Perm eyelashes. How is it done, price, reviews and results

Cosmetic beauty salons every day expand their range of services. Recently, girls are increasingly resorting to chemical curling eyelashes, which has a large number of reviews from satisfied customers.

What is perm eyelashes and cost

Every day, chemical curling eyelashes is becoming increasingly popular. This cosmetic procedure makes them voluminous, well-groomed and gives a natural bend.

Perm eyelashes, reviews of which are spreading very quickly, is an effective and inexpensive way to give your face a unique look. Carrying out this procedure is absolutely safe if it is carried out by a professional in their field.

When curling eyelashes, special mixtures are used that are suitable for eyelashes of different lengths. After the procedure, the section of the eyes visually changes, and the look becomes more expressive. In the presence of an impending eyelid, it is necessary to curl eyelashes at an angle of 45 °. Perm eyelashes. How is it done, price, reviews and results

Cosmetic preparations of various manufacturers are used for this procedure. However, the cost of chemical curling of eyelashes does not depend on the means used. The price depends on the type of curl, qualifications and experience of a specialist, the level of the beauty salon itself, as well as on the place of residence.

In USA, the average cost of perm is $ 14 – $ 34.


In beauty salons, masters perform chemical curling of eyelashes in various ways. For each client, the specialist personally selects the method of chemical twisting, based on such factors as the structure and length of the cilia, the desired degree of bending.

Methods of carrying out the procedure:

  • Basal. This curl method is used for long eyelashes. In this case, the micro curlers are located as close as possible to the roots of the eyelashes. This method allows to achieve the volume of cilia and natural bending.
  • Curlicue. This method is effective for short eyelashes, as well as if you need to visually raise the outer corners of the eyes. At the same time, micro curlers are attached to the tips of the eyelashes, giving the gaze maximum disclosure.
  • Combined. Combines both curling methods. This method lifts the cilia from the base and tightens the tips. This method is recommended for girls with narrow and wide-set eyes.

Curl Safety

Chemical curling is absolutely safe for the mucous membranes of the eyes and eyelashes. For curling, gentle preparations are used that do not have a negative effect. Therefore, you should not worry that after curling the eyelashes undergo loss or breaks. Perm eyelashes. How is it done, price, reviews and results

The chemical preparation is applied in the center of the eyelashes, which prevents it from reaching the mucous membrane of the eye. At the end of the procedure, the eyelashes are covered with a neutralizing agent, which has strengthening and regenerating properties.

To ensure that the procedure will be safe, you must find a qualified specialist. Indeed, safety and the result of work will depend on his experience and professionalism.


Chemical curling eyelashes has the following advantages:

  • allows you to achieve an elegant curl of eyelashes of varying degrees (from barely noticeable to deep);
  • safety and lack of negative impact;
  • you can refuse to use mascara;
  • eyelashes of various lengths can be curled (the longer the cilia, the brighter the effect);
  • duration of the result;
  • you can refuse to use tweezers for curling, traumatic eyelashes;
  • eyelash extensions after chemical curling are much more effective.


This procedure has some disadvantages:

  • perm with the use of chemicals is contraindicated in people with intolerance to the components that are part of the funds used;
  • the procedure is prohibited with increased sensitivity of the eyes (allergy is possible);
  • there is a low probability of getting the drug in the eyes, which will cause irritation and itching;
    Perm eyelashes. How is it done, price, reviews and results
    After perming, eyelashes can turn white
  • eyelashes may discolor;
  • it is forbidden to stain cilia for the first 24 hours after curling.

Precautionary measures

Before chemical eyelash curling, you must familiarize yourself with the following precautions:

  • you must make sure that the procedure will be carried out by a qualified specialist who has the appropriate certificate;
  • it is necessary to do a test for the presence of an allergic reaction;
  • It is recommended that pregnant and lactating mothers, as well as girls taking antibiotics or hormonal drugs, refuse to carry out the procedure;
  • if a chemical agent gets on the mucous membrane of the eye, immediately rinse it with water;
  • the procedure should be interrupted if redness and a burning sensation appear;
  • eyelashes must be stained 2 weeks before curling.

Chemical Tools

For chemical curling eyelashes you will need the following tools:

  • rollers (micro curlers) of various thicknesses; Perm eyelashes. How is it done, price, reviews and results
  • special chemical preparation;
  • fixing and neutralizing agents;
  • glue;
  • orange stick
  • petroleum jelly;
  • cotton pads and sticks.

Dialing Tips

Chemical perm eyelashes in the presence of the necessary preparations can be made at home. It is necessary to take seriously the choice of a kit for curling cilia, since the result and safety of the procedure will depend on it. When buying a kit, you should check the presence in it of all the necessary tools and tools.

The standard set should contain:

  • curling chemical;
  • fixing means;
  • glue;
  • rollers of different thicknesses;
  • cleanser;
  • neutralizing agent.

It is required to make sure that the preparations are of high quality and hypoallergenic. You can also read product reviews before making a purchase.

Curl Kits Overview

There is currently a large assortment of chemical eyelash curler kits that can even be used at home.

The list of sets of popular manufacturers:

  • Irisk This set contains 3 bottles of preparation for curling and fixing, 2 bottles with a neutralizer and rollers for curling. It is the most affordable. Perm eyelashes. How is it done, price, reviews and results
  • Kodi. This kit is most suitable for home use. All drugs are provided in containers of small volume, which is important for beginners. The kit includes 1 bottle ( 0,05 fluid ounce) of curling preparation, fixing and neutralizing agents, glue ( 0,17 fluid ounce), rollers of 3 sizes, as well as instructions for use.
  • Wave Professional Lash Perm Kit. High quality kit made in the USA. Contains a curling preparation, fixing and neutralizing agents, conditioner, stickers to protect the lower eyelids, rollers, instructions. The set is the most popular and effective, the cost of which is about $ 16.
  • Perfect Silk Lashes. Sufficiently capacious set, which is enough for about 90 curls. It includes 3 vials of the drug for curling, fixing and neutralizing agents, rollers.
  • Meisheng. The kit contains 3 bottles of preparation for curling and fixative, 2 bottles of neutralizer and cleaning agent. There is no glue for attaching micro-curlers and stickers protecting the lower eyelids.

Technique in the beauty salon

Perm eyelashes, reviews about which are rather ambiguous, safe and painless. It can be carried out both in the cabin by a qualified specialist, and at home.

Phased curling in the cabin:

  1. First, a specialist performs a test for an allergic reaction, if everything is normal, you can proceed to the procedure.
  2. The wizard selects all the necessary tools. Of particular importance is given to the curling rollers, the diameter of which is selected depending on the degree of the desired bend and the length of the eyelashes.
  3. Decorative cosmetics are removed from the eyes, eyelashes are treated with a degreasing agent. Perm eyelashes. How is it done, price, reviews and results
  4. Cushions are glued to the upper eyelid at the very growth of eyelashes. Then, with an orange stick, the cilia are neatly distributed and fixed on the micro curlers (care must be taken that they do not cross and displace).
  5. Then the eyelashes are covered with a special chemical preparation for curling.
  6. The lower eyelid is covered with a cotton pad to prevent the chemical from entering the mucous membrane.
  7. Further, the eyelashes are covered with a fixing agent, which provides long-term fixation of the eyelashes.
  8. During the procedure, a neutralizing agent is used that nourishes and restores eyelashes.
  9. At the last stage of curling, the eyelashes are treated with a cleaner that removes residues of chemical preparations from the hairs.

The procedure lasts no more than 1 hour, and the result remains for a long time.

Features of the independent procedure

Perm eyelashes, reviews of which in most cases are positive, can be carried out at home.

To do this, you need to purchase the required tools, follow the recommendations and perform all stages of the procedure:

  1. Clean the area around the eyes and eyelashes of makeup residues and dirt with a cosmetic product (non-greasy). Then wipe the cilia with a cleansing tonic and dry with a napkin.
  2. Apply glue gently to the upper eyelid at the very growth of the hairs and leave for 30 seconds. For efficiency, the rollers are also covered with glue and bent in the form of an arc.
  3. Place the roller on the eyelid in the area of the roots of the eyelashes. It is important that the curlers are close to the skin. Then apply glue to the micro-curler and after 30 seconds, helping to wind the eyelashes evenly, starting from the base, on the roller with a wooden stick. Make sure that the hairs do not cross and stick together.
  4. Treat the lower eyelashes with petroleum jelly and cover with cotton pads to prevent them from sticking to the rollers.
  5. Treat eyelashes with a curling chemical and hold for 15 minutes. (if eyelashes are tinted – 10 min.).
  6. Then the eyelashes are covered with a fixing agent, which will fix the result for a long period.
  7. Remove the fixative and apply a neutralizing agent (for 10 minutes), which will strengthen and restore the cilia.
  8. To clear eyelashes of glue and a neutralizer moistened with a cotton swab soaked in purified water. Carefully remove the rollers while moving down.
  9. Dry the cilia. This is the end of the procedure.

Rules for the care of eyelashes after the procedure

Chemical curling eyelashes is different in that it does not require any special care for the cilia after the procedure, which is confirmed by the reviews.

Some recommendations should be followed:

  • In the first 24 hours after curling, the use of decorative cosmetics, wetting and curling of eyelashes should be excluded. Perm eyelashes. How is it done, price, reviews and results
  • It is necessary to use special preparations for the care of cilia, which have a strengthening and regenerating effect, as well as protect eyelashes from adverse external factors.

Subject to simple rules, eyelashes will delight their beauty for a long time even without the use of decorative cosmetics.

How long does eyelash curl last

After the procedure, the eyelashes become silky with a graceful bend. There is no need to tint with mascara. Chemical curling of eyelashes can last a fairly long period. The average is 1-3 months.

The duration of the effect depends on the condition and structure of the hairs, as well as on the quality of the cosmetic used. Therefore, before chemical twisting, it is necessary to find out from the master about the drugs used. Also a significant role is played by the qualification of a specialist.

To preserve the effect of permanent perm for a longer period, it is recommended to abandon oily cosmetics for the eyelids and remove makeup, as well as try not to usd your eyes.

The life cycle of eyelashes is 80-150 days. During this time, the hairs go through several stages from active growth to loss. Then they will again take their former appearance and straighten up. Then it will be possible to repeat the procedure again.

Experts note that chemical curling of eyelashes is a fairly popular procedure, but relying on customer reviews, one should seriously approach the choice of a salon and a master who will curl.

Eyelash Perm Video

How is eyelash perm done:

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