Plasma therapy for hair and scalp: what are these, results, indications and contraindications

Plasma therapy of the scalp is a modern direction in regenerative medicine. The method is aimed at restoring the hair root to stimulate its growth processes. Recently, this method of treatment has become widespread in cosmetology.

What is plasmotherapy

Plasma therapy is a method in cosmetology that allows you to mobilize the body’s resources to improve the appearance of the skin of the face or head. The procedure is carried out using an injection, which is made from the patient’s own plasma. To do this, use from 0 – 0,2 pint of blood from a vein and place in a centrifuge.

As a result, blood remains, purified from red and white blood cells, but saturated with platelets, hormones and vitamins. This concentrate is injected under the skin with microinjections.

Once in the problem area, the plasma acts on the destroyed cells, rejuvenating them and toning them. The skin is leveled, getting a uniform tone, wrinkles are smoothed out, the effects of acne disappear. The total time of the procedure from blood sampling to the injection does not exceed 40-60 minutes. Plasma therapy is a modern method developed in USA.

Plasma therapy for hair and scalp: what are these, results, indications and contraindications
Plasma therapy for hair is an innovative method used in other areas of cosmetology.

It is successfully used in several areas:

  • in surgery. To heal wounds and scars, and stimulate blood regeneration;
  • in trichology (treatment of hair loss). To prevent dandruff, skin fungus, hair loss;
  • in dentistry. To restore the skin and adapt dentures;
  • in cosmetology. For rejuvenation, and in the fight against age-related skin changes.

The benefits of the procedure for hair and scalp

Treatment of the head area in plasmotherapy is as popular as the use of face injections. Hair care is a complex process, especially if they are unhealthy.

Therefore, the latest method of introducing plasma into the scalp allows you to correct many imperfections, including:

  • deterioration of the internal structure of the hair; Plasma therapy for hair and scalp: what are these, results, indications and contraindications
  • age-related changes;
  • excessive dryness or oily hair;
  • baldness;
  • problematic scalp.

Immediately after the procedure, the hair follicles begin to activate, and their growth is accelerated.

But do not wait for a positive result in a short time. At least 3-4 weeks should elapse from the moment of the procedure.

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Is there any harm

Plasma therapy for hair has established itself as an absolutely safe method for health. Injection is made not from artificial preparations, but from the biomaterial of the patient himself, therefore allergic reactions are completely excluded. But this procedure has its drawbacks, which depend on the individual characteristics of the body.

Most often, redness and swelling of the skin at the injection site are observed. These traces do not present any danger and disappear within the first week. Rare, but possible consequences may include a temporary increase in oily hair, trauma to the outer surfaces of the skin (most often, due to the unprofessional nature of the doctor) and the fragility of the result.

Despite the fact that the procedure is safe, it is exclusively salon. Perform it at home is impossible without special skills and equipment. In addition, if you do not follow the advice of the master, a number of complications may arise.


The range of use of the plasma injection method is wide enough; it is successfully used not only in cosmetology, but also for medical purposes.

Plasma therapy is indicated for:

  • weakened follicles;
  • eliminate age-related changes;
  • normalization of the sebaceous glands;
  • fight against dandruff;
  • treatment of psoriasis of the scalp;
  • increase skin elasticity;
  • reduction in baldness; Plasma therapy for hair and scalp: what are these, results, indications and contraindications
  • stimulation of hair growth;
  • fight against oily and dry hair;
  • getting rid of the fungus;
  • return of shine and elasticity of hair.

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Plasma therapy of the scalp, like any other procedure, has a number of contraindications. Failure to follow these rules can cause serious consequences for the hair and overall health.

Contraindications Effects
Taking drugs that affect blood coagulation Rash, swelling, bruising, and redness
Acute infectious diseases at the time of the procedure Transition of the disease into a chronic form or complications
Pregnancy and lactation Unpredictable changes in the hormonal background and biochemical processes of the body. Risk of blood poisoning during the procedure
Oncological diseases, diabetes Deterioration of the disease
Violations in the work of internal organs Risk of inflammation and serious complications
Allergy and Coagulants Allergic attack, anaphylactic shock
Inflammation or purulent skin diseases Possible blood poisoning
Anemia Danger of fainting during blood sampling

An optio
nal prohibition includes carrying out the procedure during menstruation.
In this case, the occurrence of negative consequences depends on the individual characteristics of the client. This may be an increased reaction to pain or the development of anemia due to increased blood loss.

Important! To avoid negative consequences for the body, it is worthwhile to choose an experienced master in advance, get acquainted with his certificates and qualifications.

Types of injections for plasma therapy

There are several types of plasmotherapy.

Conventionally, they are divided into 3 groups:

  • American – a “classic” method developed by American surgeons to accelerate recovery processes after surgery. Subsequently, he switched to cosmetology. Injection consists of purified patient blood plasma;
  • Swiss (PRP – plasma therapy) – improved method in which membrane tubes and a special frequency centrifuge are used. In USA, Swiss plasma therapy appeared only in recent years, but managed to establish itself as an effective method of combating scalp problems. Platelets are added to the finished injection, for a deeper effect on the problem area of the skin; Plasma therapy for hair and scalp: what are these, results, indications and contraindications
  • Spanish (Endoret) – a modern method of patient platelet activation for rejuvenation and tissue repair. The drug is activated only in the patient’s skin with the addition of a special solution.

Do I need training

Plasma therapy for hair is not a complicated operation, but before the procedure, you must consult a cosmetologist and carry out all the necessary tests.

These include:

  • tests for viral infections: a marker for HIV and hepatitis;
  • general blood analysis; Plasma therapy for hair and scalp: what are these, results, indications and contraindications
  • blood chemistry.

If a specialist does not find contraindications, then the next stage will be plasma therapy. It is important to prepare for it not only physically, but also mentally: read reviews of previous clients and detailed information about the procedure.

For plasma therapy to be successful, the following requirements must be met:

  • stop drinking alcohol in a week;
  • 2 days to increase the amount of water consumed to 4 – 6 pint;
  • one day before the procedure, refuse fatty and high-calorie foods.

Not only before, but also after injections, you need to follow a few simple rules:

  • for a week to abandon natural and salon tanning;
  • within 2 days not to be in the cold and wind;
  • limit alcohol consumption for 2 days.

Important! You should refrain from conducting plasma therapy sessions at home. This is risky of life, and can lead to serious consequences.

How is the procedure

It is better to sign up for a morning session to make it easier to endure prolonged fasting and come to the master on an empty stomach. Before the procedure, you can drink only clean water in small quantities.

Blood sampling

The patient takes from 0 – 0,2 pint of blood. The tube is placed in a centrifuge for processing for 15 minutes. At this time, platelets are separated from the blood cells. They are taken with a syringe after the procedure. Plasma therapy for hair and scalp: what are these, results, indications and contraindications

At this stage, there are 2 options for using the injection:

  • the introduction of pure plasma;
  • the addition of vitamin complexes to the drug to improve the effect of the drug.

Regardless of the choice of the client, the drug will have a positive effect on problem areas of the scalp. Therefore, do not be afraid to make the wrong decision.

Scalp cleansing

While blood splitting occurs, the doctor cleanses the patient’s skin, removing keratinized areas. This is an additional service that is not necessary, so the client can refuse this procedure without losing the effect of the injection.

Drug administration

When the scalp is completely treated with a disinfectant, the doctor begins to administer the drug. As a rule, these are numerous small injections to a depth of not more than 4/32 inch. The procedure lasts from 20 to 60 minutes. depending on the treatment area. After which the patient can immediately leave the clinic. Plasma therapy for hair and scalp: what are these, results, indications and contraindications

The procedure can be painful, so usually the area of the skin is treated with an anesthetic cream (Sustaine, Emla, Aneston).

Advice! To achieve a better result, it is necessary to do repeated procedures or conduct maintenance therapy.


After the procedure, you must follow the instructions of the doctor and the rules for caring for the scalp. Mandatory use of healing and moisturizing creams (Panthenol, Bepanten) 3 days after the introduction of plasma. To achieve the best effect of treatment, throughout the course it is worth avoiding stress, giving up alcohol and cigarettes. Plasma therapy for hair and scalp: what are these, results, indications and contraindications

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How many sessions are needed

Plasma therapy for hair can be carried out both courses and once. But often a single plasma therapy procedure is not enough to solve the whole complex of problems of the scalp. Then the doctor can prescribe a fixing session or a course of injections.  Typically, such a course consists of 4 procedures, but the number of repetitions depends on the patient’s age group and the degree of difficulty of the problem.

For young skin, the number of visits can be limited to 1-2, and for people of mature age it is 3-5 sessions.

The intervals between the procedures should be at least one week in order to give the skin time to recover and eliminate negative consequences for the body. If plasmotherapy is done for the first time, it is better to increase the interval between procedures to two weeks.

Repeated injection courses should be carried out 1.5-2 years after the last plasma therapy. Earlier procedures give very poor results compared to the previous course.

Hair care after plasma therapy

Immediately after the sessio
n, it is necessary to limit the effect of temperature on the hair:
do not go out in the sun or in the cold season. It is better to plan the procedure in advance so as not to go out for the first two days.

Also, for 3 days it is worth refusing to wash your hair and getting moisture on your hair . To prevent skin irritation and the appearance of edema, a healing cream should be used.

What results should be reaped after the procedure

Whatever the reason for visiting a specialist, you should not wait for visible results the very next day. The first positive effects after plasma therapy can be seen only 2-3 weeks after the first session. The first positive signs of treatment are an improvement in the appearance of the skin and normalization of sebum secretion. Plasma therapy for hair and scalp: what are these, results, indications and contraindications

After the first session, the hair follicles are strengthened, and their atrophy is suspended. After 2-3 sessions, the effectiveness of hair loss reaches 70 percent. The follicles are activated and new hair begins to grow. But you can notice a new “fluff” only a month after the first procedure, so you need to be patient.

Plasma therapy for hair affects not only new bulbs, but also improves the appearance of curls along the entire length. The thickness and elasticity of the hair increases, the natural shine and silkiness return. The number of split ends is reduced.

Which is better: plasmolifting or plasmotherapy

Plasmolifting is the introduction of autoplasma saturated with platelets and vitamins in the problem area. Injection improves tissue nutrition and increases the body’s regenerative ability. Plasma therapy is an injection isolated from the blood of the patient himself, which is administered over the entire area of the problem area.

For plasmolifting, standard equipment is used: a centrifuge and blood tubes. With this method, blood cells are destroyed and mixed, which negatively affects the effect of the procedure. You cannot accurately predict the results after a session. Plasma therapy for hair and scalp: what are these, results, indications and contraindications

With plasma therapy, the finished drug is artificially enriched with platelets, and due to this, their number is always enough for a positive result. A special centrifugal device provides the desired speed so as not to damage the finished product.

From numerous experimental studies, it can be concluded that the result of plasma therapy is superior to plasmolifting, improving the appearance of the scalp and effectively combating imperfections.

The price of plasma therapy in New York, Los Angeles,

Usually, the full cost of a plasma therapy service includes prior medical advice, blood sampling from a vein, and an injection. Additional services include cleaning the scalp, and adding a vitamin complex to the finished product.

The average price for one session of plasmotherapy of the scalp (one tube) varies depending on the.

New York $ 34 – $ 129.
New York $ 23 – $ 109.
Los Angeles $ 34 – $ 95.
Las Vegas $ 54 – $ 88.
Atlanta $ 24 – $ 68.
Las Vegas $ 24 – $ 61.
Detroit $ 48 – $ 68.
Washington $ 41 – $ 82.
Seattle $ 34 – $ 82.
Los Angeles $ 49 – $ 95.
San Francisco $ 54 – $ 95.

Reviews of doctors and patients

According to patients, everything is done quickly: 20 min. for blood sampling, and 30 min. on the procedure itself. The effect is felt after a week: the hair becomes stronger and the hair is voluminous. Even a second procedure is not required. Plasma therapy for hair and scalp: what are these, results, indications and contraindications

Plasma lifting is a universal way to solve a complex of hair problems. After the first session, hair loss stops and dandruff disappears.

Most importantly, plasmotherapy is absolutely safe for health and has no side effects. It does not contain any chemistry, so you can not be afraid for the negative consequences.

Plasma therapy is a quick and effective way to deal with scalp problems. Patients prefer this procedure to other cosmetic hair therapies because of their increased effectiveness and quick result.

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