Masks for lightening hair at home for blondes and brunettes. Recipes with honey, cinnamon, kefir, lemon, from henna

To lighten hair without resorting to the services of beauty salons, there are many folk recipes for masks that are prepared at home.

General clarification rules

Before applying brightening masks, curls should be prepared for applying funds, so as not to spoil their structure and achieve the desired effect.

Masks for lightening hair at home for blondes and brunettes. Recipes with honey, cinnamon, kefir, lemon, from henna


  1. All masks for clarification should be applied to healthy, soft hair. It should be a couple of weeks before the procedure to restore curls using special shampoos or other professional means. Strands that are in poor condition are more difficult to lighten:
  2. It is recommended to carefully grind all products for masks so that after application there are no problems with washing off lumps of components from the hair;
  3. Hairdressers advise testing masks before use on a thin strand of hair and a small area of the skin in order to evaluate the effect of using the product and identify possible allergic reactions;
  4. Masks for clarification should not be applied to freshly washed hair. The grease layer will protect the strands from the negative effects of the components at home;
  5. No need to apply and usd the product into the skin. This can cause irritation and peeling. It is enough to apply the substance along the entire length with a thin layer;
  6. After application, you should cover the curls with a special hat or a plastic bag. To enhance the effect, it is recommended to wrap your head with a large bath towel or scarf;
  7. Any kind of mask cannot be kept on your head for more than an hour. On average, brighteners are applied for 30 minutes;
  8. After the procedure, it is recommended to wash your hair with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner;
  9. You need to dry the strands in a natural way, without resorting to using a hairdryer;
  10. Brightening masks can not be used more than 1 time per week.

Lightening brunettes

For a noticeable lightening effect, women with dark hair will need to perform the procedure regularly for a long time. Home masks do not completely lighten the strands, but only help to change the color by several shades.

Light brown hair

Brown-haired women will also not be able to turn the color of their hair into a full blond, since it is difficult to combat natural dark pigments. The use of home masks will help to give curls an interesting shine and overflow in a shade.

A more pronounced effect can only be achieved using chemicals.

Lightening Blondes

For blondes, the process of clarification with home masks is faster and more effective, they can use any recipes that are suitable for the type of hair. The aging time of mixtures for fair-haired girls is also significantly reduced. For example, to remove the yellow tint, just leave the product on the strands for 15-20 minutes.

Henna Lightening

With the regular use of brightening masks, you can get rid of the red shade and leave the strands in their original appearance without leaving home. Oil based mask. Ingredients: 1,69 fluid ounce. sunflower oil, 10 drops of lemon oil.

Cooking :

  • mix all the substances and apply a mask on the curls;
  • After 1 hour, wash the hair from the mixture.

Oil with soap:

  • it is necessary to wet the locks in turn and soap them with laundry soap;
  • after 10 minutes, apply oil and leave the components on the strands for 1 hour;
  • wash your hair with shampoo.

Honey Recipe

A mask on such a base is suitable for dark hair, as it quickly and more effectively than other means lightens curls at home for a couple of shades. Honey makes the strands radiant and soft without drying. Ingredients: honey.

Masks for lightening hair at home for blondes and brunettes. Recipes with honey, cinnamon, kefir, lemon, from henna

Masks for lightening hair at home for blondes and brunettes. Recipes with honey, cinnamon, kefir, lemon, from henna

Actions :

  • honey should be heated with water to 36-37 degrees;
  • the finished mixture should be immediately applied with an even layer over the entire length;
  • It is recommended to withstand the mask for 8 hours;
  • You can apply the product at night.

Rhubarb Recipe

Rhubarb helps to achieve a lightening effect only for blondes, without showing visible achievements in a darker color. After using rhubarb-based products, the strands acquire a golden tint. Ingredients: 3 tablespoons dried rhubarb, 0,3 gallon. water.


  • add dried rhubarb to boiling water;
  • boil the mixture on low heat for about half an hour;
  • the resulting solution should be allowed to stand for 6-7 hours, then filtered;
  • the hair should be rinsed with a mixture and left in this form for 1 hour.

Recipe with Vodka

A mask for clarifying hair at home based on vodka, in addition to clarification, can solve the problem of quick head contamination, relieve dandruff and strengthen hair follicles. Brightening masks with vodka are suitable for any type of hair. Ingredients: 2 tablespoons of water and vodka, 1 egg yolk.

Cooking :

  • mix all the ingredients and immediately apply to the hair;
  • the strands should be wrapped in plastic wrap and a towel;
  • after 45 minutes, the mask should be washed off using any herbal decoction.

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Citrus Recipe

Citruses help not only lighten strands, but also slightly dry them, therefore, a mask with lemon is not recommended for owners of dry curls. After applying the substance, the hair acquires a healthy glow. Ingredients: juice of 1 fresh lemon, half a gallon of water.

Masks for lightening hair at home for blondes and brunettes. Recipes with honey, cinnamon, kefir, lemon, from henna

Actions :

  • juice must be combined with water;
  • the resulting mixture is recommended to soak the hair for the entire length;
  • leave the product for 1 hour, then rinse thoroughly.

Soda Recipe

Soda brightens strands well, however, to obtain noticeable results, you need to use masks based on it for at least 2 months. Ingredients: 9 tablespoons of soda, 0,3 gallon. shampoo for hair.

Rules :

  • mix soda with shampoo in a bottle;
  • shake the mask thoroughly before use;
  • you need to use the product every time you wash your hair.

Recipe with Bacon

Pork fat allows you to lighten and restore lifeless curls, helping to restore their shin
e and strength. This component is effective on dry strands, as well as with the problem of hair loss. Ingredients: 1 cup sunflower oil, 30 gr. bacon.


  • add lard to the oil, and then heat the mixture;
  • apply the mask on curls, leave the mixture for 2 hours;
  • rinse off the product is recommended using shampoo.

Cinnamon Recipe

Cinnamon copes with lightening on both light and dark strands. It helps to strengthen curls, accelerate hair growth and activate dormant hair follicles.

Masks for lightening hair at home for blondes and brunettes. Recipes with honey, cinnamon, kefir, lemon, from henna
The recipe for a simple mask for lightening hair at home

Ingredients: 4 tablespoons ground cinnamon, 3 tablespoons honey, half a glass of balm.

Masks for lightening hair at home for blondes and brunettes. Recipes with honey, cinnamon, kefir, lemon, from henna


  • all components must be thoroughly mixed;
  • distribute the resulting mixture into strands, collect them in a bundle and hide under a plastic hat;
  • stand the mask for 4 hours, then rinse well.

Cognac Recipe

Cognac in the masks helps restore hair strength, activate growth and strengthen them. It improves the blood circulation in the scalp and helps to remove excess fat from the curls. Ingredients: half a cup of kefir, 40 gr. cognac, half a lemon, 1 egg yolk, 15 gr. shampoo.


  • the components for the mask need to be mixed;
  • apply the resulting substance to the hair;
  • rinse off the product is recommended after half an hour under warm running water.

Beer Recipe

Beer helps to give strands shine and brightens hair in several tones. The downside of the beer-based mask is the strong odor that remains after washing your hair. Ingredients: 0,1 gallon beer.

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  • you need to saturate all the curls with beer and hide them in a hat;
  • Wash hair with shampoo after 2 hours.

Apple Cider Vinegar Recipe

Natural acids, which are part of apple cider vinegar, give the effect of lightening the hair without negative impact on their structure. Vinegar nourishes curls, solves the problems of prolapse, and also helps regulate the production of sebum. Ingredients: apple cider vinegar, olive oil.

Masks for lightening hair at home for blondes and brunettes. Recipes with honey, cinnamon, kefir, lemon, from henna

Stages of preparation:

  • combine the components in equal proportions (the number of ingredients depends on the length);
  • distribute the resulting product in ringlets;
  • leave for 40 minutes, then wash your hair with shampoo.

Balm Recipe

Hair balm acts as a universal base for masks. By adding various components, you can achieve lightening of strands in 2 tones. Ingredients: 1,01 fluid ounce. fresh orange juice, 3,38 fluid ounce. balm.


  • mix components with a blender;
  • allow the mixture to infuse for half an hour;
  • apply a full-length mask and leave overnight;
  • in the morning, rinse off the hair with warm water.

Recipe with salt

Salt easily makes hair a few tones lighter, which can be seen when relaxing on the coast. However, salt masks greatly degrease curls, so they will not be suitable for owners of dry hair.

Ingredients: 2 tablespoons of salt, 5 drops of vinegar, 2 cups of water,? tablespoons of olive oil.


  • the components should be mixed well and left for 20 minutes;
  • apply the resulting mask to the strands and keep it for half an hour;
  • rinse hair is recommended with warm water using an air conditioner.

Kefir Recipe

Kefir helps not only to effectively lighten hair, but also saturates it along with scalp with micronutrients. It helps to strengthen curls, restores their structure and appearance. Ingredients: half a glass of kefir, 1 egg yolk, 2 tablespoons of vodka, juice of half a lemon, 50 g of shampoo.

Masks for lightening hair at home for blondes and brunettes. Recipes with honey, cinnamon, kefir, lemon, from henna

Cooking Rules:

  • all components must be mixed and brought to a homogeneous consistency;
  • apply a mask to hair and leave for 9 hours;
  • rinse the curls thoroughly after using the product.

Onion recipe

Onions in the mask are struggling with the problem of loss. However, this method of lightening is not popular, as the tool gives the hair an unpleasant odor. Ingredients: juice of 3 onions, 1 teaspoon of vinegar, 60 gr. honey, lemon juice.

Actions :

  • mix the components with a blender;
  • apply the resulting product to strands, then hide them under a hat;
  • wash your hair after 40 minutes.

Chamomile Recipe

Chamomile promotes gentle lightening, and also helps to combat hair loss and dull color. After regular use, the mask gives the strands a golden hue. Ingredients: 25 gr. dried chamomile, a glass of water, 100 gr. honey, 1,01 fluid ounce. lemon juice.

Subtleties of cooking:

  • bring water to a boil, then add chamomile;
  • let it brew for 30 minutes;
  • strain the resulting solution, mix it with honey and lemon juice;
  • apply the product to its full length, then put on a hat;
  • having stood the mask for 1 hour, rinse it off with warm water.

Sour Cream Recipe

Masks with sour cream are universal – suitable for all types of hair. With their help, you can nourish the curls with the necessary trace elements, restore damaged strands. Lightening strands with sour cream is one of the most popular methods. Ingredients: 10,14 fluid ounce. boiling water, 200 gr. sour cream, 10 drops of any natural oil, ground ginger, orange zest.

Masks for lightening hair at home for blondes and brunettes. Recipes with honey, cinnamon, kefir, lemon, from henna


  • from boiling water, equal parts of ginger and zest, it is necessary to make an infusion;
  • add sour cream and oil to half of the resulting solution;
  • apply the mixture to curls and leave for 2 hours;
  • wash off the mask by rinsing the hair with the rest of the infusion, then wash your hair with shampoo.

Recipe with Ylang Ylang

A mask with ylang-ylang allows you to create a balayazha effect, especially if you apply the product not along the entire length, but only on individual strands. Not suitable for thin and weak hair. Ingredients: 6,76 fluid ounce. lemon juice, 5 drops of ylang-ylang oil, 1,69 fluid ounce. water.


  • before applying the mask, you need to wash your hair;
  • mix the components of the mask and apply the resulting product to wet curls;
  • dry hair in the sun for 2 hours, then rinse thoroughly with warm water and additionally moisten the locks with an indelible agent.

Glycerin Recipe

Glycerin gives hair shine and radiance. After applying a brightening mask based on it, a noticeable golden tint appears on the curls. Ingredients: a glass of water, 60 gr. glycerin, 2 tablespoons of dried chamomile.

Masks for lightening hair at home for blondes and brunettes. Recipes with honey, cinnamon, kefir, lemon, from henna


  • boil water, add chamomile;
  • let the solution brew for 2 hours;
  • add glycerin to the broth and mix thoroughly;
  • apply the mixture on curls and leave for 1 hour under a plastic cap;
  • rinse off the mask under running water.

Ginger Recipe

Ginger root masks brighten hair without yellowness at home. For a visible result, it is better to use on light and light brown strands. Ingredients: 1 tablespoon of grated ginger, 40 g of citrus zest, 1,69 fluid ounce. boiling water.



  • mix the components and let the resulting mixture infuse for half an hour;
  • apply a mask to the hair and hide it under a plastic wrap;
  • rinse off after 2 hours.

Hydrogen Peroxide Recipe

Hydrogen peroxide will help lighten even the darkest curls, but at the same time destroys their structure. A mask based on it can not be used for colored and damaged hair, so as not to harm them. Ingredients: 3% hydrogen peroxide.


  • a small spray bottle must be filled with peroxide solution;
  • Before applying the product, it is necessary to protect the eyes and hands, wearing glasses and gloves;
  • divide hair into strands;
  • treat each of them with a solution and wrap them in foil in turn;
  • it is necessary to withstand the agent for an hour, then rinses should be thoroughly washed.

Observing all the rules of application and the formulation of hair masks, you can achieve not only lightening, but also the restoration of their structure at home.

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