Nastya Kamensky. Photos in a swimsuit, without makeup, before and after plastic, personal life

Nastya Kamenskih became famous as a soloist of the duet Potap and Nastya. Today, the girl is building a solo career and performs under the name NK. In clips and on stage, the singer chooses seductive images, and Kamensky’s photos in a swimsuit collect thousands of “likes” in social networks. Nastya’s appearance and figure are of no less interest to the public than musical creativity.

Nastya Kamensky. Brief biography by years

Nastya is a singer, blogger, designer of women’s clothing. The girl was born in Ukraine in 1987. The real name of the star is Nastya Zhmur. The singer uses her mother’s maiden name as a stage name.

Nastya Kamensky. Photos in a swimsuit, without makeup, before and after plastic, personal life

Parameters of Nastya’s figure:

Height, inch 174
Weight, pounds about 65

Since childhood, the star was engaged in singing and classical dance, she graduated from a music school in piano.

Nastya Kamensky. Photos in a swimsuit, without makeup, before and after plastic, personal life

In 1993, parents sent Nastya to Europe to study languages. For a short time the girl lived in a French family, but local children were poorly received by the guest.

Then Kamensky moved to Italy, where she quickly learned the language and made friends with the host family. For 7 years, the girl lived in Naples for 6 months. Today, the singer considers Italy a second homeland. Nastya Kamensky. Photos in a swimsuit, without makeup, before and after plastic, personal life

Kamenskikh received a higher economic education.

Nastya studied at the Ukrainian branch of the University of Wisconsin at the faculty of international trade. Kamensky’s musical career developed in parallel with his studies at the university.

At the age of 17, the girl received 1 prize in the Black Sea Games competition. A year later, Kamensky earned the title “Discovery of the Year” at the UN Public Service Awards in London.

The girl became famous as a soloist of the Ukrainian r’n’b group “Potap and Nastya”. Nastya joined the project in 2006 and a year later became widely known in Ukraine and USA.

In 2008, Nastya in celebrity status participated in the TV show “Two Stars” on Channel One. Then the singer played a major role in the musical fairy tale “Little Red Riding Hood”. In 2021, Kamensky founded the personal channel NK-Vlog on YouTube. Nastya publishes videos about a healthy lifestyle, travel and the filming workflow.

Nastya Kamensky. Photos in a swimsuit, without makeup, before and after plastic, personal life
Nastya Kamensky in the photo is presented in good physical shape.

Since 2021, Nastya has been building a solo career and performs under the name NK. The work of the Potap and Nastya team has been temporarily suspended. In 2021, 1 single of the singer was presented in a new image – “This is my night” with the clip of the same name. Kamensky created in Kiev the fashion brand NK Sport, which produces sportswear for girls.

In 2021, the singer recorded the single Peligroso in Spanish. The song was released internationally, broadcast on radio stations and television channels in South America. Billboard magazine included Peligroso in the top 25 of the best tropical compositions in the world. By the end of the year, NK released the collection “No Comments” and became “Singer of the Year” according to the Ukrainian music channel M1.

In 2021, NK presented a clip for the song “Pop like Kim.” The video has become one of the leaders in YouTube in terms of views. For 1 day of broadcasting, the clip was seen by more than 2 million users.

Nastya Kamensky. Photos in a swimsuit, without makeup, before and after plastic, personal life

The premiere of spring 2021 – the song “I promise” in Ukrainian, and the clip of the same name. Kamensky’s immediate plans include a performance at the Kiev concert of the Latin American singer Maluma in July 2021.

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The personal life of the artist

In her student years, Nastya met with classmate Los Angeles Dyatlov. The relationship lasted about 5 years and ended in 2009, when the young man moved from Kiev to Nikolaev. Today Kamensky and Woodpeckers are friends and are godparents for the daughter of mutual friends.

In May 2021, the singer married a partner in the duet Potap and Nastya.

Potap (in life – Alexey Potapenko) is a rap singer, producer and songwriter. The chosen one is 6 years older than Nastya and was previously married. Colleagues for a long time denied the love affair, and only in the spring of 2021 began to publish romantic pictures on social networks.

The appearance of the artist at the beginning of her career

The audience remembered Nastya in the image of the glamorous beauty from the duet Potap and Nastya. The dark-skinned brunette Kamensky was similar to Italian or Brazilian, therefore, versions about her foreign origin appeared in the press. Nastya did not straighten her hair, and lush curls reinforced the resemblance to the residents of Rio de Janeiro.

Lush “Brazilian” forms have always been the hallmark of Kamensky. The singer is naturally prone to overweight and in childhood she looked older than her peers. As a child, Nastya was complex about her appearance, and only by the age of 18 she learned to appreciate the feminine roundness.

Nastya Kamensky. Photos in a swimsuit, without makeup, before and after plastic, personal life

For the sake of a stage career, Nastya kept fit: sat on extreme diets, tormented herself with swimming and physical exercises. Kamensky lost 11 -18 pounds, but then the weight returned.

Plastic surgery that Nastya Kamensky underwent

Rumors about plastic surgery arose when the singer turned 30 years old. On the stage and in the videos, the magnificent Kamensky looked young and slender, and envious people saw this as the merit of plastic surgery. Web users compare the dark-skinned brunette Nastya with Kim Kardashian. The ill-wishers believe that the singer does “plastic” in order to strengthen her resemblance to the American diva.

What operations were Kamensky suspected of:

  • rhinoplasty . In 2021, Nastya published a selfie on which her nose looked unnatural. The nostrils seemed asymmetrical, and the shape seemed perfectly even. Such signs appear after surgical
    correction of the nose;
  • Botox injections . The 30-year-old Nastia has a youthful fresh and smooth face. Kamensky’s youth is explained by “injections of beauty”;
  • liposuction . By 2021, Kamenskikh noticeably built. A star could lose weight using surgical or hardware techniques.

Nastya Kamensky. Photos in a swimsuit, without makeup, before and after plastic, personal life

Kamensky denies all the attributed operations. Nastya negatively refers to “plastic surgery” and injections, believing that the techniques deprive a woman of her personality. The singer plans to turn to aesthetic surgeons by the age of 60 with the goal of rejuvenation.

Leg surgery

Nastya Kamensky underwent 2 surgical interventions. In both cases, operations are done after accidents. In 2006, the artist had a major car accident. The girl received a head injury and an extensive open wound on her left leg. Damage to the lower leg was sewn inaccurately, and the trace of the scar remained forever.

Nastya Kamensky. Photos in a swimsuit, without makeup, before and after plastic, personal life

Nastya Kamensky published photos in a swimsuit and open clothes, not embarrassed by a defect on her lower leg. In 2021, the star unsuccessfully parachuted, again injuring her legs. The rehabilitation took several months, and culminated in surgical correction of the old scar on the left foot of Kamensky. The doctor re-stitched the skin, and as a result, the trace became invisible.

How did the appearance of Nastya Kamensky throughout life

An image of a sultry beauty with a southern type of beauty was entrenched to Nastya Kamensky. In life, the girl maintains a seductive image, as the singer’s selfie on Instagram speaks. Over the 15 years of his stellar career, the image of Kamensky has acquired new, often scandalous, details. The delicious figure of Nastya has repeatedly changed in volumes.

2006-2013: rapper’s glamorous girlfriend

Kamensky at the beginning of his career – a magnificent beauty with a shock of curls, dressed in frivolous outfits: tight mini-skirts, pink bras, short tight-fitting dresses. The singer described her stage image as a “glamorous fool.” The image of Kamensky brought success to Potap and Nastya.

The audience was amused by the contrast between the glamorous beauty and the brutal rapper, but according to vocal data, the girl was not inferior to her partner. The video for the song “Without Love” (2007) first showed the audience Nastya in the image of the rapper’s fashionable girlfriend. A year later, Kamensky played Little Red Riding Hood in the television musical, and the heroine of the tale also wore a “glamorous” scarlet cap and a deep neckline.

Nastya Kamensky (photo in a swimsuit) in 2008 appeared on the cover of Playboy. Later, frank photo shoots for Maxim and XXL magazines followed, which secured the image of a sex symbol for the singer.

2008: experiment with tattoos

In 2008, Potap and Nastya released a video for the song “On RaEe”. Kamensky portrayed the local Amy Winehouse. The head of the star was decorated with a hairstyle; hands were covered with numerous tattoos. Among the drawings, images of naked women prevailed. After the release of the clip, the gossips suggested that Kamensky was a lesbian.

Nastya Kamensky. Photos in a swimsuit, without makeup, before and after plastic, personal life

The girl denied the rumors, saying that tattoos are a work of art that brings her aesthetic pleasure. Kamensky tattoos were actually decals. The singer has no real tattoos.

2013-2015: weight gain

In 2013, Nastia recovered to 176 pounds. Kamensky’s wardrobe still consisted of seductive open dresses. Deep necklines and tight-fitting styles emphasized the shapeless waist and heavy hips of the singer. Kamensky explained the increase in weight by a busy work schedule and an unhealthy diet.

On tour, the girl had a bite of fast food, which was reflected in the figure. Nastia lost weight due to the transition to a balanced diet. The singer refused fast food in favor of homemade food. Fried foods, sweets and alcohol are excluded from the diet, which provokes appetite and contains many calories.

Kamensky’s diet was made up of simple healthy foods:

  • oatmeal and buckwheat porridge for breakfast;
  • steamed fish and poultry;
  • fresh vegetables and herbs;
  • cottage cheese for dinner.

Kamensky ate small meals 3 times a day and drank a lot of water. As a result, by 2021, the girl lost 49 pounds and since then has not encountered a large increase in weight.

The star adheres to proper nutrition, does not eat flour dishes. Of the desserts Kamensky allows himself cheesecakes. To maintain form, the singer arranges 1 fasting day per week. The daily diet consists of proteins of 5-6 hard-boiled eggs and 3 grapefruits.

2016: Kamensky lost weight

Nastya Kamenskih, built in 3 sizes, began to upload photos on Instagram in a swimsuit and outfits that open her legs and stomach. In 2021, the star first shared a picture without clothes. A new silhouette of Nastya is immortalized in the clip “Doggy Style” – a joint project “Potapa and Nastya” with singer Bianca.

Nastya Kamensky. Photos in a swimsuit, without makeup, before and after plastic, personal life

The plot of the video is built around male fantasies about beautiful girls. Bianca and Nastya Kamensky in monokini swimsuits bathe and perform frank dances. For the sake of filming, Kamensky rehearsed with a choreographer for 11 months. There are few shots from the dancing Kamensky in the video, but the star is proud of the new bold image and the work done in the choreographic studio.

2017-2018: solo career

NK refused the image of a stupid glamorous girl “on raEe”. Nastya’s new image is an adult seductress who combines hot southern temperament, elegance and the ability to enjoy life. Kamensky straightened her hair and got rid of bright shadows and pink lip glosses. Today, the singer chooses makeup with a “naked” face or a classic matte scarlet lipstick.

Elegant things appeared in the star’s wardrobe: tight pencil skirts, translucent airy blouses, pearl strings. In the debut video “It’s My Night,” NK portrays a hot Cuban girl. Stylists beat rumors about the Italian or Latin American roots of the singer.

In the video for the song “Give Me”, Nastya looks like a sexy intellectual – all thanks to her restrained make-up and a dress-jacket with a deep neckline on her chest. The video clip “I promise” turns NK int
o the heroines of the legendary paintings. The video sequence shows not only a broad outlook, but also the exciting forms of Kamensky.

2019: Kim’s Booty

By 2021, Kamensky again gained a little weight. Nastya’s lush hips helped her to look convincing in the clip “Pop like Kim’s”. The video is dedicated to celebrities whose forms are the envy of millions of girls: Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, Nicki Minaj.

Nastya Kamensky. Photos in a swimsuit, without makeup, before and after plastic, personal life

In the video, Nastya appears in mini-shorts that allow her to appreciate her silhouette from all sides and compare with the figure of Kardashian.

Kamensky asks to treat the song with irony. The composition does not promote the “plasticity” of the buttocks, but encourages the girls to value their own body and not to worry about the dissimilarity to the stars.

Frank photoshoot of the artist in a swimsuit, nude

Nastya Kamenskikh regularly publishes photos in a swimsuit on Instagram. In May-June 2021, the singer documented a wedding with Potap and a honeymoon in a Turkish resort. Nastya poses in a bikini and leopard swimsuit. The young husband took some topless pictures.

Due to the magnificent forms, Nastya is often suspected of pregnancy, but Kamensky herself denies the rumors. The star during her honeymoon did not deny herself delicious food, so she recovered a little.

Candid photos on Kamensky Instagram instill public interest in her work. For example, under the picture of a star in a leather bodice and mini-shorts, tickets for the NK concert in Kiev were announced. Photo per hour received more than 100000 “likes”.

Nastya Kamensky. Photos in a swimsuit, without makeup, before and after plastic, personal life

Nastya Kamenskih is an example of natural beauty and femininity in modern show business. The girl is proud of the curvaceous, experimenting with vivid stage images and publishes photos in a swimsuit to the delight of fans. An example of Nastya tells the girls: it is important to value and respect yourself – then everything in life will work out.

Video about the biography of Nastya Kamensky

Nastya Kamensky spoke about her attitude to plastic and beauty injections:

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