Beeline for weight loss. Reviews, price of capsules, where to buy the original tablets

Beeline is a dietary supplement for weight loss , that is, weight loss is achieved through the action of natural components.

But despite the safety of the ingredients, the drug should be taken only according to the rules of the instruction and in the absence of contraindications. Otherwise, instead of losing weight, you can worsen your health. The effectiveness of dietary supplements can be estimated by the numerous reviews on the sites.

Forms of release and composition of the drug

The manufacturer of dietary supplements is the Chinese pharmaceutical company San Tszyu.

The official instructions list the following natural ingredients:

  • fruits of hawthorn . Berries help to cleanse the liver, remove harmful cholesterol and increase the outflow of bile. Additionally, they normalize oxygen metabolism, improve the removal of fluid from the body and increase the absorption of food; Beeline for weight loss. Reviews, price of capsules, where to buy the original tablets
  • lotus leaves. The component activates the removal of toxins from the body, accelerates metabolic processes in the tissues and promotes the burning of calories. Also, the drug has a calming effect on the cells of the nervous system;
  • mushroom tinder fungus . The ingredient improves fat metabolism, promotes the withdrawal of cholesterol and normalizes the process of bowel movements. Additionally activates the removal of harmful substances normalizes blood sugar;
  • coconut poria. The fungus has a pronounced tonic and diuretic effect, also contributes to the conclusion of toxins and normalization of digestion;

  • Beeline for weight loss. Reviews, price of capsules, where to buy the original tabletsDioscorea root opposite
    . The component has a diuretic and choleretic effect, and also participates in the removal of harmful cholesterol from the body;
  • berries of hawthorn . Fruits have a tonic effect, activate the breakdown of fat and contribute to the withdrawal of cholesterol;
  • shells of chicken ventricles . The ingredient provides quick saturation, restores the condition of the skin and hair, and also regulates metabolic processes and intestinal activity.

As a result, the body not only stops putting off body fat, but also begins to spend the available ones.

You can also purchase Beeline with enhanced action, which includes additional components:

  • plum kernel kernels . They provide the conclusion of toxins, accelerate metabolism and normalize the activity of the digestive tract. Additionally, they activate the process of cell regeneration improving the condition of the skin; Beeline for weight loss. Reviews, price of capsules, where to buy the original tablets
  • purple alfalfa . The component enhances metabolism, promotes the withdrawal of cholesterol and also has a tonic effect;
  • atractilis. The plant reduces hunger, improves digestion and normalizes the output of fluid from the body;
  • privet. The berry normalizes intestinal activity, restores the heart and improves overall well-being;
  • Astragalus . The ingredient has a diuretic, calming and anti-aging effect;
  • kendyr . The plant normalizes the work of the heart and helps eliminate puffiness.

Additional components not only accelerate the process of weight loss, but also contribute to the restoration of the skin (increase elasticity and eliminate stretch marks).

Beeline is produced in a single dosage form – capsules, which have a different composition and concentration, of the main and auxiliary components.

Name of dietary supplement Release Features Notes
Bilight 90 (regular) White capsules in the amount of 90 pcs. packaged. Recommended for weight gain as a result of pregnancy, hormonal failure.
Bilight old composition It is distinguished by the initial composition of the capsules. The effect is similar to Bilayt 90 dietary supplement.
Beeline 2 premium It is produced in the form of green-colored capsules. The package contains 72 pcs. Together with weight reduction, the drug allows you to cleanse the body of toxins, as well as restore the “youth” of the skin.
Bilayt 3 premium White-green capsules are packaged in 96 pcs. packaged. It is strictly forbidden to be on a diet while taking the capsules.
Bilayt 40 Capsules have a maroon color. The package contains 40 pcs. They have an enhanced fat burning effect, therefore their dosage per day is reduced (when compared with other types).
40 bilite reinforced Capsules of burgundy color are packaged in 40 pcs. packaged. Due to the high concentration of components during the intake of dietary supplements, diets are strictly prohibited.
Bilayt 60 Capsules dark brown, 60 pcs. in the bank. Promote rapid weight loss, eliminate stretch marks and cleanse the body of toxins.
Bilayt 90 burgundy Burgundy capsules are packaged in 90 pieces. packaged. It is considered the most powerful drug. Contribute to enhanced weight loss. Recommended for obesity due to hormonal failure.
Beeline 90 royal It is prescribed for weight gain as a result of overeating. It has a mild effect.
Beeline 96 The package contains 96 burgundy capsules. BAA cleanses the
body of toxins, effectively reduces weight and improves the condition of the skin.
Beeline 96 royal It is an improved version of the classic Beeline 90.

Beeline for weight loss. Reviews, price of capsules, where to buy the original tablets

The rules for taking dietary supplements vary depending on the type of drug.

Pharmacological properties

Beeline has a complex effect: it accelerates the feeling of fullness, activates the breakdown of body fat and normalizes metabolic processes in the body. As a result, the result is fixed for a long time.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Beeline for weight loss (reviews about the drug contain different information, which depends mainly on compliance with the rules of admission and purchase of the original), following the instructions for use, has the following effect on the body.

The effect of tablets on the body:

  • activates the metabolism in tissues, therefore, fat cells break down faster, and new ones are not deposited;
  • normalizes intestinal activity, as a result, digested food is removed from the body in a timely manner;
  • eliminates puffiness. With the withdrawal of excess fluid, a natural weight loss occurs;
  • It has a quick and lasting saturation of the body. As a result, the amount of food that is consumed per day is reduced;
  • prevents the development of stress, which often causes overeating;
  • activates performance, as a result, fat burning is enhanced;
  • cleanses the body of cholesterol, toxins and toxins;
  • helps restore the skin, eliminating stretch marks.

Beeline for weight loss. Reviews, price of capsules, where to buy the original tablets
The final effect of taking dietary supplements is the elimination of body fat in problem areas. Features of the absorption of components, their distribution in the body and the conclusion has not been studied due to the natural composition.

How Beeline helps to lose weight

Weight loss with the use of dietary supplements occurs in the following stages:

  1. During the first 14 days, the body is cleansed of harmful substances, a decrease in the amount of food consumed and the normalization of metabolic processes.
  2. Active burning of body fat occurs.
  3. Securing reduced weight for a long time.

If the drug was taken according to the instructions, then in 4 weeks you can reduce weight from 18 -44 pounds.

Indications for use

Beeline for weight loss (reviews may contain information about additional indications for the use of dietary supplements) can be used only with the permission of the therapist and in the presence of the deviations described below.


  • the presence of excess weight, especially if it could not be eliminated by diet or physical activity;
  • marked violation of metabolic processes in the body;
  • the presence of cellulite in places of fat deposits;
  • weight gain due to hormonal changes due to uncontrolled appetite or as a result of sedentary work;
  • elimination of puffiness, if other drugs have not yielded results;
  • violation of the intestines. Severe constipation or diarrhea. In this case, the consultation of a therapist is strictly required;
  • to improve performance in chronic fatigue;
  • restoration of the condition of the skin and hair.

Beeline is also prescribed for severe contamination of the body (toxins, toxins or high cholesterol).


Before purchasing dietary supplements, it is necessary to first exclude the presence of contraindications.

They are conditionally divided into 2 groups:

The prohibitions indicated in the instructions Additional bans according to doctors
Children and the elderly. Pathology of the cardiovascular system.
The period of gestation and breastfeeding. Violation of the activity of cells of the nervous system, especially with severe psychological deviations.
The likelihood of an allergic reaction to the components of dietary supplements. Persistent insomnia.
Increased pressure. Regular headaches.
Exacerbation of diseases of the digestive tract, including bowel obstruction. The presence of benign and malignant tumors.
If the weight is normal. The rehabilitation period after surgical interventions or after serious illnesses (infectious, injuries, depression)

To exclude the development of side effects, it is recommended to consider both sections with contraindications.

At what age can the drug be used

The composition of the drug includes components that can cause a developmental disorder, therefore, dietary supplements can not be used until the age of 18. Also, the intake is contraindicated after 65 years, as the body is already worn out and its reaction to Beeline is unknown.

Instructions for use, dosage of the drug for weight loss

Beeline, depending on the type, must be taken according to the dosage described in the instructions. To achieve a quick weight loss process, it is recommended to use the enhanced version or premium. In addition, you need to familiarize yourself with the main nuances of taking dietary supplements, which are described in the instructions and reviews available on the sites.

Basic rules for using the drug:

  • take the capsule 30 minutes before meals or 90 minutes after eating. Drink with clean water in a volume of 6,76 fluid ounce;
  • do not use capsules in the evening, as they can cause insomnia;
  • for the period of taking the capsules you can not be on a strict diet. It is especially important to eat food for breakfast and lunch;
  • Be sure to observe the drinking regime ( 4 – 6 pint of clean water per day). Otherwise, the process of elimination of toxins will slow down, and dehydration of the body is also possible;
  • Do not shorten or extend the course of taking the capsules yourself. On average
    , its duration is 1 month, maximum 45 days.

It is additionally recommended to reduce the consumption of fried, sweet and fatty foods in the diet.

To achieve the desired weight loss, it is necessary to adhere to the reception schemes described below (a transition from one scheme to another is allowed if the result does not correspond to the declared one).

Beeline for weight loss. Reviews, price of capsules, where to buy the original tablets
Taking the drug for weight loss Beeline Program №2

Reception schemes:

  • Program number 1. It is required to take 1 capsule per day for 7 days. If weight loss is noted, then the capsule should be continued until the end of the course. If there is no dynamics, it is recommended to go to program 2;
  • Program number 2. The daily dosage is increased to 2 capsules throughout the day for 7 days. Continue to take dietary supplements until the end of the course if weight loss is noted. If the result is again absent, then you need to go to program No. 3.
  • Program number 3. It is necessary to take 3 capsules per day (it is better to choose Beeline Premium at number 3) for 1 week. In this case, 1 capsule is required to be taken in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. If the weight began to decline, then you should adhere to this program until the completion of the course. If the result is again absent, then you need to go to program No. 4;
  • Program number 4. It can be used only after consulting a physician. In this case, 4 Beeline Premium No. 2 capsules (2 capsules in the morning and afternoon) are prescribed during the day. Duration of admission, until the end of the course.

Importantly, a further increase in dosage is hazardous to health.

Which Beeline is the strongest

To achieve a quick effect on weight loss, it is recommended to use Beeline 90 burgundy .

Beeline for weight loss. Reviews, price of capsules, where to buy the original tabletsBefore taking it, it is important to eliminate contraindications and strictly follow the instructions from the instructions, since this type contains the largest list of side effects.

Side effects

Bilight for weight loss (reviews of a negative nature often describe the side effects that have arisen) is not a completely safe drug.

The course of taking dietary supplements may be accompanied by the following negative reaction:

  • allergies, in the form of rashes, skin itching and swelling;
  • worsening of the process of falling asleep and the quality of sleep;
  • the development of causeless panic and fear, followed by a transition to depression;
  • frequent headaches and dizziness;
  • the appearance of tinnitus and a deterioration in the quality of vision;
  • lack of stool;
  • bloating and colic;
  • constant dryness in the oral cavity;
  • numbness of the limbs, mainly lower;
  • complete lack of appetite. In the future, it can lead to the development of anorexia, followed by drug treatment;
  • increased activity of the salivary glands;
  • increase in pressure indicator;
  • increased secretion of sweat secretion;
  • a strong increase in heart rate;
  • nausea and worsening of the swallowing process.

Additionally, instead of a burst of energy, general weakness may be noted. But these symptoms are more often manifested when the dosage specified in the instructions is not observed, for example, when starting to take dietary supplements immediately from program No. 3.


An overdose of the drug can be noted not only with the single use of a large number of capsules, but also with prolonged use of Beeline (especially at the maximum permitted doses) and is expressed by the manifestations described below.

Overdose manifestations:

  • development of persistent constipation;
  • severe dehydration;
  • nausea with profuse vomiting;
  • cramps and pains in the stomach;
  • with a strong increase in the dose, a heart attack may develop;
  • sudden surges in pressure;
  • urinary incontinence;
  • sudden loss of sensation in the legs and arms;
  • a strong sense of panic.

Beeline for weight loss. Reviews, price of capsules, where to buy the original tabletsOften, an emergency appeal to the hospital is required, since there are no specialized drugs that neutralize the action of dietary supplements.

special instructions

Before starting the course, it is important to familiarize yourself not only with the contraindications and rules of admission, but also with the features of the use of dietary supplements:

  • Drinking regimen must be observed (at least 0,7 gallon of clean water per day). Otherwise, due to increased withdrawal of fluid from the body, dehydration may develop, followed by intoxication;
  • for the period of taking the capsules you can’t be on a strict diet, but it is advisable to exclude salty, spicy and fatty foods from the menu;
  • start the course with program number 1. If the reception will start with program No. 3 or No. 4, then the likelihood of side effects, with subsequent hospitalization in the hospital, is higher than 50%;
  • Beeline is forbidden to use in the evening, as it contains tonic components;
  • prepare for frequent urination and excessive sweating;
  • if at least one of the points of side effects is noted, the intake of dietary supplements must be stopped immediately and a physician should be visited to select the correct dosage or replace the remedy.

Beeline for weight loss. Reviews, price of capsules, where to buy the original tabletsIn addition, the female sex should be aware that during menstruation, it is possible to stop weight loss. Despite this, it is necessary to continue the course of taking the capsules according to the scheme. Weight loss will continue after menstruation.

Drug interaction

Beeline for weight loss (reviews also contain information about the development of side effects with the complex use of dietary supplements with medicines) is not recommended to be combined with the following types of medicines.

It is not recommended to combine the intake of dietary supplements:

  • with enterosorbents, as they reduce the effectiveness of dietary supplements to almost 0;
  • with diuretics. Beeline is also a diuretic, and increased stress on the kidneys may impair their performance;
  • with drugs to increase pressure, as a side effect of Beeline is an increase in pressure;
  • with sleeping pills and sedatives. Supplements contain tonic com
    ponents, so the effectiveness of drugs is reduced;
  • with medicines to eliminate diarrhea, since Beeline helps to fix the stool and the simultaneous use of medicines can cause the development of persistent constipation;
  • with psychotropic or tonic drugs, since a violation of psychological balance is possible.

In addition, it is forbidden to take dietary supplements simultaneously with alcohol-based medicines.

Beeline and alcohol

Beeline is not recommended to be combined with alcoholic beverages , as they not only reduce the effectiveness of dietary supplements, but also increase the likelihood of side effects. In addition, it is undesirable to combine the slimming agent with coffee-containing drinks due to the tonic effect and a strong increase in pressure.


If the intake of dietary supplements is prohibited due to contraindications or the drug caused the development of side effects, then you can replace it with drugs: Beeline for weight loss. Reviews, price of capsules, where to buy the original tablets

  • Garcinia Forte. Supplements are made in tablets and capsules;
  • LiDa. It is produced by the same pharmaceutical company as Beeline. Supplements, capsules;
  • Golden ball. Supplements, available in tablets;
  • Metabol. Supplements are made in the form of capsules;
  • Phytoslim. Supplements, capsules.

Drugs vary in composition, dosage and duration of administration. This information is described in the instructions.

Terms, conditions of sale and storage

Beeline capsules must be stored in a dark place at a temperature of 6 to 25 degrees. Necessarily far from children’s availability. Subject to these conditions, the shelf life is 2 years from the date of manufacture. Since dietary supplements are not certified, it can only be purchased on the Internet.

The price of dietary supplements on the official website

Buy Beeline is recommended only on trusted sites. They can be estimated by the available reviews available (and the presence of only positive ones should be alarming).

Beeline for weight loss. Reviews, price of capsules, where to buy the original tabletsOn the official website, the cost of dietary supplements is divided by type:

  • Bilight 90 (normal) – $ 34 .;
  • Bilayt No. $ 0,03 – $ 31,3 .;
  • Beeline No. $ 0,04 – $ 34 .;
  • Bilayt of 3 stages (consists of Bilayt 90, Bilayt 2 premium and Bilayt 3 premium) – $ 95 .;
  • Bilite $ 0,54 – $ 35,4.;
  • Enhanced Bilite $ 0,54 – $ 36,7 .;
  • Bilite 60 in (at the bank) – $ 35;
  • Bilight 90 burgundy – $ 49 .;
  • Bilight 90 royal – $ 54;
  • Beeline $ 1,31 – $ 68 .;
  • Bilayt (old composition) – $ 45.

On other sites (especially scammers) the cost can be indicated below.

How to distinguish an original drug from a fake

Achieve results in weight loss is possible only with the purchase of the original.

You can distinguish a real Beeline from a “fake” by the following characteristics:

  • according to the contents of the capsules. Since the composition includes only natural ingredients, the color of the powder should be green-brown, without the admixture of white granules;
  • the package contains a hologram “Beeline”;
  • the shelf life of dietary supplements is indicated in small print;
  • the package should contain a “gift” (a inch tape flashlight and a special table to track weight loss;
  • the instruction itself is printed only in 3 languages (Chinese, American and Kazakh);
  • depending on the type of capsule have a different color;
  • the capsules taste sweet and sour.

Beeline for weight loss. Reviews, price of capsules, where to buy the original tabletsAdditionally, you need to pay attention to the date of creation of the site and the number of reviews.

Performance Reviews

Beeline contains both positive and negative reviews. Positive confirm the high effectiveness of the drug without much effort, but noted periodic headaches and increased dryness in the oral cavity. The negative contains information about the absence of weight loss, and the presence of a large list of side effects.

At the same time, negative reviews often describe the appearance of the drug, which does not correspond to the original. Therefore, it is recommended that specialists check dietary supplements for the possibility of falsification and undergo a preliminary examination to exclude contraindications.

Beeline, the original, allows you to reduce excess weight without additional loads and compliance with strict diets. In this case, it is important to follow the rules and dosage for admission, otherwise the likelihood of developing side effects is high.

For optimal weight loss (up to 11 pounds per week), it is recommended to take Bilayt 90 burgundy. Its effectiveness has been proven by numerous reviews on forums and sites.

Beeline Diet Pills Video Review

Diet Pills Beeline:

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