Professional products for tinting hair after highlighting, clarification

Hair tinting is one of the types of dyeing that differs from the usual method in that its effect is less long, not so radical, and the composition of hair tinting agents is more gentle.

A few weeks after professional dyeing, hair can lose color brightness, losing a couple of tones. At this point, the tinting procedure comes to the rescue, which returns freshness to the colors.

Professional and home tinting: what is the difference

If you have a choice to make a hairstyle in a salon or at home, then it is important to understand what effect you want to achieve and what hair you need to work with. If it is necessary to rehabilitate scorched hair or unsuccessful staining, it is best to contact a specialist who will select the right remedy and advise how to care for a particular type of hair.

Professional products for tinting hair after highlighting, clarification

In other cases, tinting can be done at home, because the process of applying the product is not complicated and any girl can cope with it. The instructions for each tinting agent indicate how long the composition should be kept on the hair and whether it should be moisturized, and the rest is a matter of technique.

Is an oxidizing agent needed when toning hair

Professional hair tinting products do not contain substances that require oxidation, so an oxidizing agent is not needed in this case. If it is added to the tonic, the effect of this will not increase, but on the contrary, it will negatively affect the hair structure.

How to choose the best remedy for your hair

When choosing a tonic, it should be borne in mind that each of them is suitable for a certain type of hair, which is indicated on the package. There are products specifically for highlighted hair, for gray, rare, thick. For example, for bleached hair, the composition should not contain hydrogen peroxide.

The shade should be chosen close to your own hair color, since the tonic is not able to radically color the strands:

  • blondes are better off choosing golden, ashen colors;
  • red – copper, burgundy;
  • brunettes – the color of chestnut, chocolate and more.

Instructions for the use of tinting professional products

Hair tinting (professional and home use products will be discussed later in the article) requires a careful approach in choosing the right tonic. They are available in the form of shampoo, spray, mousse, or under the guise of ordinary paint, but with an indication of the duration of the color.

Professional products for tinting hair after highlighting, clarification

The method of using each of them is not very different from each other, therefore, special skills in applying tonic to the hair are not required.

After highlighting

How to apply the selected tool for tinting and how long it is kept on the head depends on the manufacturer.

But there are universal rules for tinting hair after highlighting:

  • after staining, a minimum of 2 weeks should pass;
  • tinting should be done on dirty hair, more precisely 3 days after the last hair wash;
  • apply the product on wet hair;
  • you can tint all hair, regardless of multi-colored strands;
  • tinting individual strands makes sense if the highlighting was in the style of ombre, balayazh or shuttle.

After staining

After some time after dyeing, the hair color fades. To restore vitality to curls, you can conduct tinting. Dyeing itself destroys the structure of the hair, especially when it comes to colored strands from a dark shade to a light one using hydrogen peroxide and ammonia, which burn pigment.

Tinting agent glues damaged flakes and hair becomes smoother and shinier.

It is also advisable to tint after unsuccessful clarification. In this case, you should buy a tool for deep toning, which will last as long as possible (up to 2 months), evening the color evenly through the hair. The method of applying a tinting agent is similar to conventional staining.

To do this, you will need:

  • brush for coloring;
    Professional products for tinting hair after highlighting, clarification
  • gloves
  • capacity.

The product is applied to washed hair, slightly damp:

  1. First, distribute the hair into 2 parts along the parting.
  2. Then, lock by lock with a brush, starting with the roots.
  3. To maintain the tonic on the hair the time indicated on the package.
  4. Then rinse with warm and cool water at the end.

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After lightening hair

Hair tinting (professional and amateur products are selected according to the type of hair) is a mandatory action after clarification, which is always associated with burning out the natural color of the hair. For this, hydrogen peroxide is used, which is extremely harmful to the hair itself.

After lightening, the hairstyle may seem coarser to the touch, the hair begins to get tangled and / or electrified. All these undesirable effects are associated with damage to the hair – the scales rise, the liquid begins to evaporate, drying the hair.

Toning hair, in this case, is necessary in order to improve the healing effect. The substances in the tonic should not contain ammonia and hydrogen peroxide, this should be read on the packaging of the selected product. For uniform tinting, you can choose a tool in the form of shampoo.

Muses and sprays in this case will not give the desired effect:

  1. You should wait 1 week after clarification and then proceed to tinting.
  2. Apply a tinting shampoo as well as any other shampoo, rubbing into the hair.
    Professional products for tinting hair after highlighting, clarification
    Toning hair. Means are applied to the hair like a regular shampoo.
  3. Then you should wait a certain time, usually 15 minutes.
  4. Rinse off under running warm water.
  5. After rinsing, you can use balm after washing your hair.

Toning Shampoos

The easiest way to transform a hairstyle that does not require special preparation is to use special shampoos with the effect of toning. Such shampoos are produced by various companies such as L’Oreal, Kapous, Irida, Schwarzkopf and others.

Their price can vary from $ 0,82. up to several thousand usd. depending on the manufacturer. Shampoos are not able to completely repaint the hair, but to change the already existing color by 2 tones is quite.

Palette pros Minuses Price
  • light golden;
  • copper gold;
  • beige;
  • copper;
  • brown;
  • cappuccino;
  • the Red tree.
  • stains gray hair;
  • suitable for dyed hair;
  • moisturizes and nourishes hair;
  • has a cumulative effect.
  • difficult to get in stores;
  • high price.
$ 10,88
  • copper;
  • dark eggplant;
  • sand;
  • pomegranate red;
  • Violet;
  • brown.
  • suitable for blondes and brunettes;
  • paints yellow spots on the hair;
  • cleans hair from environmental influences.
  • washed off for 4-6 times washing hair;
  • not suitable for thin hair;
  • best applied to dyed hair.
$ 4,76
  • platinum;
  • pink pearls;
  • dark copper;
  • hazelnut;
  • cherry;
  • black coffee;
  • forest raspberries.
  • 28 shades of the palette;
  • does not contain ammonia and hydrogen peroxide;
  • stains gray hair.
  • when burned out in the sun, the hair turns yellow;
  • stains the skin.
$ 0,95
  • golden blond;
  • hazelnut;
  • Garnet;
  • the Red tree;
  • dark cherry;
  • ruby; chocolate;
  • chestnut;
  • blue-black.
  • softens and moisturizes hair;
  • can be used during pregnancy and lactation;
  • stains gray hair and yellowness.
  • not suitable for dry hair;
  • does not remove yellowness.
$ 5 – $ 27.
Silver silk
  • silver;
  • silver violet;
  • silver pink;
  • platinum;
  • blue silver.
  • updates highlighting;
  • robs yellowness;
  • stains gray hair;
  • does not dry hair;
  • Does not stain the skin.
  • only for blondes;
  • washed off after 3 times washing the hair;
  • Requires regular application to maintain color.
$ 2,72

Professional products for tinting hair after highlighting, clarification

Apply shampoo to clean, damp hair, spreading over the entire length. Then the time indicated on the package is maintained and washed off under running water until it becomes transparent. To enhance the effect, you can perform the procedure of staining with shampoo twice in one day.

Tinted shampoos do not stay on your hair for more than 1-2 weeks, which is a plus for those who like to experiment with shades.

Among the shortcomings, the instability of such agents on the hair should be highlighted. When exposed to rain and snow, the paint may begin to come off, dirty clothes. It should also be borne in mind that when dyeing hair, shampoo stains and scalp as well. To preserve the color on the hair, it is necessary to use a tinting shampoo every 7 days, while the color will become brighter each time.

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What care does hair need after toning

Hair tinting (professional and non-professional products also contain components harmful to the hair) requires certain rules to be observed during and after staining.

To protect curls, you need to know a few simple principles for caring for tinted hair:

  • refrain from washing your hair daily – excess moisture dries out the curls;
    Professional products for tinting hair after highlighting, clarification
  • use shampoos marked “for colored hair”, they contain components that do not wash off the paint itself;
  • do not use greasy and oil masks and hair products – fat and oil wash off the tonic faster;
  • if you cannot avoid drying your hair with a hairdryer, then, as a compensation, you should moisten the locks more often with the help of healing hair masks.

How not to spoil your hair when using professional tinting agents

The first thing that lovers of experiments with hair color should learn is that tonics do not get along with henna and basma. These dyes are based on natural ingredients and can give an undesirable reaction when interacting with a tinting agent.

If you use a tonic earlier than 2 months after coloring with henna or basma, the curls can turn purple or green and then you only need to radically repaint your hair. Another rule that should be observed when tinting is waiting for at least 10 weeks after perming and discoloration.

In this case, the hair itself may suffer. After such an aggressive effect, it is necessary that the hair recover at least a little. All this time, after washing your hair, you need to use emollients, moisturizing strands, for example, hair balms or some masks with the effect of moisturizing.

In order not to spoil the hair with tinting, tests should be done before dyeing. To do this, apply a tonic on a lock of hair and see what the effect will be. If everything suits, then you can safely tint on the rest of the curls.

Review of professional tinting products for hair, pros and cons, prices

Hair tinting (professional products presented in this review) should be carried out taking into account the type of hair. Not all of the tonics are universal.

Professional products for tinting hair after highlighting, clarification

They differ both in the exposure time of the composition on the head, which is necessary for the reaction, and in the method of application.

Lakme Ultra Clair Shampoo

Shampoo for tinting hair from a Spanish manufacturer is available in 3,38 fluid ounce and 10,14 fluid ounce bottles. Prices range from $ 5 – $ 8.

Shampoo belongs to professional means for toning and, in addition to coloring, has a softening and moisturizing effect due to the contained vitamin B6, therefore it is also used as a restorative cosmetic product.

He is also able to deal with multi-colored and especially yellow spots on his hair after unsuccessful lightening.

Brelil shampoo silver

A tinting shampoo designed specifically for coloring gray hair. The price for 6,76 fluid ounce is $ 10 – $ 11. The shampoo contains Vitamin E, which softens coarse hair that coarsens from exposure to tobacco smoke and city dust. The tool has established itself among the male audience and is used in professional hairdressing salons.

You can also use it at home. To do this, first wash your hair, then evenly distribute the tinting shampoo, soak for 5-10 minutes. and rinse with warm water.

Tinted shampoo with chamomile extract for blond hair Klorane

The treating shampoo from the French manufacturer is primarily used as a cosmetic product for cleansing blond hair, which is used even for children’s hair from 3 years. The chamomile extract included in the composition revitalizes brittle and dry hair, adding a golden glow to the natural light shade.

For dark hair, it can also be used, but only as a cleansing and healing agent, the golden color on the hair of a dark shade will not be visible. Shampoo is suitable for all types of hair as a preventive, moisturizing agent. The price for 6,76 fluid ounce ranges from $ 7,48. up to $ 12,24.

Dry color tinting spray – NIRVEL

The tinting spray from the Spanish brand NIRVEL is also a dry shampoo. Its main function is to help dye gray hair, especially in the root zone.

Professional products for tinting hair after highlighting, clarification

Toning spray fluffs rare hair, creating the effect of voluminous hair. The tool is applied to dry hair, after complete drying, comb the colored area with a comb. For a 300 mg bottle, the price in stores is $ 20 – $ 23.

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Revlon Gentle Meches Soft Toner

A tinting agent for highlighted hair, which can be used on the day of dyeing, without waiting several weeks. The tonic is produced together with a special activator, which must be mixed with the main product in a ratio of 1: 2. The tool, which contains 0% ammonia, is also suitable for restoring the structure of bleached hair.

It is applied to wet hair and gives an effect after 5 minutes. After this, the hair should be dried and combed. The product is produced in a tube, the price for 1,69 fluid ounce is about $ 10,2. Professional tools used for tinting hair are widely used both in hairdressing salons and among amateurs to experiment at home.

Professional products for tinting hair after highlighting, clarification

Their popularity is due to the availability and ease of use. They practically have no contraindications for use and are easily washed off after a few weeks, which is a plus for those who want to radically dye their hair, but are not sure what exactly this color suits him.

Video about hair tinting products

How to tint hair:

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