Effective exercises for weight loss of the abdomen and sides for women for a week

Exercises for weight loss, performed without proper preparation and control, can not lead to the desired results. The area of the abdomen and sides is the most problematic for a woman and requires an integrated approach to the training process.

The main components for effective weight loss are constant physical activity and proper nutrition. For maximum results, you can add cosmetic procedures to this list and switch to sports nutrition.

Rules for losing weight through physical activity

In the gym or at home, it is impossible to obtain the desired result and save it in the future, if you do not follow the standard rules for using physical activity for weight loss.

And this:

  • The right meal . Before the upcoming workouts, you should refrain from eating (for 1.5 hours), but do not starve the body. 1 hour before visiting the gym, it is recommended to eat about 100 g of protein food. For greater effectiveness, before a cardio workout, you can drink a cocktail with the addition of L-carnitine. It will help activate the process of releasing fatty amino acids in the body. After any workout (power or cardio), within 1 hour, it is not recommended to consume carbohydrates, creating the body “carbohydrate window”.
  • Exercises  for weight loss of the abdomen and sides should be included in the complex of training for all muscle groups, regardless of the fact that most women have the most problem areas. The impact of physical activity on a certain part of the body (for example, the hips), can lead to the opposite effect. They will increase in volume, while the remaining muscles of the body will remain out of tone and have a flabby structure.
Effective exercises for weight loss of the abdomen and sides for women for a week
Effective exercises for weight loss of the abdomen and sides. Also strengthen the muscles of the back.
  • Correction is carried out only at the end of training . Reduction of body fat in each woman occurs individually. If the stomach is the problem area, then this does not mean that with the appearance of physical exertion, it will decrease in volume. It is possible that fat will begin to go away in other places: chest, arms and legs. If you need to focus on any zone, then the whole complex of exercises is carried out (on all parts of the body) and only at the end of the training, additional correctional load is given on the problem areas.
  • Avoid maximum loads during training. Women always want to lose weight quickly and in several sizes at once, so when they get to the gym, they give themselves the maximum load. Its overabundance, which can be expressed in the frequency of training or their duration, leads to overwork of the nervous system. At the initial stage, 1 workout per week for 60 minutes each is enough, with a subsequent increase in their number.
  • Eliminate the simultaneity of cardio and strength training. Some elements of cardio training must be performed before strength, but for a limited time. For example, use a treadmill or bike for 10-15 minutes before starting a strength training. This procedure will help in warming up the muscles and preparing them for further exertion. The cardio workouts themselves, should be performed separately from the power, on another day, and have the same duration (60 minutes). It is unacceptable to conduct 2 workouts in a row in order to prevent overstrain of the body.

Strengthening the muscles of the press for weight loss and tightening the abdomen, sides at home

Exercises for weight loss of the abdomen and sides require initial training. It is necessary to tone the muscles, then to give them physical activity.

For this stage, it is not necessary to visit the gym, as this can be done at home, which does not require sports equipment. Performing elementary exercises will help not only prepare and tighten muscles, but also start the process of losing weight in the body.

Cardio training

Cardio training is designed to maximize muscle involvement and prepare them for future physical activity. From this stage, all types of training begin, including strength training. The high rate of contraction of the heart muscle helps to enrich the muscles with oxygen and bring them into tone.

Effective exercises for weight loss of the abdomen and sides for women for a week

To perform this task, it is not necessary to use a treadmill, as is customary in gyms. Some types of exercises for cardio training can be used at home.

Exercise name Execution technique
Squat Jumping. In the initial position, the body is vertical, arms are directed along the body, legs are located shoulder-width apart.

When exhaling, you must quickly crouch, taking the pelvis as far down (towards the floor), then jump up, while at the same time stretching your arms up. Then return to the starting position.

In order to engage most of the muscles in an exercise, upward movements are necessary.

Military jamp In the initial position, the woman is in the “squatting” position, resting her hands on the floor. The palms are spread out, lie completely on a horizontal surface.

On exhalation, the legs abruptly (in a jump) move back to the full extension in the knees. The position of the body should take the pose of preparing for push-ups.

From this position, the legs, also in the jump, return to their initial position. Then the body straightens and assumes a standing position.

The exercise is performed quickly, counting, and is repeated from a sitting position.

Caterpillar In a standing position, place your feet shoulder width apart, lower your arms along the body.

On exhalation, the body leans forward until the palms are fully raised to the floor. At the initial stage, you can bend your knees.

After the limbs are on the floor, you need to start moving forward on your hands. Steps continue until the body assumes a position parallel to the floor. At this moment, you need to fix for a few seconds, after which, in the same (step) movements, pull the legs to your hands, being in a bent position.

After the exercise, the body straightens and returns to its original position.

Strap. The most effective exercise to connect almost all the muscles of the body. Despite the static execution, it has a positive effect on muscle tone and weight loss.

Effective exercises for weight loss of the abdomen and sides for women for a week

The body should take a position similar to performing push-ups, after which the arms should be bent at the elbows and rested on the floor. The position of the hands does not matter much. They can be located in parallel or combined with each other.

In this position, you need to stay as long as possible, while the back remains flat, the body is stretched as far as possible.

Explosive push ups. The body, before starting the exercise, is in a pos
ition similar to ordinary push-ups. The technique is the same, but with 1 difference. After the body has lowered to the floor, it must be pushed as sharply as possible into the back position so that the hands come off the floor. At this point, clap your hands under the body.

At the initial stage, you can just take your hands off the floor, without making cotton.

Press Exercises

Exercises for weight loss of the abdomen and sides involve almost the same muscle groups. These zones need particularly careful study, since the main body fat is concentrated in them.

Effective exercises for weight loss of the abdomen and sides for women for a week

5 exercises to help you lose weight and tighten your stomach:

Title Execution specifics
Straight twisting. To perform it is necessary to lie on the floor in the starting position: close your hands in the lock behind your head. Tear off the legs from the floor, bend at the knees to form an angle of 90 °.

Exhale, and pull the body to bent legs. In this case, the legs should not move. You can additionally help with the elbows of the hands, pulling them in the direction of the knees.

While at the end point, take a breath and descend on it back.

During the exercise, the legs are constantly in a bent state, and do not fall to the ground until the end of the entire approach.

Reverse twisting. The body and legs are located in a position similar to direct twisting.

Hands extended parallel to the body, palms pointing down.

On exhalation, the pelvis breaks off the floor and pulls itself to the chest. The back at this time does not lift off the floor.

Knees do not bend until the end of the approach.

When the chest and knees are in contact, you need to stay in this position for several seconds, after which (on inspiration) return to the initial position.

Two-stage leg raising. Give the body a horizontal position, lying on the floor. Combine legs and stretch out socks. Arms should be horizontal to the body, hands should be removed behind the back in the lumbar.

On the exhale, raise your legs in a straight position above the ground, at an angle of about 15 °. At the extreme point, hold them for a few seconds.

Continue lifting the legs until their position is perpendicular to the ground (angle of 90 °). At the extreme point, they again linger for a few seconds, after which (on inspiration) lower your legs to the ground.

During the exercise, the head should not be torn off the floor.

Hips. Lying on the floor, bend your knees, while the feet are also located on the floor. Hands are extended along the body, palms are directed to the floor.

Effective exercises for weight loss of the abdomen and sides for women for a week

As you exhale, tear the pelvis off the floor and lift it up. At the same time, the back should remain straight, the deflection in it is not needed. For a few seconds, stop at the extreme point, and then lower the pelvis down.

Vacuum. Standing on the surface, in a relaxed state, position the legs shoulder-width apart. Put your hands on your waist or lower them along your body.

As you exhale, draw your stomach in as much as possible, trying to make it touch the spine. Lock in this position.

On exhalation, bring the stomach into a natural state, and then repeat the exercise.

Oblique exercises for tightening the sides

Weight loss exercises are recommended in the morning. This allows you to tune the body to active work and bring it into tone. After performing exercises using the abdominal muscles, it is necessary to devote time to the oblique muscles responsible for the formation of the sides, hips and waist.

Effective exercises for weight loss of the abdomen and sides for women for a week

5 exercises to help lose weight in the side:

Title Execution specifics
Tilts in opposite directions. While horizontal, place your feet shoulder width apart. At the same time, extend your arms and raise above your head. It is more effective to perform this exercise using a weighting agent. If there are no dumbbells, then it is advisable to use empty plastic bottles with water poured into them. Weighting compounds are picked up and raised above the head.

On the exhale, tilt the body to the right until the muscle tension is felt. On exhalation, return back.

Repeat the tilt to the other side.

The body during the exercise should move in a vertical plane. It is not allowed to tilt it forward or backward.

Rock climber. In the initial position, the body is located in the same way as in preparation for push-ups in the lying position.

As you exhale, without taking your hands off the floor, pull your left leg to your chest. It is necessary to do this in a jump.

Then, also in the jump, return the left leg to its initial position, and at the same time pull the right leg to the chest.

The exercise is dynamic, resembling fast movements up the cliff.

Side lunges. The body is vertical, legs are a short distance from each other. Hands can be extended parallel to the body, or bent at chest level.

After exhalation, a step is made to the left with simultaneous squatting on the left leg. The right leg remains straight. Movement is like an exercise using a step attached.

On exhalation, return to a vertical position and do the same in the other direction.

The whole approach is carried out at a fast and rhythmic pace.

Oblique twisting. In a supine position, bend your legs so that a perpendicular is formed in the knee, rest against the surface with your feet. Hands are tucked behind the head and bent at the elbows.

As you exhale, the chest rises up and turns to the right. In this case, the left hand is extended and touches the opposite (right) thigh. On inspiration, the arm and body return to their initial position.

The next exhale, the exercise is repeated in the opposite direction: now the right hand touches the opposite (left
) thigh.

Effective exercises for weight loss of the abdomen and sides for women for a week

At the initial stage, when turning the body, you can rely on the elbow of the opposite hand.

Raising legs from a lateral position. Lying on the floor, stretch your body and turn to your right side. Extend your right hand in front of you and put it on the surface perpendicular to the body. When performing the exercise, this hand can be used as a reference. Left to remove behind the head.

On the exhale, simultaneously raise (tear) the body and legs from the floor as far as possible, remaining in a horizontal position. When performed correctly, this exercise is similar to leaning on your side.

When exhaling, return to the starting position, repeat the exercise several times. Then turn to the other side and do the same.

Inventory Exercises

Exercises for weight loss of the abdomen and sides can be performed both conventional gymnastic and with the help of elementary sports equipment, which include jump ropes, elastic bands for fitness and fitballs.

In those types of exercises where it is impossible to use equipment, for maximum effectiveness weights can be used in the form of dumbbells (in their absence – plastic bottles of water).

Use of slimming equipment:

  • Instead of cardio workouts in the gym, you can resort to using a jump rope. Various types of jumps on it are recognized as one of the most effective exercises for the development and strengthening of the heart muscle. The jump rope is a universal simulator. To conduct a full-fledged cardio training, it is necessary to alternate the usual jumps with crossed, on 1 leg, in different directions and double. During simple jumps, maximum load on the muscles is given, other types can be used as rest, slowing down the rotation of the rope.

Effective exercises for weight loss of the abdomen and sides for women for a week

  • At the initial stage of training, it is not recommended to use devices that increase the load. In the event that a woman is already prepared and wants to increase the effectiveness of training, you can use elastic bands for fitness. Most exercises on the lateral muscles and legs are associated with alternate leg swings. If, when performing these exercises, put a circular fitness elastic band on the shin of the legs, then the load on the legs increases. Their use is useful if the process of losing weight is already completed, and it is necessary to achieve the manifestation of muscle relief.
  • Using fitball for exercises on the abs and oblique muscles can both ease them (in the case of beginners) and complicate them (for trained women). If there is not enough muscle strength to lift the leg up (for example, from a supine position), then the task is simplified if you put a fitball under your stomach. It can also be used to increase the load. When the body is on the surface of the fitball, the amplitude of the swing of the legs and arms increases, which makes it possible not only to strengthen the muscles, but also to stretch them.

Training program for a week, a month for women

Depending on the athletic form and weight of the woman, the correct distribution of physical activity is required. If this happens in the gym, it is better (at least once) to contact a professional trainer so that he makes the necessary schedule and a set of exercises.

In the case when training is carried out independently and at home, you need to start with 1 strength training and 1 cardio per week. At the same time, spend them every other day, alternating among themselves. At the beginning of training, a set of exercises requires a minimum number of approaches in order to prevent general discomfort. In the future, the number of approaches can be increased.

An approximate program for the abdomen and sides for 1 week (should be included in the complex of general training):

  • Monday . Tilts to the sides (15 times in each direction), 1 set + oblique twisting (10 times in each direction), 1 set + leg lift from the side position (10 lifts in each leg), 1 set.
  • Tuesday is rest.
  • Wednesday is a workout entirely dedicated to cardio workouts.
  • Thursday is a vacation.
  • Friday . Military jamp for 1 minute, 1 set + climber (1 min), 1 set + oblique twisting (10 times in each direction), 1 set.

Effective exercises for weight loss of the abdomen and sides for women for a week

As you get used to physical activity, after 1-3 weeks, you can gradually increase the number of approaches or the number of exercises performed.

Exercises for weight loss, like all physical activity, have their contraindications. In the case of a medical ban on sports and minor body fat in the abdomen and sides, training should not be done.

Video about abdominal and side exercises

How to make a flat stomach and remove the sides:

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