Massage LPG for face and body. Reviews, photos before and after, effectiveness

Massage LPG is one of the most popular hardware techniques for getting rid of cellulite with multidirectional effects. Reviews of cosmetologists and photos of patients after a course of procedures indicate the effectiveness of the technique.

Before making a decision regarding the conduct of HLP massage, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the indications, the features of the procedure and a number of contraindications.

What is LPG (LPG, LPG) body massage, cost

The apparatus and technology of massage LPG were patented by a French engineer. The essence of the technique is an intense mechanical effect on muscle tissue, the epidermis. Processing is carried out by special cameras with rollers installed in them, which move in different directions. A feature of LPG is the synthesis of two areas – mechanical and vacuum exposure.

With the help of maniples – massage rollers, when processing problem areas, a vacuum is created, a fold is formed, and maniples act on it mechanically. As a result, blood circulation increases, oxygen metabolism in the tissues is activated. The process has a restorative and tonic effect on the body. This leads to the removal of fatty deposits, toxins and toxins, decay products. Massage LPG for face and body. Reviews, photos before and after, effectiveness

Modern devices for prostate cancer is a complex computerized complex with the possibility of selecting the intensity of the massage, depending on the individual characteristics of the patient.

Choosing a high-intensity effect, massage aggressively acts on body fat, first actively kneading subcutaneous fat, and then breaking it. A lower intensity has a massage-relaxing effect, which is used in spa programs.

The price of lipomassage procedures depends on the level of the clinic, the qualifications of the specialist and the functionality of the device. The approximate cost of one procedure is from $ 27. , but when buying a course of 15-20 procedures, many salons offer discounts and a costume for LPG massage as a gift.

LPG Applications

Massage LPG (reviews, photos can be seen below) due to its unique technology has a wide scope:

  1. Aesthetic endermology. It is used in the cosmetic field to correct face and figure problems, to model contours, restore turgor and elasticity, and reduce an unaesthetic relief on the skin.
  2. Lipomassage . When used in this area, hardware massage helps fight obesity. Acting intensively on subcutaneous fat deposits, the device is indispensable in treatment programs for the advanced stage of cellulite, with asymmetry and fatty deformities.
  3. Facial cosmetology. LPG procedures are used in complex programs of rejuvenation, correction of age-related changes, elimination of sagging and sagging. Massage LPG for face and body. Reviews, photos before and after, effectiveness
  4. Sports medicine. The property of deeply affecting muscles is actively used in sports medicine. LPG therapy is indicated for recovery from injuries, sprains in rehabilitation programs, in preparing an athlete for competitions and intensive training.
  5. Physiotherapy LPG. The device is used in neurology, surgery, traumatology. Physiotherapy with LPG helps in relieving muscle cramps and treating injuries to the back, joints, lower back. The technique is also used to heal burns, scars.

Mechanism of action

The principle of operation of the apparatus LPG is a one-time 3-dimensional vacuum-mechanical impact on the problem area. Massage is performed by pressing, wavy, twisting and stroking movements, without tearing the maniples from the body.

The technology acts comprehensively on the whole body, has a pronounced drainage effect, which has a beneficial effect on the lymphatic flow, normalizes microcirculation, enhances the flow of oxygen to tissues, removes toxins and toxins. Massage LPG for face and body. Reviews, photos before and after, effectiveness

During the massage, manipulations with multidirectional rollers cause vibration, vacuum ventilation, as well as intensive kneading of adipose and connective tissue.

The monitored rollers allow you to adjust the intensity and speed of rotation, enhancing or weakening the effect of the apparatus on certain parts of the body. Vacuum trapping followed by mechanical action allows you to work out even those areas that are difficult to correct with diets and sports.

To achieve the effect, it is necessary to strictly observe the technology of massage, based on the indications and individual characteristics of the body. The procedure is carried out in a special suit. It is important to choose the mode of the rollers according to the zone and the principle of exposure – for sanding the skin , reducing subcutaneous fat, modeling contours, affecting muscle tissue.


Indications for the course of LPG therapy are:

  • cellulite of any degree, prevention of the appearance of “orange peel”;
  • tendency to swelling, impaired fluid outflow;
  • slowing of the lymphatic flow;
  • the presence of ptosis, sagging, signs of aging of the epidermis;
  • striae, scars, scars;
  • muscle spasm in the lower back, pain with radiculitis of the back; Massage LPG for face and body. Reviews, photos before and after, effectiveness
  • violation of posture, coordination of movement;
  • obesity, desire to correct a figure;
  • pain syndromes with osteochondrosis and injuries;
  • structural disorders of the skin (lack of tone, loss of elasticity).

Roller action has a beneficial effect on all internal processes in the body, has an anti-stress and relaxing effect. The course of LPG hardware massage is also shown to consolidate the result and preventive measures after surgical liposuction, but not earlier than 10 days after surgery. With varicose veins 1 and 2 degrees of the LPG procedure are indicated for use.


LPG massage is a safe and painless procedure, and reviews from patients’ photos prove its high effectiveness.

But, like any cosmetology correction technique, lipomassage has a number of contraindications for conducting:

  • the presence of neoplasms (tumors, lipomas, moles, protruding nevi);
  • viral or infectious skin diseases;
  • diseases of the lymphatic and circulatory system; Massage LPG for face and body. Reviews, photos before and after, effectiveness
  • oncological diseases;
  • pregnancy, lactation period;
  • epilepsy;
  • colds, fever;
  • open wounds, violation of the integrity of the epidermis;
  • heart, kidney, liver failure;
  • endocrine system diseases;
  • diabetes mellitus in the decompensation stage.

It is not recommended to carry out a session of LPG during menstruation, as manipulations with rollers increase blood flow.

Possible negative consequences

Side effects and complications after endermology (LPG) are similar to manifestations after manual lymphatic drainage:

  1. The appearance
    of puffiness
    . This effect can be observed after the first procedure. Over time, the function of the lymphatic vessels is restored, swelling goes away.
  2. Chills . May be observed in patients with vegetative-vascular dystonia. A cup of warm tea will restore normal condition after dysfunction.
  3. The appearance of hematomas. Despite the protective suit, people with highly sensitive skin and increased fragility of capillaries may experience bruising and bruising. In the future, the master should adjust the intensity of the impact.

Sometimes patients complain of pain during lipomassage. This is due to the incorrect selection of the mode and intensity, the master needs to adjust the settings of the device.

Comparison with other types of massage

Despite the similar principle of action, LPG has significant differences from other similar massage techniques:

  • cavitation. Non-surgical liposuction is performed using an ultrasound machine. Just like the LPG method, cavitation acts destructively on adipose tissue, only the splitting method is different. Cavitation is ineffective in the presence of long-standing, strongly pronounced cellulite, in this case, LPG massage is preferable;
  • vacuum roller massage . The physiological effects of the techniques are the same. But, unlike LPG, roller-vacuum massage is carried out without a suit, therefore, it acts directly on the skin. The action of the LPG apparatus in this comparison is more delicate, safe, does not injure the skin; Massage LPG for face and body. Reviews, photos before and after, effectiveness
  • manual massage. The difference is, first of all, in the impact – hardware and manual. It is believed that manual massage is better for improving volumes, but only if the massage therapist is highly professional and experienced. For leveling the relief, modeling the figure, strengthening and toning, the instrumental LPG method is preferable.

Preliminary preparation

Massage LPG (reviews of patients’ photos confirm the effectiveness of the procedure) – this is the effect on the body, in which all systems can experience stress.

There are several rules for preparing for lipomassage:

  1. Before the first session, a doctor’s consultation is required to identify possible complications and contraindications.
  2. It is necessary to buy a special suit in advance, without which endermology in the cabin cannot be carried out.
    Massage LPG for face and body. Reviews, photos before and after, effectiveness
    LPG massage should only be done in a special suit
  3. It is recommended to exclude food intake within 2-3 hours before the start of the session.
  4. Before the procedure, cleanse the skin, carry out all necessary hygiene procedures.
  5. Immediately before the session, it is recommended to drink 2 cups of still water at room temperature.

After examining and entering into the patient’s card all the features of the figure with a description of the problem areas, the specialist selects the intensity and mode corresponding to each zone.

Facial massage

For Lpg-massage of the face, or endermolift, the same apparatus is used as for the body, with a roller-vacuum principle of exposure. For the facial zone, the master uses a special nozzle and a delicate massage mode. Massage LPG for face and body. Reviews, photos before and after, effectiveness

The design is also equipped with small manipulators with small rollers. The principle of action is to retract the skin into maniples under the influence of vacuum, the frequency is 4-16 per second.

Due to this, a massage effect is observed, as a result of which:

  • blood flow is stimulated;
  • the skin tightens, becomes more elastic;
  • the clarity of the lines returns;
  • subcutaneous fat is stimulated;
  • bryl, wrinkles are eliminated, complexion improves.

Stages of facial massage LPG:

  1. The skin is thoroughly cleaned of cosmetics and impurities.
  2. The patient is lying or sitting with his head back.
  3. The cosmetologist treats the facial zones alternately according to standard massage lines, the treatment time for each area is 10-15 minutes.

After the session, a slight edema of hyperemia (redness) may develop, manifestations disappear during the first day.

Slimming procedure

LPG massage (reviews, photos and patented technology are presented below) is carried out only in a special suit according to the following algorithm:

  1. During the consultation, a specialist conducts diagnostics to eliminate contraindications.
  2. At the initial stage of the session, the specialist determines the key points, zones for targeted processing.
  3. By simple exercises with reduction of the underlying muscles, the localization of body fat and problem areas is determined according to the “scanner-radar” scheme.
    Massage LPG for face and body. Reviews, photos before and after, effectiveness
    LPG massage results are visible after just a few sessions
  4. The mode and intensity of massage for each individual zone is selected.
  5. The selected zones are processed in the selected mode. Roll-in – to reduce the size, roll-up – modeling contours, roll-out – increasing elasticity and grinding relief.

During a lipomassage session, it is recommended to use muscle contraction to localize body fat and problem areas. This increases the efficiency of the procedure. After the session, it is recommended to refrain from eating for 3 hours, during the course, drink at least 5 – 6 pint of water per day.

Features of massage for men

Endermology is universal, the procedures are indicated for both women and men, but with some features. Based on physiology, the process of accumulation and localization of body fat, the rate of weight loss differs from the female body.

Men rarely develop cellulite. The male sex is characterized by the accumulation of fat in the abdomen during fouling with adipose tissue around the internal organs.

The device operates as follows:

  • helps reduce volumes, eliminate subcutaneous fat;
  • after a course of procedures, the abdomen is tightened in men, the contours of the torso and back are modeled;
  • concomitant positive effect is manifested in the removal of mu
    scle spasms, improved blood circulation, lymph flow and anti-stress effect on the body.

Costume Features for LPG Massage

Before a lipomassage session, you must wear a special suit. It ensures the hygiene of the procedure and increases the efficiency of the procedure.

When choosing a costume, you need to pay attention to the following parameters:

  • quality and composition . Costumes made of low-quality spandex, unlike lycra, expose the equipment to lint, which clogs the filters. It features a low degree of comfort and wear resistance;
  • strength. The suit involves reusable use, so the material and all seams should be strong enough;
  • the size. For convenience, it is recommended to buy a suit one size larger than regular clothing; Massage LPG for face and body. Reviews, photos before and after, effectiveness
  • elasticity. The suit should not cause discomfort in the sock. The fabric fits snugly to the body, repeating all its contours, but not restricting movements.

The approximate cost of the costume is from $ 10,88. You can purchase it directly in the salon where the LPG massage is performed. The color scheme is diverse, you can buy a black, white, beige and even a pink suit.

Frequency of massage

The end result depends on the number and frequency of procedures. LPG therapy will be effective after undergoing at least 10 sessions for 50 days. Fewer procedures will not give the desired result. The recommended course is developed by a specialist after examining and analyzing the problem in each individual case.

On average, for a lasting visible result, you may need to complete a course of 12-18 procedures. To correct the abdominal area requires at least 15 sessions, to eliminate cellulite in the hips – 12-18 sessions, depending on the degree of the problem. The time of each lipomassage procedure is 35-50 minutes, the frequency of conducting – no more than 2 times a week.

To prevent aesthetic problems and consolidate the result, lipomassage is recommended 1-2 times a month.

Compatibility and compatibility with other cosmetic procedures

Endermology sessions with the LPG apparatus can be combined with other cosmetic procedures.

The following cosmetic procedures are fully compatible and also able to enhance the effect:

  • ozone therapy;
  • pressure therapy:
  • microcurrent therapy;
  • ELOS therapy;
  • mesotherapy;
  • myostimulation;
  • ultrasound therapy (cavitation).

Despite the compatibility of procedures, the program is exclusively specialist, taking into account individual characteristics and contraindications.

LPG massage: “Before” and “After”

Massage LPG (reviews and photos clearly demonstrate the result) is an effective technique. In the photo before and after the procedure, you can see how the patient’s volumes decreased, the relief in problem areas was smoothed.

After a full course of procedures, the following effect is achieved:

  • weight loss;
  • elasticity of the skin and internal tissues;
  • decrease in subcutaneous fat; Massage LPG for face and body. Reviews, photos before and after, effectiveness
  • smoothing the skin, anti-cellulite effect;
  • wrinkle removal, clarity of contours (LPG facial massage);
  • removal of excess fluid, elimination of puffiness;
  • tone, figure modeling;
  • general therapeutic and anti-stress effect.

The duration of the effect can last more than 6 months, but it all depends on the individual characteristics of the patient. The hardware technique provides drainage of the epidermis, helps to normalize metabolism, the flow of oxygen to cells and tissues, enhances lymph flow and microcirculation.

A versatile positive effect contributes to the overall strengthening of the body. Massage helps relieve pain with muscle spasms, helps to recover from injuries, is the prevention of radiculitis.

Is it possible to do it yourself

Having learned about the high cost of the course in salons, many are interested in whether it is possible to conduct LPG sessions at home. Since the technique is hardware, for independent procedures it is necessary to buy an LPG massager. Today, there are a number of models with a minimum set of functions for home use, but the price of such equipment is quite high.

When conducting sessions at home, it is necessary to observe the same rules as in the salon: drink up to 0,8 gallon of fluid, perform all massage manipulations with the manipulator without taking it from the body, and carry out the procedure in a special suit.

Instrumental massage LPG is a popular procedure with multidirectional positive effects. Reviews and photos of patients demonstrate a visible effect, which directly depends on compliance with the technology, individual choice of regimen and intensity of manipulations.

To achieve a lasting positive result and to avoid negative consequences, the procedure is recommended to be carried out in the cabin by a qualified specialist.

Face and Body LPG Massage Video

LPG massage for body shaping:

Anti-aging LPG facial massage:

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