Non-surgical abdominal liposuction. Photos before and after laser, ultrasound, reviews, price

Non-surgical liposuction is an atraumatic technique that allows you to remove accumulated fat deposits in the abdomen without using incisions and general anesthesia. A hardware or injection effect breaks down the formed lipids, tightens sagging skin, and also allows you to permanently get rid of cellulite.

What is non-surgical liposuction

Non-surgical abdominal liposuction consists in the removal of fat cells without injuring the skin. Under the influence of physical exposure (ultrasound, cold, radio waves) or chemicals (lipolytics), fat deposits are destroyed and brought out through the lymphatic drainage system.

Non-surgical liposuction does not injure the skin and does not require long preoperative preparation. The rehabilitation period after the procedure is 3-5 days, and at the end of the session, a person can return to their daily duties.

Fat cells are completely removed within 5-10 sessions lasting 40 minutes each. The procedure knows the cumulative effect fully manifested 7-14 days after the end of the course. Non-surgical liposuction is divided into hardware and injection techniques.

Remove excess fat from the abdomen and sides using:

  1. Ultrasonic liposuction. Under the influence of ultrasound, the fat layer warms up, disintegrates, and is excreted from the body by lymphatic fluid.
  2. Cryolipolysis. The device captures the problem area, subjects the fat cells to freezing, which provokes their cleavage and removal.
  3. Radio frequency liposuction.
  4. Shock-wave liposuction , during which waves breaking fat cells are affected by the fatty layer.
  5. Multi- injection liposuction, which consists in introducing a mixture of ozone and oxygen under the skin, which break down fat cells.
  6. Vacuum-roller massage , consisting in a mechanical effect on the problem area of the device, allowing to break down the formed lipids
  7. Injection liposuction . During the procedure, with the help of a needle for mesotherapy, the doctor subcutaneously injects chemicals (lipolysis) that break down fat and facilitate its elimination. 10 minute treatment of one problem area is estimated at $ 27 – $ 41. Non-surgical abdominal liposuction. Photos before and after laser, ultrasound, reviews, price

The cost of non-surgical liposuction:

Name of procedure Price per session The cost of treatment
Ultrasound liposuction $ 41 $ 218 – $ 925.
Cryolipolysis $ 41 – $ 54 $ 612 – $ 952.
Radiofrequency liposuction From $ 27. $ 476 – $ 680.
Shock wave liposuction $ 15 – $ 61. $ 612
Multi-Injection Liposuction $ 204 $ 1904
Vacuum Roller Massage $ 8 – $ 11. $ 61 – $ 109
Injection Liposuction from $ 27 $ 218 – $ 408

The price of the session varies depending on the of USA and the chosen cosmetology clinic.

Advantages and disadvantages of non-surgical liposuction

Non-surgical abdominal liposuction, in comparison with surgical intervention, has a number of advantages:

  1. The technique is painless and does not require the use of general anesthesia.
  2. Before the procedure, special preparation and analysis are not needed, and the first session is allowed to be carried out immediately after a visit to the cosmetologist.
  3. Cavation does not injure tissue. When applying the ultrasound technique, excess fat is excreted through the lymphatic flow or using cannulas inserted into small punctures on the skin. Non-surgical abdominal liposuction. Photos before and after laser, ultrasound, reviews, price
  4. Non-surgical liposuction is suitable for almost everyone, unlike a surgical technique that has a large list of contraindications.
  5. It has a short rehabilitation period, not accompanied by severe pain and a large list of restrictions.
  6. It gives you the opportunity to do everyday business immediately after the procedure.
  7. Non-surgical liposuction allows you to remove fat from anywhere in the body, except for the mammary glands and genitals. Especially popular is the use of the technique to correct the abdomen, sides and second chin. If necessary, several zones can be processed in one session, which is impossible with surgical intervention.
  8. Cavation allows you to permanently get rid of cellulite. It is advisable to carry out lipolysis for young women who first encountered the problem of the formation of an orange peel.
  9. Non-surgical liposuction is performed in a cosmetology clinic and does not need sterility in a medical institution.
  10. Safety. A hardware or injection technique does not harm the body, does not leave scars and does not have serious side effects, unlike surgical intervention.
  11. The procedure is indicated for women who have lost attractiveness after a sharp weight loss or childbirth, because it can not only remove excess fat, but also tighten stretched tissues.

The disadvantages of the procedure include:

  1. A heavy load on the liver caused by the breakdown of fat cells. After the session, doctors recommend a sparing diet for several days.
  2. The possibility of intoxication of the body as a result of the introduction of an emulsion that provokes the breakdown of fat, as well as the subsequent withdrawal of drugs from the body. Lymphatic drainage massage accelerating lymph flow can prevent the problem.
  3. Allergic reactions to substances that make up lipolysis.
  4. Duration of the course. The final result can be seen only after the completion of the last procedure.

Indications for non-surgical abdominal liposuction

Non-surgical abdominal liposuction is indicated for women and men over 18 years of age with fat, cellulite bumps or saggy skin. Cavation or lipolysis can also be done to adjust the figure after childbirth or a sharp weight loss. Beauticians recommend non-surgical liposuction for young women to prevent the appearance of cellulite bumps.

Contraindications to non-surgical abdominal liposuc

The hardware technique has fewer contraindications than the surgical procedure for removing excess fat.

So, you should not resort to lipolysis:

  • expectant mothers; Non-surgical abdominal liposuction. Photos before and after laser, ultrasound, reviews, price
  • to women during breastfeeding;
  • with pathologies of the heart and blood vessels;
  • in case of blood diseases;
  • with infectious diseases;
  • in the presence of hepatitis and HIV infection;
  • with oncological neoplasms;
  • with osteoporosis;
  • with diabetes;
  • with exacerbation of chronic pathologies;
  • with monthly bleeding;
  • with renal failure;
  • with the appearance of fever and fever;
  • with mental disorders.

An injection technique with direct administration of lipolytics is prohibited for people suffering from liver dysfunction. Vacuum roller massage, cavitation, cryolipolysis are not carried out in case of detection of wounds, redness, rash on the skin until they disappear.

It is forbidden to do non-surgical liposuction while taking hormonal drugs and in the case of treatment with steroids.

Preparation for non-surgical liposuction

Non-surgical abdominal liposuction is a virtually painless procedure that does not require prior preparation.

Lipolysis is preceded by a consultation with a cosmetologist, during which it is determined:

  • which zones are affected;
    Non-surgical abdominal liposuction. Photos before and after laser, ultrasound, reviews, price
    In addition to the stomach, non-surgical liposuction can break down fat in the green zone
  • are there any contraindications for the procedure;
  • the methodology and the number of necessary sessions are being specified.

In a favorable situation, the first session can be done 3-4 days after the initial dose.

It is not necessary to undergo laboratory tests before performing hardware or injection liposuction, but cosmetologists recommend a few days before the procedure:

  • exclude fried, fatty foods, alcohol and coffee from the diet;
  • drink 3 – 4 pint of fluid per day;
  • limit physical activity (in particular strength exercises);
  • Do not use the sauna, bathhouse and pool;
  • prevent ultraviolet radiation from entering the skin.

On the day of the procedure, you must drink at least 0,3 gallon of water, and in the next 3 days, observe the drinking regimen recommended by the doctor (at least 0,4 gallon of fluid per day).

Liposuction procedure

Non-surgical liposuction, which allows you to tighten sagging skin of the abdomen and remove fatty deposits, is carried out in a cosmetology clinic. The course of the procedure varies depending on the method chosen by the patient and the specialist:

Ultrasound liposuction

It is a variant of hardware liposuction, during which fat cells are exposed to ultrasound, heated and excreted through the lymphatic duct or invasive tube (cannula). Non-surgical abdominal liposuction. Photos before and after laser, ultrasound, reviews, price

The procedure:

  1. Drawing a marking on a problem zone.
  2. Lubrication of the patient’s abdomen with a special gel that improves the penetration of ultrasound rays.
  3. Device connection, nozzle selection.
  4. The device treats problem areas during which ultrasound penetrates deep into the tissue, melting lipids.

The duration of the 1st session is from 30 minutes to 1 hour. After treatment is completed, it is recommended to do lymphatic drainage massage to accelerate lymph flow and more quickly remove dead cells. The result appears after 4-8 procedures with a break of 5-11 days.

Acoustic waves

According to the scheme, it resembles ultrasonic liposuction, but differs from the previous one in that fat cells decay under the influence of acoustic waves. The procedure takes up to 3 hours and helps to remove fatty deposits on the stomach and cellulite bumps. The wave technique is not used to correct the shape of the face and remove the second chin.

Session holding:

  1. Marking the patient’s body with a marker to determine the area of impact.
  2. Application of a special gel for better penetration of an acoustic wave.
  3. The doctor connects the device and sequentially processes the abdomen and sides of the patient (the area of the zone should not exceed 25cm * 9’8 inch).
  4. Conducting lymphatic drainage massage.

Acoustic liposuction can be done every other day. The result is noticeable after 6 sessions.


A fairly new technique, during which fat deposits die off under the influence of low temperatures. In addition to aesthetic reasons, cryolipolysis is performed in obese individuals caused by metabolic disorders. Non-surgical abdominal liposuction. Photos before and after laser, ultrasound, reviews, price

Procedure progress:

  1. The patient is laid on the couch.
  2. A tissue dipped in a special solution that protects the skin from damage is placed on the treated area of the body.
  3. Depending on the size of the adipose tissue, the doctor selects the nozzle and installs it on the device.
  4. Manula tightens the problem area and cools the tissues to a temperature of 23°F.

Cryolipolysis takes 40 minutes and gives a visible result after the 1st procedure. Frozen cells are removed from the body within 1.5 months. The specified technique allows you to tighten tissue and remove excess fat. To combat obesity, 1 session is prescribed per month. Non-surgical abdominal liposuction. Photos before and after laser, ultrasound, reviews, price

Cryolipolysis is contraindicated in persons suffering from:

  • Raynaud’s disease;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • allergic to cold.

Multi-Injection Liposuction

During the procedure, a mixture of ozone and oxygen is introduced into the abdomen using small needles, which breaks down fat and tightens the body contours.

Session Progress:

  1. The patient undresses and is placed on a table or couch.
  2. The abdomen and sides are treated with a disinfectant solution, and then chop the problem area with a multi-injector.
  3. After the procedure is completed, the patient’s body is wiped with a disinfectant solution.

The duration of the session takes from 15 to 20 minutes.

Vacuum massage

It is performed by a special apparatus that breaks down fat through mechanical action. Non-surgical abdominal liposuction. Photos before and after laser, ultrasound, reviews, price

In addition to eliminating body fat, the procedure:

  • allows you to saturate the tissue with oxygen;
  • improves blood circulation;
  • removes cellulite;
  • tightens the skin;
  • activates the production of its own collagen;
  • removes toxins from the body.

Session holding:

  1. A special suit is put on the patient to protect the skin from mechanical stress.
  2. The specialist selects the desired nozzle, connects the device and drives the callers through the problem areas.
  3. The skin is captured by the callers, massaging the tissues and breaking up the accumulated lipids.

Duration from the session is 35-40 minutes.

Injection Liposuction

It allows you to destroy fat through the introduction of special drugs (lipolytics).

  1. The patient undresses and lies down on the couch.
  2. The doctor processes the problem area and applies the markup. Non-surgical abdominal liposuction. Photos before and after laser, ultrasound, reviews, price
  3. Mesotherapeutic needle (diameter 5/32 – 16/32 inch) is injected subcutaneously with facial lipolytics, at the rate of 0’2 inch? for 1 injection.
  4. For 10-15 minutes, the abdomen is completely chipped off, and then wiped with a disinfectant solution.

Exfoliating fat is excreted through the lymph. The procedure is recommended 1 time in 14 days.

Postoperative Recovery

After the procedure, the patient can do everyday activities. The period of full recovery after each session takes about 3 days.

During this time, it is recommended:

  • avoid exposure to direct sunlight;
    Non-surgical abdominal liposuction. Photos before and after laser, ultrasound, reviews, price
    It is forbidden to sunbathe in the sun after non-surgical liposuction
  • Do not visit pools, baths, saunas;
  • Do not engage in heavy physical exertion;
  • drink at least 0,4 gallon of fluid per day, to accelerate the lymph flow and the withdrawal of dead lipids.
  • exclude fatty, fried foods, as well as foods rich in carcinogens and dyes from the diet;
  • do not drink alcohol and refrain from smoking.

How long will the result last

After the 1st procedure, the result may be absent (the exception is cryolipolysis, which makes it possible to observe changes after the 1st session). Non-surgical liposuction has a cumulative effect and is carried out only by the complex (from 8 to 10 sessions, depending on the size of the problem area).

After the 2nd procedure, patients note the appearance of skin sagging caused by the removal of excess fluid from the body and the start of the process of fat exfoliation, and the process of destruction of adipose tissue is activated by the 4th session and the skin slowly begins to tighten. You can fully see the result only a week after the completion of the course, when hematomas and redness leave the skin.

You can repeat a non-surgical liposuction course once a year, but to achieve a long-term effect, you need to change your lifestyle and diet.

To prevent the return of body fat, the patient should:

  • follow a balanced diet, forever giving up sweet, flour, fatty and fried foods.
  • eat at home whenever possible, avoiding attending fast food establishments.
  • lead a healthy lifestyle supplementing it with sports training;
  • to refuse from bad habits; Non-surgical abdominal liposuction. Photos before and after laser, ultrasound, reviews, price
  • try to avoid stressful situations as much as possible, and in case of psychological problems, seek the help of a psychiatrist without trying to seize the problem.
  • spend more time in the air: walk in the park, swim, run.
  • adhere to the regime of the day, devoting at least 8-9 hours to a full sleep and rest.

Possible complications

Non-surgical abdominal liposuction has practically no side effects, but after the procedure, it may be noted:

  1. The appearance of burns caused by increased sensitivity of the skin or by exceeding the exposure time of the apparatus. The recommended exposure time for laser beams should not be 20-30 minutes.
  2. Dehydration. Prevents a lack of fluid compliance with the drinking regime, which consists in the use of at least 0,5 gallon of water per day.
  3. Lymphatic drainage intoxication, provoked by an overload of the lymphatic drainage system by the introduction of lipolytics and decay products. In this case, lymphatic drainage massage, capable of stimulating lymph outflow, can help.
  4. Soreness at the puncture site, accompanied by redness and hematomas.
  5. Seals at injection sites caused by clot formation due to split fat.

Side effects disappear on their own within 7-14 days. If there is suppuration, nausea, vomiting, you must urgently consult a doctor and undergo a course of treatment.

The risk of side effects is significantly reduced if 3-5 days before the procedure, the patient:

  • refuses to visit the bath, sauna, pool;
  • tries not to overheat and not to be exposed to direct exposure to UV rays;
  • excludes alcohol from the diet;
  • does not abuse fatty and fried foods, caffeine;
  • adheres to the drinking regimen.

Non-surgical liposuction is a virtually painless procedure that allows you to adjust the contours of the body without the use of surgical intervention. The course recommended by the doctor makes it possible to remove excess fat from the abdomen and sides, tighten saggy skin and eliminate cellulite bumps, returning the body to harmony and sexuality.

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What is non-surgical liposuction:

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