Masks for shine, silkiness and smoothness of hair. Professional tools and home recipes

Healthy natural gloss and shine to your hair will give masks for shine of hair, which every woman can prepare on her own. Such home remedies are an original and effective solution in the fight against dull and not healthy curls.

Why hair does not shine: the main reasons

Many different factors affect the state of curls, changing their structure and concept:

  • psychological, moral state of a person: emotional breakdowns, frequent depressive state, nervousness;
  • not rationalized diet;
  • pregnancy and lactation; Masks for shine, silkiness and smoothness of hair. Professional tools and home recipes
  • high and low degrees damage the structure and change the color of curls;
  • decorative cosmetics adversely affect the hair, changing the acidity and shade.

Homemade universal masks for hair shine

Home shades will help add shine to your hair. Such hand-made products do not pose a single threat to the hair, have an excellent therapeutic effect and support the health of strands.

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Gelatin mask

Homemade gelatin mask will help to achieve the effect of lamination of hair. The tool is suitable for brittle and split ends. After application, the strands acquire a truly silky, shiny appearance. After such a mask, the hair retains its primary color.

Masks for shine, silkiness and smoothness of hair. Professional tools and home recipes
Gelatin hair mask has a lamination effect. Such a mask makes your hair shine

Gelatin is a protein (collagen) obtained from animal tissue. The composition of this product includes vitamins and minerals that stimulate the production of keratin (a building material for hair). Gelatin also has beneficial effects on the structure of strands.

To prepare a mask with gelatin you will need: a bag of gelatin, 3 tablespoon. tablespoons of water (not hot).

Method of preparation: pour the dry mixture with liquid and leave to swell for half an hour. After washing the hair, apply the resulting mass. You can add a spoonful of your favorite balm to the composition. Next, wrap your hair in a plastic bag to enhance the positive effect. It is advisable to keep the mask for about 40 minutes. Then rinse with warm water.

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With glycerin

A wellness mask with glycerin will fully restore hair and make it luxurious. This substance is used in cosmetology as an emollient and sedative.

For curls, glycerin is simply indispensable, glycerin masks:

  • soften; Masks for shine, silkiness and smoothness of hair. Professional tools and home recipes
  • regulate the growth of strands;
  • restore hair follicles;
  • beneficial effect on the shine of curls, their smoothness and obedience;
  • reduce the risk of developing fungus (dandruff).

Mask for hair shine with glycerin – a classic recipe:


  • egg – 1 pc.;
  • glycerin and castor oil – 1 large tablespoons,
  • half a teaspoon of vinegar.

Method of preparation: mix all components and apply evenly on curls. Keep the mask for at least 20 minutes, rinse with warm water.

With egg

The composition of this product includes many substances that saturate the hair with useful minerals, vitamins and trace elements. Egg mask is used to shine hair and improve the growth of strands.

Experts advise using masks with an egg to maintain a saturated color, eliminate problems with weakened curls. Masks for shine, silkiness and smoothness of hair. Professional tools and home recipes

To prepare a hair mask: 2 eggs well shake with a whisk, adding a couple of drops of water. The mixture must be applied evenly, hold under a towel for about half an hour. After rinse off under running, cool water.

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With sour cream and kefir

Dairy products are rich in useful substances, they improve the condition of the strands and give them shine and shine, moisturize curls, protect from the negative effects of the external environment.

Ingredients for the mask: 1 cup of kefir and 2 large tablespoons of sour cream. Mix. Wear under a special hat for about an hour. After you wash your hair with shampoo. Masks for shine, silkiness and smoothness of hair. Professional tools and home recipes

Beauticians say that by making such masks a couple of times a week, you can get rid of dandruff and acquire soft and obedient curls. In addition, the appearance of the hair will delight with a glossy shine.

With fruits

Fruit fruits are a storehouse of vitamins and useful substances for hair.

Fruit masks perfectly nourish and moisturize not only strands, but also the scalp, give hair shine and natural radiance, strengthen the hair follicle and maintain water balance.

The range of such funds is diverse. For example, a mask from an avocado fruit will give a radiant shine and beauty to the hairstyle, and will facilitate combing and styling.

It will take: 1 large spoonfuls of fruit pulp, the same amount of aloe juice and lemon, a couple of pinches of oatmeal, grated in flour. Masks for shine, silkiness and smoothness of hair. Professional tools and home recipes

Method of manufacture: mix all the ingredients, apply evenly to the hair. It is better to wrap your hair in a towel. So stand for half an hour. After, wash in the usual way.

Method of application relevant for most masks:

  • The mixture for the mask, made now, will give the maximum effect.
  • It is recommended to apply such funds half an hour before shampooing.
  • The mask should be kept on the ha
    ir, adhering to a certain time (an average of 20-40 minutes).
  • Hair restoration and treatment requires gradualness. You should not mix several masks to achieve a double effect at once.

Masks for shine dark hair

With cognac

Cognac-based hair shine mask regulates the growth rate of curls, gives the hairstyle incredible shine and radiance. This drink, due to its valuable properties, is often used for cosmetic purposes. Masks for shine, silkiness and smoothness of hair. Professional tools and home recipes

Need: 1 large spoonful of brandy and burdock oil, 5 g of cinnamon. The ingredients should be mixed, warmed, applied over the entire length of the hair. Wrap curls in a plastic bag, and on top in a towel for 40 minutes. Rinse with warm liquid.

With coffee

This is not only a pleasant and aromatic drink, but also a benefit for strands. Positive properties on the hair have caffeine. It neutralizes the male hormone testosterone. This component also provokes hair loss in women. The main thing is not to abuse coffee masks. They are recommended to be done no more than once every 5 days.

These funds are suitable only for brunettes, brown-haired women.

Need: 2 large tablespoons of high-quality natural coffee pour a glass of boiling water. Give insist. Then apply on hair. Wear the mask under a towel for 40 minutes. Wash off with warm water. After holding the mask with coffee, you should not blow dry your hair, it is better to let the curls dry on their own.

Coconut oil mask for natural hair

Such a tool was used during the reign of Queen Cleopatra. Namely, she noted the positive properties for hair, face and body. Thanks to coconut oil, the court beauties maintained beauty and youth. At the moment, there is a huge selection of components for the care of strands, but a coconut mask for shine is still relevant today. Masks for shine, silkiness and smoothness of hair. Professional tools and home recipes

Using a mask with coconut oil: prevents the leaching of protein (building material), restores the structure of curls, nourishes and moisturizes hair, and fights against dandruff. After applying a coconut mask, your hair will definitely become light and silky.

To use the mask, you need: Melt coconut oil in a water bath and apply to strands. Wrap your hair in a plastic bag and tie a towel on top. So wear 40 min. Then wash your hair in the usual way with shampoo.

Top 5 masks for the mirror shine of dyed hair

  • For dark strands, a brandy mask with a yolk is ideal. This combination will perfectly restore the hair structure, give shine and extra shine.
  • A mass based on the pulp of avocado, aloe juice and honey. Perfectly moisturizes and gives excellent appearance to curls. Required: pulp of the fetus, a spoonful of aloe juice and bee extract. Mix everything and evenly apply to the strands. Hold under a towel for 40 minutes. Such a mask for shine is a universal remedy for any type of hair.
  • A mask based on green tea and gelatin. Works with damaged areas of hair, restores its natural shine. Preparation: pour a teaspoon of green tea with a glass of boiling water. After 10 minutes pour liquid into a stack with gelatin (2 tablespoons), allow to swell. Heat until completely dissolved. Apply to strands for an hour. Masks for shine, silkiness and smoothness of hair. Professional tools and home recipes
  • Exotic emulsion of banana, halves of avocado, honey, olive oil and yolk. This mask will not only soften, but also strengthen and preserve the rich color of hair for a long time. You need to mix all the ingredients in equal proportions. Apply the resulting mask to the hair and keep for 40 minutes. Wash off with mild shampoo.
  • The simplest and easiest homemade hair mask to prepare is the usual kefir emulsion. It will take 0,3 gallon. one percent dairy product. Apply a room temperature substance to the curls for half an hour. Rinse under running water with shampoo.

Oil masks with vegetable and essential oils

A mask made from natural oils is ideal for damaged painted curls. Olive, burdock and wheat germ oil will do this job perfectly. Such ingredients will need to be taken in 1 large tablespoons. The mass should be slightly warmed up and applied to the hair for 3 hours. Rinse well with a high-quality cosmetic product.

Honey mask for shine and smoothness of hair

Honey is a natural product that will enrich the hair with many useful substances, strengthen the roots, improve the growth of curls, give them dazzling shine and shimmer. Such a mask for shine hair is quite easy to prepare. Masks for shine, silkiness and smoothness of hair. Professional tools and home recipes

To prepare you need to take: the juice of half a lemon and 3 large tablespoons of honey. Mix everything and apply the mixture to the strands for at least 20 minutes. Then rinse with warm water.

Spray for shine at home

For curls daily care is necessary. The emulsion spray will well protect hair from external negative effects, give shine and saturate with bright colors.

It must be remembered that the spray will not cure or repair damaged strands. This tool is used only for everyday care, will make the hair more well-groomed.

For the preparation of homemade spray, lemon juice is ideal. Using such a product, the curls will become more obedient, malleable to styling, easy to comb.

The manufacturing method is simple: you need to squeeze the juice of half the fruit and dilute with water in a ratio of 1: 3. Then pour into a container with a spray. The spray is ready to use.

Attention, you can only store such a product for 2-3 days in the refrigerator!

Hair Gloss Conditioners

Such cosmetics well wash ringlets, cleanse the scalp. The substances prepared at home contain only natural substances that well remove excess sebum and dust.

And, the removal of dead cells contributes to the rapid growth and restoration of strands. Natural conditioners are rich in beneficial substances that protect hair during vitamin deficiency. making them beautiful, healthy and shiny.

Hair gloss conditioners can be prepared from a variety of ingredients. But, the most effective result will show a remedy from citrus fruits. Masks for shine, silkiness and smoothness of hair. Professional tools and home recipes

Worth taking: 1 lemon, orange and 0,8 gallon of boiled water. Before cooking, the fruits need to be thoroughly washed, cut into slices (the peel can not be peeled, it is also rich in useful elements). Mix the components and leave for about an hour.  Such a tool should not be prepared with a margin, useful properties are lost.

Professional products for smoot
hness, shine and protection of hair

Shampoos 1. In the first place is Green Light. It carefully cleanses, restores, gives unique softness and shine thanks to the vitamins of the PP group and the natural components of rice and wheat;

2. Professional Amalfi shampoo with silk and gloss proteins. Universal remedy for all types of hair;

3. Nutriactive Shampoo is an organic substance that softens curls and gives a charming glow.

Balms 1. Macadamia Natural Oil Argana and Macadamia – weightless moisturizing conditioner;

2. Matrix Strand Care Series. The most popular conditioner is Biolage Cleansing Conditioners – an innovative tool for comprehensive care of curls.

Sprays 1. Secret Professionel Spray Emulsion will change the appearance of your hair, make it silky and smooth. The tool will moisturize the curls, restoring their strength, preserve and improve the color of the strands. Ah, flower extracts make combing easier.

2. Spray Joico Humidity Blocker – perfect fixation with a blinding glare.

Serum 1. Serum youth hair Kerastase Densifique Serum Jeunesse. Positively influences and strengthens locks. Gives natural shine and beauty.

2. Serum for smoothness and discipline of curls – BED HEAD Control Freak.

3. Serum for protection and shine of hair – K-PAK.

Oils 1. PALCO HYNTEGRA oil. A special formula nourishes and nourishes the hair with useful elements. Makes them elastic and resilient, easy to comb.

2. A mixture to soften and shine hair ESSENZIALE.

3. Smoothing agent for enhanced gloss Oil Reflection is popular for its properties to slow down oxidation.

Paints 1. Wella Koleston Perfect – a stable blend from Germany, which helps to get a saturated color with an incredible sheen. Large selection of colors and shades.

2. Matrix soColor – gentle, long-lasting hair dye made in the USA. The patented technology perfectly paints gray curls and retains color for a long time. The substance contains ammonia – this is a definite minus.

3. Selective Professional – Italian professional tool. A wide range, and this is about 100 shades, will help to get ultra-modern colors. The paint contains caring and gentle components, which have a beneficial effect on curls.

Masks for shine, silkiness and smoothness of hair. Professional tools and home recipes

How to care for your hair so that it does not fade

  1. Curls should not be washed very often, and not rarely. In process of pollution. It is recommended to do this with warm water. At the end of washing, it will be good to rinse the curls with a cool liquid. This will give more shine and shine to the hairstyle.
  2. Do not forget about conditioners, masks and other cosmetic care products. In winter and summer, hair needs care.
  3. Adhere to a complete diet, on which the appearance of the strands also depends.
  4. Avoid the influence of external and internal stimuli that adversely affect curls, changing the structure, and hence the color.
  5. Head massage enhances blood circulation, improves nutrition of hair follicles and activates cellular metabolism.
  6. The use of folk recipes for masks, rinses, balms, sprays is the most practical way to care for hair at home.

Homemade shine mask is an effective solution to combat dull and damaged hair. Well-groomed hair is an important indicator of beauty and health.

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