity rises sharply;
  • pulmonary edema, which causes high abdominal pressure;
  • congestive pneumonia develops due to low patient mobility after surgery;
  • thromoboembolism develops as a result of blockage of a blood vessel, occurs due to disturbances in the functioning of the heart, refusal to wear compression underwear.

If the surgeon is a master in his field, then he will foresee all the complications and will do everything possible to prevent their development. The patient, in turn, must follow all the recommendations and strictly follow all the rules before and after the operation.

Miniabdominoplasty although it’s an expensive method, it’s the most gentle and efficient. If there are serious problems with the skin and soft tissues of the abdomen, then this will be the best choice. The operation is not cheap, but the result is fixed for life and can be repeated only if the diet or pregnancy is not followed.

Postpartum miniabdominoplasty video

Reviews and recommendations of the doctor:

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